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Divergent fanfic: Eric one shot
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The front door swings open and bangs shut. Eric stomps threw the apartment to the fridge and grabs a beer slamming the fridge door short. He stands giving me a nasty glare.

“In another spectacularly foul mood again I see,” I sneer looking up from my paperwork.

He still says nothing as he stalks to the bathroom, another door slamming. I’m not in the mood for this again and decide to go to the mess hall for dinner.

“Hey Y/N!! Where is your scarier half,” Uriah ask me laughing as I sit down.

“Probably still sulking like a child throwing a tempertantrum at home,” I scoff rolling my eyes.

I found I actually am enjoying myself and my company for ages. I care for Eric deeply, but him always taking his bad days out on me was just becoming exhausting.

“Hey Y/N, Zeke and I are doing drinks and Candor or Dauntless at our place tonight. You in?”

I sit and think about it for a second. You know what screw him. I deserve to have some fun.

“Hell yeah I’m in!” I smile widely.

“Alright. Let’s go have some FUN!!”

It was getting late, that much I know. Exactly how late I do not know. I had decided against playing Dauntless or Candor. Running threw the compound doing stupid pranks or telling people private information about Eric or myself would probably not end well for me.

I had however had more than a few drinks. I laid on one of the Pedrads couching watching my friends a little enviously. They all look so happy and carefree. Especially the couples.

I couldn’t even remember the last we had gone out and did something fun. Hell we didn’t even do anything not fun in forever. We hadn’t even been intimate in over a month. Eric was so tired and cranky lately.

“Y/N? Does Eric even know you’re here?” Four asked quietly.

I shook my head no. Feeling the room start to spin.

“Do you want me to help you home?” he looked concerned.

“Nope,” I smiled sadly rolling over and falling asleep.

I suddenly heard someone softly calling my name. I opened my eyes to see Eric crouched in front of me. But I didn’t think it could possibly be my Eric, because instead of looking pissed he looked concerned.

“Hey beautiful.” he had a small smile on his face. I smiled back

“Ready to go home?” he sounded almost nervous.

“Mmm k,” I mumbled. I went to sit up and felt nauseous. Before I knew it I was being picked up.

As he made our way out of the apartment I noticed him give a slight nod of his head to Four. I must be REALLY drunk.

“I can walk you know,” I slurred into his shoulder. But really I was enjoying the closeness at the moment.

“I know you you can,” he sighed kissing my forehead.

I didn’t get put down until we where in front of the apartment door. Eric fished the keys out of his pocket and opened the door. Then he took my hand walking us to the couch pulling me into his lap as we sat down.

I curled into his chest placing a light kiss on one of his leadership tattoo’s on his neck. He looked down at me wrinkling his nose.

“You smell like cinnamon. Fireball?”

I shook my head and giggled. “Hot Damn.”

He just shook his head raising a pierced eyebrow at me. Then he just looked at sadly for a few moments before he spoke.

“I thought I finally lost you, that you finally had enough.” I sat back to look at him putting hands on either side of his face.

“Eric I don’t ever want to leave you. You’ve been so tense lately. I can’t imagine what it is to carry the weight of a Faction on your shoulders. Especially at our young age. I know it has to be stressful, and I am here for you. But not as your door mat or punching bag.” My voiced wavered slightly at the end

“I know. I should tell you more how much you mean to me. I, I’m sorry, ” he quickly turned his head away. I knew how hard it was for him to say that.

I pulled his head back to look at me. He still had a pained look in his eyes. Slowly I leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on his lips. He placed his forehead on mine and took a deep breath.

“ I love you Y/N.” he spoke barely above a whisper.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and looked deep into his eyes.

“I love you too. Now take me to bed and show me how much,” I breathed out softly.

“There is nothing more I want to do right now.”

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Miranda and Thomas and James, reunited and beginning the rest of their lives together.

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TALK MORE ABOUT THE AU YOU CREATED IN THE TAGS ON THIS GIFSET :D potcpoi[.]tumblr[.]com/post/160146158868/acelukes-tv-meme-ten-relationships-root#notes

This became a super long thing whoops! Alright so out of everything I can’t believe POI never gave us, TM communicating with Harold through Root during early s5 ala the scenes from Aletheia and The Cold War is at the top of my list. We deserved this scene goddammit! 

But go ahead and imagine it. It’s gradual at the beginning of course. Just small signs – Root staring at him for just a second too long occasionally, Root blinking slightly less than she normally does, Root taking a little too long to respond to Harold’s query sometimes. Harold notices and files it away, but ultimately dismisses it as just signs that they’ve been working too many long nights. 

It’s all blown to hell when Harold gets shot. It was a normal case, nothing to do with SAM, hell the only reason why Root had even decided to tag along with Harold was because she was going stir-crazy cooped up in The Subway. And even with all of TM’s power behind them, she couldn’t warn Harold in time. TM is only aware of actions that are premeditated after all. 

Imagine Root dropping to her knees next to Harold screaming his name. Imagine the moment when time slows down as TM takes over. Imagine TM looking down at her Admin, looking at the blood, and calculating probabilities and calling ambulances and sending messages to Primary Asset… and at the same time being completely overwhelmed because this is her Admin, her Father, her Creator, and she’s so close that she could actually touch him for the first time in her life. Imagine her reaching out with a hand that shakes slightly, a look of mingled adoration and reverence and fear and curiosity on Root’s face, and a whispered “Father?”…

(Imagine Root somewhere in there screaming because Harold is hurt, he’s bleeding and she can’t do anything about it goddammit it all to hell and back)

Imagine Harold dizzily registering the change in Root, the flash of something that’s not entirely human across her face, the way her movements still and how she goes quiet for some time. Imagine Harold barely managing to flinch away from the hand reaching out for him before he passes out because that is not Root, and the confused feelings of wonder and fear running through him because he instinctively knows what’s happening and it’s simultaneously terrifying and utterly mesmerizing to witness…

(Imagine TM stopping and abruptly relinquishing control to Root when her Admin flinches away from her)

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Totally random and maybe cheesy, but after seeing the movie I'm in the mood to read Divergent fanfiction. Do you know of any good ones? I reread the book so I need something to hold me over until I see the movie again on Friday!

Divergent in Tobias’s POV

Insurgent in Tobias’s POV*** (this is my favorite fanfic out there)

Tobias under peace serum

Tobias’s POV, the night before he meets Tris

Tobias’s POV of the drunk scene in Divergent

Modern High School AU

Modern AU 2 (this one’s really cute)

Modern AU 3


Captain Swan AUTill Death Do Us Part

Finding help for Emma took too long, and the darkness overtook her completely. Killian, refusing to accept this fact went to search for her and try to pull her back. He failed. The last thing he saw was the Dark Swan crushing his still beating heart into dust.