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My mom left for good, I think. Oh, and, apparently, my dad’s the mayor now. So yeah, today really sucked ass.
Oh Nathan, I’m so sorry.

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how would the ghoul companions react to lw/cour/sol being just a super sweet and nice person towards almost everyone they meet and ESPECIALLY towards their companion (as in giving them surprise gifts sometimes and calling them with terms of affection) btw you are a ray of sunshine and ily

ily 2 oh my go d

Charon: Literally no one has been kind to Charon, especially not a human. For a really long time, he didn’t know how he was supposed to react, most of the time he just kind of, didn’t. At some point, he had to come out and ask why they were being so nice to him. The only thing Lone could reply with was, why wouldn’t they be? Their response hung around in the back of his mind for a long time afterward. He did his best to understand, but he just, couldn’t. Despite not really knowing why they did what they did, he did his best to show his appreciation for them. 

Raul: Raul generally kept to himself, and whenever he was around other people, he would usually get yelled at just for being a ghoul. The Courier’s kindness struck him as downright odd. He didn’t mind it, he just didn’t understand it. The more often they acted friendly towards him, the more he became suspicious. Did they have something to gain? Were they just pitying him? Either way he had to ask, and when he did, the Courier didn’t understand why they wouldn’t be. He was nice to them so why wouldn’t they be to him. The more he thought about it, the more he kind of understood it. In the end he decided that maybe - despite all of the wasteland’s harshness - there were some genuinely kind people out there, and he was lucky enough to find one. 

Hancock: Hancock knew he didn’t have it as bad as some ghouls, he was charming enough for even humans to like him. That’s not to say he didn’t have his fair share of rude comments and such. Meeting Sole, and their kindness was refreshing to him. He enjoyed their presence and the way they treated him. Whenever they did an act of kindness towards him, he always made sure to repay them in some way or another. 

Loads of bughead fans out here drooling over Jughead and don’t get me wrong I AM WITH U but mostly I am just so pleased, blessed, happy, grateful that after however many DECADES of being strung along by Archie, Betty is FINALLY in a happy loving beautiful phenomenal amazing supportive trusting caring relationship with someone who is totally there for her


day 1 - day 2 - day 3 - day 4 - day 5 - october 6th: squad // listening to: heroes in the dark while I did this lmao

<HUGE thank you to the creators of these costumes, HONESTLY. @plazasims @rumoruka-raizon without it, I wouldn’t have even been able to get this idea out> 

@theartofblossoming asked: Art request for MacCready stealing a Nuka-World sloth for Duncan please?

Skell’s note: I haven’t gotten into the Nuka-World DLC yet, so… I made him steal a literal sloth instead XD

How is it still alive after all these years? No one knows Owo


Nora probably always had tension headaches, but particularly when she got pregnant with Shaun - she was pretty bad about getting new properly sized bras when her boobs started growing during pregnancy haha. :’D

Anyway here’s a Jay giving her a neck/shoulder rub, sometime, somewhere.

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the us school system is nonsense and horseshit and you are right to disregard it

thanks for ur validation

QUICK someone be my gf before the school starts

Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus

I'm getting this off my fucking chest right fucking now.

Genderqueer and androgynous people have been frowned upon and shunned for a very long time, and often rejected from the trans community. We’ve been disregarded and invalidated on a day to day basis.
I love Ruby Rose as she had helped me so much through coming out. She is very physically attractive. But now that she’s out there, she’s been immediately turned into sex object, and her actual gender identity (GENDER FLUID) has been swept under the rug as a bunch a straight teenage girls run around shrieking that “Ruby Rose made me GAY!!!”
2 things are wrong with this.

1) Ruby is not a girl, so you wouldn’t be gay. You’d literally have to say that you’re bi/pan for Ruby.
2) It insinuates that being gay is a choice. It just does.

And I’m fucking sick of how andro/nb people are being brought into the limelight as sexual objects.
How about we learn more about their identities? Their stories? How about we say “holy fuck, these people exist, let’s get some understanding up in here!” instead of “look at this sex thing that u can misgender constantly because we didn’t care to FUCKING EDUCATE YOU ON WHO THEY ACTUALLY ARE.”
How about we turn androgyny/being non binary into an understood thing rather than a fucking fetish.