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she’s a sticker on my redbubble now, y’all

i am just so in love with jonerys that istg…if they’re building up this whole thing just to snatch it away from me in season 8 catch me at the nearest mental institute


hello everybody! (O     w O) i finally got around to making a Society6 page at society6.com/pidgy HUZZA! i don’t have many things on it yet… but i’ll add more over time! (-^  v ^-) i never use to work at a very large size~ so there aren’t many things that i could post. but i work much bigger now! so in the future there will be more! thank you so much to anybody who is interested! it makes me so happy to know people enjoy what i make! lots of love! *HUGS* <3


“You think you’re such a bad guy, but really, I haven’t seen a more obvious cinnamon roll in my entire life.”

- Sharon at some point probably

if the heavens ever did speak… she’s the last true mouthpiece

I’m sorry but I need to say this, I’m getting angry that Even doesn’t trust Isak enough to tell him about his old friends and what happened. That he is leaving Isak in the dark here and almost making Sana do it too. Yes, Isak should hear it from Even, but the impression of the clip I got is that Even only went up to Sana in the first place is to hear from her if she had said anything about his old friends to Isak.

Isak deserves to know and I’m glad he notice something was up when Even kissed his cheek. And I hope we will find out soon for Isak sake.

This makes me think that the one who really is going to get hurt is Isak here. He will probably find out from someone else and will be hurt that Even didn’t trust him enough with this. (And then Even will get hurt because Isak is hurt etc).

Having Se and being an sp-variant is honestly so counterintuitive bc on one hand, we need a degree of security, we want to care for ourselves independently as best as we can, but on the other hand….. Se man. Se.

some of my personal favorite highlights from the Osomatsu-san seiyuu commentary on Episode 12

youkyan’s own opinions on karamatsu:

according to the others, onodai letting jyushimatsu’s popularity get to his head and adding too many adlibs…

…only for them all to be rejected:

the seiyuu of the elder matsus discussing how karamatsu might have gotten his tanktop:

youkyan apparently being the type that’s no good at making himself stop laughing once he’s started, to the point where he can’t even say his own lines:

miyu asking fukujun to read ichimatsu’s “nomination scenes” out loud, just to emphasize how terrible they are in comparison:

the seiyuu of the younger matsus commenting that ESP Kitty is maybe not as touching of a story as it seems, because it’s really rooted in bad intentions:

the younger matsus’ seiyuu trying to contemplate why totty’s a virgin if he’s “so good with women”…

fukujun’s love for the Iconic Totty Face:

youkyan pressuring onodai into saying a likely-totally-OOC adlib for jyushimatsu:

and finally, the two groups of seiyuu insulting one another:


“I feel comfortable, yeah, I feel good. […] We’re three months out and I think we’re peaking at the right time, we’re not there yet, we have a lot of work to be done but yeah I feel good, I feel relaxed, I feel confident and I think that’s what our defense needs.” 

When asked to sum up the tournament: 

“Best tournament in the world besides the World Cup and the Olympics” 

- Hope Solo Post Game Interview

wetsammywinchester  asked:

How about 21, 36 and 39?

Yay, Paula. :)  (from these surprisingly silly questions)

21. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

Oh, my. Well. If the spell operates on law of conservation of matter, I fear that I’m a lumpy man. My semi-pleasant fat deposits at chest and hips will get redistributed in ways that may not be so appealing, I fear. But I’ll have fabulous curly dark-Fabio hair! And I’ll actually take care of it, unlike most long-haired boys. Honestly, what are they doing. As for what I’d do? Well. Obviously I would do some research. How much vague guessing we have to do about the other sex–I would immediately go to my local sex shop and buy an Aneros and get up to some investigating. I’ve only got a day to record impressions and make my writing better! :)  It’d also be interesting to be completely invisible for a day. No one pays men of middling attractiveness any attention, you know? Though it might be interesting to go to a bar and see how flirting would go, given the middling attractiveness and the knowledge of women–would I get a drink thrown in my face? Or would I get to take a lady home? (And do what with her? Eh, I guess I could make that happen, too. For science! And writing accurately!)

36. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?

Properly admitted, no, but I’ve had outpatient procedures done. When I was but a bitty baby I broke my leg, and was an ideal patient. (I’m still proud of my baby-stoicism, can you tell.) Also have had a few bad sprains checked, and in high school had to get a bunch of stitches in my thumb because I had a run-in with a can lid and was bleeding EVERYWHERE. Other than that kind of stuff, tho, I am very lucky, health-wise. (Now look, I’ll get pneumonia or something.)

39. What type of music do you like?

Oh, lots. :)  …That’s not totally true, actually. But, broadly speaking, I like music that’s… sincere? Poppy stuff with ‘hooks’ doesn’t grab me–sorry, Taylor–and usually I don’t look for something to dance to. I really properly REALLY HATE pop-country, but I like folk-flavored things: the Avett Brothers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Milk Carton Kids. But, you know, I also love grunge (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains) and random harder stuff (Tool, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails), and classic rock (ZEPPELIN, MY ‘70S BABIES) and blues (Muddy Waters! GARY CLARK!) and also random modern nonsense like CHVRCHES and Andrew Bird and LCD Soundsystem. What’s the ‘type,’ there? Clever? Talented? I like talented musicians. Can I go with that?

i can see you fall apart (let me hold you this time)

[from this prompt: hard of hearing carmilla, laura, fluff. lots of fluff.]


i can see you fall apart (let me hold you this time)


everything changes when it’s time / when i run to the sea till sun shines / when you want it, i’ll be on the other side


Sometimes, you know, Carmilla is difficult completely on purpose—sometimes she still likes to tease you, to annoy you just enough so that you’ll clench your fists in her hair and kiss her just so she’ll stop talking already.

But today, she’s not being anything near the fun kind of difficult, the kind that lights up her eyes, makes her seem eighteen again, or still.

The past few days haven’t been the easiest ones, because she can sort of hear, and you think better out of her right ear, although you’re not really sure—she just tilts her head more toward you on that side, so it’s a guess of yours. She’s remarkably quiet; when she does talk it’s either too quiet or too loud and a little more accented than you’re used to, but you just smile and kiss her, because she’s alive, she’s alive, she’s sitting on her bed smiling at her with an embarrassed little smile. 

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