but i'm happy with it!

100% here for Kyungsoo being a happy and healthy radiant little ball of happiness and success!

what better way to celebrate a birthday than celebrating it late, right?


thank you for being such a gem of a friend! i wish for an extremely bright year for you, precious!

Please read @earth-shines​ super cute drabble here! It may only be 400ish words long, but it will melt your heart into a pool of pink sugar… liquid idk deal with it.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I have suspicions that the newest gag page from Isayama taken in the same universe as J-Pop Nightmare arc :3 Armin seems wearing the same white shirt? And his tears over his phone? I dunno, just an eremin shipper guess lol.

Ah anon. You’re talking about the fake previews for volume 17 right? If yes, I also entertained the idea too when I first saw it but hey shipper goggles are tight XD. 

Then I found this post about the recent fake previews and well looks like the covers being connected is a real possibility. 

So hey why not run with the possiblity? Eren would be crying his feelings out for Armin on volume 13 

So for volume 17, Armin would be listening to/watching/answering to Eren’s message and crying over it all at the ramen shop with Mikasa.

So yeah will Eren be able to see him? To be continued XD.