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Red hair Jimin (●´∀`●)

I love his hair ;;;;;; so much omg

Also his makeup was so on point

My Someone

I heard that it was the birthday of the magnificent, the wonderful, the eternally kind and truly excellent thekingslover recently, whilst I was away. I’m so sorry that I missed the day itself, love, but here is your gift!! I hope your day was amazing!!! <3

Now that Castiel was human for good, he was always complaining.

First it was, “How do humans have the patience for walking? It’s so slow.”

And then, “When it gets hot my skin makes water, and that is alarming.”

Dean knew that he shouldn’t mind – of course it must be difficult to downsize from a multidimensional wavelength to a tiny little human body – but he felt every complaint like a wasp sting, irritating and a little painful. It hadn’t been Castiel’s choice to fall permanently, but ever since he had, Dean had been hoping… well, he didn’t like to admit even to himself the exact specifics of what he’d been hoping, but generally speaking they’d involved Cas being a lot more happy about joining humanity than he currently seemed to be. Dean had happily envisaged meals out and daytrips to the mountains or to the beach – but if Cas’ current mood was anything to go by, he’d spend the entire time complaining about all the sand between his horrible human toes, and making disparaging remarks about picnics.

Dean sighed and blinked, bringing himself back to the moment. He’d been thinking all of this whilst lying on the sofa in the bunker, looking at a book without really reading it, with Led Zeppelin playing softly in the background. He wondered where Cas was now. Probably griping about the necessity of chewing, or how uncomfortable it was to stand up for too long.

“Dean?” Dean sat up quickly at the sound of Cas’ voice in the doorway, feeling a brief stab of guilt about thinking such uncharitable thoughts. Of course Cas was fully licensed to have a grumble, since things hadn’t been at all easy for him recently. It was only because Dean was so damn happy to have Cas around all the time that he was annoyed, anyway – it was a kind of nail in the coffin of any hope he’d had of his – feelings – being reciprocated.

“Hey, Cas,” he said, hoping that his tone was light-hearted enough to hide the things he’d been thinking about. “What’s up?”

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[1/10] series - D.Gray-Man

↳ “God? I don’t care about that. I… I’ve made my own oaths. To myself, that I would destroy the Akuma. To my friends, that I would fight alongside them. To this world, that I would save it. To my father, that I would keep walking until I died. I made an oath to them all… This is the only path I can take so I can feel alive.”

(insp. )

Done with my first year of college, alhamdulillah.

Everyone told me it would fly by but I didn’t think it would be this quick. I still remember my first few days, frustrated and confused, wondering whether I had made the right decision to move back to the motherland I only knew in my summer memories. My mom would call every 14 minutes reassuring me that I could come back whenever, and it was tempting sometimes, but I wanted to stick to a decision for once. And I’m so so glad I did.

I’m not fond of the school. Not one bit. But just the environment, the people, the dorms. I can’t leave it ever. Not for the most prestigious school. Not for the most luxurious life. I finally feel like I belong somewhere, which was far from true for my 17 years in Korea. I feel in sync with my environment and every little moment makes me go, “This. This is where I belong.” My days don’t slip through my fingers anymore. My depression’s practically disappeared. My grades have never been better. I’m nowhere near where I was a year ago. I feel alive for once.

There are things that could make me leave this place but I can’t think of enough that would make me wanna leave this hilariously raggedy dorm, my wonderfully obnoxious friends (sisters would be a better descriptor), waking up to the athan, and living in the same country as those I hold closest to my heart.

If you had told me 4 years ago that I would willingly attend school in Sudan and love it, I would’ve laughed at your face. But here I am wishing I had made this decision earlier. Alhamdulillah alf marra

I wanted to wait until the digital photos were uploaded online but who knows when that’ll be so I just scanned it! When snafu-moofins was taking her photo, Emilie noticed my top while I was waiting to go next and was like “You have my top?! What the hell?! You little thief.” hahahaha she’s so funny and sweet. When we were taking this photo she was giggling the whole time idk why :’)