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The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

Sometime after the CLUSTER-huff that was "Monster Bash"
  • Tom: MAN-I really almost screwed up today at the party.
  • Pony Head: Damn straight ya did.
  • Tom: Thankfully I helped at the last second and helped fight Mina Loveberry.
  • Pony Head: Yup, lucky for you.
  • Tom: ...what...what's that supposed to mean?
  • Pony Head: I mean you were being a total horndog the whole night and helping Star fight that nutjob Mina gave you enough points for her not to dump your dumb ass.
  • Tom: WHAT? I was not a horndog, also I HAVE horns so racist.
  • Pony Head: Nice try Mr."I don't do politics", you only came to this party to make out with Star-DESPITE-it being about racial unity and understanding. You see me trying to get my freak on? NOPE-because I'm responsible and supportive of my friend's dreams...holy crap, am I more mature than you?
  • Tom: I....think you are.
  • Pony Head: Wow that...that's good for me as I know I can confirm how great I am, but given MY rep, for you-
  • Tom: It is one of a billion new lows for me.
  • Pony Head: Yeah...she is probably gonna dump you again.
  • Tom: *SIGH* I know.

So I hit the third palace in P5 today, and I had some thoughts. The first of which after seeing Ryuji in casual summer clothing was “I’m so fucking gay.” Also, they’re gonna have stereotype gay men drag the poor boy off somewhere int he red light district, and you’re telling me the thought of a gay romance option never crossed Altus’ mind during development? It’s also played off as a joke by the protag, “haha, Ryuji got hit on by gay men. go show them your manliness.” I’m also really suprised I haven’t seen any fanart in the pegoryu tag of the protag getting flustered when Ryuji stands up in the bathhouse. Like he literally got a close-up of Ryuji dick. 

I started the social link with the teacher too. It was awkward, especially since she kept up with the kawaii maid talk at first.  But honestly, I’ll probably try and max out that social link, since it gets me more free time during school. It says I can slack off during her class, and I assume that means I get to read a book or something instead. Which is great because most of my social stats are really weak. 

And if this game is really gonna force me to be straight, I’m thinking Makoto might be the one I romance. Cus holy shit she rides a motorcycle. 

So…. I used to challenge myself with pretty big pictures or long series of pictures some years ago, and while it was a lot of work, I miss that feeling of accomplishment when I would reach the end. Been kind of lazy with my art recently, so I’ve decided to try and challenge myself again: I’m gonna be drawing every single character from Undertale, which I recently played for the first time and really liked! 

Let’s see how long I last or if I give up halfway through lmao

#1 - Froggit & Whimsun

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Villains Appreciation

Villainesses Version (x)

Because maybe something as a Villain doesn’t exist at all. They are all only poor souls, being forced into their role to cause others pain. Dragged into this pain by their past and those who control it.

Frostiron Fic Recs

Just a quick and dirty list of some of the fics I’ve been reading over and over, that I think everyone should read:

The Symphony of Rusted Power series by Cristinuke, especially: Mad Like Crushed Diamonds and Whisper Beneath a Spring. Sub!Loki and dom!Tony. Very well-written and hot as hell with lots of fucked-out Loki (which is the best kind of Loki).

The Good, Giving, Game series by Hannahrhen, especially Receiving End and Schooled, because spanking. One of my favorite authors writing one of my favorite kinks. Also Better Left Unsaid, because Loki making Tony confess his filthy thoughts about dominating Loki really is just the best thing ever.

Break My Fall by Hotchoco195. This is one I have read over and over, just because it’s just well-written and in-character and awesome. Tony finds Loki in a bar after New York, realizes they have more in common than he thought, Tony stresses over things so Loki snatches him away to the Dwarves realm (the part where they’re on Nidavellir is one of my favorite written bits of Frostiron fic ever, it paints a great picture).

Accepted by Arkada. Tony and Loki trade sex for tech and magic. Both are total sassy-pants trying to one-up the other in sex. 

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ya know I saw that ask about why people don't like brendon so i'm gonna share. just to be on the record (anonymously tho lol) first of all- he's vain!! doab isn't that great imho because he doesn't feel like he has to try bc anything he creates will be great cause he created it! plus I don't like him bc I don't think he likes us! I don't feel like brendon loves, like really loves, his fans. I think he likes attention, I think he loves the idea of hordes of young female fans, but I don't feel 1/3

Riiiiiiight, I’m gonna have to stop you there. I think DOAB is an amazing album, one of my favourites, I think it’s better than TWTLTRTD, but that statement is open to opinion so that’s fine whatever you think is cool.

However, saying Brendon being proud of his LITERAL BILLBOARD NUMBER ONE ALBUM is a negative trait isn’t fair. I’m a firm believer in self love and self praise, that doesn’t mean he’s vain. And even if his is, I don’t see vain as the worst trait in the world. I’d even say I was a little vain. If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished/achieved/look like etc, flaunt it girl. Be proud of yourself. And Brendon should be proud of this incredible album he’s created by himself.

I’ve met Brendon twice now and each time he went out of the way to be incredibly kind, probably the most open and touching out of any of the members who were there those days. I genuinely believe he cared about what I was saying, and even if not, he made me FEEL like he did. And at the time, my 16 year old insecure self really really needed that. More recently, I went to their album launch gig and you could see he was just radiating with happiness. He thanked the crowd a lot and the atmosphere he created was incredible, and I think that qualifies as love. 

As for hordes of female fans, I don’t think gender has anything to do with it, personally. You’re telling me YOU wouldn’t get kicks out of having fans appreciate what you’ve created? Let the man live.

As a fan for 10 years, I’ve learnt that what Brendon loves the most is the music and to me, that’s all that matters. Maybe this is because I’ve grown up alongside this band, been there during all the changes, all the albums and essentially seen Brendon flourish and deal with all the shit this band has gone through. He’s never given up on this band, and that means a lot to me. I don’t think I’ve seen the guy happier than the era we’re in now, and if he’s happy, I’m happy. I don’t need his constant attention to feel loved by this band. The music does me just fine.

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PLEASE RESPOND- I know you get a lot of these but please listen because I don't know what to do anymore.... Like no one seems to listen to me. When I say I feel depressed my friends just say "well stop thinking about negative things" like it's not that easy and no one would every believe that I'm suicidal because everyone thinks of me as a happy and positive person. In the past few days of been thinking about killing myself. I just can't handle it anymore... I really need advice.

you’re going through something a lot of people go through and it’s normal to go through this type of thing. Listen life will have it’s ups and downs, life is great, you’ll never know which day is gonna be your last, one day you could just get shot or get ran over by a car you honestly never know what’s gonna happen. Try to not overthink things and worry, just live your life and enjoy it, things suck here and there but it’s never a good idea to kill yourself, life will get better. Stay strong I love you!