but i'm gonna roll with em

The Mystery of Abbie Mills has been solved! ... well one of em anyway

So while I was at NYCC, I got my hands on the Sleepy Hollow: Creating Heroes, Demons & Monsters book. 

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had the time to dig deeply into it though what I’ve seen looks pretty cool so it’s definitely an investment worth making if you’re into the show.

Anywho… Abbie! Among her pages is a picture of her driver’s license!!! Granted, her license name is wrong (she’d have to legally use her whole name as Grace Abigail Mills), and it’s clear that either the pro department is completely incompetent or were giving a nod to her roll in the movie ‘42′ when they made her SHPD badge in the finale, we have a birthday!!! Grace Abigail Mills is 31 years old. 

And because I am trash that immediately got me thinking. Abbie is an Ares. Crane is a Leo. How compatible are they exactly?? I’m just gonna drop this little ditty down here. Have a nice day!