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…I have no excuse for this. Well… okay, I do, it’s for doctorwho’s Adipose contest.  So yeah, mainly as an excuse to not only not work on my paper but also to just have a reason to draw one of these guys.  

A quick kind of experiment I think. :)

It’s 1941,
you pray the war ends soon.
That the blood spilled
is yours,
not his.
That orders won’t stop you
from keeping
your promise.

It’s 1943,
you pray you don’t forget.
That you’re Sergeant
James Barnes
of the 107th.
That if you die in this lab
he will be home,

It’s 1943,
you pray death will be merciful.
That one day you’ll see him
in Heaven.
So you can thank God
that it was you,
not him.

It’s 1954,
you pray for it all to stop.
That the burning in your
left arm,
isn’t real.
That the murder on your
red hands,
isn’t you.
That the boy you loved
never sees you
like this.

It’s 1954,
you stop praying
when you realise
no one
was listening.

—  ‘Timeline’

The season finale of The United States of America is very suspenseful and is really stressing me out.


PART ONE | PART TWO. How to make super fly paper people. u-u A bunch of you asked for a tutorial so here it is! I don’t want to post them all together because then you guys would have to hella scroll and like whaaatt i’m not that awful i don’t think

Sorry if it’s hard to read! If you need me to clarify something, just shoot me an ask. I’m trash at tutorials i hope this isn’t too painful

there should only be one other part anyway, i’ll try to be swift with it. This is my first day in my new apartment……


Middle-earth History Meme: 7/? Elves: Idril 

Called Celebrindal ‘Silverfoot’; the daughter (and only child) of Turgon and Elenwë; wife of Tuor, mother of Eärendil, with whom she escaped from Gondolin to the Mouths of Sirion; departed thence with Tuor into the West.

  • Yuri, episode 1: I would feel blessed if Victor would look my way.
  • Yuri, episode 8: Tie my skates, babe, I'm going to destroy that rink and show everyone my eros. You're so lucky I'm your boyfriend.

Okay, so because I absolutely love the color au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin​, i felt the need to draw the scenes where Oikawa helps Hinata escape as well as the park scene described in this ask. But, I may have gone a little… overboard and ended up making a mini comic. I hope that’s okay. 〳 •́ ﹏ •̀ )

So anyway, hopefully the little time skip wasn’t too confusing/choppy, and please ignore the awful backgrounds–especially the ugly trees (i tried).


Was that what you were looking for?

at a sleepover, a girl laughs too loud. someone tells her she sounds like a maniac, and instead of recoiling we just laugh and laugh because we are all mad here. i have never been surrounded by a people so full of rage.

we are all mad here. yes, indeed we are. we are the psycho bitches of the world, manic pixie dream girls united, the “bipolar” pms parade, crazy ex-girlfriends committee–we meet after dark.  we are all mad here, according to the mouths of boys who think that they were betrayed all because a girl demanded respect or wanted something different.

i mean, i guess i get it, but paper dolls and paper girls give you paper cuts, so you better watch out because i’m not afraid of you calling me nuts. i’m mad, you’re right. but you’ve got the wrong definition because i’m looking for a fight.

i might be small, more delicate, not naturally cut out for this but i’ve got  a cause and even if it weren’t for the thousands of cases of rape that go unreported every day and hit too close to home, i’d still be fighting because there are girls who are told they can’t learn not too far away.

feminism shouldn’t be a sold out western initiative. it should be a world-wide social awareness and if you aren’t aware of this, then we don’t need you to stand in our way. we have a enough road blocks ahead of us.

at a sleepover, a girl laughs too loud. someone tell her she sounds like a maniac. she says “good. they should be scared.”

—  mad as girls // a.l.h. // 7-28-15

“He sits down next to me in the audition and he’s like "HEY EVERYBODY! I’M SAM HUNTINGTON!” And I’m like “Oh, geezus. Who the fuck is this guy?” And the first thing he does, he goes “HEY, HEY! OH, HEY! YOU’RE SAM, I’M SAM! ARE YOU GOING GRAY?” - Sam Witwer on when he first met Sam Huntington