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Boys Suck - Chapter 2

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi Chapter, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: “Would you like anything written on the cake? You know… Happy Birthday, Congratulations so and so?” He asked. “Yeah,” I responded. “Do you think you could write something along the lines of ‘Boys Suck?”

For @xdrawings-x​, be happy ^-^ you deserve it ~

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |

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So like I said, I just reached 1200 followers which is incredible awesome and yeah. A lot of stuff happend since my last follow forever around christmas last year, so I wanted to do one anyway. I was in England, I’m back home since.. three weeks (?) now and first of all, a big thank you for all of you who supported me in this time. It was rough sometimes but your support meant a lot to me - you’re awesome.

A lot of football stuff happened as well, Basti and Iker left (I’m still not over it), Barca won something but we don’t talk about it and my blogging during the break was a bit low and I’m very sorry about that - but hey, Bundesliga starts on Friday, better times are coming!

I actually don’t even know where to start, but I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the most important people here on tumblr before I come to the blogs you should definitely follow, some of them are bold (mutuals or people I really like and who have an insane good blog) and the rest is normal but their blogs are pretty cool as well.

Thank you all so much guys, it means everything. Thank you for following me and I really hope you don’t regret it :D


vamos-realmadrid: Julie oh my god I miss you so much. Next week I’m coming to visit you and god, like I already said, I really miss you. We haven’t seen each other for over 9 months now - still can’t believe it. You’re my best friend, I absolutley love talking to you (would be bad if not) and our discussions about weird things sometimes. God we really have to do stuff otherwise I always have to mention the stuff we did 9 months ago, like Berlin or the weekend I was at your place and we..cooked xD France next year is a sure thing and we really have to go and get Donuts again! God I miss you honey, take care of you and I can’t wait to see you again. Love you a lot xx

buy-me-a-color-tv: babygirl. light of my life, my sun and stars. I have absolutley no idea where to start with you. This whole thing with us, how it started, how we finally met, it’s just crazy and insane and god I love you so much. I never thought I would end up with a girl and here I am, happier than I ever was before. We managed to have this long distance thing and tbh, I’m still so fucking proud of you - of us. And I’m still very happy that I booked the plane tickets on this day and came home for you. You make everything better. This all feels just so right and easy with you and tomorrow I’m seeing you again and ah, I’m actually just very happy. Take care baby, see you tomorrow. All the love baby, I love you - a lot.

worriedducks: Trinaaaa, my favorite American. Things are not easy for you at the moment, they definitely aren’t, tbh they really suck. But I admire you so much, how you go through all of this, how you stay strong and all. I wish every day I could do more than just text you, just take a plane to the U.S. and hug you till you’re getting better. But I can’t and this sucks even more so I’m going to sent you a care parcel very soon - already got most of the stuff. You’re an absolutley beautiful, astonishing woman who dserves all the best in the world. I love texting you and you never - NEVER - bother me. I really hope you’re feeling better soon, that you’re without pain and everything because you really deserve it. Take care of yourself love, love you a lot. xx

rowan-fcb: Roow I still can’t believe it! It’s two years now and we STILL haven’t met! God dammit, I really hope September works out well for us, because I really miss you and even when we text less, our friendship still means so so much to me. Your support, our discussions and just everything. You’re so skilled and talented and I also admire you a lot. All the shit you went through and you’re still so happy. I probably will never forget our first phone call after the World Cup final when we just screamed at each other and had a sore throat :’) I can’t wait to see you love. All the best for you, love you. xx

dramagneto: Jess my favorite girl from the Netherlands! I hope you are okay ? We haven’t texted for a few weeks but I really hope you’re doing great. Your support during the last 8 months meant a lot to me and I’m so glad that I have you. I hope you’re doing well with University and that everything’s alright - we really should talk more again! You mean a lot to me, you really do. You’re so beautiful, inside and outside and I’m so glad that I can still call you my friend. AND HEY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS! I was confused shortly because you changed your URL and I was so scared that I wouldn’t find you again :’D But hey, here you are :) I really hope we can meet someday :) Take care love, love you very much xx



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leanmeangreenbean  asked:

You're getting me into SHINee ( that might be how it's spelled idk I'm new) but if you could explain the band, give me song recommendations, introduce the members etc, that would be helpful!

Hey!! Welcome to the SHINee world!! (yes you spelled it right lmao) I’m glad that i made a new fan with the power of blogging!!

By the way.. I made this list from the top of my head and was also made at like 2am so bare with me

Alright so, where do i even begin? I guess i’ll just start with introducing the band..

Originally posted by choiminoh

So this group of handsome men is called SHINee!

  • They debuted on May 25th, 2008 with their single “Noona, You’re So Pretty/Replay”
  • They have 5 members
  • They are signed under SM Entertainment
  • They are a contemporary band
  • Has been going strong for 8 years //wipes tears away
  • They’ve also debuted in Japan with a Japanese version of their debut song Replay which i find rly cute

Originally posted by mintokkies

This is our cute and lovable leader Onew! (and my ultimate bias, i love him a lot.. like a lot A LOT)

Birth name: Lee Jinki

Birthday: December 14, 1989

Position: Leader, lead vocalist

Nicknames: Ondubu/Dubu, Old man, Ontokki/Tokki

His fans are called: MVP’s


  • He’s a bit of a clutz and sometimes can make the mood weird with his old man jokes, we call it “onew condition” like it’s so severe that the members made a song for it! Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBtkxLW-oTg
  • He is the oldest in SHINee
  • His parents own a meat shop and I believe he worked there with them! what a good son~
  • He’s an only child
  • He likes chicken. Like a lot. So much that he’s mentioned it god knows how many times, but it’s happening less now that he’s all grown haha.
  • When Onew was in school, he was at the top of the school! Like 3rd or something, i can’t remember exactly but the point is he hella smart.

Originally posted by shineetho

On to puppy Jonghyun!

Birth name: Kim Jonghyun

Birthday: April 8th, 1990

Position: Main vocalist

Nicknames: Jjong, Bling Bling, Puppy, Dino

His fans are called: Blingers


  • He’s the shortest in the whole group and is constantly teased by the members i feel you jjong
  • He plays the guitar, bass, and piano
  • He is a song writer, composer (is that the same thing? i d k), and singer! get u a man that can do all
  • He talks fast when he’s nervous, but since he talks so much anyways no one really notices
  • Has a small obsession with his noona.. seriously.. i wish i was his noona. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link to something that’ll prove it!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KABY1-s3LVQ
  • Jonghyun was in a band back in highschool! It was called ZION

Originally posted by littleshinee

Introducing our fabulous diva Key!

Birth name: Kim Kibum

Birthday: September 23, 1991

Position: Vocalist, lead rapper

Nicknames: The Almighty Key, Bummie, Diva Key

His fans are called: Lockets! Clever, right?


  • His nickname is “The Almighty Key” because he can dance, sing, AND rap! He is truly a man worthy of that title aha
  • He is the most fluent in English and Japanese in the group
  • He is an only child
  • A shoppaholic, the members even once said that he bought a lamp (or was it a blender?) because he thought it was pretty haha
  • He has a fear of heights (poor bby, they made them go bungee jumping during their debut days too)
  • Can do any girl group dance if he’s seen it enough times, there are more than enough videos of him dancing to girls generation or after school (where can i get them skills)

Originally posted by mintokkies


Birth name: Choi Minho

Birthday: December 9, 1991

Position: Main rapper, Face of the group/Visual

Nickname: Flaming Charisma Minho, Frog Prince

His fans are called: Flamers


  • He hella good at sports, and also really (I mean really) competitive
  • His dad is a well known soccer coach
  • Has one older brother
  • Unlike the other members of SHINee, he was street casted and did not audition
  • He’s the tallest
  • On his 19th birthday, this nerd got on a plane before his birthday and when he arrived in Korea, because of the time difference, his birthday had already passed and basically missed out on his own birthday

Originally posted by shawollet

The beloved maknae, Taemin!

Birth name: Lee Taemin

Birthday: July 18, 1993

Position: Vocalist, main dancer, maknae

Nicknames: Taeminnie, Dracula Oppa, Power Taem, Taeman

His fans are called: Taemints! Cute, I know


  • He has an older brother
  • Likes banana milk
  • He’s been called cute a lot in the past and disliked it (freakign tsundere) but recently he’s grown much more manly and really earned that rep, what with those hip thrusts and abs like hOT DAMN
  • He and Onew used to practice on the rooftop during trainee days
  • Really likes horror movies
  • He learned Japanese with Minho and Onew by watching ONE PIECE the weebs smh

Now for song reccomendations.. I’d suggest their debut song Replay! It’s my favorite song of all time, woo man I cry everytime i hear it. Their most well known song is Lucifer so I suggest that too. Basically kinda just go through their music videos, listen to a couple of albums. I suggest the Misconceptions series though tbh every song and album is amazing so really just listen to everything! Aaaaand I think we’re all set! Have fun on your quest to become a shawol!

..also listen to Colorful and watch the mv