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PERIOD AU – requested by anon

As the mystery around the murder grew ever thicker, their chance meetings grew more frequent. The pressure on Mr. Strike was not one of a humble nature, the looming threat of repercussions dangled ominously above his head. Were the case to remain unsolved, he would have to face an outcome of unimaginable largeness that involved his future as a private investigator. And amidst the complications and uncertainty that plagued the complex case, Miss Ellacott had proven to be a distracting assistance he could not afford. 

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When is bad boys gonna be updated? 👀

When I’m well enough to write. I don’t have a timeframe - I have a chronic illness that limits my ability to function and writing is at the bottom of my priority list. As well as that, I made commitments to several zines and a big bang that i have to finish first before i can devote energy to Bad Boys.

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I'm so sorry if you've already answered this a thousand times, I didn't see a FAQ - But I really struggle with coloring in my drawings and I love yours, I honestly think they're amazing! What program/brushes do you use, and do you have any advice?

I’ve been back and forth on this for a few days now and I keep rewriting my answer for it. >_>; Normally I’m working in photoshop, occasionally in manga studio and I generally use a generic round brush with opacity=pressure turned on, or a custom brush that’s triangular instead of a circle instead.

As for advice– I can give you some very broad advice and links but it’s a big question to answer without knowing anything more specific. If you have more specific questions about coloring I can try and help with that, but for the broad question, I’ll leave you with links to some of my fav resources that might teach you more than I could:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh12RA3ha0U from Ahmed Aldoori

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc5NZ1-zmyc a 4 part series from Borodante

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0EWfmtuCLg from Kienan Lafferty

I would definitely recommend poking around the rest of the artists’ channels since they all have useful things to look at!

As for me, my general process kinda changes with each piece because I still haven’t decided on a specific method I like best. But in general I’ll mask out the figure first and fill in the base colors before adding shadows and some lighting.

These are kinda old since I haven’t recorded any new ones, but here are a few time lapsed vids of my stuff
http://sihdiel.tumblr.com/post/116064500357/i-forgot-that-i-have-my-streams-set-to // nsfw for nudity

(The third one got deleted? Oops. So have one from @kiikiibee instead–)
(here’s a link with more of her videos)

And @junejenssen has posted lots of awesome process videos!

“The Raven Queen is actually good good buds with Lady Istus.”

the power couple among the gods, to be honest


‘Guardians’ Cast on Expanding Baby Groot’s Vocabulary


I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

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post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur

my paranoia, being vague as fuck: something bad is going to happen

me: what?

paranoia: something…..

me: *is suddenly hyperaware of everything & everyone and prepares myself for death or danger at any moment*


Favourite game franchise played: Bioshock | The Collection
                   Happy 10th Anniversary to Bioshock!!!


I saw that the reaper76 tag was lacking a BikerAU (or maybe I didn’t search well enough I dunno) and I was like: “WTF where is the BikerAU at?!?!” So having not seen any fanart of that I decided to make some practice drawings. Heavily used google images as reference xD There’s more sketches and even tiny pieces of fics I’m working on. I’m seriously in love with this AU. Also, go listen to Hands by Barns Courtney.

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hey… so quick question… when y'all say you wanna fuck pennywise you’re talking about the actor right? like not actually pennywise, right? you mean bill skarsgård rigHT??? RIGHT???!!!!!??

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