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can we all stop pretending that after you’ve come out to your family and they’ve accepted you, that everything is fine ?? like there is a difference between acceptance and embracement. just because you’re out it doesn’t mean that you’re no longer too scared to put up pride flags in your room, or get happy when there is a queer couple on screen, or bring up queer social injustices, or dress how you want to, or have your hair how you want to, or wear makeup. just because they haven’t kicked you out or they’ve told you that they still love you it doesn’t mean that they don’t judge you and it doesn’t mean they embrace your sexuality or identity

there are way too many bernie bros and other leftists on here wringing their hands about the election without owning up to their part in the outcome. The worst ones are still indulging in the “if we’d just nominated Bernie this wouldn’t have happened/the DNC forced Hillary down our throats” bullshit, but others are pretending like they didn’t spend the primaries and even most of the general election trying to convince people that Clinton was a war criminal and Trump wasn’t that big of a deal. 

I mean, I get that some of his worst qualities came to light at the end, but if you can’t admit that you helped him out by reblogging right-wing conspiracy theories (especially those of you who blocked people who pointed out they were fake specifically to remove their comments off your posts) I have no sympathy for you. You’re part of the reason voter turnout among Democrats was so low. You bought into a false narrative that help elect a quasi-fascist and you spread it to other people who could have made a difference. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. 

A bit of a learning curve

[this is entirely and totally not the scariest thing I have done in my life what. No, but, I saw @beanpots make a cute little comic about Yuri being a preschool teacher and blind date and stuff and yeah just go and check that thing out ummm I’m thinking about writing a fic hehe so this is the possible beginning maybe? Pleasedon'tkillmeIhaven'twrittenafanficinlikethreeyears]

“Pichit, honestly, it’s fine.” Yuuri repeated, standing next to his friend, watching to make sure all the children he taught stayed on the crosswalk as they headed home. “Nonsense!” Pichit stated cheerily, holding out a hand for the approaching car. “You’ll meet them at table five, you know, the tall one by the window?”
Yuuri sighed. “Pichit, do you even know who they are? It could be a kidnapper! A murderer!” The cheery crosswalk guard just smiled and shook his head. “Tomorrow at 15:00.” As the last child crossed, Yuuri groaned, giving his friend a halfhearted hug and heading home himself.

Looking around anxiously, and regretting ever letting Pichit set him up on a blind date, Yuuri suddenly noticed a very tall, very…appealing man doing the same. Taking a breath to steady himself, Yuuri approached the (slightly intimidating) stranger and held out his hand.
“Ah..are you.. are you my blind date?” He asked, voice rising a little in pitch. The man’s eyes lit up, not unlike an excited child himself, and he took Yuuri’s hand in his own, shaking it roughly.
“Yes, yes, I am! Viktor Nikiforov. You are?”
Yuuri returned the handshake, internally breathing a sigh of relief. “Katsuki Yuuri. Glad to meet you. Shall we?” He gestured to the tall table Pichit had described, both men taking their seats.
“A pleasure to meet you indeed, Katsuki!” Yuuri had to laugh at this, a little embarrassed.
“Yuuri, actually. Sorry, I’ve introduced myself by my last name for a while.” Viktor paused, before bringing a hand to his head. “God, I must have looked like an idiot!”
“Oh, no, no!” Yuuri was quick to remediate. “I understood why, it’s no worry!” He smiled, hoping to dissolve any tension. Viktor smiled in return, resting his head on a hand. “So, I know barely anything about you, Yuuri. What do you do for a living?”
“Oh, well, I teach.” Yuuri replied, smiling fondly (and a little bitterly) as he remembered the previous day at the crosswalk.
“Oh, so you’re a teacher, huh?” Viktor’s voice smoothed. “That’s hot.”
Yuuri had to struggle to keep in a laugh, taken aback for a minute.
“Actually, I-I’m a preschool teacher.” Yuuri stuttered out over the thermos he’d brought with him. “What do you do?”

OK i know you guys prolly gonna hate this, but i’m sick and i wanted some baby hufflepuff/slytherin chemistry and now i can’t stop so have some korrasami


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What is "the fandom that has grown" from the musical? I'm not offended at all I'm actually just curious. Was there even a big fandom before the musical?

Nah, the fandom wasn’t really big before the musical, but that’s not really the point.
The musical, as I’ve said, takes a lot of liberties with the characters and the message of Heathers. Which is fine. But now the fandom is made up of people who saw the musical first/haven’t seen the movie/take the musical canon more seriously than the movie, and so as someone whose been a fan of the movie for a very long time it’s a little frustrating seeing the characters, story, and overall message I love being muddled. My most obvious examples of this you’ve all seen w million times, I talk about them constantly. Taking everything bad about the homophobic sexist dicks that are Ram and Kurt and erasing it so you can have a cute “shipable” couple. Making Mac into a sad depressed angel instead of the mean girl she was. Making Chandler seem like the bullshit in her suicide note (or for the musical the me inside of me plot) was real and she wasn’t an airhead. The fandom seems to think that if its sung, it’s true? As if there’s no such thing as unreliable narration? even if they’re outright told beforehand in the story that what’s being said isn’t true.

The heathers fandom is really messy now, it’s full of people who believe in very black and white morality and are therefore trying to mold this very un-black and white story and it’s very morally unsound characters to their desired molds. Every character is either good or evil in fanon now. That’s not the way it works.

People don’t seem to understand that the musical was not written by the writers of the movie. So whenever a fan of the movie disagrees with something in the musical we’re told “well suck it up it’s canon” that’s like if someone’s Avenger’s fanfiction got published and suddenly fans of the comics or movies were told that they didn’t know what they were saying cause *according to this story*

The ask blog I run with my friends for the heathers adapt AU is a good example. Our AU is based on the movie, but almost all the asks we get are musical related. No one allows for the separation of the two, when the musical has a lot of differences.

I really like the musical, and I really like the fans it has led to Heathers. But please respect the original content? And please respect that the musical isn’t as relevant to some people?

Idk this response is all over the place and is probably way ruder than I’m intending, it’s super early rn.

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

friendly reminder that lena has one friend in national city and feels like she was used by that friend for information and put her last immediate family member into jail and is now going to be arrested under suspicion of helping said family member but it’s fine i’m Fine

(wakes up right when my class is starting)

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title: a hump in the night (4/?)

progress: wip series

pairing: 2jae (jaebum/youngjae)

rating: E (for ‘extra’ bc holy shit that word count)


summary: jaebum is pining and full of Teenage Angst. youngjae doesn’t deserve having to deal with him.


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Humans are weird - imagination pt2

This is an afterthought of my last post but it just occurred to me - what if with a stance of ‘our imagination is weirder than most’ it meant we could comprehend more? Like Species A is used to having to hide their real forms from most other species because it either blinds or harms them to comprehend it - but to us it’s fine (obviously even we’d have limits but to most it’s baffling we’d have tolerance at all)

  • <p> <b>what they say:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>what they mean:</b> you wanna know something? I have been waiting for yongguk's return since november because it was more difficult for me to put in the effort with only five of them there. the fact that there were only five really deterred me. all I've ever known is 6. now he's finally back in march and the group is 6 again. only one problem with that: they AREN'T 6 again because himchan is injured. morale to put in work is low again and I am emotionally wounded because I just want to wrap all of them in bubble wrap so they never get hurt again. so no, I am not 'fine'.<p/></p>
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: in a New Hope Han said to Leia “I take orders from just one person. Me !” and she responded with “It’s a wonder that you’re still alive” and then in the Force Awakens Leia asked Han to bring their son back and he tried to bring him back even though he thought that it was impossible but he tried it anyway because Leia asked him to and he loves her but then he dies and now Leia most likely blames herself for his death
Morning Panic
  • Texan in Tokyo: *uploads two separate videos about leaving YouTube*
  • Grace and Ryosuke: We're fine, we just really want to have kids now!
  • Me: Okay... okay, good... I feel like I've aged ten years... but at least 2016 hasn't claimed anymore victims...