but i'm far from being like her lol

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I'm in a mix about Chloe. As I dislike her greatly but at the same time, it's why I do like her, she is just a well done snobby, bratty bitchy mean girl. I'd love to see her get something like a hamster and be overly protective, or one of those tiny yappy dogs that go in purses. Adrien being our favorite alley cat is far from liked by the pooch and Adrien feels the same way to the pup.

lol yes, give her a hamster! She clearly cares about hamster rights.

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I have to admit i'm usually one to keep my expectations low, but if we don't get at least a some sort of confession from Bellamy this season what was the point of like the 90% of the Bellarke scenes this year?? lol

Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

90% of the Bellarke scenes so far this year involved confessions. It’s like confession after confession after confession. 

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(wow, look at that fantastic shot of him coming out from behind her, almost looking like one being. hello, visual storytelling. Thank you cinematographers.)

  • I’ll do anything (for him)
  • Come home to yours (me. i’m yours)
  • I need you.
  • You left me.
  • I let her get to me.
  • Will I (recover)?
  • I’m angry at you
  • We need each other
  • Together

And lots more. That’s just off the top of my head. They love each other. They “broke up”. They still love each other. 

All this that is happening now? Every scene we’ve had with them together all season has been romantic Bellarke, in no uncertain terms. It hasn’t been smooth sailing and it is slow burn and they are kind of busy trying to stop the next apocalypse. 

Bellarke, the romantic relationship, is in the process of happening right now. You wanted Bellarke, this is it. It’s not just about kissing and those three little words. It’s about everything BEHIND those things. THAT is Bellarke.

Hearts Against My Chest

A/N: This was inspired by the lovely luvs-jade. The prompt was: Rae’s mum and Karim had to leave for the school year and Rae has to stay at Finn’s. Or something along those lines. When I started writing this, I’d forgotten the prompt and then when I finished, I went back and looked at it and got it completely wrong so I’m very sorry. But, I hope you like it anyway?? Eep. Enjoy :)


There’s a steaming cup of tea sitting on the counter, the first light of a new dawn filtering in through Finn’s kitchen window. Rae wakes up to the sound of the kettle beeping.

As she pads down to the kitchen, yawning and stretching along the way. It’s quiet in the house, so unlike the night before when all Rae could hear was the sounds of Finn’s moans and noises of pleasure mixing in with her own, echoing through the otherwise empty house.

(It was pure luck that Finn’s dad had a conference the same week Rae’s mum and Karim went on holiday before the baby was born. It wasn’t planned, this arrangement where they stay in all morning, meet the gang in the afternoon, then spend the rest of the night cuddled up on the couch or lounging on Finn’s bed listening to the The Smiths but Rae had showed up that first night and never left. )

When Rae peeks her head out from behind the wall, Finn’s pouring himself a brew, navigating around his little kitchen. He’s good here, she thinks. Comfortable in his own space. He’s so raw like this, undone with his hair skewed and messy, sweats hanging low on the sharp cut of his hips. Rae likes this version of him. The one that doesn’t have sunglasses to hide behind, the one that doesn’t shove his hands into his pockets to keep them from shaking because he hasn’t had a smoke in hours. She likes that she’s the only one to get to see him like this.

“Morning,” she says, wrapping his blanket tight around her shoulders.

Finn turns, a little smile on his lips.

“Hiya,” he grabs the cup that’s sitting on the counter and hands it to her. “Sleep good?”

“Better than ever.” she takes a sip and smiles into Finn’s hair when he kisses her cheek. The tea’s good, too. Three sugars and no milk, just how she likes it.


They spend the morning on the sofa, Rae’s head in Finn’s lap, his fingers massaging her scalp gently. She thinks that they could just do this forever, be like this until they’re old and gray and even then, they’ll sit with each other and talk about anything and everything. She feels almost grown.

(And she knows it’s stupid, to wish things like this but when Finn’s pressed up against her like he is, whispering things about life and the future and everything Rae is scared of in a way that makes it less frightening, she can’t help but think that it would all be okay as long as Finn is there with his hands tight around hers. Because his hands have always made her feel like the world is hers for the taking.)

By night, they’re spent and sort of drunk and high off the stale spliff Chloe had gotten. Chop wanted to go to the pub for a bit which turned into a few hours turned into five hours and now they’re home, stumbling over each other and laughing into each other’s necks, barely pulling apart from the other for longer than a minute.

When they get into Finn’s bed, the moon casts shadows on his walls, gray and dark and soft. Rae traces them along the planes of his bare chest as they’re coming down from their euphoric high and from the high of being everything else. The high of being young and free and doing whatever they want because they’re infintely in love, to the point where they tremble at the thought of being with other people. She wasn’t prepared for this, she thinks. To need someone so fiercely that even the thought of having this with anyone else or not at all makes her skin itch.

But then Finn is here, too, his hand coming up to lace their fingers together, to press soft kisses on her knuckles and she feels it, this sensation under her skin like it might be dangerous to love someone like him.

Then again, Rae hardly ever walked on the safe side of things.