but i'm excited to see my friends again cause we can do awesome stuff

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What are your opinions on Mania and Forces right now?

Short literal answer: all over the place

Actual individual answers:


  • Looks super good!! It does look fun and the promotional art for it is awesome, the love and effort going into it is clear. Makes me wanna do some pixel art again when I have the time.
  • I’m happy a lot of people are excited for it, but Classic Sonic isn’t what really has my interest about Sonic these days so I’m not particularly hyped for it. I’ll probably get it eventually but I’m not desperate to have it as soon as it comes out. It’s nice to see people being so positive about Sonic again though!
  • Studiopolis Zone’s music is still my jam tbh


  • boost is back thank you sonic gods
    In all seriousness I’m really really glad that gameplay style is back, I loved it and it was missed in Lost World :’>
  • It looks pretty as heck and I’m happy (so far) because from the first trailer I was kind of just expecting it to be Everything Is Crisis City: The Game. I hope there’s more variety in the rest of the levels, it’d be really cool to see what different environments look like when Eggman’s taken them over (can you imagine an ice level full of fire and destruction, or robots causing a forest fire in a jungle, how rad would those be).
  • I’m just still kind of stuck on why Classic needs to be there. I’m sure there’ll be some reason for it in the story but… why aren’t Sonic’s friends enough support, and why does he need to keep coming back into Modern stuff when Mania is also a thing that is happening this same year
    I like Classic he’s very cute but why
  • Honestly, I would be far more optimistic about Forces if Classic wasn’t involved. If you imagine Unleashed were coming out this year and in the whole mess of Sonic being the Werehog and the planet being broken apart, Classic is just. there
    That feeling of “???????????” is exactly how I feel about him in Forces right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for the game to prove me wrong and have him being there be entirely fitting, but at the moment it just seems kind of unnecessary.
  • And that new character is just the icing on the cake of Concerns™
    I’m not one of those people who are like “ugh a new sonic character” but can they please just show them off and get it over with already and also let them be good maybe
    …and please don’t let them actually look like bubsy at all
  • I dunno, I spent so long being full of doubt when we were still calling it Project Sonic 2017 that I really want to be optimistic about it now, but I’m not blind to the things I feel iffy about from what we currently know.
    I think after Lost World hype and Boom hype on here I’ve burnt myself out on hyping over Sonic to that level, so I’m just trying to enjoy what I see and hope for the best when it comes out.
Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 1)
  • It's season 4 or something, Rucaya is dead and gone (no hard feelings on anyone's part, just some hard lessons learned) Farkle and Smackle have been through an amicable and mutual break up, on account of them both realizing that they were together for scientific purposes more than emotional ones, but she's still in the clique six and is especially good friends with both Zay (👀) and Maya. Riley has slowly realized her feelings for Farkle and the only one who knows is Maya (of course.)
  • *Farkle is at his locker, putting books in his backpack and laughing with some people from AP Chemistry about electrons or something as Riley and Maya watch him from across the hall*
  • Riley: Would you just look at him, being smart and interesting and hanging out with his cute little nerd crew...the JERK.
  • Maya: Riley, in what universe is Farkle Minkus a jerk?
  • Riley: He is a jeerrk because of how… because of…
  • Maya: Yes??
  • Riley: That right there! He is a jerk because he has been nothing but loyal and amazing to us our whole lives and he is so very wonderful that I can’t think of any universe in which I can actually justify calling him a jerk. I NEED to call him a jerk because a cannot be in this situation right now. But I can’t think about one bad thing about him. That’s how bad this is Maya!!
  • Maya: This is so not bad.
  • *Farkle closes his locker door and turns around, swinging his backpack over his shoulder and swishing his hair a bit, basically just being hot but not on purpose*
  • Riley: *refuses to look at him* Nope nope nope this cannot go on! I have got to cut this out, Maya, we both know what happens when friendship feelings turn into feelings feelings. This is even worse than Lucas.
  • Maya: No no, THAT was bad. That whole ordeal was bad. THIS *grabs her head and forces it to face Farkle’s direction* is not even a little bad. *Lets go of her head and Riley’s eyes stay on Farkle.* It’s just- *pauses and is like 😏 because Farkle is already smiling at Riley from across the room and she automatically does that smiley head-tilt thing at him* -inevitable.
  • Riley: Inevitable??
  • Maya: Always has been and we both know it, kid, *imitates younger Farkle* “I’ve been in love with Riley since the first grade!”
  • Riley: Psh, that was forever ago-
  • Maya: Still counts.
  • Riley: No it doesn’t! That was before Smackle, before Lucas... look I’m just not willing to risk losing him, Maya. Okay? Not Farkle. *looks back over at him, he’s still talking to his science bros* I couldn’t handle that.
  • Maya: *sighs* Alright I’ll back off… that’s a very brave position to take, Riles. Even if it is a lil dumb. *boops her nose*
  • Riley: *determined Riley voice* Dumb or not I’ve made up my mind. All I have to do is repress! Until it alll goes away! I’ll just keep squishing and SQUISHING them- *dramatically illustrates this through a series of aggressive gestures*
  • Maya: Yikes.
  • Riley: -until they cease to exist!!
  • *Farkle bids his science bros farewell and starts walking towards Riley and Maya*
  • Maya: *quietly* Well here’s your chance to practice, sunshine.
  • Riley: *whisper-yelling* What! I haven’t trained enough for this!
  • Maya: It is Farkle Minkus, he is harmless and he’s your friend, just be Riley.
  • Riley: Riley is scared!
  • Maya: Be confident Riley?
  • Riley: *whisper-screaming at this point* She doesn’t exist!
  • Farkle: Who doesn’t exist?
  • Maya: ...
  • Riley: ......
  • Maya: um
  • Riley: The tooth fairy?.... Obiviously…
  • Farkle: ...the tooth fairy...
  • Maya: *sigh*.... You know what? That is technically true, Riles, I’m proud of you.
  • Riley: *gets all excited for a sec* Aww really??
  • Farkle: *confused and amused* What spurred this spontaneous tooth fairy discussion?
  • Maya: Wellll… you know how we’ve been trying to open up Riley’s brain a little bit- *knocks on Riley’s head like a coconut.*
  • Riley: Ow
  • Maya: -you know, going over what’s realistic and what’s...mythical...I mean, I’ve been quizzing her and she’s gotten really good! See look, *does finger guns at Riley* Tooth Fairy?
  • Riley: *is confused for a second but then catches on* ..oh, um, though she is a beautiful and inspiring concept and will be forever real in the hearts of children everywhere, she does not technically exist!
  • Maya: Ding ding ding you are correct!
  • Riley: I did it! *gives Maya an over-exaggerated celebratory hug*
  • Farkle: ..Interesting methods... Well, I’m proud of you too, Riley. I’m glad to see you’re expanding your perceptual horizons.
  • Riley: *physically winces because of emotions* Thanks, Farkle.
  • Farkle: Are you alright..?
  • Riley: *a bit too loud* I'm gREAT. I’m absolutely dandy… bro- *punches Farkle in the arm*
  • Farkle: Ow?
  • Riley: -buddy *does it again* -pal. *goes to high five him and he confusedly high fives her back. Their hands stay there a little too long and they stare at each like 😳 for a sec. Maya understands the moment and is like 👀 there is a pause as literally everyone in the hallway stops and looks and them and then Riley and Farkle bust out awkwardly laughing*
  • Farkle: *now with the same nervous energy as Riley* Cool!
  • Riley: Cool!
  • Farkle: Yep!
  • Riley: Uh huh!
  • Farkle: Great!
  • Riley: Awesome!
  • Maya: *is smiling so hard*
  • Farkle: Well I gotta go!
  • Riley: Same here!
  • Farkle: Might be late to Topanga’s later cause of science!
  • Riley: Science you say!
  • Farkle: Yeah I gotta do a thing! Meant to say that before Hahaha…
  • Riley: Good Luck on your thing bro!
  • Farkle: Thanks!
  • (Riley and Farkle have been nervously backing away from each other like 😅 😬 throughout this exchange, running into people in the hall and stumbling up/down the stairs, at this point they are literally yelling at each other from across the set in the same panicked voice while Maya remains in the middle, whipping her head back and forth to keep up with both of them. Farkle gets to the stairs and zooms the fuck out. Riley has literally backed herself into her locker and closes the door on herself. The bell rings and everyone else in the hall scatters, except Maya, who is revealed after the crowd dissolves to be on the floor, like 😂 laughing her ass off.)
  • Riley: *from inside locker* the JERK
  • *Roll opening credits + theme song*
  • Heres the other parts: http://theory-of-riarkletivity.tumblr.com/post/148108162256/all-the-stuff-ive-written-so-far