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chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

Huevember Day 21: Primarina

I actually really like Primarina’s design, even more so than Decidueye’s (who I chose as my starter)!

When the starters were first revealed I was immediately on Team Litten and I thought Popplio was pretty bleh, but Game Freak kind of ruined Litten’s entire evolutionary line for me once the final forms were officially out. I turned right around and joined Team Rowlet and Team Popplio

Game Freak, please stop turning all the fire type starters into bipedal human-like fighting/pseudo-fighting types :(

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jyushimatsu, maybe you can help since i can't get a hold of ichimatsu: one of our cats gave birth about a month ago, a litter of three. one was stillborn, and the second died in the first week. the last one just died this evening after a sudden decline in health. my boyfriend and i (and our cat too) are pretty upset. he spent a lot of time taking care of them, and i just feel like i could have done more y'know? i can't even sleep right now 'cause it's so quiet...

Ah… Maybe I should go get Ichimatsu-niisan…

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;

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Obi-Wan hiding behind his datapad just makes his fans love him even more, because he’s shy OMG HOW CUTE IS THAT?! More than once, Obi-Wan also prays that Fives doesn’t learn about this because the betting and the gambling will skyrocket, he just knows it.

(It’s too late. Fives already knows. And the men are betting on when one of the fans will be brave enough to go for a hug.)

Obi-Wan learns about the fake stories, and works at tracing them. Even if the stories are blatantly false (”Why in the Force’s name would I go into a burning building without adequate coverage? Who would be that stupid?”), there are a few details sprinkled in there with a ring of truth to them, things only a Jedi would know.

Later, many younglings would whisper about the Great Chase, when Master Kenobi chased Master Vos through the gardens, through the Room of a Thousand Fountains, and through the hangars, howling like a demon. They think it was some kind of special training for the Masters to take on Sith Lords.

Honestly, if Obi-Wan had a shit ton of fans, they totally would have stormed the Senate the moment Palpatine tried to call Obi-Wan a traitor and they would have pummeled him, all “DO NOT SLANDER OUR OBI YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF MELTED WAX!” The Sith takeover would have been halted in its tracks, and the fans would have declared they would have but one Emperor and his name was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

IOW, the inmates have taken over the asylum. Bail better put in a call.

OK. First off, I love that we’ve gotten here from one single sassy screengrab of Obi-Wan posing. I’ve come to expect nothing less from my tumblr experience. 

Fives absolutely is running bets on this. He’s also taking bets on where Obi-Wan will land on the Galaxy’s Sexiest Men list this year. 

I also like the idea of Quinlan teaming up with Rex and Cody to combine their photos with Quin’s made-up stories (”OBI-WAN KENOBI SHOWS OFF HIS BEACH BODY” and it’s like, pictures of him on Scarif on a mission or something, or they get a picture of him looking contemplative and attach: “Obi-Wan Kenobi: Looking to Leave the Jedi Order and Settle Down? Exclusive Insider Info Says Yes!” to it.)

And also, what I’m hearing you say here, is that fangirls could have saved the GFFA. Which I completely agree with, because it’s obviously true. ;) 

I shall be in love with no one, and never shall unless it should be with you.
—  Book!Carmilla still unable to locate her chill.

Thank you all for 60 followers!! By the time I finished this I had nine more haha, but I love this so much :D I didn’t expect to even get twenty but you proved me wrong!

good afternoon i made some really good eggs and i’m ready to roll. LISTEN, i want new threads!! there’s tons of people i want to talk to and plot with because it’s been a while

even if we already have a thread? like this post for me to like… chase after your IMs and plot stuff?? any stuff, all stuff

Kingsglaive spoilers ahead!

I just love Kingsglaive for its tiny detailes and huge rewatching value (like solid frame by frame one).
Here I was looking for some Glauca-related references, rewatching Regis’ death scene and my god!

1) In the end Regis knew, who his murderer was.
Notice - helm decomposes under lighting strikes, then Regis’ eyes go wide and he just shakes his head in disbelief (hey! And this scene is suddenly even more heartbreaking then before. Who would have thought!). I also LOVE the camera focus shift, which goes like “LOOK AT THESE. NOW LOOK AT THAT. HA. HAAaa! DON’T YOU GET IT?”.

2) That fancy turn, Glauca makes before striking a killing blow! Never got it before, like “ffs do you even need to be that fancy? My god, you’re even more of the show-off than Nyx!”, and it suddenly makes sence. He didn’t want to blow his cover as of yet (which proved useful as the story moved on), so he just hid his face until helmet regenerated.  

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just stupid Captain Obvious? But! Ugh.

(Well everyone, we finally done it… I have officially reached 200 followers on this blog and before this month ended too. I just wanna say thank you all so very much for role-playing with me and sticking with me for this long. When I first came on here, I was getting a lot of anon hate and felt like I wasn’t welcome, but now here I am… I’ve made many friends on here and I hope I continue to make more. There’s even certain people that I would like to thank a lot as well personally by tagging them, and I’ll also tag in people that I hope to role-play with in the future whether its this year, next year, or whenever XP)

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(Once again, thank you all so very much, all of you are just so awesome and I want you all to stay that way. ^^)

surya namaskar, also known as the sun salutation, is a set comprised of twelve positions meant to keep your body in shape and your mind healthy and calm. it is best done in the early morning, on an empty stomach. it wasn’t long into practicing yoga before it became a part of daliyah’s daily routine, and the fact that she was now starring in a reality show made it even more necessary, in order to keep her sane. one glance at her alarm clock told her it was 6 am and the girl headed to the living room with her yoga mat. she started with the prayer pose and continued onto the next ones until she was back to where she started. it was only after finishing her twelfth repetition that she realized another presence in the room. a small smile appeared on her lips, accompanied by awkward laughter. “ i’m sorry, i didn’t see you there. what are you doing awake so early ?? ” she asked as she furrowed her eyebrows, well aware that she was one of the few weirdos who enjoyed waking up with the sun.

Kagami-sensei was so kind, even when signing for #29 of a line surpassing 120. Everyone was given the same large card/poster to get signed and yes, that is my name in the top right. My translation of our conversation is as follows:
KS: So are you Japanese?
Me: No, I’m American. Though right now, I live in Japan.
KS: wow! Your Japanese is great.
Me: Oh not really, but thank you very much.
KS: So who is your favorite character?
Me: Definitely Guren.
KS: Ah, I agree. He’s a strong man, ne? A very cool guy for sure (^-^)
Me: Yes. That is why I also like the light novels you write about him.
KS: Really? You read them?!
Me: Of course : )
KS: *handing me my signed card and shakes my hand* How amazing. Thank you so much for your support!
Me: Ah, thank you very much! Take care, sensei.

So ya. The first girl was practically crying while getting it signed, it was precious haha. He had a great sense of humor and took his time for each person, conversing with them while he signed. He also took a picture with a pair of Guren and Goshi cosplayers and posted it on his Twitter, the guy was just as thrilled as everybody else there.

you wanna know what makes it so painful tho, and esp to Klaus

the reason Hayley even did this. I could see if she got super desperate and felt that Hope was in such danger so her only option was to run and run fast 

but that’s not why she did it. she’s not stressed about Hope when she makes the decision she’s in the bayou chillen at a damn funeral. She’s not desperate for hope’s safety at all

she did it because Jackson told her she had to choose, because she was faced with loosing the wolves and Jackson that’s why she did it and that’s why it’s so painful

because she straight up made Klaus the damn villan in his child’s story, not dahlia not anyone else but Klaus. She briefly said some shit about that family but the brunt of her criticism of the mikaelson family and most of her reasoning was about Klaus. So to make herself feel better about her decision to abandon the only family that Hope has, the family that has fought for her since she was in the womb she made them the villans, she made Hope’s father the villian so she could leave with Jackson and her wolves and just live happily ever after  and that shit is not okay. 

and it’s ESP not okay because KLAUS WOULD NEVER DO THAT SHIT TO HER. Like you can’t get me to believe that prior to this shit klaus would ever do that shit to Hayley. I know he wouldn’t beause HE COULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY. He didn’t have to embrace her, she didn’t even think he would, she thought he wanted her dead or at the very least out of her daughter’s life almost all last season and Klaus could have done that shit easily, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to take his daughter’s mother away from her and he let himself open his home and his heart to her against everything he’s ever known. He let himself trust her when he doesn’t trust people, he let himself care about her when he didn’t have to care and he knew it was dangerous to do so. He did it anyway for that little girl and for the life he wanted to give her, a life that included her mother and Hayley just spit on the face of all that shit and I’m upset

I’m having a rapid back and forth between “it’s too late to start your thesis now you will DIE” and “lol I wrote my last thing with more words in less time, chill” and i hate it