but i'm done wrestling with it

Guys, what if at Wrestlemania...
  • Seth: *limping backstage after his match*
  • Dean: *comes to help him*
  • Seth: *confused* Wait, after all what I've done with you, you're... helping me? Why?
  • Dean: Because we're brothers. We argue, we fight, we screw each other. But at the end of the day, everything is forgiving. I had my revenge at MITB, it's all done with me...
  • Dean: ... but if you don't want my help, I'm not forcing you...
  • Seth: *interrupting Dean* NO, NO... I want. Thank you.
  • Dean: You're welcome.
  • Dean and Seth: *walk together in the backstage*

“I’m Chiaki Nanami, the SHSL Wrestler….I’ve tried out all styles, but high flying is my specialty…It’s nice to meet you, I think.”

talentswap aus are my favourite… (pls don’t tag as kin/me!)

so the other day, @adrianicsea and i were discussing mac’s “exercise bike” in hero or hate crime, and something struck me about the entire scene. mac seems absolutely, genuinely convinced that he wasn’t actually fucking himself on the bike, for lack of better words. while it seems pretty clear that he was (slits in his bike shorts, limping in the beginning of the episode), mac doesn’t seem like he’s lying - he’s absolutely convinced he was just using the bike like a normal bike, and standing back up whenever the “fist” “punched” him. 

so the question becomes, is mac actually that delusional? before coming out, was he capable of convincing himself that events that could have been interpreted as gay occurred differently than they actually did? and has he done this before?

what i’m getting at….is that mac actually had sex with trevor taft in this scene and convinced himself that they were just wrestling.

About Neville “supposedly” leaving WWE….

I’ve pretty much devoured all articles on this subject; from rumors on the squared circle Reddit, to Dave Meltzer’s posts on the Wrestling Observer website.

Here’s what it’s come down to:

I haven’t heard jack shit from the King himself.

WWE has already denied the rumors, but that doesn’t count for much.

Matt Jackson has trolled us all before, remember the CM Punk Bullet Club shirt? I do. Oh lord do I…

Kevin Owens has proven a bit of a rib master as well, and with everything going on in the kayfabe and his personal dedication to holding heel status, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just working us all like the panicked sheep we are.

The OP on the Reddit page was down voted into oblivion. Never a good sign. “I have a friend who works there” yeah heard that one before mate nice…

Whispers that became rumors that became yelling from the rooftops. A loud lie is still a lie.

True be told, I haven’t heard jack from the King, nor anything more that a quip of denial from WWE. No tweets or Grams, no news on the Network or Newsite alike. Nothing.

Call me stubborn or paddling up de-nile, but until I hear or see something tangible, I’m not swallowing the Kool Aid.

Maybe I’m just reading too far into this, or giving too much credit to a typically mediocre writing staff, but this all seems like a great way to work over a new storyline for Neville, maybe he’s going to Smackdown to assert himself into the Zayn/Owens storyline (dear lord PLEASE GIVE ME THAT LOVE TRIANGLE).

Or maybe he did quit; walked off the job and said “fuck it.” Maybe he goes back to Japan, dons a Bullet Club shirt and becomes one part of the duo that would rule the Super Juniors alongside his fellow villainous countrymen Marty Scurll. Maybe he goes to ROH and picks up the feud where he left off with the man formally know as “Stardust”. Maybe he kills it in the Indies and I finally have a chance to see him without selling a kidney to get nosebleed seats.

What I hope: that he stays, that he’s properly appreciated and loved like he deserves. That he can work with his friends like Sami and Kevin. That he wins titles and defends and puts on amazing shows like he always has.

I hope I see him when TLC comes to my town, I hope the King comes out in the middle of the damn show and brings the fucking house down. I hope I get a glimpse at the very least.

There it is, I’m done till I get some actual proof that’s not vague posts and rumors. I’d love to chat with anyone who’s interested, talk Neville to me and I’ll try not to cry.

The King shall return to us. I know it.

I grew up a wrestling fan, so I knew that I wanted to meet all my favorite wrestlers. But always in the back of my head I never thought in my life to be like, ‘Hey, they’re gonna fly in. Maybe I should wait at the airport for like 12 hours at a gate. Hey! They don’t want any sleep. Maybe I’ll go find their hotel they’re staying at and let me bother them.

Sasha Banks

Um…so what’s wrong with what she said because literally this is what i’ve always thought since I became a wrestling fan. Even at 10 years old. 

I’m legit fed up with this fucking Cena hate. This dude has busted his ass for 15 years now in the WWE. He loves wrestling to death, but fans can never appreciate all the shit he’s done for us. It’s honestly sad. He doesn’t have to come back after his outside projects. He doesn’t have to work live events. He doesn’t have to mention WWE and praise wrestling every chance he gets to give it more mainstream attention. But he does all of that shit. He loves this shit so very much and sometimes I wish he didn’t because he’d be away more often. I say that because I’m just so sick to death of reading a bunch of hate about him constantly. Throughout all the hate he’s received for over 10 years now, he’s kept a smile on his fucking face. And why? Because he loves this shit! It’s 2017 and bitches still want to act like it’s 2007. Claiming he buries talent and hogs the spotlight when that couldn’t be further from the truth. John Cena deserves better than this shit. I appreciate him so much and I just truly wish that more fans did too. You don’t have to like the man on TV, but can you at least appreciate and respect the man for all the shit he’s done for us and wrestling?

anonymous asked:

I'm not familiar with ferrets at all, so I have to ask: I've seen several gifs of your kids pushing each other over/around, but is that just normal friendly ferret behaviour? Like, is it all in good fun and they actually really get along well?

Yes, it’s normal!  That’s how ferrets have fun.  The three of them are all best friends and absolutely love each other.  Ferrets are extremely playful animals, and they just enjoy jumping on each other and wrestling and throwing each other around.  And when they’re all done, they pile up and nap together.

They’re like perpetually hyper playful kittens.

Kit is deaf, so sometimes he plays a little too rough for the other two because he doesn’t pick up on some of their cues telling him to stop.  But that doesn’t seem to affect their relationships overall.  Tux and Miss Rudy both still go out of their way to get him to join in on their games.  When they aren’t in the mood to play with him, they just go somewhere else.  Once I thought Kit and Miss Rudy were fighting over a piece of food because they kept stealing it from each other and then chasing each other all through the house.  But then after Miss Rudy got the piece of food back and Kit got distracted, she waited for him, got his attention again, and then started a new game of tag with him.

I’ve seen some ferrets at the shelter who don’t get along with other ferrets, and the way they attack each other is VERY different from the play behavior you see in my gifs.

It's official... I'm a Wrestling Mom

It’s done. I’m a mom. My daughter is beautiful. I’m overwhelmed, I’m exhausted, I’m ecstatic…

Her daddy and I like to compare her to wrestlers… When she raises her hands in the air in a sudden movement, we call her Finn Balor. When she slowly moves her arms up, we compare her to Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins has a new fangirl. Probably the youngest he has at this very moment. This baby girl is going to grow up in a wrestling world. In MY world…

I have to say this

I try to be as positive as possible when it comes to wrestling. I hate negativity and try my hardest not to push it forward. I’m not always able to restrain myself and this is one of those times. I have to say this. Have WWE bookers completely lost their minds? If the plan all along was to do Alexa/Nia then why did they give the belt to Sasha in the first place? Sasha is a 4x RAW Women’s Champion and has never successfully defended the belt, that is beyond RIDICULOUS. She’s an extraordinary talent and has proved her worth to the company time and time again. She had the best reign of all the NXT Women’s Champions, and we all know she could easily have a fantastic reign on the Main Roster as well. She deserves better than this. I can’t shake the feeling that wwe put the belt back on Alexa because they want to do a feud with her & Nia because of Total Divas. No disrespect to the show but I’m dead tired of WWE using storylines on the show to use for TV. Stop being lazy and write a fucking good storyline, don’t leech of TD because you’re too lazy to think of shit. No wonder the ratings suck, instead of actually going “hey we maybe should write something good” they go “oh random title changes will bring in ratings I’m sure of it” news flash no they don’t, they hurt credibility. Another thing I need to address the Reign fast tracking they do, I like Alexa and I think she’s a huge potential star but she’s been on the Main Roster for a year and is already a 4 time champion that’s too much, Beth Phoenix debuted in 2007 and wasn’t a four time champ until the END of her career, Trish debuted in 2000 and wasn’t a 4 time champ until 2003, Melina started in 2005 and wasn’t a 4 time champ until 2009. Before we know it Alexa will be an eight time champ and then realise she’s done everything and retire before 30. Im sorry if this sounds overdramatic but I have to get it off my chest. Imo the RAW Women’s Title is doomed af because it’s history is just effed up. No wonder Sasha is so upset half the time she can’t catch a break. She deserves better than this and so does every other girl on RAW for that matter.

Rant over.

  • Piccolo: The nerve of those humans. Inviting me down there - and on such short notice. Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn't allow it.
  • 4.00, wallow in self pity
  • 4.30, stare into the abyss
  • 5.00, solve world hunger, tell no one
  • 5.30, jazzercize
  • 6.30, dinner with me. I can't cancel that again
  • 7.00, wrestle with my self-loathing
  • I'm booked. Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9 I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness.
  • Piccolo: But what would I wear!?
  • Robbie: The nerve of those kids. Inviting me down there - on such short notice! Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn't allow it!
  • Robbie: 4:00, wallow in self pity
  • Robbie: 4:30, stare into the abyss
  • Robbie: 5:00, solve world hunger, tell *no one*
  • Robbie: 5:30, jazzercize
  • Robbie: 6:30, dinner with me - I can't cancel that again...
  • Robbie: 7:00, wrestle with my self-loathing... I'm booked! Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9, I could still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness...
  • Robbie: But what would I wear?!
  • me: :) i love you!! i'll singlehandedly wrestle a bear to prove it!!
  • fp: pls no more
  • me, splitting already: oh no. no more what? no more jokes? i know i use the same ones a lot and i'm sorry but god oh god oh god what have i done what have i said i can't look at my messages i'm going to throw up– wait what if they were joking? like they don't want me to hypothetically put myself in danger?
  • me: no?? it's so obvious?? they hate you and have been lying to you?? you're too annoying and clingy and your terrible personality has finally pushed them over the edge??
  • me: fuck i'm right of course i drove them away i always do this i always <b>fucking</b> do this
  • fp: no more i love yous! i love you more
  • me:
  • me: yeah ok whatever you say!! <3
I never would say that because I’ve personally said never to things before and done them. But I am so happy where I am right now and I feel like I had such a pitch perfect career that I would be nervous about tarnishing that. I feel like it’s kind of full-circle and perfect for exactly what I wanted. But who knows?
—  AJ Brooks (aka AJ Lee) about returning to wrestling.