but i'm done trying to fix this

simon and izzy are really starting to annoy me all they do is use raphael at this point i just ship raphael + happiness.


*Prices listed are in $USD
*Prices do not include paypal fee

Will draw ✓ 

  • OCs
  • fandom stuff (although I am most familiar with y//oi & possibly my//stic mess//enger)
  • snz kink - preferred (mess, inducing w/e you want)
  • whump
  • blood
  • soft nudity (nothing below the belt lol)

Won’t draw ✖︎

  • mecha
  • underage (18+ pls)
  • super duper crazy muscles
  • furry/anthro (features are fine like eg. cat ears, tail)
  • gore
  • some fetishes (ddlg, noncon, vore, basically anything dealing with bodily fluids that isn’t snzmess lol) I’m sorry!

*I may add/remove things,
 if you’re not sure ask lol

Ordering process

  • Please contact me through the messaging feature on tumblr (or email me at kitten//snztumblr@gmail.com - remove slashes). Please don’t do it through asks because asks get lost & I like to be able to see a log of the discussion in one place.
  • Once we have settled on what you’re after I’ll send you a paypal invoice (paypal is the only means of payment I’ll accept – Invoice will include an additional ~3% Paypal fee. Unfortunately I have to tack this on or paypal will take it from the amount when it is sent to me and after a few commissions it will begin to add up;; I’m really sorry about this but I hope you can understand)
  • Once the invoice is paid I will begin work on it (please allow up to two weeks. It probably won’t take that long but I never know what could come up;; so your patience is appreciated <3)
  • I’ll send you the sketch for any revisions before I go ahead & clean it up
  • When it’s finished I’ll allow for a final pass (small fixes, tweaks, adding text if you like etc)
  • Once it’s out of my hands and over to you that is the transaction complete. No more changes! onto the next one! Thank you for commissioning me!
  • With your permission, I may post your commission to my tumblr (perfectly fine if you don’t want me to, you paid for it after all, just let me know)

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The most emotional scene 

I’m sorry

anonymous asked:

I've been seeing some stuff lately (not here on tumblr, but elsewhere) about ppl claiming Yona doesn't deserve to be with Hak... like that she hasn't done enough for him to earn his affections or to be in a relationship with him. Idk it made me mad so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it?

‘Kay. I got this ask a while ago and couldn’t quite decide how to form an answer, so please bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words. 

The entire idea that Yona needs to prove herself in some way or another to be worthy of Hak’s affections, to me, is ridiculous. For one, people fall in love for many different reasons, and just because Yona was a bit of an airhead and not a badass when Hak liked her shouldn’t mean squat. If Hak liked Yona for such a long time he obviously saw something in her that he appreciated and wanted to pursue. That’s his choice, so people making out like Yona needs to be someone worthy of affection or something are likely disregarding that Hak fell for her because, to him, she was worthy of his affection. Now, I get that a simple response here is that, “oh but Yona didn’t like him back so it wasn’t good for him to like her, etc.”, but again I think this has no root as Yona wasn’t aware of Hak’s feelings. She never led him on or toyed with him, she simply liked someone else, Hak never let her know how he felt, and she therefore never viewed Hak as a love interest. Hak himself knew this and still chose to like her and not move on. That to me puts all these “not worthy” complaints on him. He could have moved on to someone “more worthy of his time” but he didn’t. That was his choice.

From a different light, and after Yona flees the castle and Hak starts to be more open with his feelings, I feel that perhaps some people who hold this thought don’t so much think that Yona doesn’t deserve Hak, but rather that because she didn’t return his feelings right from the get-go that there’s an imbalance and “Hak loves her more”, or “she hasn’t contributed as much to their relationship”, or [insert similar thing here]. In response to this I just… arg, I dunno, it just seems silly to think that Yona has something to make up for. Yona just… wasn’t too into Hak in that way at the start of the series and both have had to grow to reach the stage they are at now in their relationship. People are allowed to not like other people romantically, even if said person is super nice and would love them unconditionally. That’s called having a choice. And Yona is allowed to not like Hak’s sometimes iffy advances and tell him to stop. She is also allowed to start developing deeper feelings when the two begin to grow and mature together as they face different trials and support one another. 

I just… don’t see where the idea of “deserving someone” comes into this at all. Hak and Yona are just two people who have realised that they enjoy each other’s company and support in a deeper way than friendship and as such have started to grow closer romantically. Yes, Hak has dedicated his life to being her guard and has supported her for a long time even though one could argue he didn’t get out of it what he wanted (that is, Yona’s interest) but again, that was his choice. I’m not trying to defend that it was the right choice, but blaming Yona for his choice and then thinking she needs to make up for it just goes over my head. I really don’t get it. 

secretlybasictrash  asked:

So I've finally finished my first draft of my story!! This is my first time ever completing a first draft, so now that I'm done, I have no idea how to tackle it and begin editing. There are lots of things I need to change, like making the characterization consistent, brushing up on the flow of the story, adding in a few plot points, etc. There's just so much to do! Do you have any advice for where to start?

First, I always tell myself: One step at a time.

Don’t worry about adding plot points, or changing characters, or checking the flow, or anything. Don’t worry at all. You’ll only get anxious trying to “fix” every little detail. So, for now, celebrate. You’ve completed a draft. You are awesome!

I advise you to give yourself a reward.

I also advise you not to start editing right away. Take a week off. Start thinking about your next book. Maybe, outline your next book. For just a while, forget your completed draft. I’ve heard of authors that let their drafts in waiting for months. But a week is good enough. Why is this important? Because you move away from the story. You forget about details. You give yourself time switch from creative mode to critique mode. 

So, your week is gone and you are ready to edit.

But, remember, one step at a time.

First read: Read like a reader, not an author. Read all the way to the end without risking out or adding a word. Read like it’s someone else’s novel, not yours. And, when you get to the end, write a review. Just a paragraph or two giving your honest opinion on highlights and downfalls of the book. Be 100% honest. Be ruthless. Now, you have a general view over the story, what is missing, what is awesome. Make a list of every improvement you’d like to make.

Second read: Go over the story, applying the improvements, and also correcting mistakes along the way.

Third read: Read out loud. Reading out loud helps you detect grammar mistakes and strange sentences. :D   

Fourth read: Read one last time, not so focused on correcting mistakes, but on logic… pay attention for continuity errors, timeline errors, of if there’s any Deus ex machina around… this is just one last read to wrap things up.    

Fifth read: This is optional, but I love to read random pages of my books, just to force the brain not to follow the same track it’s already used to. Sometimes I find mistakes where I’d usually just brush over.

Then, publish it. It can’t be perfect, so don’t get crazy over every little phrase or word of choice. 

Publish. Open a new document. And start a new book. :D  

A crude summary of the Jekyll and Hyde Musical...
  • Jekyll: I have daddy issues, I must fix him with drugs.
  • Jekyll: Can I give a person (my dad) drugs?
  • Board of Governors: WTF?! No!
  • Jekyll: Fine, I'll do the drugs.
  • Jekyll: *Does the drugs and becomes Hyde*
  • Lucy: I'm a floozy.
  • Hyde: YES!
  • Hyde: I'M INVINCIBLE, I FEEL ALIVE!!! *goes back to being Jekyll*
  • Jekyll: Aw sheit.... everything's fucked up.
  • Jekyll: *stays in his room trying to fix shit*
  • Utterson: Jekyll, get the fuck out of your room, you have to marry your fiancee!
  • Lisa: Oh yeah, I exist.
  • Jekyll: Go away, I'm busy!
  • Hyde: *kills people*
  • Board of Governors: *die one by one* Aw sheit!
  • Lucy: I don't want to be a prostitute, I wanna be with the doctor guy, he's nice.
  • Jekyll: No... I'm getting married?
  • Lucy: No.
  • Hyde: *Kills Lucy*
  • Lucy: Shit. *dead*
  • Jekyll: That's it, I'm fucking done!
  • Hyde: No you're not!
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Confrontation.
  • Lisa: Okay, finally we're getting married.
  • Jekyll: Yeah.
  • Jekyll: *gets hyde cramps* What? NO! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOoooooo
  • Hyde: Guess who's back? Back again? Eddie's Back, tell a friend.
  • Everyone: What the actual fuck Henry!?
  • Jekyll: Utterson! Kill me!
  • Utterson: But... *sort of bromance* I can't Henry.
  • Jekyll: Oh come on *stabs himself*
  • Hyde: AW, SHIT SHIT! SHIT! NO!
  • Jekyll and Hyde: *Dead*
  • Everyone Else: WTF?!

hello! life update in the tags!


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

So if anyone else wants to do the older party in Lucis glitch, here be instructions: 

If something is unclear - and it probably is because I’m terrible at writing instructions - just send me a chat message. I’d be happy to try and help.

First thing: your game needs to be version 1.0. This glitch requires for you to go out of bounds, and the way has been patched in later versions of the game (to my knowledge at least.) 

(If you have a physical copy of the game, reverting back to 1.0 is easy: delete the game, disable internet on your ps4 so it doesn’t download and install updates, install game again. Not sure if it’s doable on all digital version?)

Basically you just need to swim to Altissia on your chocobo sometime before setting sail there. (The video shows how you can advance enough so you reach the ocean. From there just take a course to Altissia - try and replicate the course the boat will take so you won’t fall through the world. It takes a long time.)

Note: I did it in chapter 3 I think? Sometime right after getting chocobos and leveling enough to do the jump off the bridge in Old Lestallum. (It shouldn’t matter when you go there, just as long as it’s before the boat ride. I think anyway.)

K. Now you’ve reached Altissia, congrats, here’s one video showing how you can get safely to land. (Around 7:45.) You should save before going up the stairs. I’ve once gotten stuck under a bridge, and twice trying to go up the stairs and trust me it’s awful having to do the long swim up until that point.

Then just go to the hotel and talk to Gentiana to get the cutscene and the ability to summon Umbra. 

Do not sleep at the hotel.

Now. This is an important step. Open your map and see if you have the option available to go back to car. You should. (or go back to rest point? that should work too?) I left the Regalia in Old Lestallum so I just went there.

Once you’re in Lucis, summon Umbra and go to past Lucis. This way we’ll be leaving the present characters to wherever they’re now.

You should be in Cape Caem now, in the past, and Cindy calls you to give the Adamantoise quest. (Just ignore it for now.)

Then just continue on and advance the story all the way until you’re in Insomnia. 

After fighting the first wave of imperials/demons, go to rest point and call Umbra and go to present time.

Everyone should be older now, wherever you left them in Lucis back then several hours ago.


Random things I’ve noticed, these might be different for you I don’t know (this poor game is so confused)

  • There’s no Regalia. Anywhere. It’s gone. I have the option to talk to Cindy and service/customize it but when I click on the options nothing happens.
    EDIT: Thanks @analfuneral for letting me know, there is indeed a way to get the Regalia! Just do not start any of Cindy’s side-quests until you’re with the older party. The cutscene where she gives you the first quest to get the car wax spawns the car to Hammerhead. (Tho it disappears if you save/reload, so if you want to keep getting the car be sure to save BEFORE initiating the cutscene.)

  • For some reason Cid won’t upgrade my weapons anymore. In the game the quest map tries to tell me Cid is in Cape Caem but he’s sitting in Hammerhead in reality so I don’t know?

  • Adamantoise quest crashes everything when trying to talk to Dave 
    EDIT: Not crashing anymore for some reason?

Now you can update your game if you want. Everyone will still be older in Lucis, but summoning Umbra won’t work anymore. (Well. It does, but it also fixes the glitch - at least for me - if you travel to past/present so don’t do that.) 

ALSO, if you want to see older Noctis without the beard, your game needs to be updated. Don’t know what they’ve done to make it happen. (And it only happens while in Steyliff Grove!)

finished the bonus illustrations for my kurotsuki book 💕

I have always been the type who wants to fix things or make things right when my relationships go south. I don’t know how to let people go easily. I don’t know how to stop caring even when I should. You’ve pushed me to the point where I don’t even want to try anymore. I’m just so done.

I don’t care to fix us anymore. Let’s watch us burn into flames together.


at this point, it’s like…. the damage has been done. even if the season somehow comes up with an half-assed solution that magically solves everything and allows sana to keep her dignity intact and gives her the justice she deserves, it doesn’t make the other scenes disappear. 

  • sana constantly being ignored by her white friends
  • sana somehow jumping to the conclusion that her loving brother and his friends, who she knows and regularly sees bc they’re in her house all the time, have to be homophobic jerks? who unfairly beats up a 17 y/o so he receives a bloody nose?
  • isak dismissing her experiences with racism, reducing its impact on her life, talking over her; doing all of that while appearing as a hero and as her only “““““true friend”““““
  • following that trend, how all the racist remarks and micro-aggressions directed at sana, which we as viewers witnessed, is somehow completely forgotten in favor of a story about how “bossy” sana needs to go down on her knees and grovel for forgiveness for one horrible mistake that she did because of years of racism and micro- aggressions directed at her????
  • “stop trying to find hatred.” yeah, because we’re going around trying to find people who’ll ask us if we’re oppressed because of our hijabs or asking around for people who wants to spit at our brothers when we walk with them in public.

this show has already done way more damage than it can fix.

Okay friends. I am having a conundrum.

I have… mixed feelings about what went down in 3x19. I really do, I… I have some feelings. The thing is I really WANT to love this episode, I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I don’t want to complain. I want to keep a sane perspective and not expect too much.

So I’m hesitant to voice and think through some of my problems with it for those reasons. And also because… I think a lot of my problems will either be confirmed or go away by the time we see 3x20. A lot of the problems I’m having SHOULD be either answered or left unaddressed by then and by then I‘ll feel better having two episodes to base my opinions on and have a better idea of what the writers are trying to do. I have some theories but… I don’t feel there’s enough evidence for me to say anything confidently.

Anyway… I don’t want to seem hyper-critical or bitter of what was, really, a lovely episode on the whole. (Especially the Gordlock. Praise Gordlock, may you shine brilliantly forever in the night.) So, I’m just asking I guess… if I should hash out some opinions or try to leave it lie until next week. I don’t want to cause trouble if this would be causing trouble.

Thank y’all for your time.


So I thought this was super duper cute and I didn’t mean to make a longish comic lol but it sort of turned into also how they met?? It’s really a doodle that got out of hand and I never had time to like fix up and color but here take it ; v; thank u so much tho anon u inspired me!!!! Pls inspire me more guys lol
The basic idea is that he just?? Greets Alfred, and since Alfred is so flustered and distracted anyway he’s like “ok well I’m gonna go take him to my place so I can take care of him!” B/c poor Alfred isn’t living in very good conditions and Ivan really is trying to help rip


also srry if u can’t read my handwriting it’s so bad I know & im sorry xD