but i'm diving back in

protip for if you’re trying to do an assignment/study and are getting tired

grab your phone and your headphones and put on the catchiest pop song you have on hand, and make sure the volume is high but not enough to hurt

(my go to song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, but it’s up to you) 

and then dance around your room/the living room/wherever you might be working for one to two durations of aforementioned catchy pop song

I’m talking like, dancing like no one is watching (hopefully, no one is), going, just jamming out however you like to this fucking catchy song

seriously, you will feel so much better, not just more energised but also probably happier 

Fanfic: Body Talk, Major Crimes | FanFiction

He knows her body like the back of his hand. A short little Shandy drabble.


Man. I’m still recovering from my first con, but I had such a fun time. I saw o many people and sold a bunch of posters and books!! It was. So good. Wow. Damn. Although now I’m exhausted, and now I have to go to school right away! Wheeeee

I’ll put together a way for people to buy some of my leftover con merch online soon I think. I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to ship things outside of Australia, but I’ll see how I go!


tbh. one of my fav Ops of all time

The only problem with reading Stormlight Archive, is that once you’re done reading Stormlight Archive, all you want is more Stormlight Archive…

Wouldn’t it have been grand if the series finale ended with Stiles wandering around the preserve when he hears a crack of a branch, he spins around and sees Derek Hale standing by a tree, hands stuffed in the pockets of his leather jacket. Except this time Stiles is the one to say, “This is private property.” 

Derek just rolls his eyes and fondly huffs, “You coming? I left the car running.” 

Stiles rucks up the backpack on his shoulder with one hand, duffle bag in the other, gives the place one last look around, small smirk gracing his face as he jogs up next to Derek, slinging his free arm around his waist as they walk towards the car. 

“You really need me to answer that, Sourwolf?”

Derek’s responding low rumble of contentment and Stiles’ laugh are drowned out by the growl of the Camaro driving out of Beacon Hills and into the next chapter of their lives.


How long had it been? –but more importantly why had she ever yielded as she did. Put trust into that man that all but lived up to his name Sinister– and that he certainly was. She was well aware of everything that had been done to her over time. The experiments- the fact that she knew she wasn’t the original version of herself. Just an elaborate clone– brought forth as a means to test how far he’d managed to unlock the secrets to her powers.

It was like holding life in ones hands, wasn’t it? Some people could argue that there would always be away around it. That one could always be immune to a virus- to bacteria… it’s what leukocytes were for, wasn’t it? But what did that matter to someone that could change everything about the contagion. She held the key to a form of forced evolution on a microbial scale– something that could help or hurt people as she so willed it.

Rather how Sinister so willed it– she wasn’t very much in control anymore, was she? No matter his promises, however, she wasn’t deluded. Wasn’t able to be– the very microbes she shaped and toyed with kept her in check and in the know of what was happening. How many times they’d seen her reborn again and again- and, perhaps, there was coming a point that she was ready to let go of who she once was– would never be again.

“The subjects didn’t survive the first round of contagions– their genetics didn’t take my own as hoped. It’s a bit of a mess.” She hated inner turmoil around him, honestly– because she may well have been speaking out loud. “Would you like me to clean the mess and try a different round of tests?” It was a scapegoat, really– she’d had her fill of being around the man. Half wished he wouldn’t had bothered cloning her and had left her in the tube– but at least this way she’d be able to distance herself somewhat.

Not that she wasn’t absolutely positive that wasn’t going to work.

anonymous asked:

hi! i looove your blog. the positivity and content are amazing. i was wondering if you had any reylo fic recommendations with no angst? or resolved angst that isnt too intense is okay as well. reylo stuff for me is partly an escape from bad life situations, and i just got blindsided by character death and turning to the dark side on a fic with no warning tags. i'm wary about diving back into the trash heap and would like to forget about that last fic :( sorry to bother you, have a lovely day!

Hello Anon xx Sorry for how long it took to reply, just got home. It’s not a bother at all. I’m always more than delighted to help a fellow shipper out ^_- 

Here’s some fun and fluffy fics I know of with no angst - or very, very little. xx

The Little Knight

By: ForeverDelighted


BB-8 is not a fan of Kylo Ren, and especially not of the dark knights feelings for Rey. BB-8 vs Kylo Ren!

Rated: G

Link: (X)

Your sweet lips (on my lips)

By: TheJGatsby


All of a sudden Poe’s face lights up and when he looks back down at Rey his grin is wicked. “If I win, you have to kiss Kylo Ren.”
(For the prompt “awkward kiss”)

Rated: G

Link: (X)


By: glyphsbowtie


In which Rey steals Kylo Ren’s cloak by accident… but grows rather attached to it.


Link: (X)

The Down and Outs

By: Rellie and snowfright


Rey Niima– licensed PI, unofficial dog sitter, possibly living in her car –is working the most interesting case of her career, reuniting the two most famous people on the planet with their missing renegade son. It soon becomes apparent though that after his vanishing act fifteen years before, Ben Solo has simply ceased to exist.

In his place Rey finds Kylo Ren– shadowy SnokeCorp flunky, person of dubious morals, highly allergic to dogs –who seems completely unwilling to patch things up with his estranged parents. Rey’s made a promise though, and come what may she’s going to stick to it…

Whether Ren likes it or not.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

The Vampire of Starbucks

By: snowfright


He could, theoretically, be a vampire. If vampires existed. Either way Rey’s rudest and most dismissive Starbucks customer certainly does seem to wear a lot of black. And always appear exactly when she’s been left on her own. She’s pretty sure his name isn’t actually ‘Kylie N.’ or ‘Kai Lauren’ but hey, if she’s spelling it wrong deliberately on his incredibly pretentious order who can blame her?

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Podfic: (X) Voiced by Rellie

If anyone knows anymore fluff please feel free to add them or send me a link and I’ll add them to the list :) xx If you want anymore recommendations feel free to give me a message :3 xx

Hannah as Aurora and Kim as Igniculus??? lolidk.png

I sank in 4 hours into Child of Light so I can start watching their co-op now! 

CoL is what I’m considering this generation’s “Legend of Mana”. Christ my childhood game ;_; They have similar aesthetics, but CoL should be more linear than LoM, considering the estimated length and no mention of story arcs, just different choices?

The game runs really slowly on my laptop but I can still run it! ;v;

also I didn’t know Kim is Malaysian, hi