but i'm determined to get an a in this class

When I was in the first grade
I was a “pleasure to have in class.”
I would sit quietly and do as I was told
I would listen and learn
With a determined intensity of a kid
That would brown nose just enough
To get the grade but never
Enough to stand out from the crowd.

“If they were all like her,
My job would be so easy!”
My teachers would say to my parents.
In a way I was pleased to be pleasing them so,
To be the one that raised the bar and held it above my head.

But I am no longer in the first grade.
I no longer see my deafening silence as a good thing.
I no longer wish to be your
“Pleasure to have in class”
Because I have a voice
And I have things to say
And you should never have made me feel
Like that was a
Bad thing.

I place my stunted ability to speak up
On your shoulders,
Because I never understood that
Saying what I thought
Could be anything less than a burden on you.

But I understand differently, now.
I understand there is a way to 
Release the words that are stuck inside my lungs.
Because I have a voice,
And it’s my pleasure to use it.

—  r.g. | Why I Started Talking Back to Teachers

cyberbeastswordwolfe  asked:

Hello! I just graduated from High School and I'm looking to get a degree in Marine Biology. What sort of Math, Science, History, and English classes do you recommend I take in order to achieve the degree?

Hi there and congratulations! You are in for a great experience!! The classes you’ll take will be determined largely by the school you got to and the programs available, that being said there are certain things you can focus on when choosing classes.

If you are starting at a school that does not have a marine science program you may have to get creative. Always look through the electives, you never know when you’ll find a professor with a niche interest that couldn’t be part of the curriculum and made an elective class just becasue they wanted to.

Math: Marine Biology is not a math heavy field, that being said I had to take math classes up to calculus and a bio statistics class. Stats is going to be important regardless of what type of biology you are in. It is preferable that you take a stats class based in bio, rather than something like business.

History: This one is a little tricky, people have been connected to the oceans since the beginning of recorded history. Ultimately this one is going to boil down to personal preference. I’m personally a fan ancient history and I took a History of Paris class, not becasue it had anything to do with marine bio, but becasue I thought it sounded interesting.

English: Have fun with this one! If you want to look for classes that focus on literature surrounding the oceans and beaches (there are quite a few books out there for that) then do it! But if you want to take something like Shakespearean Lit, or detective fiction, or creative writing do that. Remember that college is not just about pursuing your intended career, but also about broadening your horizons.

Language: I know you didn’t ask about this one but I’m including it anyway. It is never a bad thing to learn another language and it will make you more marketable if you do. However, it’s not necessary, I actually have never been able to learn another spoken language, but I have been able to learn a little bit of American Sign Language and it has helped me from time to time.

Science: Saved this for last! Obviously you want to take as many marine bio, marine, science, and oceanography classes as you possibly can. Anything having to do with marine life (animal and plant) will help you. Some of my classes included intro to marine bio, tropical marine bio, ichthyology, fisheries management, and underwater robotics. However, you are also going to need a strong Biology background. My school had cells & molecules and biodiversity & evolution classes that were required. I also had to take a chem and organic chem classes. As well as the first two levels of physics for life sciences.

Ultimately it boils down to a few things

1) What does your school require you to take in order to get your degree. This is huge and is going to determine most of the classes you have to take, although they usually have a few options/alternatives.

2) What aspects are you more interested in/where do your strengths lie? (fish, inverts, marine mammals, seaweeds, oceanography, etc.)

3) Which classes will give you the knowledge and skills you want/need? I love classes that involve field work because you get to focus on the practical application. It also gives you great resume material (file under “course experience”).

Well I hope this helps you! And don’t forget to have fun! College is what you make of it. I promise you will get out what you put in.

torakoneko  asked:

matt was just taking the class for a language credit (i'm going to pretend it counts as a language credit because it should, i don't think it generally does though) but then he met this timid Deaf boy with long red hair and he finds himself trying much harder in class because it's not about earning a credit anymore :) he says something about that to ben and ben glances at armie and says "i know what you mean"

Matt tries his best but still needs help, but he’s determined. Techie helps him with a lot of it. It’s great, because they get to spend time together and talking counts as “homework”.
Matt ends up getting an B in the class, the highest grade he’s ever gotten.
Techie is so happy for him and they leap for joy and embrace, before getting super shy and embarrassed.

Laurel Lance - Gryffindor

“Dinah Laurel Lance. Always trying to save the world.”

Laurel, in many aspects, is the classic Gryffindor knight: idealistic and passionate, she made it her life’s mission to stand up against the mighty to protect the disadvantaged. She’s brave, defiant, bold to the point of recklessness, tenacious and determined, unwilling to give up an inch in battle (a stubbornness that has a tendency to get her in trouble).

“If we can’t win a class action suit against a man who swindled hundreds of people out of their homes and life savings, then we’re not fit to call ourselves a legal aid office.” - Laurel’s first line in the show.

“You and me against an army? I like these odds.” - Laurel’s second line in the show.

More under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

How do I get a sugardaddy? I'm very new to this whole thing!

Fortunately for you, the SDJ School of Sugaring has rolling admissions and classes start all the time!  

However, before you are admitted, you have to take a short entrance exam!  In other words, you have to ask yourself the following questions, and, you have to do a self-assessment to determine whether you passed or “failed”.

  1. Why do you want to become a sugar baby?  Are you doing it primarily out of immediate financial need?  If so, think twice.

  2. Do you have an idea in your own mind of what it means to be a sugar baby?  If you believe that it is all glitz and glamour, think twice.  

  3. Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for the toll that sugaring may take on your life?  

  4. Are you prepared to have your views about and feelings for men and relationships changed forever?

  5. Are you self-confident and secure enough to put up with the cruel, mean, misogynistic things that men may say about your appearance, your personality and your motivations?

  6. Do you have a good instinct and the ability to avoid dangerous situations or get out of one if you get a bad feeling?

  7. Do you have a good internal “bullshit meter” to be able to spot, avoid and/or dump a guy who is attempting to take advantage of you, fuck you for free, use you, control you and/or manipulate you?

  8. Do you have the ability to tell a man “No” if he attempts to cross a sexual boundary of yours, especially if you are naked and in his bed at the time?

  9. Are you aware that most arrangements involve having sex with your sugar daddy and are you comfortable with your own sexuality?

  10. Are you willing to persevere in the face of irrational or unexplained rejections, lack of replies to messages, having to deal with seemingly endless numbers of salty guys who demand so much of your time and offer nothing in return, flaking POTs, ghosting POTs, stalkers, creepers, weirdos and/or really ugly guys who really have nothing to offer other than potentially some cash?

That’s a tough test, isn’t it?  You don’t need me to tell you all the good things about sugaring, and, believe me, there are a lot of good things!  Rather, you need someone to point out the challenges, difficulties, frustrations and potential dangers that you may encounter so that you walk into this with your eyes wide open. And, trust me, I’m not trying to talk you out of your decision to become a sugar baby, but, obviously, I’m not trying to talk you into it either!

If you believe that you passed this test, then, good for you, Freshman Sugar Baby!  A collection of “course materials” immediately follows!  Good luck and try to have fun!

Sugaring 101

anonymous asked:

I got into Miraculous Ladybug because of you, and now I'm LadyNoir trash. Could you please give some fic recs?

Multi-chaptered fics:

Rainy Days by TheLastPilot
Rating: T
Status: Complete (10/10)
Pairing: Adrinette
Adrien looked over at the shy girl as she laughed and joked through their classes. Why wasn’t she like that with him? Had he done something wrong, did he make her uncomfortable? Did he intimidate her? He wanted to hear her jokes too, he didn’t understand what he had done wrong, but he was determined to fix it. He would get to know Marinette better, maybe then she would be at ease.

Clear Skies by TheLastPilot
Rating: T
Status: Ongoing (1/?)
Pairing: Adrinette
A sequel to Rainy Days. Adrien and Marinette work at getting used to their newfound knowledge of each other, and start to make things official.

check yes juliet by clairlutra (exosolarmoon)
Rating: T
Status: Ongoing (4/6)
Pairing: Adrinette, Ladynoir
He was never meant to hear it.
It was just a wry observation during a particularly smooth battle with an akuma, one she hadn’t even realized she’d voiced until her partner in crime stiffened beside her.
“If only asking out my crush was this easy.”

Heartstrings by taylortot
Rating: T+
Status: Ongoing (4/?)
Pairing: Marichat/Chatnette
one of marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous. thanks to a certain cat, the real danger passes, but there are other things to be more afraid of. her heart, for example, might be one of them.

Honesty by panda013
Rating: T
Status: Complete (3/3)
Pairing: Adrinette
“Well, if I’m wonderful,” he started, a teasing lilt in his voice causing her to look up and give him the ‘kitty don’t you dare’ look he so adored. His grin grew wider and he finished, “then you must be purrty Miraculous, don’t you think?”
His honesty had given them this chance, and she would forever love that earnest part of him.

Boutique by TheJulyCentury
Rating: K++ ?
Status: Ongoing (4/?)
Pairing: Adrinette
In which Marinette opens an online store, Adrien is hormonal, and Alya is bae.

Gently into the Night by Lady_Lombax
Rating: T
Status: Ongoing (6/7)
Pairing: Marichat/Chatnette
Even heroes need a pick me up sometimes. For Chat Noir, a certain Princess is just the remedy.

A Million Kisses and More by miraculouscoccinelle
Rating: T+
Status: Ongoing (7/8)
Pairing: Ladrien 
Marinette couldn’t believe she was in this situation. One could argue it was thanks to Ladybug’s luck, but Marinette hesitated to label “making out with your longtime crush on a regular basis but always disguised as your superhero persona” as exactly lucky.


Standing with an army series by Inkkerfuffle:

Someone like you, Someone like me
Rating: T
Adrien is beggining to connect the dots, however he’s not sure what to do with all this information. Marinette, of course, is completely oblivious.
“He was sure. Well, almost 70% at least. Adrien Agreste had figured out the secret identity of his Ladybug. Not that he’d purposefully set out to do so, but the signs had been there, and they were quite hard to ignore now”

Months Later
Rating: M
Somehow, this whole secret dating thing was working out just fine. It had been a couple of months, and they’d been working on getting to know each other and figuring out just how they worked together. There were some dates, but as far as school was concerned, the game was ‘how many kisses can one sneak upon the other’. And so far, the answer was plenty.
In which there is secret dating, formal events and creepy classmates.

Count on me
After the events of the Formal dance in “months later”, Marinette and Alya share an afternoon.

i wouldn’t mind by clairelutra (exosolarmoon)
Rating: T+
Pairing: Adrinette
Post-reveal cuddles.

mon dieu! by Mooncactus
Rating: K
Pairing: Adrinette
“Kiss me, quick!”
Not the words Marinette expects to hear from Adrien Agreste, especially especially prefaced with
“I’ll make it up to you and explain it all later.“But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

puppeteer by clairelutra (exosolarmoon)
Rating: PURE SIN
Pairing: Marichat/Chatnette
Chat Noir pays his princess a visit.

It's almost end of school
  • me: I'm going to be on top of my class this year. *determined*
  • History: Hello, I'm the King
  • Block B: Girl, I'm your toy, use me while you can
  • Boys Republic: Baby, Get Down
  • NCT: I need you
  • UP10TION: From now on, you just pay attention to me
  • VIXX: It’s too late girl. All mine, her mind
  • BTS: *breathes*
  • me: Well, nevermind then *throws myself at my oppadeul*

ah yes it’s that time of year again

the time when I spend valuable studying time determining the lowest grade I can get to still pass the class

anonymous asked:

I'm homeschooled and I really want to go to community college. I read about SAT's and ACT but 'm shit at math :( do you have to take them? help pls

It depends on the admission requirements of the school. There are plenty of community colleges that don’t require these exams (usually because CCs are a great way to raise those scores before going to a university), but they will almost certainly require a placement exam. You shouldn’t worry about this, though, because it only determines which class will be the best fit for you so you don’t get put in too difficult of a maths class.

giovalocelso-deactivated2017052  asked:

Hey, I'm going to college next year and probably going to study architecture (I'm not sure yet) I've always liked that career, but I'm not so good at maths and I'm scared that that will make everything more difficult for me any advice? Love ur blog

Math is important as a concept and you will use math equivalent to Algebra and Geometry classes in High School on a daily basis but it should not determine how well you will do in architecture school.  If it worries you make sure you study on your own during the summer or get a tutor so you get to school confident about what you know. You can read other responses on this subject matter here.

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Hamlet and the Pirates (1/?)

Summary: In a miraculous feat of Murphy’s Law, Emma ends up paired with Killian Jones for an English project - one of the few people at her school that she really, genuinely Does Not Like. It doesn’t help that Neal’s back in town.

High School AU, slow-build CaptainSwan

 AO3   FFN

When it came down to it, it was all Neal’s fault, really.

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