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notes | Shameless, ridiculous, basically plotless fluff. It was one of those super Monday-ish Mondays and so substance demanded to fall to the wayside :)

title | delirious

“I love you.”

“What?” Caitlin blinks, startled, at where Barry’s half asleep on the med table, looking terribly bewildered by his own outburst. His lashes flutter open and closed in a sluggish rhythm, belying the blood loss he’d experienced only an hour ago, his features still largely ashen, though some color finds its way to his cheeks as his gaze skitters everywhere but to her. “Did you? Um, did I? Uhh…” she stutters out, too tired, too surprised, too thrown to string her thoughts into something more coherent.

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Coincidental Rain

ok so i literally had no inspiration or motivation for drawing these past few days despite finally gaining my free time so i picked up my phone and just started randomly typing out whatever came to mind and TADA I ENDED UP MAKING A 5279 WORD FIC. seriously this was all just impulsive writing and i don’t know what i’m doing i never even wrote an actual fic before but since i spent all this effort making this i thought what the heck i’ll just post it and here we are. please enjoy?

it’s a simple oneshot story about mari meeting adrien again after a long time, with some fluff and stuff.

also on ao3 and ff.net!

>chapter 2

It was such a coincidence yet it wasn’t one at all.  

Golden yellow and reflecting the light from the windows, there he stood with his side swept hair. She stared in awe and shock, tea cup in hand. His eyes, vibrant green and brighter than she’s ever seen it be, blinked and moved. The moment they met hers was as if the world had come to a standstill. She’s never felt so caught, so enchanted. His eyes widened, then softened, his mouth tilting upwards. The smile she’s always seen, the smile she’s etched into memory; to be able see it again just as gentle as it was before, she really doesn’t know how fate works. 

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A very brief moment of insanity..

Because this is an iconic day and one I think the Bellas would be quick to jump on. ;) I apologise in advance. Definitely NOT beta’d because it’s late and I’m delirious and I literally just wrote this on my phone so… sorry?

It’s as Fat Amy is running – yes, actual vertical running – full tilt through the

hallway, rainbow flag clutched around her shoulders like a cape as she

speeds by her, that Beca realises it.

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