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59 - "you're so drunk", pls slip in an accidental feels bursting moment - sugamon

Yoongi trips into the room, catches himself on Namjoon’s dresser, and whispers, “Namjoon?” He waits a beat and when no response in forthcoming, asks cutely, “Joonie?” 

The room is dark and he speaks softly despite his drunkenness. He’s shitfaced, not an asshole. Taehyung’s light is out overhead, so the kid’s actually gotten to bed at a reasonable time. 

Of course, so is Namjoon’s, but that doesn’t stop him. Maybe he’s a bit of an asshole after all. 

Slipping beneath Namjoon’s comforter, Yoongi feels his way for Namjoon’s limbs in the bed. There’s his slender forearm and the curve of his waist. Yoongi slings an arm over him and tucks himself up against his back. 

Namjoon smells good. He’s always smelled good. 

“Mm?” Namjoon inquires sleepily. 

“Just me,” Yoongi says quietly. 

“Cuddly,” he murmurs, sliding his hand over Yoongi’s so he can thread their fingers together. 

“Mm, missed you.” 

Namjoon huffs lightly. “We practically live in each other’s pockets.” 

“Not the same,” Yoongi insists, his tone pouty. 

“You’re so drunk,” Namjoon chuckles as Yoongi rubs his nose into the back of Namjoon’s neck, the short hairs an interesting contrast to the smoothness of his skin. 

“You’re so soft,” Yoongi replies. 

Namjoon laughs. “You’re soft.” 

“I love you.” The admission slips into the air like a breath, natural and easy, as Yoongi falls asleep. 

In the dark and quiet room, Namjoon slides his fingers over Yoongi’s knobby knuckles and whispers, “I love you too.” 



“When I see you, I get angry. But that won’t do. Because when I couldn’t see you, I got even more angry. To the point of going crazy. So, stay by my side.” 

― Jeonha Hyomyeong 


Hello my lovely little peanuts~ How are you all doing? After lots and lots of thinking I decided I’d finally make my first ever follow forever because not only is it ma birthday (yay) but just rescently I hit a number of followers that when I first made this blog, never even imagened I’d have. I want to sincerely thank every single person who follows me here on tumblr. I honestly have the kindest and sweetest followers in the world and I appreciate all the love and support I get from you guys ♥ To the people listed below, whether we talk or not, are mutals or not, I want you to know that your blog is what makes me want to come on tumblr everyday. Thank you for being perfect and posting hot korean men that i can crey over on a daily basis. God bless your souls. Okay, okay that’s enough rambling from me, if you aren’t following these people yet go do it now cause you won’t regret it!


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Ever wonder what happens after Alcor dies? I mean by that time he would be the most powerful entity ever, more than time baby or any god, maybe equal or almost equal to God. By that time he would no longer be demonic neither is he holy he just is. So when he dies what if he is so powerful that like some stars he doesn’t go nova, he turns into a black hole. Instead of scattering himself everywhere and nowhere at once he collapses into himself and while Dipper Pines reenters the reincarnation process everting else is left behind like the woodsman. An entity that has no name no identity, simply darkness given form following after alcor’s footsteps. A piece of darkness that watches over all, that guards the children when they sleep, the guarding dark that keeps the evil in.