but i'm coming up empty

I go to bed Every. Single. Fucking. Night. wondering why having me wasn’t enough for you.

My personal headcanon about the Empty? It’s just another plane of existence parallel to ours. Meaning Cas can see and hear everything happening in the real plane. He just can’t interact :)))

this post was a mistake


Christmas Day 2017 is going to be interesting because everyone will be expecting me to participate in festive family activities but I can guarantee I will just be lying on the floor sobbing about the Wolf 359 finale.

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What kind of music do you listen to?? Favorites, guilty pleasure songs, whatever! I'm hunting new music and coming up empty so far ):

(( OOC: *shrugs* I have a pretty broad range…. like a lot of stuff…. I think the only music genre that I’m avidly against is country. Not a fan. 

Guilty pleasure songs? All of the classic meme songs. I love that shit. 

GUILTY pleasure songs? *grins* 

Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake 

Crazy in Love: Beyonce 

BITE: Troy Sivan 

Hold Me Down: Halsey 

Party Favors: Tinashe 

Talk Dirty To Me: Jason Derulo 

Into You: Ariana Grande 

In The Dark: Dev

Birthday Cake: Rihanna 

Eyes On Fire: Blue Foundation 

… there’s a lot more… but I’ll end here. *shrugs* )) 

someone asked for progress pics of my itabag for josé so i took some today since my bag came in!

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Where exactly does this idea of Sam being arrogant come from?! At least with the accusation of being "selfish" I can pinpoint the scenes in which some people must have either wildly misinterpreted Sam's motivations or took the other character's hurt feelings/perspective (probably Dean's) at face value and concluded selfishness without looking any further but ... arrogant?!! o_O Where?!! No, really ... where does that even come from?! Seriously, actually asking, cause I'm coming up empty here ...

I wish I knew, Anon. This answer comes only from my minimal experience with these sorts of accusations and some guesswork.

  • I’ve seen some people call Sam arrogant because—well, because he’s smart, and because he’s not a wilting flower. If he thinks someone is wrong or their actions are harmful to others, he’ll speak out. On occasion, when Dean uses incorrect language or does something questionable, Sam will correct him with the accepted term or offer the patented Sam Winchester eye roll. This is not arrogance, but some people interpret it as such.
  • Some people call Sam arrogant because, while he loves his brother more than life itself and shows it all the time in countless ways, he does not do what some portions of fandom think he should and offer up effusive praise of Dean. Some people have a view of Dean that is informed by widely-accepted (and unsupported) fanon rather than by canon. They feel that Sam owes Dean some sort of reverence and frankly impossible 24/7 support. 
  • A fair number have also bought into many of the wild fanon assumptions specifically about Dean’s life and upbringing which just aren’t supported by actual canon. Just to offer a few examples… there are certain portions of SPN fandom who believe…
    •  that Dean starved for Sam (not at all supported by canon; the opposite is actually true and the evidence they use to back up their claims is cherry-picked at best), 
    • that Dean was abused physically by John while Sam was not and/or had a terrible childhood while Sam’s was privileged (not at all the case, and here’s some more on that topic–and some more)
    • That Sam has never shown gratefulness or love or care for his brother’s wellbeing (not so, and these are only a few of many examples, not even including the time he doomed himself to suffering and eventual, inevitable death by taking back his Hell memories just so he could wake up and be there for Dean)
    • and that Sam’s introversion and ineptitude with emotional expression means he doesn’t love Dean as much as Dean loves him (I can’t think of any meta right off the bat, but I think it’s pretty solid fact that a number of people who find Sam arrogant or selfish simply don’t register the emotional responses that are so apparent to me and many other viewers as genuine care. Even when he is in extraordinary mental or physical pain, Sam tends to think things out and express himself clearly, no matter how much turmoil he’s experiencing. Many people expect violent and destructive emotional outbursts–the kind Dean displays when he simply can’t hold himself together anymore–and they reason that since Sam’s expression of emotion is more subdued, his experience of those emotions is also either subdued or absent. As someone who expresses emotion much like Sam does, I can 100% guarantee you that is not the case, and it’s alarming to me that people assume so.)
    • Thanks to these assumptions, which many of them accept as fact, some viewers see Sam’s lack of effusive praise and gratefulness as arrogance and lack of feeling. It’s absolutely untrue, but it’s the only conclusion one can safely arrive at if one accepts the above assumptions as fact.
  • Finally, I suppose that some people assume Sam is arrogant because acknowledging that he isn’t infringes upon their interpretation of the show and its characters. I’m not saying this is common, and I’m not pointing my fingers at anyone, but there are some viewers who, (likely thanks to the culture on Tumblr and similar sites), need to believe their fav is flawless in order to justify liking him. If Dean is flawless, then Sam must be flawed. If Dean is selfless, then Sam must be selfish. If Dean is humble, Sam must be arrogant. If Dean is empathetic, then Sam must be apathetic (or even, memorably, a sociopath who performs but doesn’t feel emotion and uses Dean to get what he wants -__-). Dean, however, is a complex, deeply flawed character who has survived in a world where morality is muddled and survival demands sacrifice. In order to assume that Dean is flawless and solely a victim (but never an aggressor), such viewers have to jump through a number of hoops and radically reinterpret canon. Those interpretations often, if not always, cast Sam as a villain or arrogant, ungrateful child in contrast to Dean’s white knight. It is an unfair and inaccurate interpretation, but there ya go.

Understanding that my favorite character is flawed and broken and in need of help makes my viewing of the show more nuanced, but one thing I can’t even entertain is the idea that Sam is arrogant. He simply isn’t, and I have never seen any evidence to the contrary, especially since most of the “evidence” people offer is of times when Sam was literally high on some form of drug or mad with grief. 

this is your friendly reminder that my blog isn’t just about steven universe, my blog is a multifandom blog, as well as a place where i can post about anything that interests me, and that includes typically “cringey” interests that i have, like undertale, MLP, and sonic the hedgehog

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got any mirror of erised fics for this drarry trash?

I have some :)

Late Bloomers by thistle_verse (13k)
Harry always thought he had a pretty satisfying array of sexual fantasies, until he stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised again and sees himself getting banged senseless by Draco Malfoy. Now he can’t stop thinking about it, and that summer almost twenty years ago when he’d come to know Malfoy very well indeed.

Mirror, Mirror by @themalfoymanner​ (0.8k)

Your Heart’s Desire by Naadi (fic+art, 50 pages and 0.5k)
When Draco looks into the Mirror of Erised, he’s not quite sure what he’s supposed to believe. He finds it again after many years and with Harry’s help, finally understands. Fluff and animated story telling format.

Mirror, Mirror by Furorscribiendi (5k)
Draco’s Head Boy and doing hallway duty at night when he finds a certain someone in a room with a certain mirror. Funny how some things have a way plaguing you.

Sometimes the Mirror of Erised Does Foretell the Future by khasael (13k)
It’s seventh year, and Draco has just found out he’s part Veela. Not only does he have to fend off the entire population of Hogwarts and find his mate, but he discovers he also wants someone to fall in love with him, not just his Veela allure.

Not Your Face by khasael (26k)
After an unusual late-night encounter with the Mirror of Erised, Harry finds himself with the unexpected (and rather unwanted) ability to see aspects of everyone else’s deepest desires. Harry really wishes things like this didn’t happen to him.

Vera Verto by @shewhomustnotbenamed (282k)
Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, and it is quite adventurous; He gets in a relationship with his worst enemy, only to find out he is in cahoots with a previously known death eater. Harry tracks him down, leading to a domino effect of complicated situations.
Many things happen in this story. Harry goes back to the Dursley’s to get closure, Draco goes to the Burrow, The Weasley’s go to the Manor, Harry shows Draco the mirror of Erised, Draco wearing Harry’s Weasley sweater (a lot!), Harry tracks down the resurrection stone, Harry and Draco become godparents to someone other than Teddy, Andromeda and Narcissa make up, and there are a few near death experiences. This is full of Harry and Draco’s romance, but there is so, so much more. 

Fic Tennis - Sixteenth Match (Part 2)

Here Jamie and I are, doing what we do best – writing so many words about the Doctor and Rose, we have to break it up into another post. Part 1 of the ongoing match, in case you need to catch up. Savior “fic tennis” to avoid further angst: 

“No,” Rose says, definitively – she’s been thinking about this quite a bit, all the way in to the office this morning. “The Doctor will wander back when he’s done doing – whatever it is he’s doing. We’ve got Vupitox and UNIT to manage. Colonel Ford is going to be on-site before noon. Let’s get all our ducks – well, all our Vupitox larvae – in a row.”

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