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Thirty Questions Tag

I was tagged by the ever so lovely @taekookw​ 💖💖

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1. How tall are you?
–I think 5′3? lol i’m not quite sure

2. What color and style is your hair?
–Color is currently dyed brown. I have long hair but right now it’s very messy and put up in a clip

3. What color are your eyes?
–A lovely brown! :]

4. Do you wear glasses?
–Yes, since 4th grade >.<

5. Do you wear braces?
–Nope but i want invisalign

6. What is your fashion style?
–Everywhere, lol. Depends honestly, i can dress up or down depending on my mood.

7. Any freckles, moles, or beauty marks?
–Beauty marks but not on my face lol

8. When were you born?

9. How old are you?

10. Where you live?

11. Do you have siblings?
–Yes, i’m the baby of the family.

12. Do you go to school?
–Nope. I graduated from my university last June. Grad school is always an option though

13. What kind of student are you?
–An attentive and hardworking one

14. What are your favorite TV shows?
–I can’t think of any right now lol

15. Favorite passtime?
–Being with my immediate family and ABC (bests)

16. What is your dream job?
–A job where i don’t dread coming into work everyday aka still unknown

17. Would you like to get married on day, if so then where?
–Maybe. Not a solid answer right now.

18. Would you like kids one day?

19. Girly girl or tomboy?

20. Do you like shopping?

21. What countries have you visited so far?
–Philippines and Canada

22. What is the scariest nightmare you have had?
–I don’t remember, which is probably a good thing

23. Do you have enemies?
–Don’t think so

24. Do you have a s/o?
–I don’t know what this is lmfao

25. If not, do you want one?
–I’m lost lol

26. Are you open about your feelings?

27. What’s your famiy like?

28. Any pet peeves?
–The sound of chalk against a black board

29. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?

30. Do you believe in astrology?

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