but i'm bored so don't judge me

BTS doing 'my boyfriend does my makeup' tag
  • Jin: jagi.. You can't just rely on makeup products.. You need morning cream and night cream too.. See this skin? You think it happened in one night?
  • Yoongi: whyyy.. Let me sleep..
  • Namjoon: ... And i thought i was smart. I can't even name one thing.. Wait! I know this one! *break pencil eye liner*
  • Hoseok: ooh this is so funn! Can i try them on, jagi? Can i can i can i pleeeeasseee??
  • Jimin: jagi.. You don't need makeup. You're naturally beautiful.. *flirty face*
  • Tae: uwoohh what is this for? What about this one? This looks funny. Jagi what is this for?! Removing eyes?! *holding eyelash curler*
  • Jungkook: omo! Where did you get this lotion? And this perfume? I couldn't find them anywhere! *stealing them away for his collection*