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Strangeness & Charm (24/24)

Killian Jones is a pirate captain down on his luck after a falling out with the Evil Queen. Emma Swan just found out she is the Savior. Their shared goals bring them on an epic quest to liberate the kingdom once and for all. It’s a lot easier said than done.

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“So, let me get this straight,” Emma starts, still trying to digest all the information that was just thrown at her. Killian’s hand is still a steady weight in hers. They’re still standing in the dungeons. “You managed to convince a hoard of Regina’s knights to turn over to our side?”

“Well, it was more of a -”

“Convincing them not to kill us,” David finishes Killian’s sentence with a self-aware shrug. “It’s going to be a mess to figure out, but it beat them getting down in the dungeons and distracting you and Merlin from Regina.”

“Or killing us,” Guinevere adds helpfully. “That would have been much worse. Killian might have saved all of our lives.”

Emma can only gape, trying to picture the scene and failing. Killian has always been good with speeches - the night he told her he loved her is still burned into her mind, it’s as much of a steady source of strength as he promised to be - but the fact that he miraculously managed to prevent dozens of guards from going at his throat with the sheer power of his accent and her parents’ input is a little much to swallow. She turns her head to look at Killian, but his eyes are on his shoes and the tips of his ears are a familiar shade of embarrassed red.

The story is still strange.

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one direction is so much more than a band to me - it’s long distance friendships and excited text messages, shared interests and deeply personal talks, it helped me gain a sense of self and allowed me an escape when things become tough and i’m so so grateful that they were formed 6 years ago !!!

the end stream got me an emotional wreck but

vinny, joel, limes, jen, ima, gpm, fred, rev, dire, ky, darren, hootey - everyone at vinesauce

you are all incredible; actually more than incredible, you guys are on a completely different realm. this year was my first charity stream and it was fucking insane seeing how much money you guys raised for PCRF, especially how in the last few minutes the total just shot up to smash the goal.

every stream was incredible (not a surprise but) from limes dying 1000 times on the lion king to hootey’s incredibly emotional that dragon, cancer play through, to ima’s jet set radio repaint, you took me on such an emotional roller coaster and it made me realize how amazing this community is and how much of a family you all are and it makes me so so happy that, in this day and age, there’s still people out there who are doing what you guys do for the right reasons. you never give the impression that the fan base comes second, you never make it seem like it’s a “"job”“ to stream, you guys are what every gaming community - no - community period should aspire to be like.

thank you. from the bottom of my heart ( and i’m sure hundreds of others) thank you for everything that you do. thank you for the laughs, the tears, the cringes. thank you for pulling me out of the dark when i needed it the most.

thank you ❤️


Honestly Steven Universe has inspired me so much. I’ve always loved cartoons- even now. Before I watched Steven Universe, I used to be really hard on myself for watching cartoons. Like, I’m an adult. I should be watching Adult Shows™ with Adult Humor™.

But when I first started watching Steven Universe it hit me

There’s only one thing I love on this Earth more than cartoons, and that’s writing. I’ve been trying to shove my hugely vivid plots into books, when what I really want to be doing is making cartoons.

It wasn’t until I watched Steven Universe that I finally said to myself this is what I want to do. I want to make a cartoon that can impact someone as much as this show has impacted me.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say, is thank you Steven Universe. Thank you Rebecca Sugar. Thank you crewniverse. 

I’m starting to work on something that’s really going to knock your socks off, so be ready for me!

Honestly, I think what gets me about Sormik is like… Mikleo would rip himself apart for Sorey to be happy, everything he does is for Sorey’s sake, he wants them to achieve their dream, but he’s willing leave Elysia, or to give Sorey up if it means he has a human companion, or he’s willing to take on the Shepherd’s burden to help Sorey, and on and on…

and it’s never enough. Sorey’s the one who leaves Elysia, who takes on the burden, who has to fall asleep and leave Mikleo behind. Mikleo would do everything for Sorey’s sake, and it’s just never enough to keep him happy and out of harm’s way. And it kills me.

I keep picturing Link as this super sassy and short-tempered little kid. Like, growing up on the streets and being constantly looked down upon by higher-class folks, he hones his tongue like a knife because angry people are stupid people, and stupid people are easy to take advantage of when they aren’t feeling particularly charitable.

Little Link sassing the hell out of Malcolm the first time he meets him because all he sees is another rich guy with a superiority complex, only to find that Malcolm’s not fazed at all by it.

Malcolm taking this fiery kid and making him his pet project, because underneath the snarky comments and quick temper lies a lot of potential, loyalty, and determination.

Link having to learn how to compartmentalize his emotions in order to get the job done, because getting frustrated means making mistakes, and mistakes can get not only him killed, but his friends too.

Link slowly becoming unrecognizable to his friends as his snappy comebacks get buried underneath a mask of formality and his temper is muted by his devotion and need to please.

But the longer he’s away from Malcolm and Central, the more that mask starts to crack and the more that former Link starts to come out and flourish again.

Link remembering what it’s like to be himself as he gains more control over his life again.

Howard Link y’all.

imagine a teenage girl who’s a little lost in her life. a girl who’s a little bit scared, a little bit sad, a little bit self-destructive. she feels overwhelmed - by life, by her thoughts, by the people around her. she wants to go. but she doesn’t tell anyone, and that makes her feel lonely. and imagine that she finds a band. and the lyrics that have in them everything she wants to say but hasn’t found the words to. in those lyrics, in the beat and the rhythm, she finds the solace she never knew before.

and maybe, just maybe, that band makes her feel a little less alone, in a way that her friends, as caring as they are, never could.

the lyrics tell her to stay alive, to see what the life has to give her, to know that she will make it.

thank you twenty one pilots. from that girl.

I gotta get something off my chest even though it’s probably completely superfluous and it’s been said before and I just wasn’t here to see it cause I’m still a newbie.

Putting it under a cut cause it got a bit wordy…but it’s basically about people feeling stressed out about their blogs…(also completely my personal opinion)

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I honestly don’t think I ever have or ever will stan someone as hard as I stan Jennifer Morrison. 

She’s is so inspirational. She is amazing, caring, passionate, thoughtful, driven, strong, intelligent, talented and classy. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses. And she doesn’t try to be anything other than who she is. She’s genuine and stays true to herself. 

I admire her for her personality and her work ethic, the way she puts her heart and soul into everything and constantly strives to be better, and the way she treats others. 

I’m so glad I have her to look up to as a role model. And I can’t imagine how someone could think of her as anything other than an excellent woman.

Honestly I think FO4′s OST (not including the radio songs) is really underappreciated. I love it so much. It’s so good.

You know how the younger generation that freaked out and cried because they realized what Brexit means? Well, that’s what I feel like watching Bernie Sanders robbed by the DNC, and I’m pretty emotional tonight because this is so hard when you campaign and call in. When you see the system is rigged, and you see the leaks, and you see the crazy propaganda unfold in front of your eyes. And it hurts because I’m probably gonna vote for a war mongering woman because we have an utter monster as the other option. Anyways, we’ve got to work to overturn Citizens United in the future to prevent this from happening again. That’s my lil political rant of the week *shrug emoji*