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“Baby, I can’t thank you enough for loving me when I seem unloveable. You are always by my side no matter how hard life gets or how difficult I can be.. but nothing could ever say, "I love you,” more than the way you are always by my side. I could apologize a million times and to me it wouldn’t mean a damn thing cause it will always happen again.. and that fills me with great sadness. All I can really do is show you just how amazing you really are to me on my good days and hope that you will understand that, that’s how I truly feel inside.. I hope with all my heart that you will also always understand that I am not a sum of my bad days cause there are far more good than bad and that’s because of you.. and one day I don’t drive you away cause baby, they’d all be bad without you. I truly love you with every breath I take, with every fiber of my being, and every electron in my soul.. there is nothing worse than how I feel after days like that but there’s also nothing in this world that compares to how you love me.. and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. Bad days are just that.. a day.. but my love for you is an eternity. I appreciate you so much.. you have no idea. Beautifully yours for all of creation.. me..“

From my wounded soul to your wounded heart - Thank you for being there when I need you and standing by my side and loving me baby - Eue

| ZEVRAN + INDESS | Dragon Age: Origins |

“You’re so much stronger than you know.”


the happiest boy when surrounded by dogs ♡

so I accidentally adopted a bat I guess?

This tiny little bat army crawled under my door and into my room. After researching for hours, i came to the conclusion that no bat sanctuaries, or any animal rescue places that will handle bats, are anywhere close enough to where I live. And since he’s not orphaned, and his mom [and siblings] are still very much in my attic, i decided to just deliver him back to his mom for the time being.

That was last night, and he has made his way back to my room two more times since then.

So I laid out a towel with a damp patch of honey and water, so he doesn’t dehydrate while he’s here, and I’m honestly just letting him chill in my room.

He crawled up to my bed to hang off the ledge of it earlier, and now he’s back on the towel drinking some honey-water.

he’s very smol

how he managed to crawl from the attic to my room three times is beyond me.

pledis has lots of negative sides, but allowing their artists to date isn’t the only right thing they did. first, they take health issues seriously. in aju nice era, wonwoo got enough time to rest and recuperate. when vernon was injured, they chose not to let him perform with the rest of svt in kcon japan. recently, they also chose to let hoshi rest than participate in kcon l.a. and when produce 101 was over, the nu’est members (jr, baekho, and ren) were given enough time to rest. last but definitely not the least, they don’t force their artists into strict diet.


Here we have it - the Ego Collection! I discovered I actually started working on it on the 3rd of July by some crazy coincidence. But nearly a whole month later and I finally have drawn all of Jack’s egos.

I just want to say a ramble-y thank you. This entire self-imposed project has been awesome in general, despite the struggles of art. A bunch of people have said such nice things, which I am very grateful for, and the kind people are one the reasons I’m so glad I found this community. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again I have had an absolute blast with Septicart week. It’s amazing to see all this incredible art, edits and writing, even music, come out of this community, as well as the supportive people liking, reblogging, commenting and just encouraging others. You guys make me super happy and want to keep creating cool stuff!

Also, thanks to Sean for not only spreading a positive influence but also interacting with us. You help keep the place a nice, fun environment and doing awesome stuff, like with the egos and setting the community on fire, makes it even better! Huge kudos to Robin for your incredible editing. I know you work hard, especially with the Anti stuff, and I don’t know where the channel would be without you. And a nod to the lovely lady behind the scenes, Signe, a wonderful creator in her own right. Plus, thanks to anyone who helps to make this community such a great place. Love ya :D

@therealjacksepticeye @pixlpit​​ @wiishu