but i'm allergic to it

((today’s random dream log; i dreamt that hoshi set up a date for me and wonwoo by separately telling us that the other person asked us on a date so we showed up at this japanese restaurant, only to find out that hoshi was the one who set up everything))

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  • Jumin: Is this seat empty?
  • Zen: Ya, and this one will be too if you sit down.

Dear fanon Percabeth: Can you please stop using tropes like Percy not having control impulse and basically relying on Annabeth to take care of him? or Annabeth being really fucking mean to Percy and having no respect for his intellect and basically shutting him out?

Because all of this very shitty and blatantly false when it comes to these two.

Thank you for your time and reading.

I got a piece of turkey bacon (i can’t eat pork before some smart ass comes at me about it not being “real” bacon, I have an allergy to red meat, trust me no one is more pissed off about this than me) into the extraction point in my mouth and my entire world has focused down into a singular point of agony.

@ god: why? I just wanted to eat something that wasn’t exclusively oatmeal or bone broth ;_;

I know everyone is like “Chairman Meow!” right now but don’t expect it to be a long-term thing. Harry is allergic to cats so I think it’s just an extra thing put in there for book fans. Besides the Alternate Universe in the TV show Magnus doesn’t own a cat. So don’t expect to see him popping up all the time.

I had a dream last night that jason todd had to kidnap me as part of one of his Morally Ambiguous Schemes™ but he was like…. really, really awkward about it and like kept apologizing for the inconvenience and asking if I was comfortable and if he could get me anything and honestly that’s the most “jason todd” thing I’ve ever heard of 


when you’re allergic to feathers but you gotta go beat up your father

Matt: Honestly, my curious friend, I wasn’t into collecting anything at first.

Matt: However! Tom won me this cutie at an arcade!

Matt: It’s so cute!! Ever since then, I started collecting more novelty toys and other items I liked!

Tom: Wow, haven’t seen you this excited since you’ve built that fort with them.

Matt: Admit it! You totally missed that amazing castle of mine!

Tom: Maybe I would if you didn’t hide in it whenever it was your turn to clean the dishes.

i wish people who keep calling archie fuckboy and that he only cares for himself and that jughead has no one (just sometimes betty) and needs protection (which is true) but like…. i wish you all see those three amazing relationship. i’m not b/ughead fan, not even by long shot but their friendship is amazing but so is jarchies and barchies.

betty and jughead stepped in when archie had the grundy problem, that is true but you are also forgetting that they kept archie out of the loop most of the time about the polly/jason case.  he would have helped. he even offered but they wanted for him to have his moment on stage.

the moment that is over he is trying his hardest to help jughead and be there for betty. like i don’t know what you want from that boy? also narativelly he can hardly be with them all the time if they’re developing romantic relationship

Am I the type of person who would name their kids after characters in my favorite fandom? Probably not.

Am I the type of person who would name their pets after characters in my favorite fandom?

Meet my dogs: Moony, Padfoot, and Snuffles– and my Cats: Minnie and Bella(trix}