but i'm afraid that i'll end up balling my eyes out

Hybrid Pandemic; Chapter Four

Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunters

Rating: Teen for profanity and body horror.

Pairing(s): Griff(Geoff/Griffon), Juggey(Michael/Lindsay), mostly just them, but all real-life pairings. 


In a strange turn of events the worlds population has been turning into half-human, half-animal hybrids. Leaving everyone in a state of unnerve at the seemingly harmless pandemic. 

A/N: Wow, once I started it actually came pretty easy, now you all get a chapter! Yay! And it’s Ray~

Word Count: 1022

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Ray turned again in his bed, not able to get comfortable with his pounding head. He picked up his clock for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, and sighed loudly. 

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