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sing with me a song

of birthrights and love || of conquest and fate


Scorbus is cute af, Rose is single and bitter
(Cursed Child what? Never heard of it)

Join me”, she said. 

“M-my Lady?” Chat Noir hesitated. “But… but you’re an akuma?” 

“We’ll run this city together. It’ll be our Paris.” 

“Together? Like w-what?” 

Ladybug tilted forward and pressed her lips to his. The feeling was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. She kissed him like she was hungry, like she wanted to take it all from him. He couldn’t describe it better than miraculous

Ladybug broke apart. “Like that.” She grinned. “So, are you with me?” 

Chat Noir already knew the answer. He had to say no. This wasn’t right. But all he could hear coming from his own lips was a quiet, barely whispered “Yes.” 


Art time!

Jeez these took longer than I hoped, but hey, in the midst of exams, it was a good de-stressor!

I managed to draw some AU Sans’! (Not Scout, surprisingly enough) which I will (eventually) digitally redraw. These were a lot of fun, I gotta do this more often.

Sylphy and Underfaerie belongs to @underfaerie

Horror tale!Sans and Horrortale (this version) belongs to @sour-apple-studios

Cross!Sans and Underverse belongs to @underversesans

Underfell!Sans sort of doesn’t belong to anybody(??)

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

Gus belongs to @hurgusbrogus

Don belongs to @donkinbronut (But Gus did the art for both of them :D)

Fresh!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

Nextale! Sans belongs to @nextale 

Underswap!Sans is in the same boat as Fell

Lavender!Sans and Naturetale belongs to @lavender-sans

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

Geno!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies (I’m sorry for all the tags I should have had them all on the one page >.<)

I plan on drawing more, eventually, but this was super fun! I hope you guys like them (sorry for their roughness/unerased lines)

while the earth spins

Summary: In this universe, boys he liked couldn’t like him back. They were straight, they had girlfriends, and reading more into it only led to disaster. He wanted to be with them. He wanted to be them.

Pairing: Even/Isak

Words: 3,010

“You’re my best friend, you know?” Jonas said. He was always more relaxed when they were high, and Isak wasn’t sure what to do with this freer, looser Jonas. Jonas flung his hand through his curly hair and threw his head back, dangerously close to landing on Isak’s shoulder. The space between them buzzed with possibility. “Shit, bro, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Isak almost laughed. Jonas had no fucking idea.


In which Satya dotes on her scraggly boyfriend before sending him back to his own bed. Written for Junkmetra / Symmrat week, day one: "Firsts."
By Organization for Transformative Works

A faint degree of recognition crosses his countenance as he studies her, and as he fights off a particularly staggering yawn, Jamison sprawls out across the bed and reaches out for her with his metal hand.

“Is it time yet?” he asks, beckoning to her with a wave.

“No, not just yet. But it will be very soon.” She laces her fingers through his. Crude as his prosthesis may be, she finds a certain charm in its rudimentary design, and she finds that it retains body heat very well. “I would advise you not to get too comfortable.”

“Too late. Already comfortable. Looks like you’ll have to haul me out.” Jamison winks and gives her hand a light squeeze. “C’mon, love. S’too cold out there. Least let me warm up a little longer before sneaking back.”


Every Sterek moment ever — {72/∞}

↳ 4x12 “Smoke and Mirrors

[all sterek moments in chronological order]

Something I did
That failed to be charming
Things that I said are
Suddenly swarming
And, oh, I’m losing sight, I’m losing touch
All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse me
That I might lose me

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how about some sort of truth serum or truth alchemy AU with royai? But fluffy and sweet because they are nerds

Yes, good, YES.

“C’mon, Colonel,” Havoc pressed. “You can’t just tell us that you had a date and then leave it at ‘we had dinner and took a nighttime stroll.’ We need details.”

“I told you already, Lieutenant Havoc,” Roy grumbled as he finished up the sentence was working on for their latest mission’s report. Ignoring his subordinate’s groan, he stole a glance toward Riza to see that she was working as diligently as ever, as though nothing had happened. He frowned, once again reconstructing the transmutation circle she had stumbled upon in his mind’s eye. Its runes suggested something to do with the mind and mouth, interestingly, but as far as they could both tell nothing had happened. She had reassured him over and over that if she felt differently, he would be the first to know.

“How about you, Hawkeye?” Snapping out of his daze, Roy found that Havoc had turned his attention toward Riza. “You know the chief better than anyone. Who’s this mystery girl he’s been dating?”

Riza sighed and shook her head. “Me,” she answered casually. “And you’re correct. After our midnight walk we spent the night in bed–” Her head shot up and a blush blossomed across her face the moment those words left her lips.

Feeling his own face begin to burn as Havoc gaped at her, Roy suddenly understood what that circle had been for.