but i'm actually just looking at the teacher

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Aa I don't know if ur taking asks but !! How about Bakugou with falling for someone who is a Soft and Delicate flower personality wise (shy insecure yet tender), but are actually a force to be reckoned with in combat due to her strength? This blog looks so promising !! I'm looking forward to sending more stuff in and reading other hcs !! 💕✨Ganbare !! U can do it !! 💕 thank u !!

  • At first, everyone is concerned for you, just because they’re worried that Bakugou pressured or bullied into a relationship. Bakugou doesn’t take their concerns well and flips out, screaming at anyone who comes too close. Except you.
  • Even the teachers keep an eye on the two of you; with Bakugou’s explosive personality and your meek and demure one, it seems to everyone like something isn’t quite kosher.
  • That is, until they see you in a real fight. Admittedly, the teachers (or some of them, at least) were able to see your entrance exam video so they can get a feeling of what you can do. But your classmates are totally shocked to see you in action, demolishing things left and right and just generally using your super strength to destroy anything that stands against you
  • From then on, people (who tend to be mostly Kirishima and Kaminari) love to tease Bakugou incessantly about you “wearing the pants in the relationship”. That ends up riling him up more, and it usually takes either Aizawa or All Might to separate Bakugou from his target.

hi here i am trying to design anther human kermit – one that actually looks like an older man and not based on the fact that he’s supposedly 30 in frog years

the vibe i was going for was “old acting teacher” meets “that guy your dad works with that takes his job super seriously and shows up five hours early” with a little joel grey and gene wilder thrown in

his pupils probably don’t actually look like that, i just put them there so he’s instantly recognizable

when i have time again i’m gonna design a human rowlf so they can make out

so we got a new german teacher today and at the end of the lecture she talked to my friend and i and apologised for not being “an attractive male teacher” (which she really didn’t have to apologise for!!!) but she’s actually so cute and we bonded over how good-looking my previous teacher was and how she used to be just like us learning languages. needless to say, i love her already.

MBTI Types as things that have actually happened in my maths class this year
  • INTJ: This one time, my friend was asking the teacher if he wore his wedding wrong on the wrong finger because his wife isn't actually real.
  • INTP: One kid (egged on by the rest of the class) tried to lock him out of the classroom when he left, but he had keys.
  • ENTJ: I definitely bothered the teacher for a very long time about some pre-tests we did in January and still haven't got back yet.
  • ENTP: It was suggested that the teacher's haircut was inspired by an egg.
  • INFJ: "Sir, can we have a picture of your childhood?" (it was pointed out that one single picture of his whole childhood would be very blurry)
  • INFP: Someone actually made up this whole headphones brand called "Beats By Dr (insert teacher's surname here)" and made this whole photoshopped logo with his face on it.
  • ENFJ: My friend recorded a few maths sessions and there's this one where you can hear some muffled voice telling her off, and then you can just clearly hear her saying. "I'm not rude! I'm perfect!"
  • ENFP: This kid actually says to the teacher "sir, can we have a sleepover?"
  • ISTJ: We all barricaded the classroom (with chairs) so the teacher couldn't come in.
  • ISFJ: I spend whole sessions on end with my hand raised. Sometimes this is because the teacher is dealing with problematic students, but other times, he was just looking out of the window.
  • ESTJ: One kid literally googled the teacher, found his phone number and then called it.
  • ESFJ: One kid was aggressively threatening to make the teacher a cake on his birthday.
  • ISTP: The teacher ripped up some ten dollar note found on the floor. One kid claimed it was his and he was going to sue him.
  • ISFP: One of my classmates photoshopped our science teacher's face into our vice principal's head during class. Because that's what you do during maths class.
  • ESTP: "Can you show us your PhD Thesis again? No, I don't actually care, I just don't want to do maths."
  • ESFP: Everyone has this obsession with 'roasting' everyone else. There is supposed to be a whole session dedicated to roasting at the end of this term.

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Hello I'm a big fan of shingeki no kyojin and i finally caught your ask box open (Im sorry but Im gonna ask you tons of questions) can you give Some cool or cute facts about eren,mikasa,Armin, and levi also is it true that mikasa mom was pregnet before she died?

Eren: Eren is actually very eager to do good in the lessons, he might sometimes have problems concentrating, but every teacher acknowlaged his trying and energy

Mikasa: She is very selfcontious about her body. She would like to look more girly

Armin: Armin finds Hanjis nose very pretty. One time he just watched Hanjis face for minutes, until realizing that might come of as creepy

Levi: He doesn’t really like to be called Heichou. Levi is just fine to him, but everyone has high respect for him so he just goes with it

In the Novel it is Canon, but it depends on how you think of it. If you view every spin off as Canon when she was, if not, it’s just a story

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Hey mom I'm starting high school tomorrow. Do you have any advice as far as being a freshman goes? -keke

  • People will judge you for being a freshman, that’s just how it is, ignore and move on because once you go up a grade or two you’re gonna do the same damn thing and then wonder how the fuck these little kids got in when they look like they should still be in grade school.
  • Some teachers will give a fuck, others won’t (I got the good teachers that actually cared so ye)
  • You will probably make a junior/senior friend that will see you as their baby (Believe me, I found out my friend was a freshman and instantly adopted them. You freshman are always readily adoptable like I don’t understand it you just are.)
  • Make sure to do you’re homework and you’re golden.
  • Get A’s and B’s the first three quarters that way if there’s a big ass project on the fourth quarter that you can’t/don’t wanna do you can completely fail that shit and still pass the class (Ask me how I know lmao)
  • Be an average suck up to the teacher, be an angel, that way they can excuse you for more shit. (My art teacher loved me so she’d let me stay in her class sometimes and completely miss my 3rd block bless her heart♥)
  • You don’t ever go to the school bathroom unless it’s an emergency…EVER
the signs as stuff that happened in my english class this week
  • aries: two kids got in a fight over pokemon. POKEMON.
  • taurus: the teacher fell asleep??????????
  • gemini: we locked the annoying kid outside (the teacher was in on it too)
  • cancer: that one nice kid who's just so nice. the world is so hard on him but he's still so nice. shoutout to u kid
  • leo: the teacher stopped showing up to class because she didn't want to go to class
  • virgo: the smart kid ran over my best friend with her rolling backpack on purpose lmaoooooooo
  • libra: *pretty person looks around classroom* am i seriously the only pretty one here???
  • scorpio: an anonymous student has stolen over twenty of the same books that belong to the school?? for fun????
  • sagittarius: the kids in the back tried to summon a demon
  • capricorn: there's at least seven kids in there that i've never heard talk. EVER.
  • aquarius: discussed the probability of everyone in A Midsummer Night's Dream being high (i'm beginning to wonder if my teacher actually plans her lessons or just wings it. or if she even has a degree????)

My old uni teachers: publishing houses don’t actually put out job offers for illstrators, nobody does, you have to go to them instead and count on them having something that needs to be done. They usually do need it, they just don’t go looking themselves most of the time.
Me, in the middle of a depressed self loathing episode and stuck in ten different job search sites: but why are there no jobs??????

Everyone in my school pretty much dislikes me, no one wants to be my friend, I’m starting to think even the teachers don’t like me much, and I can’t figure out what it is that I’ve done. I feel so excluded from everything and everyone, but why would I want to be friends with them if they dislike me for no reason?

Taeyong Trying (and Failing) to be Cool
  • <p> <b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *trips*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *Sees a playground or field* "Nope nope no thanks nope"<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *trips again and drops his hat*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *is internally screaming/sobbing/jumping around/scared/nervous/excited/asdfghjkl*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *Feeds/cleans after/nags members*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *Tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *hides his face because he is embarrassed 25/7 of the time*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> "Hi my name is Taeyong I like to dance and fabreeze and I don't like aegyo but I like manga and tHIS IS TAEYONG'S LIVE SHOW WE ARE HEADING TO AN INTERVIEW you know I was gonna sit in front of a camera but I let the others sit did you know that I actually created the universe cool story bECAUSE EVERYTHING I TOUCH IS A POSE ugh why running why can't we sleep-- oOOOH CAmErAS¡ no I told you 294748 times I can't do aegyo LOOK LOOK AT MY DRAWING ISN'T IT GOOD? now I need everything in neat piles or I will cry oops I'm already crying because everyone hates me I don't understand why I just I try okay I tr-- hey why must u keep cutting me off y kN OW WHAT WOULD BE GREAT RN FABREEZE pls like me ew heights nonononono pls wellll I liked ALL my teachers cuz I kind of got into trouble a lot DONGSAENGS DON'T BE LIKE ME PLS DON'T a n d FABREEZE!"<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *Tackles members with a hug after not seeing them for two days*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *sees people* "ew ppl"<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *gets suuuper happy when talking to fans*<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> "i jUST WAnT Ppl tO A C C E P t MEEe"<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> *sees bug* "iS THAT A GHOST GET IT AWAY DOYOUNG GET IT AWAYYYYY"<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> *tries to be cool*<p/><b>Also Taeyong:</b> "You know whats cool? Neat clean organized stuff and fabreeze. Fabreeze is cool."<p/></p>
Signs as Thoughts I Get Occasionally
  • Aries: "Fingernails grow and you clip them, but then they keep growing. I never saw this part a month ago. How do these even grow anyway? Why do we paint them?"
  • Taurus: "What if all the animals we farm were actually humans who got cursed to this life? We might all be either cannibals or vegans."
  • Gemini: "I don't know why this person explaining my mistake reminds me of this YouTube video I found yesterday, but who cares."
  • Cancer: "I'll bet the reason all the teachers schedule their tests at the same time is because they're all robots that are testing our patience. Oh man I just did a pun."
  • Leo: "I'm surprised I have friends, but hey, I'm doing something right for one."
  • Virgo: "Look at this pen right here. I could take it right now. After all, if I don't, it might fall into the hands of someone lame and nobody wants that.
  • Libra: "Ow I just stubbed my toe. Damn it now I'll have to stub the other one so it'll be symmetrical."
  • Scorpio: "Crush just set himself up for pickup line. Oh wait you can't do that that's weird. Man that would've been smooth though. Why can't I interact with my crush ever?"
  • Sagittarius: "I wonder if anyone would notice if I just left school and lived in the wild."
  • Capricorn: "I can't wait until I get rich so everyone will regret not making friends with me in my awkward high school phase and I can laugh at them."
  • Aquarius: "Nothing is real. This is just a video game. All my friends are AIs... This is sad."
  • Pisces: "Imaginary boyfriends will never disappoint me... Except in some areas. Like being real, for instance. Or sex."
The Signs as Things That Happened to Me When I Was in High School
  • Aries: sending one of my friends into an unfathomable rage simply by mentioning the book “Like Water for Chocolate”
  • Taurus: going to Saturday school and playing Slender on the school’s computer
  • Gemini: discovering the library had almost every volume of “Gravitation”
  • Cancer: turning a data analysis of one of my science projects into a fanfiction about Obama traveling through time
  • Leo: riding down a hill in a shopping cart and landing face-first on the pavement
  • Virgo: getting lectured right at the beginning of class everyday by my animation teacher for a good 20 minutes about the importance of “not wasting any time in this class”
  • Libra: playing Cards Against Humanity and having a teacher overhear me say “snorting coke off a clown’s boner”
  • Scorpio: getting transferred out of an AP english class right before i had to give a presentation i hadn’t even started on
  • Sagittarius: incorporating the first Homestuck recap onto the rough draft of my final essay
  • Capricorn: completely bullshitting my final paper -- i’m talking like full on staying up until 3 am typing absolute bullshit, pulling up sources from whatever i could find, and barely making the minimum amount of pages needed -- and then getting an email from my english teacher saying it was the best paper she had read
  • Aquarius: making a clay model of what was supposed to be a cactus, but it just ended up looking like an upside down penis
  • Pisces: eating a big spoonful of what i thought was chocolate pudding only to realize that it was actually refried beans
Room 304, In class one day...
  • Me: (reciting) Sir, I think that sex education isn't accepted in most schools because of a cultural factor, our Filipino culture. Which, I believe that it isn't doing any good for us. It only makes us ignorant to what is inevitable and is undeniably a present phen...
  • Prof: (cutting me off) Wait, are you sure you're not South American? Or North American, cos you look like one and you sound like one too! I mean your accent is just
  • Me: (He already asked me before in class which I said no, I'm Filo w a mix of Espanyol and Chinese so this time...) Uhm actually sir, I grew up somewhere in southern (in british accent) (my classmates laughing)
  • Prof: Oh really! where? When you were a kid?
  • Me: Somewhere in Lah-goooonuh hahahaha (classmates laughing) (teacher laughing) (I can't believe my teacher is buying this)
  • Prof: No really! Where? Like when you were little? Somewhere in America or London?
  • Me: No sir seriously, I'm Filipino and I've lived all of my life here in the Philippines and I wanna get out and travel soon hahahaha
  • Prof: Aww shucks hahaha okay. (Talking to the class) I've been teaching in Canada for many years and it took a while for me to acquire an accent. Anyway, you're really good in speaking the language.
  • Me: (~.~) what. wow. really. ok sir thx so much
  • (well that was an entertaining commercial to a straight 4 hour psychology lecture class. Awkwaaaarrrddddddd)

More Fitzsimmons Elementary School Teachers AU for ruthedotcom :)

read part 1

“I’m very happy for her. A vice principal position, over at the academy of all places. Ms. Weaver definitely deserves it. It just… complicates matters.” Jemma looked around the break room, as to confirm that they were the only two there. “Because, of course, I’ll get the position. Who else has the qualifications to teach science to the entire school? Fitz will probably be crushed. I know he has his eyes on the job. I can’t help it that vice principal May adores me, and, of course, principal Coulson thinks of me like family. I babysit his foster daughter, Mary Sue, sometimes.”

Bobbi laughed. “Ah, trouble in paradise. I can just see it. Intense competition. You two will stop talking. I’ll have to console you with bottles and bottles of wine.” 

Jemma bit her lip. “This isn’t going to go well, is it?”

“Pure chaos,” Bobbi answered. 

Over in the play yard, though, a very different conversation was going on. 

“So, you’re going for the science job, right?” Hunter asked, his eyes trained on a very intense game of football (proper, thank you very much) that he was technically supposed to reffing. 

“Jemma’s much more qualified. She deserves it. Actually, um. I was thinking,” Fitz uncrumpled a piece of paper from his pocket. “Maybe. Maybe the kids are right.”

“Don’t do it. Women are hell.”

“You’re engaged to Bobbi,” Fitz pointed out. 

“Exactly,” Hunter said. He looked at the picture. “It does look like you though, mate. I wish you luck.”

Fitz just smiled weakly and looked back at the picture.  

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Tips for. Actually makingg good,,, Cookie OC????

I’m not really sure because I’m a pretty bad teacher-
but I’ll just say how I make dem OCs

For me, I always go with the flow! As long as it feels right, it’s right. (Examples would be like DJ and Shepherd! I didn’t really have any plan other than to make characters that look like their names… but then again I made Shepherd out of pure boredom) You can browse around the internet to get some inspiration here and there since Cookie OCs can be very diverse and unique ^^
and just have fun because that’s important too, yes!

  • Riley: What should I be for Halloween?
  • Maya: [mumbles] My girlfriend.
  • Farkle: Just be each other's wives, already.
  • Riley: What?
  • Farkle: Uh...Y'know, like a zombified bride and groom or also bride, but in a tuxedo. I'm sure a wedding dress would look stunning on you Riley and Maya is probably dying to wear a suit because she'll be all dapper and completely sweep you off your feet like a gentle-woman. And Maya already considers you her Princess. Oh and I could get you two a horse drawn carriage or would that be too far for this Halloween party? Also did you know that Maya actually tried to convince the Drama teacher to change up the Romeo & Juliet play a bit? She even auditioned for Romeo to show her dedication and-
  • Maya: [Kicks him in the shin and punches his arm]
  • Farkle: Ow! What was that for?
  • Maya: I'm gonna kill you, Minkus.
  • Farkle: I was trying to help! I didn't mean to ramble, I just-Oh My Gosh, I'm sorry. So sorry. Please don't hurt me.
  • Maya: Want to know why I'm smiling?
  • Farkle: Because you want the last thing for me to see to be pretty?
  • Maya: Spot on.
  • Farkle: Can I run?
  • Maya: How would that make you feel?
  • Farkle: I can't run. I wouldn't know.
  • Riley: Wait, what's going on?
  • Farkle: Auggie, will probably fix things right up. Don't worry about it.
  • Auggie: [Shouts from be other side of the door] THEY'RE GONNA MARRY EACH OTHER!
  • Farkle: How do you know that?
  • Farkle: Confess, Kiss, Hug, Kiss Some More, Date, Move In Together, Get Married, Have kids, Happy Couple Forever Just make it happen. This movie is becoming too long and I've kept myself from not spoiling it for years, but this is draining and too hard.
I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me
How a simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice took over the American college campus.
By Edward Schlosser

This is you, Tumblr. It’s not about saying bullshit about growing thicker skin or ignoring actual abuses…It’s about allowing emotion to fuel you’re every decision, and take things to extremes just because you felt slighted in the smallest respects. 

Stand up for yourself and take charge when you have to, but not over every little thing.

And please read the article before you reblog, looking for an army to fight for you.

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How would I know if I'm actually good at writing or if everyone is just lying to me?

There’s no absolute way to know if you are a good writer, but there are some clues:

  • School Work: If you are in school or if you still have work from school, look at the comments your teachers gave you on your essays. If you find a consistency in compliments on your writing, structure, transitions, flow, or overall composition, you might be a good writer. If comments only apply to content, you might know what to write about, but you might need help with writing it well.
  • School Work 2: If you are in school or if you still have work from school, look at your old work and your newer work. Look at how you have improved. Pay attention to what your teachers say on your writing. Furthermore, do not rely on one teacher. Even if you don’t have your school work, look at your creative writing from the past. Have you improved? If you have improved, you can surely say you are a better writer now than you were before.
  • Compliments: If people compliment your writing and tell you that you are good, you might be a good writer. However, not everyone knows what makes good writing and friends and family tend to be biased. Get a more objective or experienced point of view.
  • Editing: If you are able to edit other people’s writing and spot mistakes or poor writing, you might be a good writer.

Good writing and poor writing are subjective, rendering it impossible to label writing universally “good” or “bad”. Getting mixed results on whether your writing is good or bad could be a result of personal preference for whoever is reviewing your work. The best way to know if you are good at writing is to tell yourself that you are and to keep writing and reading.