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Heated Training
  • *During a hot summer day*
  • Deku: *In the middle of training with his quirk. Has accumulated quite a bit of sweat, causing his body to glisten*
  • Uraraka: *Watching Deku with massive blush on his face*
  • Momo: *Same as Uraraka, but was tugging her shirt collar, fanning herself. And it was NOT because of the heat*
  • Uraraka & Momo: *Thinking* Stupid Sexy Deku-kun/Midoriya-kun.
  • Deku: *Finishes with his training and was panting. Sweating profusely. Takes the bottom of his shirt and brings it to his face to wipe the sweat. Unintentionally showing off his ripped abs*
  • Momo: *Faints upon sight of the glorious Deku Abs*
  • Uraraka: *Frantically fanning the unconscious Momo*
  • Uraraka: Momo-chan! Stay with me! MOMO-CHAN!!!
BTS Reactions To You Grabbing Their Crotch


Jungkook could practically feel your burning glare from behind him as he watched the movie playing on the TV. You had been needy for Jungkook all day. Something he obviously knew as he was responsible for teasing you in the first place. You bit your lip in frustration as you recalled the event from this morning that led you to your current state.

Unlike most days, you both had managed to wake up at the same time. You suggested playing rock-paper-scissors to decide on who got to take a shower first. When you chose scissors you were confident you had won since Jungkook had the habit of usually picking paper. However, your lips puckered  into a pout when you saw that Jungkook had put rock instead.

“Sorry Jagi. It must suck to suck,” he said cockily with a smirk before moving off the bed to head to the shower.

You knew the chances of him giving into your pleas were slim but you still tried. He had only made it two feet away when you began whining, “this isn’t fair Jungkook. You take forever in the shower! By the time you’re done the water is going to be ice cold. Do you really want your girlfriend to freeze to death?”

“Hey, that isn’t my fault, now is it? Maybe you should’ve picked paper instead,” He said teasingly and you wished you could smack the smug look he had on.


As you predicted, he did take longer than usual, making his time in the shower even more ridiculously long. You were visibly annoyed as you knew that he had taken more time simply to spite you. Multiple ideas of how to get back at him were flowing through your head when you heard the door to the bathroom creak open.

Naturally, your head swung towards the sound…and instantly snapped away when you saw that Jungkook had no towel covering him. Immediately, you could feel your cheeks begin to heat up, something that didn’t escape Jungkook’s line of vision.

“What’s wrong Jagiya?” He asked, feigning innocence.

“I don’t know Jungkook,” you rolled your eyes, “maybe it has to do with the fact that you’re completely naked.”

“Aw Y/N, don’t be shy now. You’re acting as if it’s something you haven’t seen before. In fact, you did see it two days ago.”

You turned your head towards him ready to come back with a sassy remark but your throat suddenly turned dry as you properly laid eyes on his -still wet- toned body. The water glistened against his skin and only made the outline of his muscle look more protruding. You silently cursed at yourself for being so weak and susceptible to his tricks. Regardless, you couldn’t deny the fact that you could feel yourself begin to grow wet, that was just the effect he had on you.

He clearly knew what was doing to you as his smile only grew. He began to approach you as an animal would approach it’s prey. You forced your eyes back up to his face, “what are you doing?”

“I may have used all the hot water. Sorry.” You didn’t say anything as you waited for him to continue.

But,” he said as the bed dipped under his weight and he closed in on you, “I can think of a few ways to keep you warm in there.” Before you could close the distance between the two of you he pulled away and headed towards the dresser.

“It’s just a shame I can’t show you since I don’t associate myself with losers.”

Thus, leading to your current situation.


He was livid from how much he had effected you. Teasing you was what he lived for after all. He planned on giving you what you wanted, but he was set on dragging it out just a bit longer,  perhaps even onto the next day. However, that was until you snapped.

A minute passed before you moved to the floor, straddling him. His eyebrow quirked but he remained silent. You had surprised him though. You could tell by the slight pick up in breathing and that’s when you knew, you’d have him in the palm of your hand in no time. Without a word, you reached a hand between your bodies and began to grope his member. His eyes widened a fraction but he was stubborn and continued to play cool.

It wasn’t until you began to grind your hips against his and whisper all the thing you wanted him to do you in his ear that he lost it. He wasted no time in picking you up and pinning you against the wall, his lips quickly finding your neck.  You smiled triumphantly as you couldn’t help but say “who’s the loser now?”  between moans. That didn’t stop him though. He was far past the point of caring.

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“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.” He yanked her closer, and for a moment she thought he meant to kiss her. He was too strong to fight. She closed her eyes, wanting it to be over, but nothing happened. “Still can’t bear to look, can you?” she heard him say.

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closure (3/3) - time

the beginning of the video shows that they are in a cold, colorless winter. as they ride the train, which suggests the time they’ve passed in this sadness, they are hoping to meet someone again when spring (and happiness) return. when the sunlight starts to shine into the train car again, we realize that jungkook is not alone, everyone is accompanying him out of the snowy times. and when the train finally stops, they get off together and gentle breezes and golden sunlight warm over them. the lyrics tell us, no winter can last forever: no matter how hard things are, no matter how much we miss someone, they are reassuring us that over time, one day we will be able to let go of our heavy hearts and that we will meet our loved ones again on a spring day. 

This is a late gift for Ashlee’s (@austennerdita2533) Birthday. You said you liked mates and arranged marriages, so you get both. I hope you like it!

“I’m sorry, what?” Caroline said, staring at Klaus as she waited for her answer, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes, his gaze very focused on his palms laying on top of the table that rested between them.

He let out a long-suffering sigh before he spoke, his voice calm as he chose the words carefully, “It is a tradition in our pack for mates to be married as soon as possible, as long as they’re of age. It is… old-fashioned, I must admit, but our laws are what they are.”

“They are your laws. Not mine,” she reminded him pointedly.

Meeting your mate was supposed to be an exciting moment, like something had clicked into place, but ever since Klaus had showed up in her life, she felt like she had been knocked off her feet. He was from a different pack, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they weren’t both the next in line to assume the leadership of their clans, which meant that a long process of union had to take place.

An union that apparently had to begin with their wedding when she had only known him for three days.

Klaus finally met her gaze, his eyes surprisingly warm, “You know that you’ll have to live by our traditions, love, just as I’ll have to live by yours. It’s the only way our people will accept this change and we have to do what’s best for them.”

She was about to ask him if he was seriously trying to use her responsibilities as future alpha to make her marry him, but she realised that it wasn’t quite his intention. And that he was right – which made her completely hate him.

It was frightening.

Our people. We.

Caroline always knew that this would happen, that she would find her mate and that her life would be forever intertwined with someone else’s, but marriage? She was 20 and she didn’t even know him. How the hell was she going to explain that to her friends?

Besides, the fact that Klaus had been on his best behaviour around her didn’t mean that she hadn’t heard the whispers about him; how his wolf seemed to delight in the kill, how none of his enemies could run fast enough to get away from his claws and teeth.

The stories of how Mikael’s body had been found still made the hairs of her neck stand up.

And, yet, she found herself nodding. It wasn’t like she had much choice, anyway. “Fine. When… When should we get married?”

Klaus shrugged, “As soon as possible, love. If you want a big party, that can buy us a couple of months, but even so, we can only get away with waiting until June before people start asking questions.”

Ugh, now that just wouldn’t do – was there anything tackier than a June wedding?

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