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From my perspective it feels like days since you last posted anything. So you must be super busy. If so, I hope you can find some time to relax and do something you want to do. Not something you need to do, just a fun thing you want to do. Also hoping you are doing ok. So remember to take care of yourself, alright?

Aye, I am indeed very busy; this is my first day off since Thursday (I think?) and even then today is my bro’s birthday so I don’t have much time to sit and write right now. I’ve been working on something on my phone, but it’s nowhere near the point I feel comfortable publishing it. I’m going to try and get some more Marines wrote today, but yeah. Quite busy at the moment,

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are you still going to continue your Yuri on Ice comic? I'm not demanding, but just simply asking :) I'll just wait patiently in the corner for an update. And please, do take your time o.o I know you must be really really busy right now :D

Hi Anon!

I do intend to complete the second part to the comic! I’ve just been having a little bit of trouble with inspiration for the comic so it’s been taking longer than expected, but I decided to upload parts of it at a time for those who are interested to stay updated:


Once the whole of Part 2 has been completed, I’ll be sure to re-upload the whole thing here on Tumblr!

Thank you so much for your patience and for being so understanding!

Chips are life.

[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Hey... do you have some super fluffy fluff stuff you can post? Please? Pics, or even fics, can work. I'm just super depressed, right now, and could use a little lift... thanks 💜✌...

Hi my dear, I’m sorry I’m coming so late at you but it has been an incredibly busy day. I hope you feel a little better already, but here I have some fluff for you, let’s see if my recipe works. Ok let’s add:

A little bit of kagehina…

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A little bit of Daisuga…

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A little bit of Bokuaka (I particularly love this one)

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A little bit of Asanoya…

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A little bit of iwaoi…

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A sleeping Yamaguchi

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And actual ray of sunshine

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Feeling better now? <3

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So here's a question, I'm in a bit of a depressive state right now and my art is showing it, and it's really starting to bother me. I'll try really hard on something and it turns out super crappy, so any advise? If not it's fine I know your busy.

Dude this happens to me once a week, and this will sound like weird advice.

Work on all the shit you have to do first. Like do your homework, chores ect first

then try drawing again, it usually clears my mind a little

Dating Joy Meachum would include...

Requested by anon

  • Not being able to think you could start a relationship with her because she’s so dedicated to her business
  • But Joy is so infatuated with you
  • She takes the time out of her busy, vigilante/crime/business filled life
  • Just so she can spend more time with you
  • Joy taking a little bit of time to get out of her shell
  • But, once you get to know her
  • She’s like a fountain of love
  • Her always making corny jokes that make you laugh/cringe
  • Joy always going to you to vent about her problems
  • And her letting you vent to her
  • Joy being a great listener
  • Always coming to you for advice
  • Being one of the only people Joy would trust with her life
  • Lots of slow, tender kisses
  • Joy is a definite bottom in bed holy shit
  • Letting you do whatever you want to her
  • (But that didn’t mean she didn’t have some kinks herself)
  • Loving to spoon
  • Loving the feel of her body pressed against your’s
  • You being the only reason Joy is late to work
  • “Sorry, I was doing… stuff…”
  • (You were stuff)
  • Doing each other’s hair/makeup
  • Always being able to make each other smile
  • Joy going to you for advice
  • Helping her cope with all the Danny Rand/Iron Fist/evil not-so-dead father stuff happening in her life
  • Being Joy’s main source of comfort
  • “I love you, you know that, right?”
  • “I love you, too.”
  • STRQ: 15 years later.cWnere are they now?
  • Interviewer: It's been 15 years since the band broke up, right?
  • Qrow: Well, the BAND may have stopped playing.
  • Summer: We're all still very much together though! Just busy!
  • Interviewer: Busy with?
  • Raven: Being a mother, raising a family
  • Taiyang: The girls are in high school now, so it's a bit less busy though... Now they're playing instruments too.
  • Interviewer: And Qrow, what are you doing now?
  • Qrow: You make it sound like I'm not doing the same stuff they're doing. Who do you think is teaching Ruby how to play bass? Taiyang's teaching Yang drums.
  • Interviewer: I've heard Ruby Rose and Yang Ciao Long are familiar with Winter Schnee's sister. Is this true?
  • Qrow: She's dead to me
  • Interviewer: Oh... Um, can we edit that out of—
  • Qrow: Naaah, that was a joke. Schnee knows I'm messing with her when I say stuff like that.
  • Winter: *wakes up in Atlas extremely angry for some reason*
Oh my Goodness!

It looks like I finally can access Tumblr!

So, for the past weeks, I was unable to even load the page, and that sucked big time. But today it finally loaded! I can finally continue the blog again!

So, right now I’m a bit busy, but if you send some questions for our favorite purple pony princess, regarding last post, I’ll be able to begin working ASAP!

I apologize for the forced hiatus, and I’m grateful that you’re still supporting me, it means a lot!

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Just curious cuz I'm a bit confused ( I'm a dum dum ) are you and sickingstar friends ? Related ooor .. the same person ? ( I'm sorry if this question is stupid )

not a dumb question at all! sickingstar/holly and i are best friends, and we’ve also been dating for almost 6 years now :^) we share our OCs all the time which confuses a lot of people, I think! I’m hanging out with her and two of our bffs in NY right now, which is why updates have been very sparse here lately!! we are busy having lots of fun!!!!

Things have kinda slowed down lately and the event I’ve been wanting to do for awhile has to be put on hold because I’m a bit too busy to draw comic strips for it right now.

So while I have to put it on hold, I’m gonna open up so more starters. If you want one  like/reblog this post.

Man From UNCLE Starters Set 2
  • "You're lying, I know you're lying. And I'm sick to death of your lies."
  • "I was right the first time, I did fall down the rabbit hole."
  • "Let's get out of here."
  • "He tripped over the office cat."
  • "We all have our weaknesses."
  • "Are you always this suspicious or is it just me?"
  • "Are you sure you've never been married?"
  • "You just like blondes."
  • "Anyone we know?"
  • "Beautiful is it not?"
  • "Now what are we going to do?"
  • "And what? Give up show business?"
  • "I say, it takes quite a bit of talent to spent 100,000 dollars in 30 seconds."
  • "We've got to. I want my children to drink champagne."
  • "What are you doing? I thought we were going to have a party."
  • "I hate to trouble you with trivia, but I think I'm about to get killed. And it struck me that you might want to say goodbye."
  • "So this is where you've been hiding."
  • "We do work well together, don't we?"
  • "You're getting completely unreliable."
  • "Don't worry, he'll be back."
  • "A funny thing happened on the way to Sweden..."
  • "He was a very brave bull, sir."
  • "A minor riot ensued."
  • "You have shattered my ego!"
  • "Is it a oujia board?"
  • "A gun? Really?"
  • "You're spoofing me."
  • "We have found the South America variety, the vampire bat, is most suitable for our purposes. And the most blood thirsty."
  • "Let me introduce you to my friends."

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Okay, now I'm asking on The right place (I hope...) I Have another question for Sabo! Sabo, do you really hide a koala (animal) under your bed and Hugo its when Koala (girl) is away?

Sabo: I don’t see what you’re talking about…

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Since you're doing the give me a sentence I'll give you a drabble thing, "Annabe-" "Is busy. Call back sometime in the next year or so when the entire world hasn't collectively lost its shit and I'm not in charge of putting it all back together" Thanks love :)

Percy sighs into the speaker of the phone. It’s wedged between his ear and his shoulder as he leans against the wall of his mom’s apartment.

“I really wish I was calling with better news,” he says.

She groans and he smiles because he’s picturing her right now with her eyebrows pinched together and her lips pouting just a bit. And she’s adorable. Grumpy and adorable.

“I’m wearing my pyjamas. Will that deter you from ruining my day?”

He considers it. Considers laughing and telling her yes, because he can picture her in her dorm room all wrapped up in her pyjamas with the penguins on and the last thing he wants to do is disturb her. But he knows his girlfriend. He knows she will absolutely murder him if he leaves her out of this. If he goes into danger alone.

And as much as he wants to protect her from the worst of things, he knows he’d be just as angry if she’d shut him out when she was in trouble.

He sighs. “I’m really sorry.”

“Percy?” Her tone shifts. “What is it?”

“I have a visitor.” He peels himself from the wall to peer into the living room where his mother stands with the unwelcome guests. 

“Well that sounds ominous.”

He hears her shifting around on the other end of the phone and presumes she’s already getting dressed.

“You remember Apollo?”

“Uh, yeah. He’s a pretty memorable guy. Well, god.”

“Actually.” Percy sighs, rubbing his face with one hand. “You got it right the first time.”


“I’ll be there in fifteen.”

  • Eric: Can I get you anything else? Er... some Camembert, perhaps? A Kalamata olive or two, maybe?
  • Robert: No, you're alright, I'm good with this, thanks.
  • Eric: Ah, but just a glass of wine doth not business fund, you see.
  • Robert: I'm just letting it breathe.
  • Eric: Yes, as I am letting you breathe. For now. Ah!
  • Aaron: What are you doing here?
  • Robert: Trying to get five minutes peace.
  • Aaron: Right, you do know there's loads of wine at the pub... at home?
  • Eric: Exactly as I was about to point out.
  • Aaron: Right, what's going on?
  • Robert: Nothing, it's just, you know, all getting a bit intense at the pub.
  • Aaron: Why, what's happened?
  • Robert: Nothing. Well, a million things that all boil down to the fact that we're all living on top of each other.
  • Aaron: Is this still about that shower gel?
  • Robert: MY 30 quids worth of shower gel, yeah.
  • Aaron: Noah used all his shower gel and he's still not got over it.
  • Robert: He couldn't have used your cheap tat, could he?
  • Eric: Well, tragic as it may sound, I do have to insist that you make a move. I have a restaurant to open.
  • Robert: Look, I know they're your family and, one-on-one, they're all right.
  • Aaron: Thanks.
  • Robert: Kind of. But... there's no escape, they're everywhere. And there's no boundaries. Charity walked in on me in the shower the other day and was still going to use the toilet!
  • Charity: Oh, I didn't think you'd still be open.
  • Eric: We're not, technically. I'm trying to close up.
  • Charity: Come on, I only need a pint of milk. What's going on here? You having a party? (takes a sip of Robert's wine) Ooh, nice. You know what would be good with this? These olives.

Bayonetta   {Sentence Starters} 

  • “Rise my child! Rise to realize your true potential!”
  • “You know, I still don’t get why the hell you drag me out here for these things.”
  • “Don’t worry about quality. I’ve got quantity!”
  • “Those assholes sure know how to get attention.”
  • “Let’s go! Just stay close to me!”
  • “What’s the matter sweetie? Afraid of something, are you?”
  • “As long as there’s music, I’ll keep on dancing.”
  • “I’ll always see to it no harm comes to you.”
  • “But you’ll have to forgive me, do we know each other?”
  • “Hey! I’m not dead yet!”
  • “You only run away so fast because you’ve got something to run from.”
  • “Out to find some answers about your past, are we?”
  • “You again? And here I thought I’d seen the last of you.”
  • “Just a child? What are you doing running around?”
  • “You’re much too ugly not to put out of your misery.”
  • “Damn it! Who did that!? I just bought the damn thing!”
  • “If you get in my way, I will, how do the Americans put it? Oh yes. Bust a cap in yo’ ass.”
  • “I’m sure you will be more than hospitable to me this time around.“
  • “We both know you came here for something.”
  • “You have any idea how much this is going to cost to fix!?”
  • “This is a waste of my time. You’re still not ready.“
  • “Yours is a face only a mother could love, and one I could never forget.”
  • “Whoa! Whoa! You’re getting the wrong idea.”
  • “You’ve been cheating on me, haven’t you? Someone else caught your eye?”
  • “Do I look like I have any interest in children?”
  • “I’ll hazard a guess this isn’t your home, so what on earth are you doing here?” 
  • “I told you there was nothing to worry about!”
  • “You’ve got to be a strong little one to survive in a place like this. “
  • “You’re really not going to like what comes next. I hope you know that.”
  • “Holy crap! For fuck’s sake, that’s overdoing it!”
  • “Monsters? I don’t think you know who the real monsters are.”
  • “ It’s a celebration, bitches.”
  • “You want to touch me?”
  • “ I should have been a pole dancer!”
  • “Right! Turn Right! Get off the road!”
  • “You think you’ve got me figured out, don’t you?”
  • “Do you have anything you really like? Something really important to you?”
  • “You here for business or pleasure? Either way, I’ll hook you up.”
  • *in the living room*
  • Naruto: Hinata, can I borrow your laptop for a sec? I need to see some documents..
  • Hinata: *from the kitchen* Of course, go ahead.
  • Naruto: *opens the laptop* Ah.. it's password protected. Hold on, I'm bringing it to the kitchen.
  • Hinata: Oh right.. no need, Naruto-kun. I'm a bit busy right now and my hands are dirty. The password is "october10".
  • Naruto: *typing, typing*
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: *comes to the living room* How is it? Can you unlock it? "october10" without space and all lower case-
  • Naruto: Your password.. is October 10?
  • Hinata: *smiles* Yes, because it's your birthday da-
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: Your password.. is always this?
  • Hinata: ... *nods*
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Boruto: I'm back! Oh Dad, you're home early today *grins*
  • Boruto: *looks at his parents*
  • Boruto: ...
  • Boruto: Ehm.. you two.. why are you blushing?