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[Quick update]

Hey guys! Really sorry for the lack of new comics - I’ve been hella busy lately. My schedule is a bit all over the place right now, but I promise that I’ll do my best to post at least once a week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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are you still going to continue your Yuri on Ice comic? I'm not demanding, but just simply asking :) I'll just wait patiently in the corner for an update. And please, do take your time o.o I know you must be really really busy right now :D

Hi Anon!

I do intend to complete the second part to the comic! I’ve just been having a little bit of trouble with inspiration for the comic so it’s been taking longer than expected, but I decided to upload parts of it at a time for those who are interested to stay updated:


Once the whole of Part 2 has been completed, I’ll be sure to re-upload the whole thing here on Tumblr!

Thank you so much for your patience and for being so understanding!

  • Child America: Canada, let's play together!
  • Child Canada: okay~! I'm coming~!
  • -Early 1700s-
  • Child Canada: America, let's play together~!
  • Young America: sorry, I can't now, I'm busy with these books.
  • -Mid 1700s-
  • Young Canada: America, do you want to play?
  • America: that's a bit childish for me now. Sorry, maybe with someone else?
  • -Late 1700s and 1800s-
  • Canada: um... America.
  • America: I can't talk to you... we're not... politically in the best of terms.
  • -1900s-
  • Canada: America, you're here-
  • America: huh? Sorry, gotta go! Super busy right now! Talk to ya later!
  • -2000s-
  • America: Canada, brooo! Wanna play together?
  • Canada: yeah, I'd like that~

So I’m not going to put pictures or anything because I don’t want to show what other people got and because I’m really busy right now and just trying to get this out as quickly as possible. <:


King: Yoongi ( @askbongtan )

Prince: Suga ( @ask-deer-suga )

holy shit I just realized suga won both king and prince oH HECK


Queen: Taehyung ( @askwolftan )

Princess: Jin ( @ask-artist-jin )

Congrats to all the winners and I would give something to you guys but I don’t really have anything to give you besides a sense of accomplishment kekekeke

{also I know calling Jin a ‘princess’ is considered kinda offensive right now so please know I’m only calling him a princess because it’s Queen > Princess }

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So, requests 1. Jin and D.O. become BFFs over cooking 2. JHope's and Baekhyun's screaming match 3. BTS and Exo bond over searching for their respective missing kids 4. How to get a day of rest via superpowers. 5. Kai accidentally teleports to another country and can't/won't come back ft. The Bill he gets bc of phonecall and using internet in another country. 6. Suho is sad, we need a boat ASAP! (bc water power) Pick the ones you like most, mash 'em together, change 'em. Thanks a lot for this. ^^

Congrats you hold the record for the most request in one ask! ~(˘▾˘~)

1. This is something the world needed > Food is Life  ❤

2. The whole chat will just be

3. I think I might mash this up with the first one  ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ > Jinsoo  ❤

4. Xiumin is just gonna freeze himself in an icecube like the avatar > Day off  ❤

5. “accidentally” nah he wants just a day of > Wanderlust 

6. Suho flooding the dorm, flooding SM, flooding seoul, taking “drowning in my tears” to the next level

I love your requests! If you’re okey with it I won’t write/post them all at once but one every now and then when I get an idea for it ^^; 

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Is it just me or am I a bit worried that DNP keeping everything a secret a bit worrying? Yes, I know it could be good and Phan might be real, but I think we're pushing really hard here. They've basically closed themselves off and it worries me. Phil giving up his room for the gaming room is something I find extremely worrying and as we saw in his "Sleepless Night Video", he did rarely spend time in his room. It seems as if he's getting really busy but what with? I'm just rambling here I'm sorry

i don’t think we have anything to be worried about. honestly dan and phil are being the least secretive right now. they aren’t editing out as much as they used to, they are showing more than they used to, they are more open then they used to be. 

like in dan’s liveshow the other day, he said he “didn’t want to share his room” yet panned the laptop and showed everything. it’s almost like they did it on purpose, it lead to so many theories and proof that he would have had to know would happen. they never do anything without thinking about it first.

like for example, Phils shoes were in his room. 

and the whole phils room has carpet, but dans room has hard wood, so where was the bug that phil caught really caught? 

im going to repeat myself a little here, Dan and Phil only show us things if they want to show us things. meaning: they knew this would happen, and they did it on purpose. they want us to become more accustomed to them being together so when the news drops, the reaction wont be as crazy. 

they know what they’re doing, we don’t have to worry. 


Yeah I…okay I should just keep playing ORAS…

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Hey... do you have some super fluffy fluff stuff you can post? Please? Pics, or even fics, can work. I'm just super depressed, right now, and could use a little lift... thanks 💜✌...

Hi my dear, I’m sorry I’m coming so late at you but it has been an incredibly busy day. I hope you feel a little better already, but here I have some fluff for you, let’s see if my recipe works. Ok let’s add:

A little bit of kagehina…

Originally posted by kitkatartchive

A little bit of Daisuga…

Originally posted by kitkatartchive

A little bit of Bokuaka (I particularly love this one)

Originally posted by misawkward

A little bit of Asanoya…

Originally posted by asanoya

A little bit of iwaoi…

Originally posted by dreamyletters

A sleeping Yamaguchi

Originally posted by kanariiya

And actual ray of sunshine

Originally posted by lacuna-matata

Feeling better now? <3

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I'm not sure if you want to answer this, but has the deal between you and the U.S. government changed since the election? I know it must have changed a bit since the destruction of Comicron-1, but have you gotten any weird requests from any of the new staff? I'd understand if you'd like to avoid any of the political drama right now.

I really do prefer to, but if it helps - the deal has not changed, but Allen’s absence is because he’s desperately trying to KEEP it from changing and as a result is quite busy.

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Emma, I'm praying you'll go gentle with me as I don't want to be blocked and you've answered so many anons of mine so lovely over the years. I just experienced a 'clunk' moment reading the NYT article. H talks about not worrying whether he resonates with what's being played on the radio right now. I know they're different people, but I remember Louis saying how he'd watched what the music theme was right now before JHO, and everyone went 'yay, business man'. This feels a little bit of shade?

alright, sorry, this answer is long and i’m not sure if i explained my thinking clearly, but here you go anyway.

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I've been feeling a bit run down recently. I have lost of homework to do, and help with my school's play. Can you pretty please write something about Lorcan and Elide? (I'm so tired, I forgot their ship name! I feel so stupid right now.) *Facepalms*

I’ve gotcha babe, Elorcan coming right up!

“You should be sleeping.”

“You should be minding your own business.” Elide snapped over her shoulder, barely allowing time to whip her head towards the doorway before her shoulders resumed their hunched position over the worn oak desk she was perched beside.

“That’s not the Lady of Perranth that smiled so sweetly at the visiting nobles during dinner.” Lorcan’s cruel amusement–soothed by the companionship of the dark haired girl slaving away over court documents mere feet away but always present, manifested in his snide reply. “What would Aelin think if she kne-”

“She’d wish I’d never kissed your sorry lips because then she could have ended you that day in the marshes.” Elide growled, so focused on the bite of wood into her fingers as she slammed her pen down that she missed the flash in Lorcan’s eyes.

“That.” He murmured softly, fae eyes searching for blood from his perch in the doorjamb, “is unnecessary.”

“What do you want, Lorcan?” The raven-haired beauty sighed, pushing away from her chair and angling her head to finally face her nighttime visitor. “I’m busy.” For only a moment, Lorcan allowed himself to get lost in the moonlight reflected from her eyes into his. Then he took in the rest of her face that was illuminated from the wide window in her chambers. The crescent bags weighed down by the demands she’d placed upon herself since returning to Perranth. The clenched jaw barely holding in shuddering sobs.

“You’re busy working to solve a problem that was never yours to begin with.” He snapped, striding carefully, but intently, to the desk and splaying a tan hand across the scribbled upon parchment. “What is this?”

“A petition from the farmers…”

“Then have your council work on it. This one?” Elide’s eyes burned, but she spoke.

“A law needing review…”

“Send it to the duke you appointed to be in charge of that!” Lorcan demanded, his fingers sprung off the desk and gently curved as they approached the curve of Elide’s cheek. “You cannot do everything!”

“But I have to try!” Elide yelled, tears dancing across the rims of her eyes, held in through sheer force of will. “I have to make up for the years I wasn’t here, have to prove that I’m not useless!”

A beat of silence, blanketing her suite, and then…

“Put me down!” She ordered, kicking with her good leg as she was hauled up, up, up and over a sturdy shoulder.

Lorcan said nothing, knowing that if he did all of the wrong words would come out. But he didn’t need them now, he just needed her to realize that she could never be worthless, never be anything less than perfection…

The cool kiss of night washed over Elide as Lorcan carried her onto the balcony, wiping away the hot tears begging for release. Slowly, as if he were handling a newborn rather than a woman, Lorcan shifted so that she was curled in his arms, floating in the darkness.

Her hand didn’t flinch from his as he tugged, placing her fingers against his heart. She didn’t shudder as she would have with any other man daring to be so close, but then again Lorcan had never been like any other man.

“Am I worthless?” He whispered into the shell of her ear, any farther away and his words would have been swallowed by the night.

“Of course not.” Elide murmured. “Never.”

“This…” Lorcan’s heartbeat thrummed beneath her touch, “all of it, is yours. It beats because of you, therefore you are always integral. Always needed. It is okay to delegate, to loosen the reins you pull so tightly against yourself. Because at the end of the day they need you, as do I. And I can’t show you just how much I need you if you stay up every night like a damn owl.”

A quiet chuckle rasped out of her throat, and in that darkness, where it was just them and the pale glow of moonlight and two hearts beating as one, Elide allowed her lips to press against Lorcan’s.

“Am I to believe,” she inquired between kisses, “that this was your way of telling me you’re lonely?”

“Only part of the plan.” Her fae warrior admitted, tilting his neck so that her head could rest in its crook perfectly. And then, because she looked so weary, so exhausted, Lorcan began to hum a lullaby.

He couldn’t carry a tune to save his life, but it was the certainty, the rumble of his chest against hers as he serenaded her that lulled Elide to sleep, that finally soothed the strained planes of her face into the picture of peace.

Always needed, the stars seemed to chorus in time to Lorcan’s melody, always loved.

Sorry it wasn’t longer, I didn’t have much time! Good luck with your studies!


This is a bit old, but here’s a drawing of some pones!

Top Row- Self centered babu, nerd babu, mean babu, and shy babu. (I call them the babus cuz as of right now they don’t have names lol) They’re characters from my SUPER SECRET BLOG that isn’t super secret anymore: http://ask-the-dual-guards.tumblr.com/ 

Bottom Row- Unnamed, Sally and Joe! Also known as happy babu, sad babu, and business babu

  • Aaron: Please tell me you're not bringing this up again.
  • Adam: You've barely said a word all morning.
  • Aaron: Because there's nothing to say, mate. Robert can't stay at the B&B forever, can he? So it's logical that he moves in with Vic.
  • Adam: And you're all right with that? He'll be moving in with Rebecca.
  • Aaron: I don't give a monkeys either way, mate, honestly. It's like this whole thing's harder for you to deal with than it is me.
  • Adam: I just... wanna make sure you're all right.
  • Aaron: Meaning am I gonna hurt myself? No, I'm not. It's not gonna happen. If you're that worried, I promise you I'll have a word with my counsellor. Will you shut up about it then?
  • Adam: Yeah.
  • Aaron: Fine. Good. Another drink? Get you one in now before I go.
  • Adam: Why, where you going?
  • Aaron: Meet my Uncle Zak. Bit of business, that's all. So?
  • Adam: Yeah, yeah, go on. I'll have another half.
  • Aaron: Charity, another half for him, please, and an orange juice for me.
  • Charity: I'm sorry. What? An orange juice? (scoffs) Hello, who are you? What have you done with Aaron Dingle?
  • Adam: Yeah, tell me about it.

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Got any comic ideas in the future? Or are you done with drawing for a bit?

I have a plan to make a little comic from this fiction, but right now I’m pretty busy, also I’m going to have a vacation for a week, so when I’m free I’ll start to draw it! 

Sorry for not posting art much lately though, I’ve read all of you guys’ awesome ideas that you gave it to me and there’re many things I want to draw too xD just don’t have time for it right now v.v 

Hello everyone! 

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately and there are a ton of messges and asks I need to answer (I’m so sorry, pls be patient for a bit longer ;;) but I’m extremely busy and stressed right now because of con prep for the DoKomi (convention in Germany) and uni (as usual haha). 

So I’m working on an important project for uni and for this I need to do some research and find out what makes people feel ashamed/embarrassed, especially as children. 
These could be all sorts of things, even minor stuff :’) 
Do you guys have any suggestions?

thank you all for 700+ followers. ♡

i’ll be away for a week, i’m really busy right now so unfortunately I don’t have much time to draw it’s not like anyone will miss it anyway lmao. in the mean time, feel free to send in some requests for me! steven universe, undertale, pokemon, etc (i’d like to take a break from steven universe tho). i’ll post them as soon as I get back. ‘3′

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Just curious cuz I'm a bit confused ( I'm a dum dum ) are you and sickingstar friends ? Related ooor .. the same person ? ( I'm sorry if this question is stupid )

not a dumb question at all! sickingstar/holly and i are best friends, and we’ve also been dating for almost 6 years now :^) we share our OCs all the time which confuses a lot of people, I think! I’m hanging out with her and two of our bffs in NY right now, which is why updates have been very sparse here lately!! we are busy having lots of fun!!!!

Heads up

Been on league a lot lately, just passing time. If anyone catches me on feel free to inv me to a game. I’m a bit rusty but if you wanna kick back and have a good time I’m down, fr.

Also, I’d prefer to use discord. Anyone can add me tbh my tag is: Dj Sona Bot#5196