but i'll watch it again because


He woke tho


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


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Not a prompt unless you wanna write it: Sara lance hitting on Alex constantly until she says "if you kiss me I'll never flirt with you again" and she assumes Alex won't do it right? Wrong. Alex spins around and just straight up plants one on her while Maggie and the entire DEO watch Sara splutter, while Alex just struts off leaving multiple turned on agents (including Maggie and Sara because duh)

It’s all in good fun.

Maggie doesn’t mind because I mean hey Danvers, I plan on sticking around, but I can’t be the only hot woman you ever get to flirt with and because it’s Sara, and Sara is kind and Sara is fun and Sara is protective and Sara is deeply respectful of their love and Sara is… well, Sara is hot.

So it’s all in good fun, but Alex?

Alex keeps rebuffing even Sara’s smoothest (and corniest) moves.

At the bar.

Hey, Danvers, I know your sister can shoot lasers out of her eyes, but did you know you can make me wet with yours?

Oh please, Lance, if that’s the line you used on the Queen of France, it must not translate well into English.

In the green room.

Nice maneuver, Alex. Wanna try it out horizontally?

I did last night with Maggie, but nice try, Sara.

In the DEO control room.

Hey Maggie, does she look as good out of that uniform as she does in it?

Even better, Sara.

Good god, can the three of you take this outside? It’s bad enough how loudly you all think, I don’t have to hear it verbalized, too.

And that’s when it happens.

“Well, if you kiss me, we can stop traumatizing J’onn, because I’ll never flirt with you again,” Sara tells her, the smirk on her lips matching the playful one in Alex’s eyes, and Maggie arches an amused eyebrow as Sara turns to head out of the room.

But Alex grabs her arm and Alex spins her around and Alex glances at Maggie and Maggie nods because hell, why not, she’s coming home to her tonight, and Alex kisses Sara hard, kisses Sara hot, kisses Sara with tongue and with fervor.

J’onn groans and Winn trips over himself and Maggie’s grinning jaw is on the floor and Vasquez is resisting the temptation to take her phone out and film it and the only thing that tears Sara’s swooning body away from Alex’s strong arms is the loud clatter of a very flustered, very turned on rookie agent dropping the pile of paperwork he was supposed to be bringing down to Pam.

Alex stares at Sara’s flushed face and swollen lips and heaving chest and spluttering words for a moment before smirking, winking, and strutting out of the room, head high and hips swinging more than they normally would.

“So I… it… damn, Sawyer, your girlfriend can kiss like… does that mean I have to stop flirting with her?”

Maggie grins and watches Alex’s strut, her head tilted and eyes smouldering.

“You know what… I’ll just go… go…. ask her…”

And Maggie rushes off after Alex, fire in her core and a proud smirk on her face.

“You know they were somewhat more well-behaved before you came aboard, Ms. Lance,” J’onn mutters, and Sara winks.

“I can’t help who I am, J’onn,” and he turns away before she can see him grin, because god, he’s going to need to draw up more adoption papers.

       okay so let’s write a novel talk about actual trainwreck of a character Jack Sparrow in this movie. so there are spoilers under this so don’t read if YOU DON’T WANNA BE SPOILED because I’ve been waiting months to write this and now I finally can:

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Ok, next thing is try and work cheesecakelessness into a drabble!

Challenge accepted, anon.

Kara puts the phone between her shoulder and her ear while she busies about the kitchen pulling out bowls and spoons and measuring cups and will she need a whisk? she shrugs and tosses it into the pile. 

The line rings and rings and she’s about to hang up and just fly over to the DEO when Alex finally picks up. She doesn’t even wait to let her get a greeting out.

“Do you have Eliza’s cheesecake recipe?”

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I'll never forget that Bangtan Bomb where Jimin was reacting to the Dope MV with Hobi he literally spent half the vid complimenting Jungkook and saying he was so handsome... it was like he saw Jungkook as a man for the first time LOL he was so shook 😂😂😂

Hello Anonie!
Sorry for not responding immediately, but you inspired me to watch it again and make this compilation of Jimin, losing it over Jungkook; while Hobi was all like “yeah, nice, yeah”, because, what else could he say? :D I love it, it’s hilarious.

First few seconds, Jungkook appears and Jimin starts with his praising…

The second time Jungkookie appears, Jimin doesn’t even say anything, he just has this expression and that says more than any words :D

I LOL’d hard at this one. Jungkook is not even in the view, he just runs around in the background when Jimin claims he’s “cute”.

Jiminie is astonished. (Who is that sexy policeman? Oh wait, that’s Jungkook.)

Jimin’s claiming Jungkook is good looking, part 2:

He likes what he’s seeing and he gives Jungkook cute nickname: “effects”. There’s no way he’s praising “effects” here :D

Annnnd he finishes just like he started, a.k.a, Jimin praising Jungkook and saying he’s good looking, part 3:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation to do this. :D This is for you, Anon! ♥ :) 

i don’t know what made me turn into this, but i’m always teetering on the edge of angel and monster. on days i am the monster, i am all gnashing teeth, broken bones, and fleshy skin being ripped apart. i am all red. pure agony. pure flame. i am a wildfire, lighting a match and tossing it onto the prettiest, most alive patch i can find, just to hear the branches scream, just to hear the trunks burning, as i myself, once did. i dance in the flames of betrayal and listen so intently to the screams. sometimes i think they’re coming from me. sometimes i think the flame hurts me more than it hurts the ones being burned. when i am an angel, i am all soft cloud and light. i am blue skies for days, with a little bit of rain and a whole lot of sunshine. i am holding hands and light kisses and cotton candy at the circus. i am all good. i am laughter and smiles and feeling bubbly inside like you’ve just drank champagne but you’re really just drunk on love. drunk on the fact that the sunshine feels so nice and right on your skin and that blood is pumping through your veins and that you are alive. when i am good, i am soaring. and some days, the most complicated ones, i am both. half angel, half monster. i climb through the six feet of dirt i lie under and drag everyone around me who tries to help down with me to take my place. i make stepping stones out of people so i can escape the dirt. but when i am out, i cry. i cry because this isn’t right. because humans are not stepping stones. they, we, are just flesh stretched over bone, encasing a heart and a brain and vital organs. i tear myself apart so people can feed on my limbs because i’d rather hear my own stomach growl than watch people starve. i give myself away so people can survive down where they are set to rest. on these days, i am half super hero and half villain. i am always half of this, and half of that, and every night, i wonder what led me to such a split and how i can become whole again.

surprising your boyfriend like

Bitty doesn’t like lying to his boyfriend. It’s not his style. If anything, he’s honest to a fault. It’s not his speed to perpetrate deceptions, much less relish him.

Oh, but this… this is really kind of fun.

When he first tells Jack he’ll be heading home for Christmas, Jack is visibly disappointed. His face falls, and he heaves a sigh before mustering up his stoic face and telling Bitty “I hope you have fun.”

Bitty feigns concern. “Oh, now, what will you do? I know you’re playing on Christmas Eve day, so I suppose you can’t go home to your parents’.”

Jack shakes his head. “I’ll make do. I’m sure someone on the team will have me over.” But the sad glisten in his eyes is almost enough to make Bitty break down and confess right there.


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She comes every night at 3am, and stays for ten minutes or so.

She’s never late, or absent. Her entrance is announced by a creak in the door and a shiver down my spine.

When she visits she murders all sound that isn’t her. Her footsteps echo in dead silence as she tip-toes around my room.

She doesn’t hurt me; quite the opposite, actually.

She tucks in the edges of my bed. She puts away my clothes. She blows out my candles. She acts like a mother and sounds like a friend, but I know better.

I don’t open my eyes when she visits. Not ever. Something tells me that would be very bad.

But in a way I do see her, or at least, a part of her; a lesser image burned into my mind by someone else. Her face is all wrong. I see rows of sharp teeth where her eyes should be, and two vertical slits ripped down her cheeks that flutter as she breathes. Her skin is slipping off under her aproned frock, but there’s no blood. Her body had been drained of it years ago.

I started leaving things untidy, because if there’s nothing to clean, she stands by my bedside.

And she watches me.

I can hear her irregular breathing; a sharp death rattle that makes me lose faith in religion. She’s never hurt me, but I can feel an ancient evil present when she’s around.

Ten minutes later, she’s gone again, and my bedroom is significantly more presentable. When daylight comes, I immediately dismantle her work.

For tomorrow night.

I realized it’s been exactly a year since I watched WOY for the first time and got super into it because it helps with stress like nothing else? I don’t have the time to marathon it again, but I can watch an ep or two during mealtimes, it still helps

I still hope there’ll be a season three, c’mon c’mon c’mon

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High school AU pls! Chocobros have been pining after the new exchange student in the hopes they'll notice them. How do the boys get their attention? (I'm fine with any high school scenario, it's up to you! Just give me teeth rotting fluff and I'll love you!)

Oh High School. *shakes fist* High School, teenagers mortal enemies! But because you’re such a sweetheart! Olive’s gonna do her best! <3



“There she goes again.” Prompto stated, as he and Noctis watched you move through the cafeteria, sitting beside Lunafreya and Ravus. “Why don’t you go talk to her?”

Noctis glanced toward the table, seeing Ravus glaring at him, it’s like the man knew when he was trying to look at you. “Well Ravus is one.”

Gladiolus clapped the smaller male on the back, “But you’re friends with Lunafreya, just ask her to put in a good word for you.”

Noctis waved it off, as he stared at the mistaken veggie patty he picked up, passing it off to Gladiolus. Lowering his head to rest on the table, his blue eyes locked to your profile, as you laughed with the two siblings, hoping that at some point you’d notice him.

“Dude, bell.” Prompto called, tapping Noctis head with his notebook.

Noctis yawned, getting up, in the moment his eyes left you, only to notice that you were walking toward him. Nervously he stood up straight bumping into Gladiolus who almost drowned in his 4th gatorade. When you turned toward him, smiling softly.

“Hi, Noctis.”

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Considering the nature of what I've been blogging lately,

I feel like I should clarify that I actually like Steven Universe, like a lot. When the show is good it’s really fucking good like I think ‘Mr. Greg’ is one of my favourite tv episodes (maybe cause I just really love Greg Universe or the fact that it’s a great way of using music to tell or a story or that pearl finally gets closure for rose or, I don’t know I could go on forever)

But I can’t really deny the fact that this season has really dropped in quality as of late in both art and story telling which is not uncommon sometimes tv shows dip in quality it happens (whether it’s okay is a different argument entirely but nothing is perfect)

I’ve lost the point of this post…basically just because I enjoy critiquing something doesn’t mean I dislike it in this case it’s actually the opposite.

Note to self never watch the perks of being a wallflower ever again, it will only bring you pain and sadness. I’m far too much like Charlie, except I have no interests and I never go out.


The crossover is two weeks away and I SRSLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT  and the fact that they’re gonna get stripped of their powers and can’t do anything but sing is gonna be so epic 

this hits me hard because as a 14 year old kid (way back in 2010-2011) I used to watch these three in Glee  and I couldn’t be happier that they’re getting this kind of opportunity again SALJFGKNUGHKJF MY C H I L D H O O D 

One day I’ll learn to love again without holding back. I’ll love fully and unconditionally, as if my heart was still a delicate bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Despite being hurt so many times, I still believe in love and all the beautiful things it stands for. I believe there will be someone that teaches me that I can be happy without expecting consequences. That I will never cry myself to sleep at night wondering if I’m good enough. I believe I’ll forget the feeling of being lost because I’ll find someone who is home to me. I know the dark days will still exist but I have survived them all and today I stand taller than I have before. I’ll be ready to face the dark and demons again with someone that deserves to watch me learn how to love again and we’ll survive. Love will survive.
—  I’m still a believer

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i wanna hear all about the cursed child when you finish it haha i've only seen spoilers so far but oh boy lol


a) everything Scorpius Malfoy says and does will make you want to strap on armour and charge into battle for love of him, 

b) one of Scorpius’s first lines is ‘I’ve always regarded the Pepper Imp as the king of the confectionary bag’, which renders the whole Everyone Thinks Scorpius Is Voldemort’s Son subplot/mystery UTTERLY UNNECESSARY because OF COURSE THIS RIDICULOUS CHILD IS THE FRUIT OF DRACO MALFOY’S LOINS, 

c) Draco gets some weighty shit to say/is just Redemption Arc AF all the way through, so 


e) Draco gets to join The Gang for World-Saving Hijinks, which means 

f) some scenes are DRARRY AF AS FUCK, but mainly 

g) everything about this play will make you Team Malfoy Forever, holy shit, like, wtf, 

h) at one point Harry and Draco are duelling and Draco goes ‘Keep up, old man’ and Harry’s like ‘WE’RE THE SAME AGE, DRACO’ which made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down for a good five minutes, 

i) it also bears mentioning that RON AND HERMIONE ARE IN LOVE IN EVERY TIMELINE, god bless @whoever the hell wrote this thing, 

j) speaking of whoever wrote this thing, they took the whole ‘Harry couldn’t really hear the commentary during the first Triwizard Task very well from his position in the Champions’ Tent’ and handed us Ludo Bagman yelling DOG DIGGITY, CEDRIC DIGGORY, YOU ARE A DOGGY DYNAMO! which I will be forever thankful for, 

k) Albus and Scorpius make their great escape off the Hogwarts Express while it’s in motion and the trolley witch turns into a terrifying Immortal Guardian of the Train and hurls explosive pasties at them, while casually dropping into the admittedly weird conversation that Fred’n’George and the Marauders all tried to get off the train while it was moving, EMPHASIS ON ‘TRIED’, 

l) turns out my SCORP LAD WOT LAD “joke” was completely inaccurate as, world-ending and illegal shenanigans aside, Scorpius and Albus are BORING NERDS, but 

m) their entire relationship is a personification of the ‘I would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining’ text post, and 

n) I am 100% positive that by the time they turn 16 they will be Experimenting and Laughing It Off while also Staring Wistfully At Each Other While The Other One’s Not Paying Attention, because oh my god, they are completely smitten with each other, LITERALLY, 

o) when plot things happen and Harry won’t let them see each other anymore, there’s an ENTIRE MONTAGE of them being DESOLATE AND DISTRAUGHT, the word “heartbroken” is used about both of them, Draco bursts into Harry and Ginny’s house like ‘MY SON IS IN TEARS POTTER, WTF’, it’s all very Fraught and Forbidden Romance-y, and when they’re allowed to be friends again they’re like ‘you’re… the best person I know… you… make me stronger…’ ‘…!! … that’s so nice… I didn’t like my life without you in it… !!!’ and then Albus tells Scorpius he’s kind from the depths of his belly to the tips of his fingers which is the most ROMANTIC SHIT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE, ALBUS POTTER GOT GAME SON, but anyway, they’re in love, fight me, WHAT ELSE? 

p) Harry does all the cooking, 

q) Draco gets excited about a farmer’s market, 

r) Ron is the fucking best person on planet earth, probably, 

s) Harry and Draco burst into Slytherin and try to get up to the dormitory to find Albus and Scorpius and this one kid is yelling at them like ‘PARENTS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE COMMON ROOMS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF-’ and McGonagall just appears and says ‘Please don’t be tiresome, Craig’ and honestly if I was Craig I’d never show my face again, 

t) I forgot to mention that in the weird Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU Scorpius gets to talk to Snape and blah blah blah plot Snape is giving him a pep talk like ‘Think about Albus. You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right? One person. All it takes is one person.’ which is just… indescribably romo, and 

u) in the Voldemort Day Blood Ball Scorpion King AU dark Draco Malfoy is still better at dadding than regular timeline Harry Potter, which I don’t think any of us saw coming, 

v) Harry asks Draco what he wanted to do as a grown-up when he was a kid and Draco says ‘Quidditch. But I wasn’t good enough. Mainly I wanted to be happy.’ which is honestly just fucking savage and I can’t believe I lived through it, ALSO I had to read the line ‘It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy’ with my own eyes, so I’m taking tomorrow off work, 

w) this incredibly soul-baring and candid convo comes on the heels of HARRY COMING FOR DUMBLEDORE(’S PORTRAIT) ABOUT HOW DUMBLEDORE TREATED HARRY AND I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE. he yells at Dumbledore until Dumbledore is LITERALLY WEEPING. I don’t even want to tell you what he says because you all need to experience that moment of cleansing rightness in your lives, 

x) despite all the batshit plot things, the play actually deals with all the characters’ traumas FAR BETTER than the series ever did. we get actual GINNY and TOM RIDDLE shit in this play guys! it gets talked about! how it affected Ginny gets talked about! Harry has nightmares! Harry vents his feelings! Draco tells Harry about how alone he felt and how that sent him to such a bad place! Draco, Ginny and Harry understand each other and bond over shared trauma! who the fuck expected this! not fucking me! 

y) I was emotional as hell throughout because I’m nothing if not dramatic but there’s a bit towards the very end involving HAGRID, THE BEST DUDE, that legit made me sob my little heart out from the agony of two decades’ worth of accumulated feelings about this series, 

 z) so yeah. Harry has to watch his parents die because Albus is a rebellious little emo gobshite who got a crush on a live-action DeviantArt OC from 2005 called Delphi who has silvery-blue hair and is secretly Voldemort and Bellatrix’s lovechild, BUT WHO CARES, I FUCKING LOVE HARRY POTTER AND I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE READING THIS OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED CRACKFIC, 10/10, WOULD EXPERIENCE PURE JOY AGAIN!!!!!

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I'll give you two-three because I am a huge advantage-taker. Essa Tabris, Lea Surana, and Zevran in the same scene looking at something outside the frame, with following expressions (who expresses what is up to you): the "now I've seen all", "i've become depressed" and "not again". In 27 because it also has a heinous yellow in it. Good luck if you decide to embark.

this palette is SOMETHING ELSE.


Since the Voltron anniversary is here, I decided to draw a thing! 

I never thought I’d like a show like Voltron, but after just putting it on in the background while I draw one day, it caught my attention. So I sat down and watched it. Then watched it again. Then again. Ahaha. The fandom isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. We can all just get along and pile up like the paladins. They are a big ol’ family!

Also Shiro is mostly hidden hahaha