but i'll watch it again because


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


He woke tho

Watched episode 9 of Yuri!!! on Ice.


Rewatched it.


Realized there are only 3 episodes left.

Crying forever.

Honestly, I severely underreacted to the trailer because the moment I watched it, I phased through several planes of existence and remained frozen in shock for 24 hours straight, contemplating all I’ve ever known and finally coming to a conclusion that after 13 years of waiting I’ll watch Samurai Jack again.

I can still barely wrap my head around it. I’ve ascended, descended and transcended 14 times by now, went through stages of shock, hysterical laughter and actual tears. I’m not a religious person, but I can only assume this is what a religious experience feels like.

Samurai Jack 2017 saved my life tbh.

And you think you’re over it. But then a picture pops up online of him and the girl that’s not you, and it hits you all over again. Because you watched him choose her. You watched them fall in love. And you really thought you had let it go, but then you hear her talk about him, mentioning things about him that you never knew, and you can just picture them dancing, his jacket around her shoulders, and him telling his best friend back home that he’s found the One.

And maybe, someday, a couple of weeks or months from now, you really will be over it. You’ll be able to look at them and be happy that they found each other. Just not today, not yet.
—  d.e.m. 

Note to self never watch the perks of being a wallflower ever again, it will only bring you pain and sadness. I’m far too much like Charlie, except I have no interests and I never go out.

My heartbreak wasn’t romantic like they make it seem in the movies. It wasn’t beautiful and it sure it wasn’t poetic.
It was binge watching netflix and eating pint after pint of Ben and Jerry’s. It was avoiding public places in order to avoid him. It was collapsing to the ground in the shower and letting the water burn my skin to try and rid him. It was punching the steering wheel because I saw another damn SUV that looked like his. It was leaving school because I passed him in the halls with another girl and lost it yet again. In fact, I was constantly losing it. It was constant tears. Tears at home, tears at work, tears in class, tears trying to drive, tears eating breakfast, tears doing my make up, just always tears. It was painful and raw and real, not romantic.
—  @needumost

The crossover is two weeks away and I SRSLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT  and the fact that they’re gonna get stripped of their powers and can’t do anything but sing is gonna be so epic 

this hits me hard because as a 14 year old kid (way back in 2010-2011) I used to watch these three in Glee  and I couldn’t be happier that they’re getting this kind of opportunity again SALJFGKNUGHKJF MY C H I L D H O O D 

You told me that someday we could leave it all behind and start all over, but I’ve been waiting so long that I lost track of time. I watch days bleed into nights, stars fade against the brightening sky, and that one day, our someday, slips through my fingers like water. The old wounds haven’t healed and my heart’s still aching because I don’t know when someday begins and the damned present becomes the past and you’ll stand in the doorframe again, with open arms and your heart on your sleeve. When you said someday we could have our forever, I didn’t know waiting would end up tearing me apart.
—  Someday
She held on so tight to him that her knuckles whitened against his skin and her friends said “he’s not worth it”, and her mother said “I can’t bear watching him hurt you over and over again”, and he took her hands in his and said “I’ll make you happy again” and it was the only word that stuck with her. Happy. Because she’d spent her life chasing happiness and confusing it with feeling safe for a heartbeat, with being wanted by someone else from time to time. And that was why she’d stayed, because she’d been running after what they once had, what they’d lost along the way for so long that she didn’t remember what it was like to experience happiness on her own.
So she took her time recreating that feeling and filling that empty hole in her chest and realised happiness came in different forms. She felt its warmth when she shared fries with her best friend at midnight, when she read a good book and was drawn into its foreign world, when she poured her heart out to someone she loved and felt the weight on her shoulders lessen word for word. When she danced until her feet hurt, when she simply wasted time watching the sunset or paying attention to the beautiful little things happening all around her, and when she took care of herself.
And when she had finally found herself, she could tell the real happiness from the fake happiness and set herself free.
—  evening thoughts #47

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All resized because the video was stretched, still not scan quality but definitely clearer (just try to ignore the Gohan ad thing on the one- lol).

I was watching Transformers Prime again and I kept noticing how Soundwave would project live security footage or computer screens on his mask and people (mostly Megatron) would just stare into his mask and watch. It got me thinking: do you think he’s ever tried to show something to someone something, but the image was too small and too far away, so they grabbed the sides of his face and tilted it so they could see better? Maybe someone pulls him down a bit because they’re short, or a tall person gently tilts his chin up, or someone gets literally in his face because they can’t see the tiny details otherwise?

(How awkward would that be, especially if he has a face behind the mask and can see them through the projection?)

anonymous asked:

(I hope this doesn't come off as rushy or rude or something, IM JUST WONDERING) I was going through your blog and saw that an earlier anon had said something something about a cute scenario where Alya teaches Nino to dance and the class is watching and internally dying because it's so fluffy, and you said you might draw something for it (IM SO SORRY IF THAT CAME OFF AS DEMANDING OR SOMETHING). I was just wondering, have you? (AGAIN IM SORRY IF THAT SOUNDS DEMANDING AAAAAA)

i haven’t T^T its so cute thou i wish i had


Hairstyle meme for Fael, I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. It’s basically How Many Different Way can you ruffle short hair. Captions for further infos! 

Bonus, facial paint/vallaslin enhancement  following @99elfroot​‘s idea 8D:

“I owe him that much.”

No. You had to watch him walk away. You had to wonder why or when you stopped being enough. You had to learn how to stop loving him with all you had. You had to keep on breathing even when you felt like you would rather die. You had to cry yourself to sleep every night because you gave him pieces of yourself you will never get back. You had to avoid eye contact when you ran into him again because looking into his eyes was suddenly too personal. You had to keep driving inside the lines even when your mind entertained the darkest thoughts of veering left just a little too far. You had to make yourself get up in the morning. You had to watch his life in pictures, smiling just fine without a trace of you left on him. You had to deal with the aftermath of trust issues, betrayal, and depression. You. You. You.

You owe him nothing.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #42 // “breaking up is hard to do”
Don’t hate on his new girlfriend, it’ll only break your heart more. Don’t stalk her over social media while questioning yourself why you weren’t enough. Don’t stain your wrists with blood just because he’s holding her hands instead of yours. I know it’s hard to see your ex fall in love with someone else but remember someday he’ll watch you fall in love again too.

An advice I got after my breakup// S.M

By @saniamushtaq123

Zexal Month - Day 1 - Favorite Character

I wasn’t expecting to love Yuma as much as I do now. I was actually very much dreading watching Zexal because of him, after finishing 5ds and all, but he is now the reason I love Zexal so much… A lot of my favorite characters are usually my favorites for some sentimental reason, but I truly mean it when I say that Yuma made my life so much better, and his kattobingu continues to inspire me, as corny as that may sound… 

He’s one of the most loving characters ever, constantly a beacon for others and always trying his hardest. His spirit and hope will always hold a special place in my heart c:

Okay but I have this stupid headcanon that Will is really touchy-feely with Nico because he watched him almost be consumed by shadow and lose himself. He has this little fear in the back of his mind that one day he’ll reach over and Nico will be gone completely, so now he touches Nico all the time just to reassure himself that he’s still there. Like he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and reach for Nico, and even the barest touch is enough to make him feel at ease again.

Some Things I Learned from NCT's latest V-app

- There’s actually something Taeyong can’t do super well and that’s ride a hoverboard

- Haechan is a needy person who must always be in front of the camera, even if that means dragging Taeil around the practice room with him

- Chenle is the cutest and so enthusiastic it’s adorable

- Taeyong still calls NCT Dream babies and that’s also adorable

- Chinese line stick together!!!

- Don’t wait to pick Taeyong; he will actually think no one wanted him


- Jisung has amazing confidence and stage presence but still gets shy when the camera come to him

- Everyone likes to hold hands and I’m all for that

- NCT is one big family and I want them to stay together forever and be happy and healthy and yea I love NCT