but i'll try really hard not to

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡

ok so, usually even for my big pieces, i tend to only spend about 4-5 hours on them, BUT GODDAMN I’ve spent like….15+ hours on this?? I’m exhausted. I feel like it really paid off though???? I mean I’m really happy with it. I’m also trying to be more art positive, so I’m forcing myself to like it (ง'̀-‘́)ง

I feel like maybe one of the reasons Noct x Luna doesn’t get more love is because maybe people are at some base level rejecting the idea that the arranged marriage could have played a part in their developing emotions.

From the time they first meet, they love each other, but obviously not in a romantic way. They’re children. He’s 8, she’s 12, they’re *both* children. And it’s the only confirmed face-to-face time we know about them having before the game.

But they love each other so much from that time on. They both admire each other deeply and the other becomes a driving force for them. Noctis wants to fulfill his childhood promises to her. Luna as Oracle wants to support her King on his road.

They both know the other is capable of amazing things. And those abilities awe and inspire them to be an even better version of themselves.

These children are never given the luxury of thinking of things in short-term, either. Everything they do, they have to think of in long term. They have to think of effects down the years. They both mature so quickly in a lot of ways. They’re pragmatic by necessity, and their adoration of each other is the only selfish thing they hold onto. Because it’s safe. Because it can only help them in their duties. Because they are the only ones who can relate on an equal field to each other.

That love and adoration grows through the years. As they further mature, as they take on more and more tasks… They have no time to think of things like romance, they have no time to FIND love.

And then they’re promised to each other.

What a relief that must have been, circumstances aside.

As rulers and as those carrying a specific kind of magic, they need to continue their bloodlines. It’s part of their duty, and they both are bound by and PROUD of their duties.

To know that you’ll be with your best friend… Someone who you admire so completely, someone who makes you feel calm when you think their name, someone you know you can rely on, who knows your weaknesses and who supports you, who completes you, who makes you better….

Oh, what a relief.

And then to know it’s coming, their thoughts can shift. They’re allowed. They have that freedom, it’s been given to them, promised to them as they were promised to each other. And so when they think of each other, they can think of a future together. One where they can actually see each other freely, which they had been unable to do with no freedom in sight.

And feelings change and develop into something more.

 fancy date :D

at the end of the day it’s you. it’s you who has to make sure that you’re okay.

it’s you who has to hold yourself.

it’s you who has to decided to keep going.

sure making some tea will make you feel okay but you really do have to make sure you’re okay.

you have to keep holding on and keep trying, it’s hard out here, I know that.

it’s you and you can do it.

you can do whatever you want to do because you are strong and you’ve made it so far.

—  words i have to tell myself every so often

I got a drawing pad today, I really had to try it and practice a little, and this is basically the best example for what happens when I start doodling for practice xD

I need to improve though doodling with this thing is kinda hard

I just love the idea of Tony thinking–absolutely knowing, really, one hundred percent ready to fight about it–that Rhodey’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.

And then I had this idea of, what if, back at MIT, Tony would give Rhodey massages. Rhodey was ROTC, right? He must’ve been sore sometimes. Like really sore. And Tony figured, foot massage, neck and shoulder massage, sure, the human body isn’t that hard to figure out.

If people saw them, they’d call it gay, and the two of them would chuckle nervously and back off immediately. Can’t have the other know they feel that way. Rhodey can’t be thought of as queer, not with the military in his sights, and Tony, Tony likes causing scandals but he has a very structured, straight destiny waiting for him too.

And then Rhodey’s fucked up his thigh so Tony tells him to strip down to his underwear, nervous the entire time but trying not to show it, Rhodey stumbling out of his jeans, lying down on the bed, and Tony works the muscle with careful, reverent fingers, and it’s an unspoken tension in the air, this obvious thing, that this isn’t just bros being nice anymore.

Their first kiss is after one of these massages, relaxed and with endorphins flowing. Tony tries to run but Rhodey doesn’t let him. They work it out.

(Their first time having sex doesn’t involve a massage but many thereafter do, irregardless of whether sex or massage is supposed to be the main event. Tony jokes he gives the best happy endings but really he just wants to touch every inch of Rhodey’s body).

And it’s been years, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been appealed, Tony runs his own life now, they’re not trapped to these little private moments in bedrooms anymore. But Rhodey’s sore every day, constantly, because it turns out being paralyzed is the worst workout of Rhodey’s life. Wheelchairs take a whole new muscle group developed to its finest. The braces beat the hell out of him.

Some nights it’s just rubbing Rhodey’s shoulders for him, some nights it’s full body massages that take as long as Tony can physically make them, but here’s his concrete way to feel like he’s really helping Rhodey out, and appreciate Rhodey’s forever beautiful form, all at the same time.

When Rhodey says Tony’s greatest asset is his hands he of course means in the way of what he’s built with them, but there are things Tony does with those hands that are just for him, and the two of them have come a long way from furtive foot massages in dorm rooms.

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*gives you the biggest, warmest hug* you've got this, sunshine! being an adult and doing adult things is hard sometimes, but I know you can do it! -moon

*hugs back* thank you so much!! It really means a lot that you said that ^-^ I’ll try my best! Thank you so much moon

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Oh my gosh! I reached 6k+ and I really am thankful for this! I wanted to post this today since BTS recently won another daesang. I’m so thankful to be in this fandom even though we have our ups and downs. Let’s work hard and continue to reach up high for the boys! Again, thank you and I love you ~ ♡

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