but i'll try again sometime

With the release of stormblood, I’ll be changing my spoiler tags around a little!

I’ll be tagging all 4.0 related spoilers “4.0 spoilers". I am already tagging hype stuff this in case people wish to avoid the hype/find out what happens on patch day, but will stop tagging hype stuff that on june 16, and it will become solely for spoilers that reveal something about the plot.

Everything related to 4.0 that doesn’t give any hints about the plot will be tagged “4.0 appearance”. This is so that people who want to see things for the first time firsthand can avoid scenery shots and stuff like that.

“3.0 spoilers” will remain my tag heavensward content, but all spoilers relevant to subsequent patches will simply be tagged “3.X spoilers” as tbh I cant remember what happened when anymore already. “2.0 spoilers” and “2.X spoilers” follow the same principle. if you are new to XIV, please block these tags to avoid spoiling!

tagging stuff from liveletters and other limited notes that people can choose not to watch “liveletter spoilers” as I know there are people out there who prefer to be surprised.

Stay safe from spoilers, and please enjoy the expansion soon!


What would you like? I’d like my money’s worth.
                               Try explaining a life bundled with episodes of this-
        swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood
on the first four knuckles.

                                                 We pull our boots on with both hands
but we can’t punch ourselves awake and all I can do
                 is stand on the curb and say…

Let It Go
Jessica Joy
Let It Go
"Let It Go" - Idina Menzel
- Requested by lots of anons

This is certainly not without mistakes and (as usual) I ended up changing it up. But as with any of my covers, it was just for fun! And yes, I realize that it’s hella slow in the beginning. That was on purpose. It just… felt right. It speeds up later. I probably should have kept trying until I was happier with this one, but whatever.

To allay some questions, no I don’t have sheet music or anything, I just played chords and raised them up half a step from the original.