but i'll try!!!

Months ago, I said I was going to close my blog because I had so many things to deal with, things related to college… I couldn’t focus on my exams, works and stuff. Right now, I’m almost done with my finals and then we have this break. I really needed time for myself, to fix my personal life and my college issues.
So… About ayoshidae, I honestly considered coming back many times but I knew it wasn’t the right time yet. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed my friends, I’ve missed interacting with people here, I’ve missed supporting my favorite groups and having fun with people here. Plus, snsd is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t miss it.
Finally, I’m reopening my blog. Sometimes we just need a break yk… but I’m glad I’m back! Thank you for the ones who supported me when I closed it and for the ones who are supporting me right now.
Maybe I won’t be as actived as I was before but… who knows, I’m willing to try again! The most important thing is that right now I can manage my life with tumblr and I’m ready to be back and be happy with my friends I’ve met here!
And also, thank you for the ones who still followed me and for 3k followers! I’m tagging some of my friends and my previous and adorable mutuals so they can know I’m back!
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06.27.17 // good afternoon!! sorry about the inactivity. i’ve been studying for the SAT and i started volunteering at a nearby hospital! but here’s a handwriting tag (that i was tagged in like 2 months ago by @studylilacs) :) have a nice day! 💗

i tag anyone that wants to do this handwriting tag as well!!

produce 101 requests

the first 11 requests are…

- boyfriend lee daehwi
- college kim samuel
- neighbors to lovers kim jonghyun
- soulmate kim jaehwan
- daycare kang daniel
- nature-related takada kenta
- classmate lai guanlin
- baker/chef yoo seonho
- boyfriend park woojin
- library bae jinyoung
- confession/friends to lovers jang moonbok (priority given because of the ask you sent!!)

i wasn’t expecting to get so many p101 requests?? i was in awe?? i’d just like to say thank you to all those who sent in a request, and congrats to those whose request made it!!

anonymous asked:

Oooooo Saeran are you a really good cook? :000

Saeran: Obviously. This moron can’t cook to save his life and we clearly cannot live on takeout and Honey Buddha chips forever.

Saeyoung: Saeran doesn’t let me go near the kitchen because apparently I myself am a fire hazard.

Saeran: You’d burn the house down just by touching the stove. I don’t trust you.

Saeyoung: And that’s why my amazing lil bro makes all our meals!! He’s so talented //sniffs and wipes away tears


So here’s that 14.1 FX lmao. Definitely overscored (9.1 E), but still very clean and tons of potential!

Popping in again to say thank you for being patient with me as I figure out real life stuff :///// it sucks hardcore, I have little time to sit down and write but I’m hoping to change that once doggie daycare stops this Friday. 

I’ve (understandably) lost a few followers so I wanted to drop a line and say I’m trying my best to get back in the groove. I really am burned out on school, why I decided to do the two-year program I don’t even know -.- 

I’m housesitting until next Friday so I’m going to try and pop in here and there! Otherwise Skype is always on : ) appreciate you guys!