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Last one of team blue: Brendan.

Brendan..oh Brendan. He sure got the bootie. But a bad attitude too. Everything is a game to him, both turf wars and private matters. He often disregards the feeling of others, as long as he has his fun, which makes him a prick on a daily basis. On rare occasions he CAN actually be serious. But…as said, rare occasions.

He wields the Lunar Blaster Neo and is the offensive part of the team. He likes to chase the opponents around and makes it a game to corner them.

  • Kylo:[yells something inappropriate about dicks]
  • Hux:....what's wrong with you this time?!
  • Kylo:You know, Hux... I just like dicks in general.
  • Hux:...
  • Phasma:...
  • Entire Starkiller Base:...
  • Hux:No.

The picture i finished in the stream! a little early for valentine’s day, but I had to draw my sons!
I also used it as some shading practice, and while it tok me a while, i had a lot of fun w/ it!
Thank you to everyone who came to the stream, hope to see you again soon!
Beat belongs to @succulentsquids, Mango belongs to me!

block-of-writers asked:

Yooooo I saw the pic you did of modern!AU Chrobin on Twitter and I'm curious: how do you think they met in that universe? Would it be something similar to in-game, or something different?

(Pic in ask)

Modern Au is one of those thing that I often thought about it, but never decided a definitive version… -since you asked, and since apparently you are not the only one curious about it, I have an idea! Tomorrow is the Hourly comic day, so instead of describe a very boring day, let’s take the opportunity to make a short story in strips form about it! Chrobin modern!AU - the beginning, one strips per hour for the whole time I’m awake.

Let me know what do you think about it, cause I’m pretty excicited to do it

undertale au where everything is exactly the same but everyone swears like there’s no tomorrow

“what a dickhead, torturing such a poor innocent youth”


“do you wanna have a bad fucking time, you little piece of shit?”

I decided to go ahead and intro.
I’m Demi Lovato. I sing, I act. I’ve done both on the Disney channel. But what I am the most is a dog mom. I have a small furball named Batman. He’s about the size of Donald Trump’s toupee. But a lot cuter. I’m a big believer in loving yourself and knowing that you’re beautiful with makeup and without it. Come to me on aim since I’m finally signed on.


@anon i’m about to go to work right now so i don’t have time to answer your ask (bc it’s going to turn into a novel i already know) but will answer later tonight !!!

i’ve been into embroidery lately and i have all these ideas i want to try but i still suck so

contemplating making a new blog

Nonbinary stuff and info on a thing

OKAY I wimped out last time on making an actual post and instead made one entirely in the tags, which was incredibly useless and I ended up deleting it a day after because it accomplished like jack shit.

sO. I’m going to be doing a thing. I think it’s mostly going to be interesting for nonbinary masc or neutral ftm folks (aka ppl in my boat) but anyways info below the cut. Is long but important. Also gonna keep reblogging this at intervals for a little while after.

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