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Boy oh boy… the price of freedom is steep.


Here are some ace Green icons! Feel free to use them without credit (though it would really be appreciated)!

with great power comes great responsibility
| Sword | not actually Inktober, but almost |

Aelin’s dress in Queen of Shadows is a dress of DREAMS 

I’m still cry about this face

I mean, if that’s not an embodiment of the flawless optimism, hope and just… emotional honesty that shows he’s not going to become Archer, I don’t know what is. Their debate and bold declarations during the battle are all very well, but in this little dumb understated moment you see it. This is a boy who’s been hurt countless times literally and figuratively, and knows he’s walking into a life where he’ll likely continue to be hurt, but he refuses to harbour any regrets or bitterness. He truly wears his heart on his sleeve; what you see is what you get, and he is sincerely smiling even in the craziest and most dangerous of times.

It’s also just cute because :D! girlfriend! :D Rin is here Rin is okay yay :D I guess I nearly died but :D :D :D