but i'll still watch all his movies!

Ok guys. Tonight might be thing night. Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda might make history and become the third person to achieve the status of a PEGOT Winner.

The other two being Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch.


post oscars edit: guys, he still got nominated. he’s still a winner technically. he may not have the fancy little statue or envelope, but he’s got all of us behind him to support him! There’s always next year! at the speed he’s going, his possibilities are endless.

@emitsdeath Okay a few thing and then I’ll stop 

Jason eating all of Slade’s food but ribs and shoulder blades still protruding like he didn’t just eat half his body weight

Jason getting cold and begrudgingly cuddling against Slade’s side, shivering and sniffling 

Little bird going to slade to patch him up after getting shot because he doesn’t want Dick to worry

Jason falling asleep in between Dick and Slade while watching a movie and just slumping on the assassin

Little boy getting a terrible fever and just so cuddly and hurting and won’t let go of Slade because he doesn’t want to be alone

Jason slowly taking all of Slade’s hoddies that go down to his bruised knees and sleeping in them

Jason playing with Slade’s swords when he thinks no one is watching

Jason having a good childhood and doing cute things with Slade as he learns better social skills and how to trust people and just tiny bird cuddling assassins