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hey sarai, what about an updated list of bloggers that make gifs, icons, edits and stuff? i saw the shout out you reblogged a few weeks ago and because of it i followed all of them

hey that’s a good idea. this list includes new blogs from before and probably missing some bc idk urls anymore..pretty sure i forgot some, too. (ever since the mobile update that listed followed blogs from alphabetically to most recent, i’ve been mixed up) also i just listed blogs that i know make gifsets, edits, and so on and i also noted what games they seem to go for.

(in alphabetical order)

@a-ripley - you want to talk about speed of content production? wth, i don’t know how they do it honestly. just all around a great blog with even greater gifs. a little bit of everything tbh, i don’t know where to start.

@captainwesker - riley has a really aesthetically pleasing talent with edits and gifsets and i find i’m very inspired by their stuff. also, their playlist making skills?? how ? resident evil, final fantasy xv, and some more.

@danamercers - the amount of content justine puts out is inspiring and each time it’s amazing. her scene choice is also worth mentioning bc i really think that’s a skill of its own. also the aesthetic posts!! a whole lot of games lol but most recently (that i can tell) resident evil, prototype, etc.

@darknatalia - g od, rebecca’s colorings!! i can’t get over them! also, her gifs in general are very high quality and she’s pro-mia winters. makes for resident evil.

@evilwvergil - momiji is quite possibly the nicest person ever and i’m convinced she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. that being said, she makes amazing and completely original things. her art is incredible, too. resident evil, dmc, mgs, etc.

@kkarnaca - ami and i have been mutuals since the jurassic era and even since then she’s been making consistently incredible gifsets/edits. idk how she does it. most recently dishonored (thnk u lord), the wold among us, tomb raider, etc.

@kousuisetsu - crystal is active again, woooo! the original gif/edit inspiration for me honestly and she still is to this day. from one game to another, she’s doing amazingly every time. wow. mostly final fantasy but also occasionally resident evil and maybe resonance of fate. there’s more.

@mercysblaster - a great icon creator with very nice coloring and cropping styles. most notably (and for me recognizably) makes for overwatch.

@nlghtwlngs - master of simplistic edits honestly. everything they make is legendary. pretty much the only reason the gaming industry is still going is bc of their edits/gifs. overwatch and just a whole lot tbh.

@raccoonscity - ashley is, imo, fearless when it comes to gifs and edits bc it seems like she goes for it and never fails. master of aesthetics. what a pure human, sheesh. resident evil and kindgom hearts mostly.

@theboss - alex’s 540px gifs are particularly note worthy and while they might say something about comprising for the gif limit, i’m still wondering how they got their gif to look so good. metal gear solid and resident evil.

@tracerwidows - elizabeth is like…royalty, pretty much. amazing at creating gifsets and has a great eye for style and coloring. i can usually tell when it’s something of their’s w/o needing to see the source. a little of everything tbh but definitely resident evil, bayonetta, mgs, SHEVA (thnks 4 that), some overwatch and so on.

@v-jolt - where anna finds time and the capability to be original all the time..?? tell me, i’m dying to know seriously. just such great content and so consistent wow! anna is a neccessity on tumblr. resident evil, silent hill, the evil within.

@zaeedsmassani - jc is an all around fantastic person. so nice. she makes great gifs and has been very consistent from the beginning. she’s not afraid to try new styles it seems. very good creations. oh dang uh… mass effect, resident evil, gears of war, deus ex, and so on.

i’m getting a gut feeling socif you’re not on here, i didn’t purposely not add you. i don’t know where you are or i messed up, my bad!

D̴͓͉̭͎̻̠ͣͣͣi͉͍̼̼̟̲̠̝̘̋͒ͫ͂̂̒̚̕D̹͖͎ͪ̊͛ͤ͆ͫ̀͜ ̨̀ͣͤ̋̌ͧ͐ͪ͏̶̮Ÿ̛͔̭̠̗̯̠̓̃́o̜͍̣̮͉̯̯̪͚̿ͥ̆̽͋̈ͣ̅̇U̖̜̝̭̩̲͈͌͐̐͑ͨ̓͋̉̚ ̶͔̩̟͍̫̙̭ͨͧ̎̍̔̌͢M͇̗̻̹̮͇͙̹͐͌̑ͭ͒̀̐̀͟͝ͅi̸̢̧̠̬̩ͬͪ͒̂̅͒̚̚ͅS̫͖̲̳͖ͦ͗͂́̕͞S͖̘͇̦̫̼̾ͨͬ͌̚͢ͅ ͉͈̪͈͋̓̍͡m̧̬͌͆͌̋̄ͤ̑ͅE̸̢̻̞̺͒ͫ͋̈́ͅͅ?̨̖̬̘̝͚͋͊̓̑̇̇͒ͅ

So, you know the guy who proclaimed “There’s been a mistake.  Moonlight – you guys won Best Picture” and held up the card for everyone to see?  The guy who thought he had just won an Oscar only to realize he hadn’t and was probably humiliated, but was only concerned with making sure sure everyone knew Moonlight was the winner?  The guy who SHUT DOWN Kimmel’s “I would like to see you get an Oscar anyway – why can’t we just give out a whole bunch of ‘em?” with a very deliberate “I’m gonna be really proud to hand this to my friends from Moonlight?”  The guy who, when the cast, producers, and director of Moonlight came on stage, immediately went over to hand them their Oscar and to hug every one of them?

His name is Jordan Horowitz and HE IS JEWISH and I am proud.

I wanted to try drawing the outfits shown at the New York Toy Fair 2017. The picture I went off from wasn’t very big so there’s probably lots of mistakes /(.-.)

  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!

Fantasy Iwaoi


ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

  • Piper: Why am I not a banana?
  • Annabeth: Because your genetic code dictates that you are human. However, it should please you to know that you share 50-60% of your DNA with a banana.
  • Piper: Woah, thanks, Annabeth
  • Percy: Are you telling me that some people are 10% more banana than other people?