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flower crown Frodo icons (pt. 1)

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Catch and Return (sickfic, cold)

Notes: I have no idea what I’m doing, but here’s the first of my OC sickfic/snzfic anthology featuring GingerSnap (Liam and Elliott)! I don’t really know how to introduce them because I’ve had so much info about them for so long that I don’t know where to start with giving background. So I’m basically going to post a bunch of drabbles from scattered points in their relationship (it goes on and off, but…more details as the need arises). If you’re interested in knowing more about them, there are brief bios here.

Elliott is asleep when Liam finally gets in. He’s only barely made it through his shift, and now he’s just as sniffly and sneezy as Elliott was this morning. It was the very reason he’d told Elliott to stay home and rest for the day, and left him curled up with a blanket on the couch.

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Happy birthday TAKAO!! (21/11)

This is the more romantic I get, thanks to the lucky item of 21/11 for scorpio (that was “coincidentally” in first place) Purse and the color blue.

somehow also “””coincidentally””” the second place was cancer with a cough drop and pink.

Really wanted to finish this a day ago but…things happen orz, also sorry for the long post

 i really wanted to participate in something like takao week but i just hadn’t time..so at least the birthday one \o/ 

in response to Robb Stark hate I’ve seen floating about:

he’s a kid. literally. he’s thirteen at the start of the series, sixteen when he dies. he’s a teenaged boy who has a fuckton of responsibility placed suddenly on him, who’s ill-equipped to deal with them bc he’s never been taught about how to be a king, just how to be a lord of Winterfell - and Winterfell is pretty tiny, when compared to, you know, having to be lord over the North, which is said to be bigger than all the other kingdoms put together.

did he fuck up? well, yes. he’s a kid, fuck-ups are going to be had, because he’s a goddamn teenager in a position of power. he can’t trade the Kingslayer for his sisters because, as he sees it, his bannermen - you know, the people who MADE him king - would not be too pleased that he traded a very valuable hostage in turn for two girls. (he also later admits to his mother that he should’ve traded the Kingslayer for his sisters, anyway - he cares, deeply, for his siblings, he’s the sort of person who would befriend his dad’s bastard and his dad’s ward, both of whom are frowned upon as friends by his mom, and keep them as friends for years. the thing is, when you’re in a position of leadership? you HAVE to put ties of friendship and family aside, for the good of the kingdom, and that’s what Robb finds himself doing re: keeping Jaime Lannister as a hostage.)

was bedding Jeyne Westerling smart? heavens, no. but you have to remember, at this point, he’s just come out of a fever, he’s just learned his best friend took his home and killed his brothers, he’s been bottling up his own grief about his father’s death for a while, and he’s been fighting a war. not only that, but nobody would’ve blamed him, I suppose, if he’d just not married Jeyne W. but he did, because he remembers how his mother would treat Jon Snow, and he doesn’t want Jeyne’s kid to grow up a bastard, because he’s seen what a life that would be. (and Jon was one of those who was privileged enough to be acknowledged and folded into the family.) also he is a goddamn teenager under a lot of stress.

plus: he’s a great strategist, you think he didn’t at least weigh the pros and cons of this? he did, he definitely did, but he went through with it anyway because he didn’t want Jeyne’s honor to be tarnished. JEYNE’S honor. Robb considers other people in his decisions too, especially those who might be most affected. I’m still not saying it was a smart decision - a lot of the time I just look at Robb in the books and sigh deeply in his direction like “I am so embarrassed for you” - but to him, it was the right one to make.

and also: for all that he fucked up, he did surprisingly well as a king. look at the other boy kings in this setting: Joffrey Baratheon? complete and utter prick, fires crossbow bolts into crowds just for the hell of it, also abusive towards Sansa. Tommen Baratheon? he is a fucking kid, he’s nine years old (I think?) and while he is a great deal nicer he can also be easily manipulated by the adults around him into making decisions that do not bode well for the people of Westeros. Robb manages to win all his battles, in contrast, and the respect of his bannermen as well, and to top it off, he’s a decent person at heart. yes, he does fuck up, but this is Westeros - who hasn’t, at one point or another, Fucked Up?

so, tl;dr: Robb Stark is a kid, goddammit, do not shit on him. he already has enough shit to deal with.

I’m picturing Simon and Lucy reuning their families for lunch at the palace to tell them the big news about Lucy’s pregnancy and when they say it everyone happily runs to them while the rest of the Heap boys is still at the table like

anonymous asked:

"No it's not a hippo, it's just drew carey."

Ahh, gotta love Ryan’s hoedowns~ xDxD

I just used this as an excuse to actually draw Drew as a hippo xD Now my mind is trying to figure out who would be which animal in this AU (and then I remember that I can’t really draw animals so… Yeah~ xD)

I hope it’s okey! :D
//Finished version is worse than sketch… And that basically sums up my entire blog~ xD//


the gang’s here! seeing as I’m doing a clean install of the game, I decided to get my characters’ presets in order. so why not take some cute pics, right? (shh I know the Bran one isn’t new). in order:

Evangeline, Brandon; Kieran, Sal; Rafael, Tabitha

my birthday is on the first of june which is two weeks away which is the perfect time to start not being able to shut up about it. so if you love me or like me or think i make decent posts sometimes and you want to buy me one of the ebooks on this list or chuck me a couple of dollars in aid of me buying an ebook from that list…….. let me know and i’ll explain how. i love you all please at least one person do this or ill be really embarrassed.

(aaaaaand that gives me an excuse to get this idea out)

Ellen Ripley and co. move as Far from Weyland-Yutani jurisdiction as they can while remaining semi-close to Earth; probably a station on or around Mars.

Amanda (after a very tearful reunion and sharing of various xeno-related horror stories) would mention to her mother that she had been seeing someone.

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