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This is where I leave you. Here, where
all the kisses we shared are scattered
on the floor like war wreckage. Who
fought more, I wonder? My hands are
bloodier than yours, my cuts deeper. I have always loved with wild abandon while you were always so safe, so
careful. Why are you standing there
with one foot out of the door? I’m not
surprised, you always have. Say you love me but not enough to stay, not enough to clean this up. It’s too messy, my heart and dreams are all over this
place like tattered wallpaper, where is
yours? Is it in the suitcase, is it whole? This is where I leave you darling,
I will try not to look back, I will try not to look at the pictures on the wall, I will try not to love you anymore because it hurts, it hurts.
—  this is not home anymore // Genefe Navilon
I’m sorry for promising to love you foever and then giving up only after a while of us being together. I’m sorry my voice became your favourite sound and my scent became your favourite smell. I’m sorry my eyes became your favourite colour, I’m sorry I became your home. I’m mostly sorry for breaking your heart and leaving you alone.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Apology to the love of my life #5.

I’m sitting on a train next to a little girl and her father

The dad got up from his seat while the girl was still sleeping

She woke up but wasn’t worried as to where her father went mean while I was terrified

She gave me a look and said “Don’t worry he will come back he would never leave me”

Soon enough the father came back and kissed her on her forehead

She then again whispered into my ear
Saying “When someone loves you with all of their heart they will always return to you they will always find there way back they would never leave you forever.”

I realized from that day on you never truly loved me….and I’ve been waiting for you but you left me forever…

—  The lesson I learned from a little girl named Charlotte // Xspeak ( speakquotesx.tumblr.com )

Now  before I get back to my homework for a little while, please consider: a power swap Gradence AU set in canon, where Credence Barebone is the young and exceptionally talented head of magical law enforcement that everyone looks up too, and Percival Graves is the quiet old man who never married but takes care of the orphans, wants to protect them from the weird, wild magic happening at night, and is quite troubled when this handsome boy comes in and asks for information with seductive smiles.

I had a dream last night. 
I dreamt that my insides were spilling out, 
And I held onto them, clutching at them, 
And all the while, blood oozed from between my fingers, 
And stained my white dress,
And you were there, perfect and whole,
With vines and leaves climbing up your leg, 
And surrounded by flowers permeating the smell of coffee.
I watched you watch me, 
While I cracked apart, organ by organ, 
Bone by bone. 
And I was screaming and crying the whole time, 
I could hear my voice; an ugly echo of rain against glass, 
But the funny thing is, 
I don’t think you heard me.
Semi-Emergency Commissions

Hey guys I’m really irresponsible and I’m heading down to Ponycon but because I’m irresponsible I have my room covered but basically no money for meals and I don’t want to just mooch off my conmates for the entire thing.

So in order to earn my way, till Monday I’m gonna open up $15 black and white, inked commissions, mostly since I won’t have access to my regular drawing programs. I’m willing to do both SFW and NSFW for this!


So get em while they’re hot!


Okay… So… I looked through my inktober art tags and felt like sketching some people’s ocs again while trying to deal with life for the past few weeks haha… These pictures aren’t as accurate as they should be (I should snoop research more. I tried to keep them accurate. Some more accurate doodles will arrive in the future once I know more, hehe…). Since I know my phone camera is not so nice, I scanned them and this is the result: horrible. Either way, I think this is a good way to get back into drawing…

Also, I hate to bother them, really. But I must credit (and promote!) the owners of these wonderful ocs! (if you can’t read the names on the pictures, here they are in order):

@renza15 @throwaninkpot @icebats-universe @pinkkittehisajediknight @aceofstars16 @dragonanne @fair-and-finn @jupiterlandings @takeabreathandsmile @queenoftheskittleholics

Didn’t feel like finishing this piece properly so I guess I’ll just… leave it up here maybe? Was done a while ago. Thought perhaps I’ll go back to it but alas nope. Team Railroad! Have a nice day and excuse this rough piece.

As a child, Remus must’ve picked up an activity that could’ve been done inside since he was limited to the confines of his house...
  • Remus starts learning to play the piano after the attack. 
  • The full moons take all of the energy out of him, leaving him stuck inside while all of the other little boys are exploring and playing with each other. 
  • One day, Hope sees Remus staring blankly out the window with a small frown on his face. 
  • That night, Hope talks to Lyall. The very next day, Hope calls Remus into the living room where he sees a well-worn piano sitting in what used to be an empty corner. 
  • It isn’t much, they say, but they hope that he likes it. 
  • Years go by, and Remus spends most of his time sitting side-by-side with his mother practicing the piano. 
  • Remus is suddenly 11 years old and leaving for Hogwarts, waving goodbye to his parents, and worrying if he’ll be able to take care of himself without their help. 
  • It turns out that his worries about fitting in were quickly quashed, as he left the train to Hogwarts with three new friends who seemed genuinely interested in him. 
  • He makes it through his first full moon alone, and as soon as he’s able to leave the hospital wing, he goes back to his dorm to rest properly. 
  • By the end of the year, Remus has explored the castle enough so that he has found a tucked away classroom that houses various musical instruments. 
  • As soon as he sees the piano, he feels as if he’s found a piece of home in this strange new place. 
  • He spends a lot of time sneaking off to his new hideout, and the other boys don’t yet know to question where he is. 
  • A few years later, Peter, James, and Sirius know about Remus’ condition, and they begin to spend time with him before and after the full moon. 
  • With the new company after the full moon, Remus finds it harder to sneak away to the music room. 
  • Remus starts to come up with excuses whenever he’s able to, so that he can spend some solitary time playing the piano. 
  • One night, Sirius sees Remus sneaking out of his bed and he decides to follow him. 
  • After almost getting caught more than a few times, Sirius finds Remus seated in front of a piano. 
  • Remus, completely unaware that Sirius is leaning in the doorway of the room, runs his fingers over the keys, playing snippets of different tunes, letting his mind wander from song to song. 
  • Sirius quietly moves closer, not wanting to startle Remus. 
  • Remus, clearly sensing someone else in the room, looks back, finally noticing that Sirius has followed here. He turns around again, and Sirius isn’t sure what to do. 
  • “Well, are you going to sit down or what?”
  • He says it awkwardly and for a moment Sirius isn’t sure if Remus is just trying to make the situation less uncomfortable, but then he notices the blush moving up the back of Moony’s neck. 
  • Sirius carefully sits down on the bench, and once he’s settled, Remus looks up at him before moving a bit closer. 
  • In the years to come, the small but cozy music room sees many intimate moments that Remus and Sirius share. From awkward and uncoordinated first kisses to I love you’s. 
  • Although Remus like have his own special space, he’s much happier now that he’s able to share this secret with Sirius. 

Watercoloured Elf - yeah i really didn’t know what else to call it xD but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I made an OC and now that I think about it I don’t think I ever used colour.. I wanted to try and work with watercolours to see how it’d turn out andddd needless to say I might use those from now on ^^” I’m super satisfied with the outcome. Here’s to more fanart^^ artblock begone!

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source

I hope my ex sees all my pictures of me all dolled up and all the pictures my friends have tagged me in from being at parties and shit and I hope he thinks “damn she’s actually having the time of her life being in college while I’m here in the same spot doing the same shit I was doing 2 yrs ago” like yeaaaaa foo I hope you regret ever leaving me just bcus I decided to pursue my education. I hope I run into you one day and you’ll be like “miss right” and I’ll be like no, “Doctor” 🤷🏽‍♀️😇

Here’s to the girls who like to stay at home eating Oreos all day while wearing nothing but comfy panties and giant old high school sweaters.

The girls who never leaves the house without perfect makeup, those shorts that make her booty pop, and heels so high that the whole world looks up to her.

The girls who always carries around their books even though there’s no time to read at a grocery store. Her eyes have explored a thousand universes.

The girls with sadness in their souls and love in their hearts, and the only way they feel at peace is when they’re higher than the galaxies they light up under. Maybe seeing the world through red, puffy eyes and a cloud of smoke is clearer.

The girls who love to party too hard and dance too wild. For the girls that all the boys love because of her charisma and wit, but also because she can make a killer cake despite the hangover.

The girls who love to listen to chaos of the world around them. The perfect listeners. The girls with tender hearts and big innocent eyes. The girls who loves too much and sees the good in all the evil.

The girls who works hard and sweats and grinds through their day to reach their goal. And at the end of the day, all she wants is a margarita.

The girls who’s ready to settle down with their man for the rest of their life. And the girls who like to kiss and tell, many times.

Here’s to the girls because we all deserve a round of applause, a little bit of chocolate, and a crown.

—  so here’s to you //


I AM SAD TO ANNOUNCE that i’ve archived a bunch of my blogs, including this
one. i will leave these blogs up in case i ever wander back into the fandom, however
as of now @badkiing / @tugglife / riotbcy && any other achievement hunter
blogs of mine have been archived until further notice. i lost muse a long time ago.
i just can’t write for my muses. if you’d like to continue writing with me, then please
send me a private message. i will interact with rooster teeth rpf muses, despite not
being too interested in the fandom.
. only send me a message if you are sure you
will write with an original character developed by me.