but i'll keep this one i promise

Hey, it’s me. You probably don’t want to hear from me, but this is the last time. Promise. Just hear me out, okay? You and me, one last time down memory lane.

I’m sorry how everything turned out, how we can’t even keep a text conversation past ‘how are you’ and 'good.’ How everything seems to be tainted by some ulterior motive, and everything feels like heartbreak. But I don’t regret any of the time spent with you, and I hope you don’t regret any of the talks we had until 3AM or our friendship.

I hope you know that even though we can’t look at each other, I’m still here for you. If you call, I’ll be on the other end of the phone. Always.

I care deeply about you, which is why this is the last time I’m calling.

—  voicemail #1 // c.h.

Jan 7

I don’t want to die too young. I don’t want to be forgotten, so please don’t forget me. I don’t want to be just another face. I don’t want to fade away, I’d rather grow from my mistakes than to pretend and be perfect. I don’t want to make anymore promises that I can’t keep. I don’t want to hurt you, but did you really have to hurt me? I don’t want you to want me when there’s no one else around… I don’t want you to love me just for the sake of not wanting to feel lonely. I don’t want something easy. I crave depth. I’m attracted to meaning. I’m seduced by it. I want you to ravage through my thoughts. I want you to find yourself. I need you to love yourself. I don’t want to be another apology. I need you to be okay. Why? One day, we’ll be reduced to dust. One day, none of this will matter. One day, everything you love will disappear. So until that day arrives. So until we’re gone…

I’m going to need you to live this life for you.

– No one else

Yes I am the girl

The stupid naive girl who will keep falling for your meaningless promises.

The girl who is ready and willing for you to fall back into my arms when you need to escape your chaotic reality.

The girl who you will never really grow to love but the one who will go out of her way to fulfill all your wishes.

The girl who will wait patiently while you go and love other women despite knowing my slim chance with you.

The girl….the girl who you enjoy having around but yes I am the girl you will never fall in love with.

Yes I am the girl…the girl stupidly in love.

—  t.i // I am the girl hopelessly in love.
Not So Simple (Part Four)

Part One, Two, Three

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: In which sex leads to feelings and feelings lead to panic. 

Note: I promise that if you don’t already hate me you will by the end of this chapter MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. as  @letsgiggletogether said about my slow fall into writing angst: WELCOME TO HELL

ps only one more part to go so strap in, kids

Word Count: 2,000 (on the dot, do i get a prize?)


The first thing you did was try to convince yourself that you had been wrong. There was no way you actually had feelings for Lin—sure he was your friend and you had the best sex of your life with him but that was it.

The second thing you did was realize that no matter how hard you tried, no matter how much you wished that you could brush this off as not meaning anything, you’d still fall asleep thinking about his dumbass face.

The third thing you did was panic.

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I imagine for all his centuries of experience and adaption, Strickler will still occasionally lapse into more…repressed old-fashioned sensibilities. For example, his response to getting a gander at a fetching pair of ankles.  

Particularly if said ankles belong to one Dr. Barbara Lake, never mind you can see her legs, you nerd.  

Phwoar. Stay strong, Strickler. 

tbh Bokuto’s thighs were made for roller derby and sin

HQ!! derby AU: Karasuno, Nekoma 

gentle mother, strength of women

I’ll be adding the links to the stories as they’re posted, but until then y’all get the teasers for each of them.

Summary: Stories for the mothers of Westeros- who are broken, demanding, loving, protective, angry, and grieving; who are imperfect, and still deserve a moment to tell their stories. 

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(I ended up blabbering a little about his father, too, it’s just tricky to talk about Adrian without bringing others into it. He’s a kid who’s very much shaped by the circumstances he grew up in)

Oh, Adrian!

With Constance being 25 years old, Gwyneth 23, Adrian is much younger than his sisters at 14. This is because their mother had a miscarriage after Gwyneth and struggled with her health for a time, so the court physicians advised her to hold off on trying again for a while.

The age gap and the simple fact he’s a boy (and heir) caused some differences in the way he was raised versus his sisters. Where his sisters had barely any personal freedoms and were judged for any perceived flaw, Adrian was a favourite of his parents and his tutors were more than willing to cut him slack and pamper him.

Adrian did receive the same training in etiquette, so he knows how to be polite to noblemen and other high-standing guests. Most of his lessons are focused on priming him into a suitable King; emphasis on religion, tradition, the history of their country and importance of keeping things the way they are. He is taught the basics of politics, but the council largely wants to keep him out of that.

There is a very specific reason for that; the current King is barely more than a glorified puppet of his councilors (nutshell; just think a group of self-important old men who are very happy with the current state of affairs) and was specifically groomed to be this way. Now they are attempting to do the same with Adrian, but realised too late he is a very different child.

Damage control is proving to be… challenging.

Where a young King Harold craved the positive attention of his elders, was quite malleable and recipient of his tutors’ whims (who were under strict instruction), Adrian is wilful, far more clever than his father ever was. He has a dangerously large ego from all the attention he always gets - yet also is bored with everyone.

This leaves us with a very opinionated crown prince - yet one who has relatively little objective knowledge of how the world works. A smart boy who is perpetually bored by his education because it does not challenge him. A prince with the same easy charisma as his father, who knows how to make himself appear polite and likeable - if he sees a need to. Someone with principles deeply rooted in Arlish tradition, with very little regard for the common folk.

A crown prince who’s desperately looking for something to entertain him, and who is just starting to dig deeper into his family’s history in an attempt to keep himself busy.

Who is starting to finally realise just who his grandmother is, and now wondering why, when she was a direct descendant of the old Revaire regime, why Arland is allowing these usurpers to stay on the throne. Clearly Arlish royalty has a rightful claim through Princess Adelaide! (oh god I’m not going to get into the reasons why Arland didn’t respond to the rebellion here, I’ve blabbered on long enough!)

….so yes. Adrian is an utterly delightful child ;3

To finish, a short note on Adrian and Gwyneth’s relationship; the two are not close. Partly because of the age gap, partly because court etiquette kept them apart. Gwyneth is rightfully concerned about the way her brother is turning out to be. She has not missed his complete dismissal of those he considers below him, not seeing servants and staff as actual people, nor the times he stirred up trouble in his boredom.

In turn, Adrian honestly does not often think about Gwyneth. She’s a distant figure to him, someone with no impact or influence on his life.


Second Gen FE:A Girls x Pokémon

Well, me and @hbreckel started discussing what pokémon teams various Fire Emblem: Awakening characters and got a little carried away… Plus, I don’t think I’ve made a single post relevant to my username thus far. So I decided to whip these up! I, for one, at least think Cynthia looks extremely precious. Thanks again to @hbreckel not only for brainstorming the teams with me, but also for giving input on the actual art part of these and adding the speedlines on Lucina’s! 

“One day, we’ll be together again. Maybe not soon, possibly not for weeks or months or years. But just keep on listening for my voice, I promise I’ll be back. Hey, please look at me,” he caressed her cheek and pulled her chin up to look at him.

“How am I supposed to know that you’re telling the truth? You can’t see the future, you don’t know where I’ll be or who’ll I’ll become, you don’t even know if–” she didn’t get to finish her sentence.

His lips brushed against hers and she was left speechless. All the air seemed to have escaped out of her lungs and if he hadn’t been holding her so close, she would have fallen right over.

Once again he brought himself to her, eye sparkling and tongue dancing. There was passion in their kiss, connection and chemistry and a longing so great it would never be satisfied. It left her feeling abruptly torn apart the moment he pulled himself away.

“That. That is how I know we’ll end up together. Even if I’m away for a day, or gone for six years, that kiss is what I’ll be looking forward to each minute. Every single breath I take, that is what I’ll be breathing in and out, this memory, this true, desperate, real love,” he took a step backward and smiled.

“I love you, I’ll see you soon.”

That was the last time she saw him, he never did come back.

So I’m probably the last person who would do this normally but… I need help. That’s what I’m going to hold auditions (I think this would be right) for 2 mods to help me with this… yeah this got bigger than planned. So um, this will be the format!

Mod Name: Try to keep it V3 related, though I will allow other Danganronpa.
Means of contact (preferably Discord for easy group communication.)
Prompts you won’t write: (NSFW, Angst, etc.)
And a response to one of these 2 Prompts! Either a random rare pair of your choosing having a nice date together, or the boys (or girls) walking in on a naked S/O.

Just submit it, and I should have all the choices ready whenever I can!

The Signs as Neko Atsume Kitties
  • Aries: Bandit
  • Taurus: Tabitha
  • Gemini: Spots
  • Cancer: Peaches
  • Leo: Lexy
  • Virgo: Gabriel
  • Libra: Cocoa
  • Scorpio: Marshmallow
  • Sagittarius: Socks
  • Capricorn: Ganache
  • Aquarius: Shadow
  • Pisces: Pumpkin

Appreciation post for this angel @thatedgeguy 

He’s always been by my side no matter what even if I didn’t deserve it. He always manages to put me first even when he’s dealing with bigger issues. I love this boy more than anything, he always helps me find the positive side to things and I honestly don’t think I’d be here without him. 

He keeps me calm and safe and no one has ever made me feel this loved. I just ugh idk this probably makes no sense because I’m rambling but I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for always being there and never leaving especially when shit got difficult. You always stayed and supported me and yeah thank you for sticking around all these years I really do not deserve you 

People can fail you so bad so many times. You give them the world and they tear it up. They make promises and they break it like glass on the ground. And yet we still keep on giving, hoping that one day, we’ll get everything back. And that’s why I started writing, because it’s the only way I can get my world back.
—  giulswrites

                                                   I’ll Come Back

                             “We came back for you.”

                                                     “We’ll see each other again.”

- A mix for the two lost souls who
made the most special promises
one could keep to someone so
precious, someone so beautiful.

To listen, go here.**

** (edited link, important) Recently I had trouble playing the audio in the other same mix, so I decided to just transfer all of them to here. Still the same playlist. Thanks! x