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You may not think you are extraordinary but I do. You see, you haven’t seen yourself the way I have seen you, in the quiet of a rooftop at 4 a.m. the sky spilling the moon’s light just to illuminate your skin, your eyes star-sung bright whilst you talk about all those soft things you love so well, so much passion in your voice even the darkest stars smiled listening to you speak. That’s the version of you that has permanently implanted itself in my heart. That’s the version of you I will always see and no matter what happens between us, that is the version of you that will never leave me.
—  Nikita Gill
For those thinking about going into zookeeping:

I have a ton of asks in my inbox about how I became a zookeeper. Y'all should @zookeeperproblems/read through their posts because they’ve got a great blog dedicated to it and my route into this field was very atypical, but I’ll give it a shot.

Short version, 2 years ago I was a physics major training to be an officer in the u.s. navy. I was slotted to go to flight school. Being a pilot was my dream yadda yadda. Things changed and I decided I didn’t want to sell my soul to the government for a pilot’s license. 

So I came home and started volunteering at the zoo I lived ten minutes away from. Because I was so close and didn’t have a job yet, I could spend a shit ton of time there. I had a bachelors and some teaching experience so I got hired as a per diem instructor while I interned in animal care. SO MUCH FREE LABOR. I also started learning how to do the work of the registrar to fatten up my resume (record keeping, animal shipments, breeding plans). I learned how to do EVERYTHING they would let me: birthday parties, talks, classes, everything. Then I got a seasonal position, worked my ASS OFF trying to impress my supervisors, got hired as permanent staff (as a zookeeper and the animal registrar) and voila here I am.

Here’s why this is atypical: 

- most zookeepers I know studied bio/environmental/animal behavior. It’s definitely not required but this field is insanely competitive and that’s the standard these days

- most new zookeepers in permanent positions have done multiple internships, often requiring them fly to other parts of the country and work for free or very little. The field is inherently classist because who the fuck has the means to do that?? r i c h  f o l k s (lmao, not I.) I know people who’ve done 2 or 3 internships and still don’t have a job.

It’s an amazing field, but it’s hard work and I’m underpaid and it’s not all just “I like animals.” My advice to anyone would be to start as early as possible, be prepared to work for free, and be prepared to travel. 

Obviously, I made it. So there are always going to be ways around it if you’re dedicated enough or lucky (I’m willing to admit there was some luck involved…) I went from zero animal experience –z e r o– to being primary keeper to some animals in a year and a half. And I’m still making moves, thinking about applying to bigger zoos, getting my masters, etc. But you’ve got to reallllllly want it. This isn’t a casual profession, and passion alone won’t cut it.

Good luck!

okay but do you know what i want to point out.  now that i’ve been thinking about it and pulling conspiracy level shouting at @justificd about it even if poor ace could probably give a shit less (ace is the worst child but a good)?

everyone likes to focus on the mutiny itself, but what you guys gotta realize:  yes, it was a life altering thing for both hector and jack, but in the course of everything, in two lives that have been full of life altering occurrences, it’s just one event.  in lives full of being betrayed and making bad decisions and barely surviving by the skin of their teeth.

which brings me to what i was actually screaming about, and it’s what is done and said about the mutiny after, “ah, hector! it’s been too long.  hasn’t it?”  “aye, isla de muerta, remember?  you shot me.”  and that is…one line.  from pintel and ragetti.  which is about their own discomfort in leaving jack behind in tortuga.


what i think really needs to be understood and hector’s mentality, and jack’s too, really, to a degree, is that they aren’t men who dwell in the past.  they hold grudges and they are vengeful, but once they do obtain that vengeance, they move on.  by the time jack and hector speak on the beach in the locker, they’re already back on good terms.  hector’s already worried because he can see that jack’s not behaving really the way jack should be.  hector literally trails jack like he’s getting paid to be his shadow.  he keeps jack occupied.  he tries to follow jack onto the endeavor.  like their relationship is still on the surface witty one liners and taking the piss, but the heat from cotbp is gone.  because they’ve moved beyond it.  hector got his revenge on jack, jack got his revenge on hector, everyone is square and it’s time to get down to business.  they’re a unit presenting a purposefully fractured front, all the way up until the maelstrom battle.  if you don’t think that argument in the court was scripted between the two of them, watch the way their eyes move.  watch their expressions.  that was all a song and dance for the benefit of an audience.  they had a plan.  the only deviation was electing elizabeth pirate king (because i believe the original intention was probably to elect hector) and even then, you can literally see hector work it over and go, “you know, okay, i can actually work with this”.  you’ll note that he really could have kicked up a fuss concerning elizabeth swapping will for jack, and starts to, but jack - by not resisting - gets him to back off.  there’s so much going on under the surface between these two that the mutiny and hard feelings from it are so far in the rearview mirror that it doesn’t matter anymore.

even when hector took the pearl at the end of awe, jack knew he was going to.  anticipated it and made plans for it, because he took the mao kun map.  and his colors.  he wasn’t angry when he noticed the pearl in the distance.  because he knew it was going to happen.

which brings me to my third and final point in this, and that is that hector, since the mutiny, has not once left jack stranded with no way to get somewhere since.  not.  once.  at the end of awe he leaves him a dinghy.  and i’m mostly convinced he thought jack would eventually catch up to him and that was his way of giving jack a way to do so.  because, after all, with jack and his compass, where in the world could hector hide the pearl from him?  (secondarily to this, no, hector has no desire for the compass because that’s a crutch he’s not interested in - jack could hand that thing to him and be perfectly sure hector would give it back.)  at the end of ost he also leaves him a boat.  and that’s because the mutiny is over.  it’s done with.  and it’s not about stranding jack somewhere to die anymore, and those hard feelings just don’t exist for them anymore.  they get their revenge, and then they move on with their lives, which is exactly, exactly what they do.  i’ll argue anyone in the pit that in the end, what jack and hector most are after everything is friends.

I laugh at “shiro wanting to die” jokes as much as the next person but in all seriousness I don’t think there’s a character in this show who fights to live more than he does 

Even if you called 6 months later at 3 am, I’d still answer; I’ll always care.
—  Unknown
I just want to get out of here. I want to call you and tell you everything that’s wrong and i want you to tell me that its going to be okay. I need you to tell me its going to be okay.

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That thing you draw with matsuhana... Will you keep it up or was it... A one night thing... Sorry i just woke up my head is still dizzy ^^

Uh, if you mean “is there a story to it?” then nope, I just woke up with that scene in mind so I drew it? It was an out-of-the-blue sort of idea but I rolled with it anyway, I guess haha

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i’ve been thinking about shou and mob a lot lately and naturally i had to make an au to satisfy my needs

AU where shou is an important person with an office with a view and shigeo is his receptionist. but really it’s just them stumbling over how it is to be in a relationship like new born fawns

a big thank you to @coffeelions for getting excited with me about this!! i really needed an outlet in those trying times hahaha so thank youuuu!!

i like to imagine sabo continuously asking robin to tell him stories about luffy after regaining his memories

 she’d happily do so, and oftentimes the stories would go on into the latest hours of the night. sabo would interrupt with questions and exclamations of awe, like this boy is SHAKEN by all this stuff he’s learning about his formerly wimpy younger brother

“luffy did WHAT”
“robin you’re joking”

sometimes he’d even ask robin to retell certain stories, especially, especially enies lobby. there was just something about his younger brother declaring war on the world government that hyped sabo up a bit too much 

no musical genre is intrinsically superior to any other musical genre!!  even if the content is not your dish or the community around it has issues your feelings are subjective!!  art has value regardless of medium!