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callout for me: disappears and doesn’t draw anything for like a week and a half then suddenly posts art from a completely new thing i’ve never posted about before 


the most memorable thing you ever did was get captured by your smoked-out ex. that’s not true! i’m sorry, and fucking half of stilwater. go team! — for @theillusivewoman. happy birthday, sam!

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I'll never get over Kylo's heavy breathing, quivering lips, and trembling hand in that moment. NEVER. Maybe that's why #reachgate is such a thing, it must be terrifying for antis to see him like that because he's so clearly sharing that scene with Rey. Goddamn, Adam is giving it all he's got.

I think that’s ABSOLUTELY why reachgate is a thing. Reality is finally starting to crash in that this movie isn’t going to go the way they thought it was going to go, so they’re doing one last-ditch scramble to come up with alternate explanations, either focusing on the scenes being cut together (which doesn’t MATTER because Kylo is still being thematically presented as the answer to her dilemma) or desperately trying to come up with an alternate explanation for who he could be reaching out to.

But it’s so obviously Rey. All you have to do is look at his face. The softness, the trepidation, the vulnerability, the halting hope (and no, it’s not Leia because the trailer already took pains to show us what he looks like when Leia is involved–like a sad, scared little boy). He doesn’t look like a little boy here, he looks like a man, a man holding out his heart and hope in his trembling hand, and Adam the king of microexpressions knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. 

He knows, when he hires her, that she’s not exactly what he’d expected. She is insanely talented, of course, a hard worker, and very easy to get along with, but there’s more to Lucy Carlyle than she’s willing to let on just yet. He sees it in the way she loses herself in memories from time to time, or the way she works so hard to prove herself capable.

It’s familiar to him, this mysterious something that she carries with her. It speaks of hard times, and the burden of carrying more than your fair share of sadness. She doesn’t talk much about where she’s been, but Lockwood knows she has ghosts in her past. They have that in common.  

He learns more about her as time passes, and she keeps on surprising him. He is constantly taken aback by how fierce she can be. Fiercely protective of those around her, particularly her friends. Fiercely determined in the face of challenges, not to mention his occasional bouts of foolishness. Fiercely stubborn in doing what she feels is right.

The things he thinks will matter to her often don’t. She reminds him of Jess in that regard. Like his sister, Lucy cares more about being true to herself than about what other people will think of her. Like his sister, Lucy is stubborn, willful, smart, strong.

And just like Jessica, Lucy refuses to put up with his nonsense.

Re-doing my keychain inventory….very slowly but i’m glad i was able to have two version of kalluzeb now ;v;! 

On the left, an agent and his captain.

On the right, two captains.


20th October : “Little Bee

This was supposed to be about both of them, but I kinda got distracted by the idea of a smol John wearing a bee costume ;w; sorry;;;
But hey at least Sherlock is taking care of him well~

For @tokyoangel1000 ~ thank you, I hope this isn’t too disappointing lol

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i did the angel killer gatcha and only got a choro angel killer ;w; he looks dope though

     🌠 Mod Todo

Again, rolled in the Tea Shop gatcha, didn’t get any Tea Shop Matsus (RIP in RIP, I really want that Todo) b u t

I finally got him.png

Some good news.

My old employers got in touch with me and want me back so I’ll have somewhat of a job, and access to all the sewing and embroidering facilities I had when I was a student. Which is good because I’ll be able to open patch commissions.

This isn’t an official announcement for them, just that they’re coming sometime, likely in 2018 once I get some wrinkles ironed out. I might open an etsy shop to offer simpler patches and small bags, but all that I’ll leave for 2018.