but i'll get on that when i start classes

hey! heads up!
I’m on the road to college rn, orientation/move in starts tomorrow so I’ll be busy and I’m not sure when I’ll have a good break!
I have some projects that take priority over art I can post here, but I’ll fit in some doodles when I can!

I’ve been getting your messages!! Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot :^)!

anxiety on this night is very bad !!!

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When I was younger I used to love reading (still do) and I'd get so absorbed in books in class that I wouldn't realize that the teacher had started teaching (something I got in trouble for quite a bit). Do you think that sounds like hyperfocusing? Also I can't really read books now? Like, I'll have no problem reading fanfiction and stuff but actual books (even ones I love) I can't manage to sit through. Do you think that sounds like an ADHD thing?

That’s definitely sounds like hyperfocusing - it’s exactly what I used to do when I was younger. And I have the same struggle now that I’m older! Books I love are hard to sit down and read. Fanfic used to be easy for me to read, but even that’s become difficult to sit down and focus on. As you get older, your symptoms and ability to cope change, so it’s not uncommon for that to happen.

An update of sorts

on the state of ongoing writing things (for those who care).

As many of you know, classes started again

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and last week I went to a 4-day con, and this week I got knocked on my fucking ASS with the flu :( so I’ve gotten almost zero writing done.

HOWEVER - I am hoping to have the next chapter of BP out on September 23rd (maybe one person recognizes why that day is special :D)

I also have two more chapters of Dr. Kageyama in the works, but they will likely take a backseat to BP until after chapter 22 is posted.

Chapter 2 of Hinata!mime au is coming, too! It will hopefully be done in a week… possibly two.

Finally, I’ve been s l o w l y working on a smutty little grad student!kags au one shot which is loosely based on a little… AHEMvideo that is out there on the internets (wink wonk @jaybele)

Alright! So that’s my update. An anon also mentioned a bookstore au that I’m very interested in, but I haven’t had time to really work on it yet, but I will definitely be a future project! Other future projects include some body swap action, Silent Hill au, and probably some more random smut jammed in there along the way ❤️

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I’m tentatively opening commissions for the first time! Not sure how many I’ll get but I’ll probably take anything I can get :D Some more of my work can be found here

  • I will draw furries, mild NSFW, most gore, and any character, original or from any fandom, as long as references are available.
  • I will NOT draw explicit NSFW, excessively detailed designs/armor, extreme gore, or certain violent or abusive themes. (can be discussed)
  • Fees must be paid up-front, but I can negotiate 50% up front, 50% after completion for anything over $35.
  • All commissions will be public unless discussed otherwise
  • Simple backgrounds or props are free of charge
  • Additional characters are +60% final price of single character
  • Complex characters may cost extra
  • Any design work will cost extra but I’d be happy to discuss it

If you’re interested, PM me with:

  • Commission type, number of characters
  • General idea for commission, as precise as possible - if you have a pose or scene in mind, describe it as accurately as possible or provide references. If you want a particular one of my styles tell me, otherwise I’ll go with my normal style
  • Legible references for OCs/non-canon designs

I’ll respond ASAP to discuss details! Please keep in mind this is my first time taking commissions and I’m a little nervous, so if I do anything screwy or wrong, don’t be afraid to tell me!

Sorry I havent been posting recently. I’m not sure how often I will either cause I’m starting college tomorrow and I’m kinda stressing about it. (also just wont be able to post when I start getting work for classes) I’ve also got a family emergency going on, so I haven’t been in the best mood. Thank you all for being patient with me. It’ll be okay, just need to… Pray for the best.

A’ight guys. Classes start Tuesday and things are going to get pretty fucking hectic pretty fucking quick. I’m starting my school work tomorrow to start getting ahead of the game as quickly as possible. The more work I get done before my project heavy classes get project heavy, the less I have to worry about it down the line. I’ll blog on weeks when I have some downtime but, considering my graduation project, any time I’m not spending on homework will probably be spent on that and any time not spent working on both of those will be spent working on my personal projects like my Meade bio or my book and if not those then finally whatever posts I have stewing in my drafts (there’s, like, 40 of them).

In less words: If I disappear for days or weeks at a time over the next 9 months, don’t panic. I’m just drowning in work.

1 year ago today i started writing (and posting) outlander fanfiction on this blog

this is just a reminder that i’ve been pretty stressed and overwhelmed lately. my workload is starting to increase more and more and, between school and work, i don’t always have a whole bunch of free time. when i do have free time i’m trying to use it to keep myself in a good place instead of panicking about schoolwork and getting too freaked out. i try to write when i can but i’m not always in a great headspace in order to do so.
that being said, mutuals are welcome to ask for my skype or discord if you want to keep in touch when i’m not here. you can also always message me on IMs since i’m usually logged into adam on mobile.
i’ll try to do some replies this weekend but you’ll have to be patient with me.

we leveled up to 4 and at lvl4 in pathfinder the bloodrager class get spells n they just suddenly manifest so i wanted to write a reason as to why for my character

You’re weak, the voice started speaking to him again this evening. It had been years since it spoke to him in the night, and Adrastos didn’t miss it one bit.

After everything Adrastos had been through that day, after the hours upon hours of researching and studying different subjects, being attacked and knocked unconscious by gods knows what, sprinting back to the inn where his companions were, only to find out that they had also been attacked, he didn’t need his dreams infested again with this demon.

I don’t want a weak body to inherit when I claim it, It spoke.

Then kindly fuck off and find a new one, Adrastos spat back, though his fear was rising. He was in the familiar dark plain, everything unseeable, and he was floating as if he were in water. This was always the place from which the demon spoke to him. Adrastos had never seen Abraxas before, the demon never made his face known to him, which was probably a blessing. But boy would Adrastos love to even attempt to punch, or claw, or stab the demon.

I’ve waited far too long for your birth, little pawn, you are the key to my existence in your realm. But you are still too weak even after all these years. There was a pause as Adrastos struggled to roll himself around, to free himself from this voice that haunted him for decades, but Abraxas continued, That creature bested you in two blows. You need my help, my guidance. Submit to me, my little pawn, gain more power to best the creature back.

Shut up! I won’t be your pawn, I won’t accept any of your goddamned help! Adrastos flailed in the open space but to avail. Nothing happened, he didn’t wake up, and the voice simply chuckled at his futile attempts.

If not to help yourself stay alive longer, then, to avoid becoming my delicious sanctuary, then to help save your precious companions? Adrastos froze, his heart pounding and his body running cold. Of course, of course, the demon would know of them. Of course the demon would know of anything he did. They were tied, connected for all of eternity, or for at least however long Adrastos was able to stay alive for. To help save your tengu partner?

Don’t you dare talk about him, Adrastos hissed, but his anger wasn’t in it. His anger had drained and was replaced with anxiety for his beloved friend, someone he cared about probably too much for his circumstances.

The conflicting feelings started to bubble inside of Adrastos. He wanted to much to protect someone so dear to him, but he didn’t want to give the demon the satisfaction and abilities that could ultimately end up destroying things after he was gone. What if Adrastos passed before he could depart from his companions? What if this was the downfall of them?

But, but, what if this helped save them? What if this was the deciding factor in something unforeseen that helped keep them alive longer.

Make your decision, little pawn. I may have eternity, but you do not. The evening is almost over, your companions will be waking you up soon. Tic tock, tic tock.

No! He can’t! He’s sworn to never make deals with this demon.

Tic tock, tic tock.

But Aras, Anathema, Amilk… even Liliath… he wasn’t strong enough as is to protect them all.

Tic tock, tic tock.

Shut up! Enough! Adrastos screamed at it, Fine!

I submit! Give me the strength you promised.

Although Adrastos couldn’t see the face, he could hear the wide Cheshire grin as it said, Gladly.

HQ!! Mythological Creatures AU

Got this idea from this mythological creatures au list, I did write a two little snippets to go with it but I thought I’d bullet point the main ideas ;v;

  • Everyone is attending a University in Tokyo accepting both human and mythological beings
  • Kageyama is part dragon and is aggressively protective of Hinata – who he sees as his princess; it’s instinctual so he can’t help it, he hates it
  • Hinata is a human and ready to fight the mysterious smoker guy who follows him home and watches him at college
  • Kuroo is a late bloomer wizard who accidentally cursed his bff Bokuto into a frog and is now desperately trying to play best wing-man and get Bokuto hooked up so that he can turn back to normal
  • Bokuto can still speak and keeps telling Kuroo to get Akaashi’s attention because he finds him super-hot but fellow wizard Akaashi is 100% not going to kiss a talking frog
  • Bokuto is part griffin usually, he has a pair of wings that get in the way a lot
  • Kenma is a human who Kuroo has a big fat crush on and keeps trying to sneak him love potions that go really badly wrong and just keep making him sick, so Kenma keeps finding soup pots outside his room with sorry notes on them
  • Oikawa is a recently turned werewolf struggling to control himself on full moon nights and so relies on his creature tamer childhood friend Iwaizumi to look after him
  • Asahi is the most awkward incubus imaginable
  • Daichi and Suga are long time immortal boyfriends who bitch to each other about how history class is bullshit
  • Yachi and Yamaguchi are nervous dryads who sprouts flowers when they get flustered
  • Noya and Tanaka are like the Weasley twins, prank playing wizards that somehow haven’t been expelled yet
  • Tsukishima is from a family of necromancers so people avoid him, but all he does is secretly bring flowers and plants back to life across campus because he knows how much they mean to Yamaguchi
  • Everyone at Shiratorizawa is a werewolf – they’re a pack – and Ushijima keeps trying to recruit Oikawa (lol)

This is Monica! She’s one of my OCs so sOme of you may know her :DD She’s female, pansexual, and around 15/16 at the start of the story but I usually draw her at 17 when her situation gets a lot better. I’ll post more on her later but some notes are: She’s Carter’s older cousin, and in a relationship with her gf Lucy who is verbally, emotionally, and eventually, physically abusive. She shares English and Drama classes with her soon to be friend and THEN to be boyfriend Bennett. She’s decently popular and very likeable. She’s really friendly but kinda persistent when she’s upset and refuses to give in to what could be wrong when she’s in trouble or upset :(

ooc: So uh. Last night I fell asleep almost ON my keyboard. Then I slept all day. And classes are tomorrow. I’mma see if I can get some replies in via mobile while waiting for morning classes to start; I’m still here! Just…overwhelmed. Extremely. I’ll be okay, just cranky and anxious and kinda sad that I ended up only getting one starter done last night. >:v

Hopefully my fiction writing course will kick my RP typin’ ass into gear.

Wish me luck catching the bus on time and getting off on the right stop. >->

ps: I have concepts for all the starters I need to get out, and how I’m gonna write them mostly planned. As soon as I can find the time to put them online, they’ll be here. I’m going to probably do starters FIRST, then get to my drafts. Excuse the major lag recently!

i'll remember you on summer days, top down with the music blasting, my hair would be tangled in knots by the time we would get to our destination but you always said you thought it looked nice (now you’re with a girl who’s hair is always perfect and doesn’t let you  drive with the top down).

i’ll remember you on october nights, face timing you sitting outside my house just wishing i could be with you. that’s when i really started to realize just how hard it was gonna be if we ever had to say goodbye (and i was right)

i'll remember you on cold january mornings, when you would wake me up at 9am before your class to get breakfast. you’d always let me stay in bed while you made sure the car was warm enough before we got in. breakfast was usually filled with laughter. (now, i don’t even eat breakfast and i’m scared to go in case i run into you)

ill remember you on spring afternoons, basketball shorts and a white tshirt. you’d jokingly say how muscular you’d look and i’d respond back sarcastically, every time i’d make you laugh your eyes would light up and the sound of your laughter would fill the room. (and i know i could still do that if you’d just talk to me)

i don’t want to remember you as the boy that walked out on me without even looking back. i don’t want to remember you as the best friend that i lost. and i don’t want to remember you as the boy that i fought hard with, because before all, you were the boy that i loved hard with. (you were the first boy i really loved)

—  you will always have that place in my heart, but do i have yours?

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HANKKKK You're few references & descriptions about being mildly dyslexic made me look into and learn that I am moderately dyslexic. 1. Thank you! I can't describe how great it feels to know. Better. It feels better. 2. I'm starting college soon, and I want to do well. Can I ask for some study/information absorption tips? Again, thank you! And I'll see ya next week in Portland :]

I don’t have problems writing, so that was always my strategy. Transcribing something (my notes from class, or even chapters from books) was always much more helpful than reading something. Obviously also more time consuming…but there were times when I would transcribe one page of notes three or four times to get it all in there. 

See you soon!


Previous part can be found here. Thank you hartbigguyz for being encouraging and far too positive about everything. And tvfreakinabox, who continues to be super duper.

Part 4 - SFW

What a weird lunch.

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