but i'll buy him

Me: Wants a sugar daddy to spoil me. 
Me instead: Spoils my s/o or friends at any chance I can get


This was a work on progress, and I HAVE 2 WOUNDED FINGERS BECAUSE OF THIS AND I REGRET NOTHING KJLRFNKLV I wanted to draw Sangwoo but I don’t want more blood lol (I still need my fingers to study ;;)

If you want to help me and support it’s here, thank you so much ;;

Who needs Kdramas when WooGyu's real everyday life is an overdramatic soap opera?
  • <p> <b>Woohyun:</b> Eat with me hyung<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> I've already eaten, I'm coming to pick you up now.<p/><b></b> *Woohyun leaves to eat lunch*<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> Where are you?<p/><b>Woohyun:</b> I went to have lunch. Be back soon.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat with INSPIRITS:</b> Woohyun's making me wait for him.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat):</b> Just leave him.<p/><b>Sunggyu:</b> No, I'm a gentleman and if I leave he'll sulk (and I don't want to be on the receiving end of that)<p/><b></b> *Sunggyu waits*<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> I'm bored. I'm angel Gyu. Archangel Gabriel Gyu. Hyun is mandu - disrespect.<p/><b>Sunggyu (on chat):</b> But Woohyun is a good person. He's cool and an awesome singer.<p/><b>INSPIRITS (on chat with Woohyun):</b> Sunggyu is mad at you for making him wait.<p/><b>Woohyun (on chat):</b> It's ok I'll buy him beverage and he won't sulk no more. (Mandu's got it under control. I know his buttons)<p/></p>


have it as proof that i’m still alive


Agreed. Cheeto’s gotta go.

But like me??? With Akechi??? YES PLEASE like we’re both clingy and starved for affection so we’d be ALL OVER each other 25/7 and people would need to pull us apart with a crowbar lolol 

And you’re so sweet??? To think I’m fun and nice??? I am no match for your kindness and charm!! ;A; 

But I would do my ABSOLUTE BEST to give him the love he’s been denied for so long!! We will enjoy many pancakes and cups of coffee!! But you better bet I am ABSOLUTELY going to troll him like I’ll text him pick-up lines or crappy pancake edits when we’re sitting next to each other and I’ll banter with him SO MUCH like I’d be his worst nightmare but his best friend lolol his angle and his devil Anyway, thank you so much for sending this sweetheart!! <333

Puppyshipping/ Mokuba bashing
  • Seto: I need a puppy.
  • Mokuba: No you don't.
  • Seto: Yes, yes I do.
  • Mokuba: Nope, you really don't.
  • Seto: Yes, I really need one.
  • Mokuba: Fine, lets go get a puppy.
  • *Later*
  • Seto: I want this one.
  • Mokuba: ......
  • Seto: Mokuba, give me my wallet.
  • Mokuba: Seto, this is not a puppy.
  • Seto: Yes it is.
  • Mokuba: Seto, thats Joey.
  • Seto: I know, pass me my wallet.
  • Mokuba: Seto, we're not buying Joey.
  • Seto: I'll buy him with all of my money because i'm a big daddy.
  • Mokuba: Seto, have you been reading those weird online kinky fanfics again?
  • Seto: .....
  • Mokuba: I knew it.
imagine yoosung being busy in a LOLOL tournament so MC buys school supplies for him
  • MC: *calls seven* yoosung asked me to buy school stuff for him,, I'll be at your house in 5 min
  • seven: HoHoHHh im ready
  • *MC and seven go to target, get the weIRDEST designs for him*
  • *mostly cats*
  • *some minecraft*
  • *a lot of unicorns tbh*
  • *sports erasers? Fuck yeah*
  • *princess binders? Oh he'll love it*
  • *mc and seven go to yoosungs apartment*
  • Seven: Honeyyy we're homeee
  • Yoosung: MC, hey ba-you're not MC
  • MC: we got you your supplies-
  • *yoosung takes the bag*
  • *what in the fuck*
  • Yoosung: why do you guys hate me
  • *seven and MC high five*
707 Call Times (707 Route Only, Corrected)

I made a post about 707 call times here and there were a few errors here and there that I’ve fixed! I’ve combed through the calls twice over to check it all, but if there’s still any errors, do let me know and I’ll try seeing what’s up! Now that I’ve looked more into it, remember to call after reading these chats! It seems to work that way rather than just being within the time frame.

Also, an observation I’ve made just in case it’ll help anyone is if you miss chats where you can get calls and you’re willing to dish out the hourglasses, you can still get them! Once you purchase at least the chat the call takes place on and the chat directly after, you should be able to after reading it, even if you’ve heard a call that happens later on and all that jazz. 

And now onto the chats!: 

Day 3: After “Stayed Overnight T_T”

Day 4: After “Zen’s Imagination”

Day 5: After “Strange Alarm”, “Every 2.35 Seconds”, “Jumin…!!,” “Seven’s True Feelings” and “I think my head is broken”

Day 6: After “Mysterious Email”, “I’m Recovered!”, “JUMIN!!!!! T_T” and “Family Reunion”

Day 7: After “Seven is Depressed…?”, “Sentimental Morning”, “Do not move”, “Unbelievable” and “The only hope”

Day 8: After “What is V doing?”, “I cannot believe Rika did that”, “What can I do” and “The secrets Seven has”+VNM

Day 9: After “Shaking Faith”+VNM, “It has nothing to do with you”+VNM, “Jaehee’s consolation” and “What a relief”+VNM

Day 10: After “Everything I believed in”, “Betrayal”, “I can’t Get Over This”,    “We are on our way” (it’s actually a phone call to Jumin- Seven briefly participates no matter what you pick in the first set of options and it’s quite entertaining!) and “Goodbye Greetings”

Day 11: Call him back when you finish talking to him when he calls after the 8:00am chat