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Hello I'm relatively new to the merlin/methur/brolin fandoms and I've seen your post where you say that you're pretty sure Bradley and Colin were together at some point in time. I was just wondering if there's actually solid evidence out there that they dated, because a lot of people in the fandom seem certain that they did. Since I'm so late to the party I'd like to know what evidence, if any, exists. Thanks!

First of all, welcome to the fandom! There isn’t solid proof out there that Colin and Bradley dated, but there is enough evidence for people to suspect or even assume. Here’s what I got.

Eoin Macken (Gwaine) referred to Bradley and Colin’s relationship a couple times in interviews. I’m too tired to search for the links now, but in one interview he said, “It’s a gay relationship between Colin and Bradley, Merlin and Arthur. You have to ask Colin and Bradley about that. What Merlin and Arthur do in their spare time is fine by me.” (That’s as close to the actual quote as I can remember.) And in another interview Eoin shared with Colin, Eoin said, “Homoerotic subtext…you and Bradley kind of do that, don’t you, Colin?” To which Colin replied, “Cheers, Eoin.”

Katie McGrath (Morgana) totally ships Merthur. While the finale was being filmed, she suggested to the director that it ended with Merlin and Arthur kissing. While this isn’t a direct reference to Colin and Bradley specifically, I thought I’d mention it anyway. Alex Vlahos (Mordred) referred to Merlin and Arthur as a love story. There’s a post floating around somewhere of the number of times Merlin and Arthur were referred to as a love story (I think 4 or 5).

My main point here is, there was a lot of homoeroticism in Merlin, and while some of it was intentional (“Do you know how to walk on your knees?” etc. etc. etc.) there were some moments between Colin and Bradley that were literally just them openly staring at each other. And in the beginning of series 5, there was a moment where Colin and Bradley are lying on the forest floor after having been released from the net, and Colin’s leg is between Bradley’s legs, positioned right above his crotch. And get this: he pushed his leg down. Properly rubs his leg against Bradley’s crotch.

People can argue that yes, the show writers intended Merlin and Arthur to be gay for each other, but I highly doubt the script actually had stage directions like Long pause. Merlin and Arthur stare at each other, looking as if they want to rip each other’s clothes off. Leon looks on, amused.

Humour aside, there’s also the body language Colin and Bradley exhibit when they’re together. I’m not just referring to them acting. I’m talking about interviews, behind the scenes material, the way they interacted in the documentary The Real Merlin and Arthur. Back when Merlin was still airing, there was someone who analysed and interpreted Bradley and Colin’s body language, and they came to the conclusion that they were hiding a secret, and were in a very close relationship. Studies have shown that men aren’t usually very affectionate, physically, but Bradley and Colin touch each other all the time. I’m sure brolinskeep or other Brolin blogs out there have gifs and stuff to support this. In fact, I think brolinskeep has a masterpost proving that Brolin is real (or at least someone does, I’ve forgotten which blog), and it’s very convincing, albeit speculative.

I’ve ranted long enough, and I probably sound like a hopeless fangirl, but I do want to end on a very important note. Though I believe Bradley and Colin dated at one point, I keep this belief in fandom, and strictly in fandom, where there are other people to freak out about it and discuss theories with me. Also, I would never assume the sexuality of anyone, famous or not, so whether they’re straight, or gay, or bi, or whatever else, I think is for them to decide and for them to choose to say, if they ever disclose this info in the first place. I would never harass any of the Merlin stars in real life, interrogating them about the nature of Bradley and Colin’s relationship like some awful people have on Twitter (not naming names). And even if they were together, they never confirmed it explicitly, so none of us have a right to force them to, or make them feel uncomfortable in any way.

I hope Bradley and Colin are happy, and even if they’re not together, I hope they’re still in touch.