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These are really late WHOOPS but yes here you go!! I did Keith from Tied Dimensions since I haven’t drawn that one in a while

Don’t Leave Me

Request: Hey! Just found you’re account a few days ago, and I was just wondering if I could request? I honestly love your write so much. ❤️ if you could wright a newt scamander imagine where Newt leaves the reader for Leta (set in hogwarts) and they don’t talk until like some point? Idk. please make it angst but with a happy ending? Thanks!

Word Count: 2,288

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Part 2

You spot Newt’s lanky frame curled up in the grassy spot near the lake, knees against his chest and hands around his knees as he stares out over the water, His shaggy hair blows like the waves in the breeze. You can’t fight your smile as you watch him absentmindedly brush his hair from his eyes. You reach into your pocket, forgetting that your gift is back in your room, hidden between the pages of your transfiguration textbook. You remind yourself that it’s only one more day before you can give it to him. One more day.

He doesn’t hear you approaching, jumping at your voice when you call out to him.

“There you are.” The words are a routine, a joke from nearly a year ago when Newt had approached you with shaking hands.

Newt starts to stand, but stops when you shake your head and toss your books onto the ground, plopping down next to him. “Here I am.” He says, scooting over as you take his hand.

“Studied any amazing creatures lately? It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.”

Newt’s smile is small. “It’s only been a week and a half.”

You raise your eyebrows and lean back. “Sure feels like forever.”

Newt stares at your joined hands. “Maybe.”

The breeze slows, leaving only the warm sunshine to brush your face. “It’s beautiful out. I hope it stays this way for tomorrow.”

“About tomorrow…”

You don’t notice the change in Newt’s tone as you chatter on. “Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? Isn’t a picnic the perfect way to celebrate a year together?”

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Non-Human Prompt Meme

Send me an emoji and a character!

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What's your fave from naruto? If you don't have one I'd really like to see my boy gaara in your style!


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So what we’re gonna do is, in germany its 9am right now I will walk my dog and than finish Chapter 5 of All these years and Post it after that I have the rest of the day off. I have work early on Wednesday and Friday but than I still have time to write so I wanna drag this celebration out a bit. Here are my ideas:

- Blurbs, you send me an idea and a character and I’ll write a short blurb about it. These won’t be very long as I want to do as many as possible

- Headcanons for Characters and scenarios

I write for all MCU characters.

Please understand though that I have a lot of requests waiting for me so at some point if it gets too much I will stop this celebration. For now I am happy to receive your requests and messages💛🌻

Tagging some mutuals that i wanna thank and that you should check out: @magic-marvel @minnie-marvel @greekdemigodwannabe @holland-haven @peter-prkers @vodkaqueensstuff @signed-potato @memyselfandmaddox @0captain-marvel0 @i-am-lokii-of-asgard @laurfangirl424 @laurs-x @buttercuptea @ / I hope I didnt forget anyone

Quick update to start the day

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I’m still working on one of the requests (I’m so sorry I didn’t manage to finish it yesterday I was up studying all night) and on My little Squeaky Toy Part 6, which I’m going to upload next Sunday if everything works out as planned. I’m very busy and stressed this week so I just want to apologize if I can’t make it and can’t keep up to what I said and promised.

Thank you so much for following and supporting me (it really means a lot to me).

I wish you all a wonderful day 💕

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if you haven't already had too many requests, I'd love to see a modern!au Thorin and/or Bilbo with 9 (date night clothes!) :D

With this I understand that I’m not a great stylist ^^’

Hogwarts & Ilvermorny Houses (16/16)

The Wise Healers

Ravenclaw + Pukwudgie (x)

Requested by @meysuhr and anonymous

“Burr you disgust me.”

For the Anon who asked me to draw a Modern AU, I don’t know if that counts but that’s a modern Angelica! Seriously asking me to draw modern AU is the best way to see the character with sidecuts and super eccentric looks!

I had no idea what I was doing when I was coloring this but I really like the result!

Also I apologize, it’s still rough around the edges and unfinished but I am very tired and if I don’t post it now I never will!

EDIT: OH MY GOD I’m so tired I completely forgot, I reached 200 followers today THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU!!!

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I want to read your novel, but I can't read German. :( But I want to say congratulations for publishing your wonderful book!!!! <3<3<3<3

Hello lovely and apologies for the truly late reply! Thank you so much for your congratulations, I’m still both pretty stoked and nervous about it all =D I do plan to translate the book to english, though it’s going to take a while since I want someone to proofread it and that is pretty expensive. I’ll do my best to hurry the process along though! <3