but i wouldn't be able to know


"You might be alone, which you should  n e v e r  be”


AU in which Beth Greene is really still alive and crawls her way out of her grave.

the girls should have one of the no filter shows professionally recorded and then put on dvd (or online like camp takota) and sold bc i would totally 100% buy that

i don’t need 84323429 angles or editing or whatever like just one angle filmed in good quality straight through would be fine with me 



Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 34

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[Press Play]

==> Lord English: Destroy the Green Sun.

==> Jade: Pass out.

[Jade gets a severe shock because the part of her that was once Becquerel dies and she can’t teleport anymore. She was only capable of teleportation because of the Green Sun. Her power level has taken a severe dive and her powers are now blue instead of green]


Jade wakes to find the Incipisphere slowly collapsing around her. All of the universes under the domain of the Green Sun are being destroyed and drawn to the black hole. Even if she tried to fly away she wouldn’t get far. Paradox space and everyone in it have been marked for imminent destruction.

As LOFAF breaks apart, she saves Karkat from getting crushed in the debris. All the planets are falling, Skaia is falling. They dodge the trees and rocks that fly past and eventually the pieces settle into a gradual descent towards the spot formerly occupied by the Green Sun. They land on the largest piece of LOFAF still intact.


It’s chaotic and they wouldn’t be able to hear each other even if they tried to find words. But they both already know, they’re completely fucked, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop this.

Jade and Karkat just stand there in each other’s arms, waiting for the end. They both tear-up a bit because wow, what a fucking cruel twist of fate. Finally getting to meet face to face, and their impending doom is preventing them from even saying hello. The ground is trembling beneath their feet and piece by piece it breaks away. The gravity is intensifying.

It won’t be long now.


There’s so many things they want to say but it’s all lost in the chaotic darkness, along with every tear that falls from their eyes. The light is beginning to fade and as they near the event horizon, memories from this life and the last go through their minds. Burning irons and pictures on cave walls.

It’s strange. Seeing your past lives as well. People you’ve never known, but somehow, its so familiar. As the last bit of earth dissolves around them Jade looks at Karkat and smiles. He looks familiar too.


She kisses him. 

And in that moment, a thought occurs.

There is an overwhelming realisation that this was it. That their whole lives, the alpha timeline, everything, it’s all been leading up to this one kiss.

It couldn’t have happened any other way.


Suddenly a blinding flash, a comet of light streaks across the void.


She appears with bright wings before them. But this is not the Calliope that Jade knew.

Another light, so brilliant and blinding, then complete and total darkness overwhelms them. They awaken, far from danger and they are alone. Has the impact of her arrival has thrown them this far? Or perhaps she saved them?


Calliope is now fighting Lord English inside the black hole. 

Part of the Incipisphere breaks and Horrorterrors are being violently cast into the fray.

The amount of power being released is amazing and it bursts forth from every direction. Jade recognises this light. It is the same energy released when a god tier is made or reborn. Jade and Karkat continue to flee. Flying as fast as Jade can carry them in order to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Their power quakes through paradox space and the remaining planets continue to crumble under the force of the energy blasts. Colossal snakes appear and fight, entangled in a seemingly endless spiral and the colorful light bursting forth is beginning to change. Everything becomes pure white light or endless void. The black hole becomes unstable and collapses in on itself.

It’s gone, and so are Calliope and Lord English.

More than half of the planets are crushed beyond recognition and dragged out in a long, scattered trail. What remains of the Incipisphere is virtually unrecognisable. The Dark Gods skim the mirror’s edge, their songs silenced.


Jade and Karkat are left standing on the ruins of Skaia, hand in hand, as the last of the debris settles in place.

For lack of a better word, it was a miracle.


i just want to congratulate everyone who had (or still has) to endure a toxic, ignorant, or bigoted home this holiday season. congratulations to everyone who stood up for their beliefs or identity; even if you only changed one person’s mind about one thing, that’s still an achievement. to everyone who didn’t: that’s okay, you made it this far and that’s achievement enough. keep fighting, i’m proud of you all!


the perfect gift for the directioner in your life


"It’s time to change."


"Uhura what?"
"Just Uhura."


Asha had believed her little brother dead. Better dead than this. The scrap of skin had fallen into her lap. She held it to the candle and watched the smoke curl up, until the last of it had been consumed and the flame was licking at her fingers.

as long as someone is working to be a better person then please don’t say that they are terrible

that is so wrong and unnecessary of you


Veeeery quick screencap redraw to take a break. I’m so tired omg this week has been busy as hell;;; 

4 Fast and Easy Hairstyles For Thick Hair (Or For Lazy People)

There are approximately 6 million “Easy Updo” tutorials on the internet (give or take) purporting to teach the secret to doing a twisted chignon with a braided headband in 5 minutes or less (the secret is having 4 hands, eyes on the back of your head, and a degree from cosmetology school). What all of these tutorials neglect to mention is that they only apply to girls with goldilocks hair: not too thin, not too thick, just right. Must be nice. I happen to have thick hair. Like, really fucking thick. Like, takes 6 hours to air-dry thick. And all of those instructional posts and videos feel like a damn lie to me. Even the ones that explicitly say they are for thick hair are bullshit. Have you ever tried to do milkmaid braids on hair that weighs 10 pounds while dry? Clearly not, so check your thin hair privilege. This is a tutorial for super hella thick haired ladies who know the struggle. (Note: this tutorial also applies to ladies who are lazy or completely inept in the ways of hairstyling) 

What you will need:

  • hair
  • hair tie

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