but i would say this was taken at the end of may before she went to china

The Real Killer - Vegas Andrews (ft others)

@mrs-jughead-jones this short fic goes out to the theory makers on Rose’s tumblr right now, I’m having the time of my life and decided to make a small fic, inspired by this debate.

Words: 1,317

Warnings: Doge / Violent Doge / Swearing Doge


Archie and Drughead were caught up in their own problems, I don’t know what they were because I am a dog, but I didn’t really care because it meant I got petted therapeutically. That seemed to be my job. When someone was contemplating or having an existential crisis, they would pet me. Drughead preferred to flap my ear around which is…. nice?

They were so fixated on their own issues that they didn’t even realise the killer was right in front of them. To a smelly hooman, it would look like I was simply sitting at Drughead’s side, staring into space and just generally being a dog. But IT’S ALL LIEEEESSS!!!

Inside my mind, I was conspiring and plotting my next move. I had gone off the rails and there was no going back….

It all started back when….

“Woof woof” I barked as I watched Drughead’s mother load her car, daughter’s hand in her own. She had finally had enough with FP and they were moving far away. I wasn’t particularly fussed, because i am a dog, until I noticed the metal cage at the back of the van.

I bounded towards it, barking aggressively. I heard a restrained response from behind the prison bars of the cage. It was my dog bae, my man crush monday, Hot Dog! They couldn’t take Hot Dog. 

I felt my fur coat burn with teenage dog angst, and I ran over to Drughead, clawing at his suspenders, a plead for him to do something. He was too invested in saying goodbye to his sister.


I had to sit and watch as my dog bae was taken away from me. The only other intellectual in this town. I felt sad and angry and emotions that were indescribable. I mean how could I describe them? I’m a fucking dog.

I swore vengeance on my friend/bae/one-time hookup that day. I would get Hot Dog back, whatever it took.

After stalking the Jones household for a few months, i found out that Drughead had left the house to live in the drive-in. This is a dumb idea because the drive-in has no fridge that i am aware of, and that means it’s harder to access food. Food accessibility is another priority in my books. This just adds to the novel i’m writing about the fact that hoomans have no intuition.

Speaking of DRUGhead, turns out that the Dad was high like 98% of the time. This I guess, is why half of his family left. I’ve always wanted to 420 blaze it, but i never have, because i’m a dog.

I followed him on daily basis, trailer park to drive-in, trailer park to drive-in. He had a black jacket with a green worm on the back, along with the rest of his “friends”. I assumed these were his druggy buddies. Drughead was pretty clueless, considering he lived there.

I watched overtime, as the connections with the drugs grew. Reaching out to buyers like Hiram Lodge, a wealthy businessman. FP was getting a lot of money/benefits from these deals, but being a dumbass human, wasted his rewards on alcohol. You see, I may never have been high, but boy have I been drunk.

Perhaps, I could use my intelligence to manipulate stoopid hoomans. I could work my way to the top and maybe offer the Jones’s a huge cash sum to get my friend back! It was a genius plan!

I trained my nose to sniff out Green Worm drug stashes. I became known as “The Hound”, a mysterious thief who kept stealing the stock of the Green Worms. This was quite funny, because I am actually a dog. Hahahhhahahahhah.

The drugs I managed to anonymously deal were stamped with the Green Worm mark, so I couldn’t be blamed for my crimes. At the end of the day, if anything went wrong, FP would be blamed for my misdeeds, not me.

It all went downhill when I got involved with a certain ginger. 

Jason Blossom.

He was looking for some serious last-minute money, so he could escape the town with his preggo my leggo girlfriend. The Blossom’s were the most influential family and town, and they were very very rich, which meant I could exploit Jason for a long amount of time before finally letting him go.

I offered him a job to do for me, entrusting him with the drugs through anonymous mail. Don’t ask me about the mailing process, it’s too complex for hoomans to understand. I put my faith in him. I was desperate at this point, Hot Dog was so close yet so far and I had to push myself and my doggy drug business to the extreme.

He was supposed to take the drugs, sell them to the students at Riverdale High, and give me back his earnings. I had sent him letters, written with my own paws, about how when his job was truly done he would be paid what he deserved. I meant it, but he just couldn’t trust in me for that long. He was  getting desperate too. WELL IT’S A DOG EAT HOOMAN WORLD SONNY JIM.

He thought I wouldn’t notice when he started to take half of the days profits for himself. I was enraged. I also had fleas at this time which is practically the equivalent of a doggy period so I was incredibly pissed off.

Jason knew I was on to him, when i sent him hate mail and insulted his Sailor Moon ships. He was going to pack a getaway car and be out of there by morning. Oh helllllllll no, not today. 

Jason had messed with the wrong canine. I thought about Fred and Archie, the affection they showed me. Then my mind went deeper, to the thoughts of the Blossom’s and how they tried to control Fred’s life and work. I got angrier by the second and I knew that was when I had to take action.

I waited, on the 4th of July, by the riverbank for Jason to arrive. He arrived with his sister looking like twins that deserved a place in The Shining. They rowed over to where I was, and Cheryl left him to die. Fake die. OR SO SHE THOUGHT! Jason was filled with paranoia though, his guard was up and I couldn’t strike without getting hurt in the process. So, I used my doggy hulk strength, and pushed a tree down on him. He somehow got out alive, so I patiently awaited a week for him to wake up. This seemed to work though, because I could get his preggo my leggo girlfriend to pay ransom, or the same from the Blossom’s. Nobody showed up though. I slowly started getting bored, and when dogs get bored they get mad.

Playing fetch by myself was becoming tiresome.

Jason for some stupid reason wasn’t awake, but when he did wake up, he might get away. I couldn’t risk that, he would tell everyone about my scheming and I would be stuck in the pound for the rest of my life with big man Dave. Not Dave. Anyone but Dave.

So I do what most dogs do when their mad.

Charge into the intended victim with a P99 before popping a cap in their head. Followed by nudging into the rivers currents so he would float away like he was in the river of lost souls from my favourite disney movie, Hercules.

I used my handy paws to big a deep hole to China, where I hid the murder weapon. To avoid suspicion, I would have to put my drug hauling on hold and return to my normal life at the Andrew’s house.

I’m still yet to get my bae back, BUT I WILL.




woof woof motherfuckers.


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Two Halves

Fourth of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list: @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter @meowmeowp

Warnings: .None

Summary: Everyone is given a necklace at birth that is half a unique shape, your soulmate has the other half. The necklaces get warmer the closer the two of you are. Yours had always been stone cold until the second batch of villain kids from the Isle arrived at Auradon.

Word Count: 2613


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Hiraeth (Jaebum Drabble)

Originally posted by queenwithcollars

Requested by Anonymous

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18./20. “I wish I could stop loving you”/ “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, War, Blood

Word Count: 3875

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Arthur x Reader: Alone Together Part 2

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

No one moved.

No one breathed.

They all stared in silence at where you had just been standing.  Arthur was like a statue.  Eventually Lancelot spoke up.  “Arthur, I’m so—”  He didn’t get a chance to finish.  Arthur lunged forward and grabbed the front of Lancelot’s tunic, shoving him up against a broken pillar.

“You’re what?  You’re sorry?” He hissed.  “I don’t care if you’re sorry.  I finally had her back.  And now she’s gone.  Again!” He drew his fist back and Lancelot prepared for the blow.  Merlin however, had faster reflexes.  He grabbed Arthur’s fist.  Arthur tried to shake him off, but Merlin held on tight.  “What are you doing?” He shouted.

“Arthur, calm down!”  Arthur whirled on his manservant.  

“Calm down?  Calm down?!”  He screamed, absolutely livid.  “Y/N was missing for months and I just watched her be taken away from me again.  I have no idea where she is, who she’s with, or if she’s even alive!” Arthur’s voice cracked.  Merlin watched him sympathetically.  Arthur didn’t speak.  He just stared at his


“We’ll find her, Arthur.”

“How do you know?” He snapped.

“She came back once; that means she can come back again.” Merlin reasoned.  

“How?” He said bitterly.   “She was taken by magic.  You all saw it.” He pointed to where the rift was.  “There’s no way to get her back.”  The answer hung unsaid in the air, until Merlin finally spoke up.

“…But there is a way.” He said softly.  Arthur stared at him as though he’d grown another head.

“You know that’s not an option.”

“So what’s your plan?” Arthur didn’t answer.  “Are you really willing to turn away the one solution we may ever find?”

On the one hand, magic was outlawed in Camelot.  What sort of example would he be setting as King?

But on the other hand… Y/N.  This might be the only chance he’d get to see her again.  He’d give anything to get her back.

The choice was easy.

“What do you propose?”

“So tell me what happened again?” Arthur groaned from his seat at the weathered wooden table.  

“I told you.  She got—”

“Sucked into a rift in space and sent to a world far away from here.  I know.”

“Then why did you ask?” The old wizard turned and grinned at him.

“Just to see if you’d listen.” He poured what he had been mixing into a small flask.  He shoved a cork in the top and handed it to the King.

“And what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Drink one third of it and think about where you want to go.”

“Why a third? Am I going to die if I drink more?” His sarcastic response was answered with a smart rap to his head.  “Hey!”

“One third to get there.  One third to get back.  And the last is for her.”  Arthur nodded in understanding and turned to leave.  The door slammed and Arthur whirled around, drawing his sword.  The old wizard waggled a finger at him.

 “Didn’t your parents ever teach you manners?  You know, just because you’re a King doesn’t mean you can’t learn some manners!”  Arthur raised an eyebrow.

“Thank you,” He said at last.  “Truly.”  He turned to open the door, but stopped at the last second.  “You know,” He said, turning around.  “You remind me of a friend of mine.” He was going to say more, but was interrupted by a book flying at his head.

“Go!”  Arthur glared at the wizard and left.  When he was gone, Merlin shed his disguise and watched Arthur’s retreating form.  He had no idea how you managed to fall in love with such a clot pole.

Arthur locked the door to his chambers, and relieved his guards for the night.

 He turned the flask over in his hands, studying it.  He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t afraid.  He had no idea if the wizard was telling the truth, or even what he was about to drink.

But it was for you.

And he’d go to the ends of the earth for you.

Without another thought, he opened the flask and tipped it back.

You wiped your eyes as you dropped your bag on the foot of your bed.  You didn’t bother changing; you just pulled the covers back and crawled into bed, pulling the blankets up and over.  You lay there in the dark.  Just thinking.  
You knew it wasn’t a dream.  As soon as you were back, you opened your computer and googled Merlin.  You checked the episodes, and sure enough, Lancelot was there right up until the end of season 5.

You weren’t sure if it made you feel better or worse.

You went back to your normal life, but now that you knew what was missing, it wasn’t the same.  You were going through the motions.  By the time you got home, all you wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep.
Which found you in bed at 5:30.  You were seconds away from falling asleep when you  heard something that made your heart stop.

“Now, I wonder where Y/N could be?” You didn’t move, convinced you had finally lost your mind.  

Then a hand tugged the covers off you.  You blinked in the light, and when your eyes focused, your hands flew to your mouth as you let out a gasp.  Arthur was kneeling next to your bed, smiling softly at you.  His face was filled with so much love, and before you could stop yourself, you had shot towards him and wrapped your arms around his neck, throwing him off balance.  He instinctively wrapped his arms around you as he fell back.  You were laughing and sobbing and Arthur was holding you as tightly as possible, nuzzling his face into your neck.  He carefully sat up, still holding onto you as you settled in his lap. You looked up at him and smiled shakily.  He wiped the tears from your cheeks.  “You don’t have to cry anymore,” He told you.  You smiled a little more surely, and pulled his face down to yours.  Your lips moved together gently, and he held you like you were made of china.  When you pulled apart he stood up, cradling you in his arms.

“Are you ready to go home?”  You nodded.  He smiled, and carefully raised a flask, still holding onto you.  He tipped the contents into his mouth and pressed his lips to yours, passing some of the mixture to you.  You felt wind blow around you, and when you pulled apart and opened your eyes, you were home.

Thanks to Alexandrin for requesting this one!

GOT7 Reaction/Imagine ‘What They Think Of You When They First Meet You’.

Requested: Yes put two request together “What they think when they first meet you and where you two first meet.”

A.N. tried to keep it gender neutral through out the whole thing practically failed at it. Italicized is his POV and sorry its super long and sorry if this was shit. 

JB: At the bank(you know how some banks you can inside after hours for the atm, watch S1Ep7 of FRIENDS this is like that)- You needed to get some cash before you were to go out with your girlfriends. After hearing horrible news from your agent you just needed to go out, you were hoping nothing would go wrong; well that’s when your luck change you just didn’t know it than. You entered the bank late at night, thinking you’ll be alone but you scanned the inside to see a young man rather attractive using the atm before you. After he was done he stepped aside for you to use it but before you could use it, the power went out. There was a city wide black out due to the weather from the week before, so you were stuck inside the bank with a stranger until the power came back on. You can feel his dark eyes staring you down, now you just had to wait before one of you two spoke to each other. You both claimed a side of the room it was completely silent that was until your phone went off and wouldn’t stop.

 “Guess your boyfriend is worried about you?” His voice asked with a concerned tone.

“Hmm? Oh no I don’t have one, its just my girlfriends asking where I’m at. We were suppose to go out to make me feel better.”

“What happened?” He got up to move towards you to have more of a personal conversation, rather than across the room.

“I’m in the process of getting my book published and its just being put back and I have so much to rewrite a few more chapters before it could even get approved again. My friends just thought I needed a break from stressing.”

From that moment on you two got to know each other more and even exchanged numbers right before the power come back on and that was a sign for the two of you two go your separate ways. He offered to drive you home but you explained that you drove yourself, you can tell that he wanted to spend a little bit more time with you so you offered to meet up for coffee sometime you both weren’t busy. He gladly accepted.

A girl who has a passion for literature, she somewhat reminds me of Jinyoung-hyung, I really hope she doesn’t have his possessive personality. Wow she can probably go on for hours on her favorite things, its kind of cute. I really hope the power doesn’t come on till another hour or so, I need ask her out before we leave.*after being asked out* Why did she have to ask me out? I should have done it but I’m glad she did. Calm down Jaebum it’s just a cup of coffee with a really cute girl..

Mark: Pet Store- You moved away from your hometown for college and hopefully get your dream job at a company you’ve been dreaming to join for a while now. You didn’t realize how lonely you would be when you moved away from everything you once loved. You thought you could do it and not crack down and just go running back to your parents but instead you had a better idea. You got yourself a dog! One you always wanted and that was regulated to live inside the apartment. A light brown and white beagle, he was your guard dog and was the emotional support you just needed. It was a beautiful day and Max wanted to go out on a walk, unfortunately you had just adopted Max two weeks ago and you’ve been meaning to get him a leash because you forgot to buy one. Luckily there was a pet shop just down the street from where you lived so told Max you’ll be back and hurriedly along to get want you needed. 

As you entered the store you went straight to the leash section to get what you needed and get out. You reached for the classic black one plus it was the cheapest one too. As you reached for it someone else was too. You made eye contact with the person to see who it was and you were surprised to see a young man and with a rather small white dog. 

“Uhm you can have it. I can just get a different one.” You motioned for him to talk it, while you awkwardly back away to go find a different leash. 

“No it’s okay you can get it, I think she(my dog) probably wants a different one.” 

“Yeah by the look she’s giving you she definitely wants a different one.” The both of you laugh. 

“Guess you have a dog or do you just buy dog leashes for fun?” He was making small talk but you can tell there was definite slight dorky flirting.

“No I have a dog, he’s waiting for me back at my place. He’s been wanting to go on a walk today.” You pulled out your phone to show him a picture of Max and he wouldn’t stop complimenting him. 

“Maybe if its okay do you mind if me and Coco joined you for your walk? There’s a park nearby we could go to.” You said yes and told him that he could meet you outside your apartment after he was done with shopping with whatever he needed.

Wow she’s really cute when she’s awkward. Should I flirt with her? Oh why did i say that!? She’s laughing, she likes me. I well at least hope so she does. Maybe I should ask her on a date, no wait just a casual friend thing right now be nice to her. *after asking you out* She said yes!! Okay be calm Mark you don’t want to scare her away.. Now it’s time to tell Youngjae that I need another two hours with coco, this won’t be pretty.

Jackson: Airport- You’re plane was on delay due whatever issues and you were just dreaded it. You needed to get on the plane and go home. You wanted nothing more but to be in your cozy bed wrapped in your fuzzy blankets. Miles away and knew nothing in this foreign country, you only went to China for a business meeting but that ended up being cancelled due to the buyer dropping out of the deal. It just hasn’t been your greatest week ever and no matter what your week kept getting worse. No one else was awake near the plane gate, you couldn’t blame them it was midnight and after being delayed for several hours you would fall asleep too. Sleep was about to win but as you were about to go to sleep, someone had tapped your shoulder.

“Do you mind if I talk to you? I’m pretty bored and you’re the only person that’s awake, also all my friends are ignoring my phone calls.”

He kept asking you why you were here and more to get to you know type of friend way. Three hours had passed. Three hours of laughs exchanged, smiles and stupid looks (mainly coming from you because boy this boy said the weirdest things ever). It was finally 3 am when you were able to board the plane and the thought of you going home hadn’t popped into your head since you started to talk to Jackson. As the two of you board the plan you asked if he wanted to get coffee after you landed in Korea, he gladly accepted and said to meet him at baggage claim after landing.

Why is she the only one awake right now? Everyone else is asleep I know if I didn’t have that cup of coffee I would be pass out right now. She probably need someone to talk to, I should get up and go over. What if she doesn’t like me, what if she wants to be left alone. She’s really pretty I doubt she would talk to me. Worth a shot *during the plane ride* she’s the sweetest thing ever, glad I went up to her… Now just be patient about our coffee date. Wait is it date? or is something else? Oh god what do I call it!?

Junior: Grocery Store- You were raised on the idea of if you ever going to the grocery store on an empty stomach you’re going to buy everything that appealed to you and to be truthful you were probably about to spend your money on so much junk food. You can regret it later when you see your bank account right now your focus is on buying food. After spending 10 minutes in the fruit and 15 minutes alone in every junk food section there was you were finally ready to just buy one more thing and that was Oreos. A must have thing to have when you’re doing nothing but watching stupid romance movies that you secretly love. You were noticing the store was starting to become empty “Must be closing time” you thought to yourself. You continued along the aisle to get to the cookies, you reached the oreos and excitement ran throughout your whole body, its cookies; cookies are great. 

There was one boxed left of your favorite oreos the red velvet flavored oreos(recommend them, they are amazing) as you were about to reach for it there was another hand about to take the same box. Luckily for your love of Oreos you were quicker and grabbed them before they had the chance to do the same thing. You faced to see a young man just giving you glance of disbelief.

“I’m guessing those are your favorite Oreo’s or else you wouldn’t have violently taken them off the shelve.” A smirk came across his face when you made eye contact with him, he may be cute but he did seem like a douche. 

“Well of course it is, its better then all the other ones including the original.” You were ready to pick a fight with this guy even its about oreos.

“The original is the best one, everyone knows that.” He scoffs at your ignorance before you could pick a fight with him a voice over the sound system interrupted you. 

“The store will closing in ten minutes all costumers please head to the registers to purchase your items. Once again the store will be closing in ten minutes.” 

“I guess we’ll continue this at the registers.” You rolled your cart down the aisle and you noticed he wasn’t following you. You stopped right where you are and turned around and said “Well are you coming or what? Because I’m going to prove to you that I’m right and you’re wrong.” He gave you a dumbfounded look, he  seemed as though he couldn’t believe what you said to him. He gave a small smile and said “Enlighten me with how those are better than the originals.”

How do you strike up a conversation with someone at a grocery store? Do you just go up to them like a normal person and be like “hey what’s up” or do you say “hey you pick out nice apples?” Wait no what the fuck thats stupid, awkward, and creepy.. Okay she’s going for the oreos better start talking to her now or else you’ll do it…. She’s really cute when she’s picks a fight. How can someone so small pick a fight, I’ll ask her out once she’s done going on about how the filling actually taste like real cream cheese. She’s dork but I want to get to know this dork.

Youngjae: Book Store- If anybody knew where to find you on a Saturday morning it would be either in sleeping in bed or at the local bookstore picking out some new books. Today was the day for you to be picking out some books. What you liked best about going early in the mornings was that there was no one else in the store and you can take all the time that you want without feeling rushed. You walked along the aisles back and forth in hope to find something that would interest you. You finally found the book that you’ve been wanting to read but always put it aside for a rainy day. As you grabbed the book you took a seat on the floor to read the first chapter of it, yet time went on and you were practically halfway through the book because there was a plot twist after another. As you reading your eyes shifted noticed a person was standing in front of you just looking at you. You looked up to acknowledge this person that turned out to be a young man just staring at you awkwardly. He keep opening and closing his mouth as if he was trying to choose what he was about to say more carefully after 10 ten seconds of him deciding what to say he finally began to talk to you.

“I know this seems rather weird and I completely understand that you probably wouldn’t talk to me but I just bought that book last week and I just wanted to say you’ll probably be mad at how the story ends. Still its a great book and I really recommend that you finish it. Well hmm I’ll let you get back to the book.” He started to walk away from you but you were utterly confused on how you’ll be mad at the ending.

“Wait!” Getting up from your little spot you hurried up to catch up to this young man. He was cute and he likes to read, he’s a keeper and you shouldn’t let him get away. “Why would I be mad at the ending!? Wait. Don’t tell me I don’t want to know.. I actually do want to know but on the other hand….” You kept babbling on about how you want to know the ending and how you didn’t want to know. He kept looking at you blankly trying to speak at a perfect opportunity but you wouldn’t let him. After minutes of babbling on you stopped and upon looking at him you just gave out a little sigh and realized how crazy he must think you’ll be. He handed you a business card and before you can ask what it was for he went on with his explanation which was pure innocence and awkwardness.

“Before you say anything else, here’s my number maybe when you’re done with the book we can probably talk about it over coffee or food? Only if you want to maybe I’m not pressuring you into a date or anything its only if you want to. I mean this is completely up to you, you know completely up to you. Maybe it doesn’t have to be date it coul-” You cut him off because you just couldn’t endure the babbling on 

“I’ll give you a call when I’m done with the book uhmmm Youngjae. I better get going though, it was nice meeting you. I’ll see you real soon.” You gave him a shy smile and a little wave and walked away from him, hoping you actually see him real soon.

You can do this Youngjae just go up to the pretty girl and just start talking to her. Don’t get distracted by her pretty looks but she really is pretty. She’s reading a book that Junior was telling me about let me google so reviews… *after talking to you the first time* okay you said what you needed to say and just walk away. Walk away.. Should I say something about her be indecisive I could just ask her out on a date. *after you said you’ll call him* Oh my god she practically said yes to the date! She said yes oh my god.. Wait I just realized I need to read that book now.. 

Bambam: Coffee Shop- As finals were coming up one after another, you felt like you’re going to die from all the stress and lack of sleep you were getting. Living on campus wasn’t that great either people were always at the library taking up all the tables making it crowded and your roommate’s partner was spending the night at your dorm studying and well just having sex when you passed out from exhaustion. When your biology final coming up in less than twelve hours you need to stay up all night to finish study on the differences between the genetics and cells in animals and plants. There was a coffee shop that was open 24 hours only in final weeks for college students, it was that far from campus either so you packed everything you needed and headed straight to the coffee shop. 

Upon entering the shop there wasn’t that many people there, just a few studying and a few other just relaxing. You ordered your drink and got yourself situated in a corner table near a window, so you can still see people walking by. A few hours passed by, three cups of coffee and now you were nearly on the verge of killing yourself. “Do I absolutely need to go to college? I mean can I just sell drugs or become a stripper, they make good money.” All these little thoughts came to your mind because there was no way in hell you would pass this final. You came to the realization that you just couldn’t do it anymore, you started to pack your things but as you did that someone walked to your table to interrupt your train of thought about literally becoming a stripper.

“Are you okay? You seem rather stressed out, do you need help with anything.” Even though this young man didn’t know you it was still sweet that he’s offering help.

“Uhm I just have a biology final coming up in a couple of hours and I’m just giving up and heading back to my dorm so I can at least sleep or something.” The tone of your voice he can tell you were actually giving up on yourself.

“I may not know you but I can’t help you study! You probably just need someone to help you out. I’ll help!! I don’t have nothing to do so I honestly don’t mind helping you.”

*After helping you to studying for a couple of hours*

It was two hours till your final and you started to pack up because it was best if you start heading out now. “It’s time for me to go I’m sorry that you helped me, you really didn’t need to but I greatly appreciate it, Kunpimook.” 

“Hey I told you to call me Bambam, and no problem Y/N we all have to help people out once in a while. After your final maybe we should hang out, after you get some sleep.” You couldn’t help but laugh because he was right about you getting sleep. You agreed to message him later that day to tell him how it went.

God that was the worst thing I ever experienced who needs biology? Why do you need to know about all these useless things, but I hope Y/N passes her finals she really deserves it after studying so much. Maybe I should take her to a different café as a way to celebrate her getting through that hell. Would she even go on a date with me? I hope she does say yes.

Yugyeom: Music store- One of the good things about working at a music store was that you got to play your favorite music. It was your favorite thing just being able to play all types of music and jamming out especially when there was no costumers around either. They wouldn’t judge you but it was always just better singing along when no one was there simply for the fact that you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. You had the late Thursday night shift which meant that you were restocking up on merchandise, and doing inventory. It was almost closing time and there was no one in the store so you started to restock so the quicker you finish the quicker you can go home. You went to the back to grab the merchandise that you needed as you were doing so you heard the little bell ring which meant someone, a costumer, entered the store. You grabbed whatever you needed and headed back out to the sales floor. You see a guy looking around the vinyl section. 

“Do you need help looking for something in particular sir?” Even though he seemed like he was around your age you still needed to be polite and talk to him formally.

“No I’m just looking around to see if something catches my eye. Do you have any recommendations?” This was your chance to tell him about your own music taste without being considered weird, he did say if you recommended anything. 

You asked him questions on his own personal taste in music and tried to find something similar and modern to that certain artist he told you. The both of you got to talking and you actually had the same taste which was pretty great because you both talked about artist and concerts you’ve both been too. You noticed the time and it was way pass closing time, this where it would be awkward tell this guy that seems pretty cool that he needed to leave.

“Hey I’m sorry but I kind of need to kick you out, I need to lock up and do some restocking before I get off.” You made that really awkward face you do when you get don’t know what to do after you say certain things.

“Its okay I completely understand, I’ll come back another time Y/N, you know so we can talk some more.” He gave you a cheeky smile and waved goodbye as he left the store. You rolled your eyes and just smiled to yourself about meeting him.

Honestly I never knew someone would like the same music as me, the other guys were starting to hate me for dragging them to concerts and blasting my music hard core in the car. She was really cute too… WAIT! I never asked when she was working again.. Crap should I go back and ask? Or is that too weird? No, I can just call and ask if she’s working that time. Yeah that’s less weird.. Stalkerish but not as weird. Hope I don’t make a fool of myself when I see her next time.

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Dragon!au Hanzo and Genji with a (male) platonic friend/lover (your pick) please :D maybe they never planned to tell reader but something went wrong and reader found out, cue angst, freaking out, misunderstandings but all is well at the end (or whatever you are inspired by!) Thanks and keep up your great writing^^


Most people connect the sight of a dragon with the horrors of the omnic crisis. Nowadays all but extinct, during the crisis they experienced their greatest increase in power, allying themselves with the god programs to enslave humankind. Veterans and civilian survivors alike remember the dragons’ roars as they hid from the awe-inspiring and terrifying creatures, their enormous bodies shadows in the water, blotting out the sun above.

Once they stood as a symbol of prosperity, longevity and wisdom, but overnight they turned into the nightmare of a generation. After Overwatch trapped the last god program, freed the omnics in their service and became the global organisation they would remain for twenty years, their first order was to call out another great dragon hunt. It should be the last.

What followed historians describe as one of the most brutal mass killings in history. As punishment for the crimes committed during the crisis, horrendous in their own right, the dragons watched as they were hunted down, slaughtered and torn apart from skin to bone marrow. Some fought, but the crisis weakened them, and some hid, like the human prey they hunted, but no one would shelter them.

Overwatch called a stop to the hunt only when the enraged mob turned to the children. By then the dragons were gone. A once mighty race standing side by side with humankind reduced to history.

“… Rough estimates put the number of surviving dragons in the low dozens but no one can be sure. For better or worse they hide. Perhaps one day we can find common ground. Until then the dragons’ place is in stories and legends.”

The documentary ends to the credits running over an old picture of a group of human and dragon soldiers during the second world war, side by side and smiling brightly. It’s the first show you’ve seen that doesn’t demonise dragons and as expected the older attendees of this movie night make their derision known. Even Reinhardt keeps himself tight lipped and says nothing when Jack monologues about the natural malice all dragons possess.

Keep reading

50 First Dates

Request: “Could you do Barry Allen x Reader 50 First Dates thingamijig? Like the reader forgets their relationship every day because of a meta-human and Barry has to go make her fall in love with him again all whilst trying to stop the bad guy so the reader can get their memory back?” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader

Warnings: angst, sadness, lots of fluff, really sad, cussing, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I pulled out my phone and texted Caitlyn to help me with my outfit. Barry had planned this date for us, months in advanced. He was an adorable dork that I’ve completely and utterly fallen for. Caitlyn and Cisco introduced me to him a while ago, and ever since then, we’ve been like two pees in a pod. We planned on going to the grand opening of the Science Museum. I was very excited, even though I didn’t know much about science. I was just happy to spend time with Barry. My thoughts came to a halt when all of a sudden I heard a knock at my front door. I raced downstairs, whipping the door open to see Caitlyn. I grabbed her arm, pulling her inside and up the stairs. 

She stumbles and swears under her breath. “You know I’m wearing heels, right?” I roll my eyes, setting her down on my bed. I shuffled to my closet, throwing outfit pairings at her. She gasped and spit, trying to pull the fabrics out her face. I look at her, heart racing. “I have nothing to wear!” She got up, pulling a cute, yet sexy outfit together. My jaw dropped. “How do you do that? Honestly, you’re like a magician.” She shook her head, laughing. “Yeah, I know. Now hurry up.” I nod, forcing my arms through the shirt. When I’m finished, I take a look in the mirror, nodding my head in approval. 

I walk outside, spinning around. Caitlyn nods her head. “Man, I am good at fashion.” I laugh, admiring myself in the mirror. “Maybe you were a fashionista in another life.” She shrugs, giggle. “Yeah. Oh look at the time. I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you later.” I give her a hug before she rushes out the door. I spray perfume all around myself and take a deep breath. My thoughts came to a halt when all of a sudden, I heard a loud knock at my front door. I swung it open to see Barry grinning at me like a dork. 

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

He eyes me up and down, jaw dropping. “You look absolutely stunning.” I couldn’t help but blush. It was so easy for him to have that affect on me. I shake my head, bring back my composure. “Ready to go?” He grins. “Yup!” I closed the door, linking arms with him. “So tell me about this science museum?” He smiles, cheek to cheek. I could tell how much that question meant to him. I knew that he loved that I was interested in the topic. The whole car ride, he discussed the new artificial discovers and new exhibits. I understood half of what he was talking about, but the other have didn’t make any sense. When we arrived, I noticed that he was trying to contain his excitement. 

I rolled my eyes. “Barry, I won’t make fun of you if you start screaming.” He scoffs. “Pff, I’m fine.” Once we enter, I looked over at Barry who was clutching my hand. I whisper. “You’re so cute when you’re excited.” He blushed, rubbing the back of his head. 

A little while into the exhibit, a loud band went off. “Everybody get down! NOW!” We did as the man said. I clutched to Barry, as he moves to get up. I shake my head. Don’t do it Barry. I can’t lose you. He held me close, in his arms. As the man approached us, Barry looked like he was preparing for something. My eyes widened, as he got up to disarm the attacker. I shouted. “NO!” Before I could comprehend my actions, I bolted off the floor and pushed Barry out of the attackers grasp. His enormous hand wrapped around my neck, lifting me up off the ground as if I were a feather. I watched horrifically, as a blue mist climbed up his arm. When it reached my face, I gasped and clutched his hands, trying to tear him away. Every second got harder and harder for me to breath. All of a sudden, everything went black. 

A few days later..

Barry’s P.O.V

I sit next to (Y/n), clutching her hand. A tear falls down my face as I glance at her once more. All of a sudden, I felt a warm, comforting hand on my shoulder. I turn to see Harrison Wells rolling up next to me. “She’ll be okay. I promise.” I nod. “Thank you for helping her. I should get back to work. I’ll be here later if you guys want me to order anything.” He nodded, turning to look at the monitors. I headed off to work, unable to fully focus. She’s been in a coma for a few days. I never thought I needed someone so much in my life. But without her, I’m incomplete. 

Your P.O.V

I gasped, bolting up. I scan the room, frantically. Cisco and Caitlyn ran over to me, shinning a light in my eye and checking my vitals. I question. “Where am I? What’s going on?” Cisco gave me a weak smile. “You were attacked-” Caitlyn interrupts. ”Right now, may not be the right time to talk about what happened.” I shake my head, brows furrowing. “No, I need to know what happened.” Caitlyn stepped in front of me, with a sad expression. “You need to rest. What was the last thing you remember?” My brows furrow, as I try to concentrate. “Last week when we first met. You bought me a drink after you accidentally spilled mine on me.” Her eyes widened. “(Y/n).. that was two years ago..” 

Originally posted by cherylgifs

I shake my head. “No that’s not possible.” She eyes Cisco. “Get Wells.” I exhale, running my hand through my hair. She tosses me a pair of clothes. “Get changed. We’ve still got some tests to do.” I nodded, doing as she asked. I ponder. “What’s today’s date?” She sigh. “May. 2016.” My eyes grow wide, as I mutter to myself. “What happened to me..?” She took me into the other room to go over some tests. My focus was taken away when all of a sudden, I heard a low ruff voice yell. “Is she okay?! Where is she?!” I look out the window to see Cisco trying to calm down a handsome man. I turn back to Caitlyn, inquiring. “Who’s that?” She looks down, sad. “That’s your boyfriend.” 

Originally posted by zecaeru-asmodeus

My brows shoot up. “THAT’s my boyfriend?” She nods. I mutter under my breath. “Man, I’ve got good taste.” She giggles. “You guys have been dating for more than a year and a half.” My heart breaks. “Why can’t I remember him?” She shakes her head. “I don’t know. But we’re gonna get through this together.” Before she leaves, I shout. “You know, you’re a really good friend, even if it feels like a I met you a few days ago.” She smiles before leaving. 

Barry’s P.O.V

I practically shout at Cisco. “Where is she?!” He holds up his hands, surrendering. “She’s in the other room getting tested.-” Before he could finish, Caitlyn walked through the door interrupting him. I walk up to her, with a pleading expression. She sets her hand on my chest, stopping me from walking through the door. “She doesn’t remember you..” My heart breaks. All the air in my lungs, deflated. I lean against the wall for support. Tears start to form at my ducks. Cisco looks at me, with sympathy. “How did this happen?” I ask, voice cracking. Caitlyn chirps up. “We think it may be a meta attack.” 

My nostrils flare as I listen to Caitlyn. “The blue light may have caused some memory loss.” I shake my head, running my hands through my hair. “Is there anyway we can reverse it?” Cisco shrugged. “Only if we catch the meta-human.” I put my hands in my face. “Okay. I’ll start looking around the city and see if I can find anything. You guys stay here and research.” Caitlyn scoffs. “You don’t know what we’re up against. You aren’t leaving until we at least know what’s up okay?” I roll my eyes, huffing. “Fine.” She smiles, happy with her victory. “Okay good. I’m gonna go check on (Y/n).. if you’d like to join me.” 

My throat went try, body perspiring profusely. “What am gonna say?” She pats me on the back, gently. “Speak from your heart.” I nod and follow her in, heart racing. When I look at her, my heart leaps. She’s always had that affect on me. Caitlyn stood in front of her, raising her hand in my direction. “(Y/n). This is Barry. Barry you already know (Y/n).” She’s breath taking. Honestly, I’ll never get use to her beauty. I stumble over, and shake her hand, awkwardly. “Hi-hi..” I take a big gulp, trying to calm myself down. She sends me a sad smile. “Hi Barry.” We stand there in silence, occasionally glancing at each other. When our eyes connected, we both turned crimson red. Once I got the courage to talk, she spoke in time with me. 

“I’m sorry-” 

“I’m sorry-” 

We both giggle, blushing once again. “Here, why don’t I start?” She nods, smiling. “I’m so sorry this happened to you.. I should have pushed you out of the way. I should have tried harder to protect you. I’m so sorry..” She takes her palms in my face. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I should be the one that’s apologizing. I saw how hurt you looked when Caitlyn told you that for some reason I couldn’t remember you.” I looked down, sad. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. For some reason, I have this strong connection with you and if I ever saw you hurt, I don’t know what I would do.” I smile. “I was about to order some Chinese food. I can order you some and we can sit and talk.” She nodded. “I’d like that.” 

Originally posted by mogifire

I let go of her hand and walked past Cisco. He asked. “Where are you going?” I smile. “I’m gonna get some Chinese food and.. I’m gonna make her fall in love with me all over again.” I raced over to the china house and ordered our usual. When I came back, I set up a cute little picnic on the floor. “(Y/n)?” She came in two seconds later, grinning. I shrugged. “I know it’s not much but-” Before I could finish, she wrapped her arms around me, whispering. “Thank you.” That evening, we ate and talking about what had happened. As time went by, we both grew exponential tired. I ended up lying on the floor and as soon as I did, I fell asleep. Seconds later, I felt a warm body nuzzle up against me. 

Originally posted by painfulblisss

The next morning..

I jolt up from my joyful slumber, when someone screamed and kicked me in the side. I roll over, groaning. “Ahhh..” I look up to see (Y/n) holding a screw driver, petrified. “Who are you?!” She shouted. I held up my hands, surrendering. “(Y/n), you know me. I’m your boyfriend. You’re suffering from memory loss because of an incident you were in just a few days ago.” She shakes her head stepping back. “I don’t believe you. You could be a pedophile or something.” I shake my head, getting up on one knee. “No. I’m your boyfriend. I explained the situation last night to you over dinner. We had your favorite, Chinese food.” Her brows furrowed. “CAITLYN!!” Seconds later, Caitlyn entered, eyes widening as she was assessing the situation. 

She takes the screw driver away from (Y/n), helping me up. She speaks softly. “He’s not lying. You were in an accident recently and you’ve been here, trying to recover.” Her body shakes, tears form at her eyes. Caitlyn grabs her arm gently and takes her into the other room for testing. I shake my head, and rub my stomach, groaning. Cisco walks in, laughing at me. “What happened to you? King Kong got a hold of you or something?” I clutch my stomach. “Or something.. (Y/n) didn’t remember me this morning. And she kicked me in the stomach.” He grimaced. 

“Awe sorry dude. That sucks.” I shrug, wrapping my hand around my neck, rubbing it in a soothing motion. “I’m gonna make her fall in love with me.” I look to see Cisco smirking at me. “What?” I inquire. He smirks. “You really do love her, don’t you?” I blushed, walking into the other room.

50 days passed by and still nothing. Every day, I would do the same thing. Catilyn or Cisco introduced me to my girlfriend, even though she wasn’t fully aware of our situation. I would be my awkward and dorky self. And everyday I would video the little things that we would do together. I took her shopping, had picnics and made her feel like the queen that she was. 

Finally, Caitlyn tracked down our meta-human. “His name is Jake Devero. He’s a convicted fellon and was in the hospital a little while after the particle accelerator explosion.” Cisco walked up to me, wiring the last bit of things needed for my suit. “This module with help to stop him from giving you any memory lose. Good lucky, my friend.” I bolted out of Star Labs and went to where we expected the meta would be. This needed to end, now. 

Finally, I got the meta into its cage. Caitlyn was able to make a cure with his blood. I sat next to (Y/n)’s bed, as I waited for any new signs. She slept quietly. A few seconds later, Caitlyn entered with a toxin. She smiled at me and put it in (Y/n). I glanced her, up and down, waiting impatiently for something, anything. She opened her beautiful eyes and glanced at me, smiling. “Hey Barry.” I grinned like a kid on Christmas.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

 I launched my lips with hers, tears fell down my face, like Niagara falls. She smiled with the kiss. “I missed you too.” She wiped the tears from my cheeks. “Do you remember anything?” She nodded, blushing. “I remember, distinctively, that I kicked you in the stomach. Sorry about that by the way.” I giggled. “Totally worth it. I’m so glad you’re back.” She grinned, kissing me again. “Me too.” We stayed like this, holding each other in our arms. “So..you’re the flash?” My eyes widened, as I look down. My suit still on, rolling my eyes. She grins. “That’s awesome!! My boyfriend’s a superhero!!” I blushed, stuffing my face in her neck. 

(I hope you liked it!!!) 

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If ur down for that Disney MM AU I wouldn't have any complaints 😉😉 (AS IN I'D BE SO HYPED) But I mean, no pressure man

(a/n i had over 50+ requests to do this but i wasn’t feeling 100% inspired so i apologise in advance but i hope it’s not too bad??)


  • Crossover: Kristoff from Frozen
  • both innocent smalls with weird hobbies and lil weird friends
  • can you guys not see yoosung befriending a snowman and having a pet reindeer called sven is this not him??
  • like kristoff he’s a loner (sorry bby) but has a loving heart, is harmless, innocent and protective
  • hates the spotlight just wants a normal life n stuff get all that away from me
  • but maybe having a girlfriend to cuddle wouldn’t be so bad
  • lives by the quote ’reindeer games are better than people’
  • spends a lot of his time talking to his snowman and making snow angels what even is work does he even care??
  • meets you after you accidentally knock his snowman over
  • he’s about to fight you
  • ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • oh god shit she’s a royal princess
  • (/(エ)\)
  • freezes up because he’s just a small town boy who likes the snow and games too much and you’re a freaking princess bye sven i’m dead now lol
  • but you apologise and help him rebuild olaf and holy shit she’s actually pretty why is my heart racing i’m not tired i’ve barely moved
  • damn it i really need to use that gym membership
  • ends up loving ur quirky self because you’re so down to earth
  • regular secret meetings happen
  • he makes ice sculptures for you because he can’t really give you anything else and he’s always so embarrassed because i should be giving her crystals
  • not an ice sculpture of a fucking ds get ur shit together yoosung
  • but you don’t mind that in the slightest because you’re in love with the innocent smol child who tries his best to make you happy
  • tries his best to be a gentleman ie offering his arm for you hold and gives you his jacket even if you’re already wearing one
  • definitely asks if he can kiss you for the first time
  • then he has a panic attack because shit am i a prince now???
  • wait NO will i turn into a frog omg omg
  • no yoosung thats not how it works
  • reads books with princes in them so he can be more like them
  • fails terribly when he tries to practice sword fighting and overstretches his arm so you gotta send him some medical supplies


  • Crossover: Flynn Rider from Tangled (right RIGHT??)
  • both flynn and zen both dreamed of having an audacious lifestyle in the future after having a pretty plain childhood and both go by different aliases
  • both ventured out on their own to try do what they love (honestly chertiz did u base zen off him)
  • in this crossover though zen is a thief and all he wants is money and freedom far away from everyone and everything
  • even though he’s a thief all the girls still like him can’t blame them though
  • meets you and tries to take ur shit i mean what even is etiquette (and the law)
  • very surprised when someone as cute as you knocks him out with a frying pan shit girl okay damn most people try kiss me or kill me
  • when you first meet him you’re kinda taken aback like why is he so arrogant and an all rounded cunt (… but why is he so cute?)
  • but you decide to escape with him because why the hell NOT
  • makes you help him take down every ‘wanted’ poster of him because it doesn’t really capture him
  • fgs my eyebrows are thicker than this why can’t they just work with me here
  • he definitely does the smoulder look thing that flynn does thinking he looks ‘cute’
  • give me that look one more time and i’ll actually rip out your spleen
  • idk what that is but I’m guessing I probably need it
  • when you save him from getting killed using the saucepan he’s kinda moved oh god someone cares for me??
  • also stares at his reflection in the saucepan
  • overtime he develops feelings for u because you’re so headstrong and I don’t really want to be alone anymore??
  • protects you with his life he doesn’t care about his own you’re the only thing he sees!!
  • gives up his dangerous lifestyle to be with you
  • very very cliche first kiss
  • in which he’s hurt trying to protect you but wakes up sayin a cheesy pickup line and bam he kisses you
  • that saucepan is with you till the day you guys d i e
  • i need to make a whole other post of husband!zen that’s going up too much space can you guys IMAGINE


  • Crossover: Mulan
  • a shy bean before working for jumin then she changes into a persistent headstrong woman (thanks tfk)
  • she isn’t royalty but she might as well be
  • she isn’t boastful but whatever she does she just brushes it off like it was no big deal
  • “oh what i saved China?” “yeah i needed to do that at some point”
  • everyone respects her including you since the camp started accepting girls because of her (YES BITCH)
  • but having the hots for a legend is tiring
  • being expectedly shit at the activities she gives you one to one help in which you almost pass out
  • she’s super serious at first but you swear you can see her lips twitch when you make a lame joke
  • one day you’re being picked on by some male trainees and she literally whoops their ass okay my wife in shining armor but you feel useless because why i can’t i be like jaehee i’m weak
  • the most loving person ever like she only shows her tough side to not disappoint her family
  • she confides in you about her past and how she wasn’t good enough and she didn’t want to let her family down so she did what she wanted and look where she’s at now (a independent strong mf i know)
  • after than day she’s never been the same again around you and you can see her smile a lil more and be a bit of a klutz while training you to be a badass
  • she sighs a LOT while you’re training because wow you’re bad but you’re lucky you’re hella cute mc
  • realising she has feelings for you she’d most likely distance herself from you but still make sure you’re training
  • when you get injured however she becomes a MOM and literally doesn’t stop taking care of you please be safe, please rest please drink be healthy
  • she cares about you a lot - just as much as she cares about her family
  •  your needs come before hers in her mind
  • sneaks extra food in for you but NEVER lets you off any rules
  • first kiss was before you went off to fight and she gives you a kiss for good luck and you may have already died right then and there
  • and she’s blushing crimson too because woah son that was unplanned
  • so you both stare at each other for a while and just slowly move off
  • by the end of your experience at camp you’re that intimidating couple but on weekends just snuggle up watching action movies and she’s criticising the fighting scenes under her breath
  • “ you use the left foot you imbecile”
  • “block the swing with your face - god damn it”
  • “you deserved to die anyway”


  • Crossover: The Beast
  • i literally live for this crossover
  • overprotective closed off cold bear who doesn’t change until he can learn how to love
  • tries to capture your love with fear (his good bad ending) because what are emotions?
  • literally the worst first meeting ever
  • he’s cold closed off and mean and you’re just a smol royal who reads i mean why would you engage with him???
  • you hear stories about him being bitter and negative and he’s SO spoiled (trust fund kid strikes again)
  • he doesn’t talk to anyone and doesn’t smile he’s the scariest yet hottest thing ever?
  • the first time you meet him is when you’re sent there for dinner and you wander off to find books but whoops theres his room
  • he literally gives you the most menacing look and you basically shit yourself and you start crying
  • get OUT
  • smacks himself because that was unintentional i’m sorry i didn’t expect tears no
  • but you’re long gone
  • investigates screaming because shut the hell up I want silence
  • sees you being attacked and he miraculously saves you because remember this is disney
  • brushes off thanks saying that you need to be home before it gets dark
  • but you’re locked in the gardens
  • forced to spend the night outside with him and he doesn’t really talk much as expected but you try your best i guess
  • “I hope you’re okay?”
  • silence
  • “aaalright”
  • you pull out a book to start reading meanwhile he’s confused?
  • he’s made you cry, sent you out at night so you got attacked, ignored you and ur still asking if he's 
  • okay do they ..care about me?? (nods furiously)
  • he feels guilty about earlier so he glances you about a thousand times before muttering a few words under his breath
  • “oh.. i’ve read that book”
  • its the first thing he’s ever said to you and you try not to make a big deal out of it and just encourage him to talk more
  • he talks a bit more but every so often stops himself because he’s scared but damn it feels good to just rant
  • you realise he cowers away from people because he’s full of insecurity and has been neglected :(((
  • the next day when people see you together just talking amongst yourselves they think you’ve drugged him some or some shit where is the real jumin
  • he smiles for the first time infront of everyone and some maids literally choke on their food because wtf when did he have feelings that weren’t anger what whAT
  • over time he opens himself up to you and you become his rock
  • tries his best to care you but is super bad at expressing himself
  • so before your first kiss he’s probably looking at you really coldly and ur a bit like oh shit what have I don-
  • cuts you off and just pins you to the wall before kissing you
  • i didn’t know that was coming but i appreciate mate it thanks

Saeyoung (707)

  • Crossover: Peter Pan
  • they both have the happiest exterior but have really emotional sides to them that they try to bury
  • both dorks who everyone envieS
  • because how? do? you? do? that?
  • he probably pranks everyone (jumin) and flies away super fast because he still wants to live
  • exaggerates his happiness so people don’t have to worry about him :((
  • is in the 'lost boys clubs’ which is for lonely people whom he considers family
  • true meaning of carefree spirit
  • doesn’t grow up physically or mentally
  • flies over your house randomly one day and sees a cute person sleeping (according to the laws of disney this is cute and not creepy)
  • he sees papers on your desk and the crease lines on your forehead and he makes it his mission to cheer you up
  • wakes you up by tapping at your window
  • he falls in love with the fact you’re about to snap his neck damn lil mama feisty
  • normally you’re scared of strangers but he hasred hair and a neon green top and hat on
  • the only crime he’s capable committing is a fashion one
  • not to mention he flies
  • instant friendship over chips n dr pepper yes yes yes
  • makes the most dramatic entrances and exits by flipping in and out every single time like I feel sick watching you
  • after a while you see through his cheery facade and you learn about his past but desperately tries to cover it up
  • Have you ever tried to eat a clock? 
  • It’s very time consuming ahhah h a h      a                h
  • no saeyoung shut up just be serious
  • talk about what no no nothing’s wrong
  • he finally opens up to you after a few dates and confides in you and you meet the real saeyoung
  • convinced you don’t like him anymore no cunt shut up
  • first kiss starts off as innocent
  • like you’re probably playing tag or something and you end up tripping and just smashing your lips against his
  • literally freaks out so much that he topples over the boat or something thank the gods he flies
  • the type to make out with you until you can’t breathe because lol
  • made you wear a green hat instead of a veil and you still want to kill him
  • 50 years later and he’s still flipping around and making jokes like seriously he will never leave ur side 

hope u liked it more than i did (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


REQUEST:Could you write a one shot about the reader being the winchesters little sister and they drop her off at school while they handle a hunt but she skips and hangs out with crowley/castiel? Maybe gets caught? Please ;3; I love the fics

A/N: Thanks for the request! I feel like if I was a little sister of the Winchesters, that it would take a whole lotta planning to get out of the boys sight. But I literally wouldn’t even think of what they would do if I got caught! The waking up scene is what I go through in the morning. Like, every single morning. I am not a morning person to say the least XD Keep sending in requests guys! I love writing these one shots.


WARNINGS: Swearing


School sucks. I mean, whose idea was it for someone to get up at an ungodly hour and then be stuck in a social hell hole for 7 hours a day, for 5 days a week. Not even mentioning the fact that all the people in school were teenage wannabe college students, but you know for a fact that only half of them will make it to college. You didn’t even see the point in school because of your current employment. You were a hunter… No, not just any hunter, a Winchester. Sam and Dean want you to get the best experience that you could, they wanted you to be well educated and well rounded, because they never got that chance. You knew that today was no different than any other day this week.

You woke up with your alarm clock blaring some new pop song that you never found interest in. That always woke you up because you just wanted the so called music to stop.

“GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!!” Dean burst through your door yelling. You groaned in response. You were not a morning person, like at all.

“Y/N, you need to get up,” He shook you and ripped the blankets off of you. “You have school today.” You shivered at the loss of the warm fabric. “Y/N if you do not get out of the bed this instant,” He scolded. “I will tell sam to get a bucket of ice and for sure get you up.” With that threat, you shot up from your bed and grumbled as Dean walked out of the room, with a accomplished grin of his face. You pulled on some sweatpants and a shirt, then pulled your hair into a messy bun. After that, you went into the kitchen to get some coffee. As it brewed you sat against the counter, almost falling asleep again.

“Is today another one of those days where you just gave up?” Sam asked walking in to the kitchen, you could tell he just got up too. Without lifting your head, you flipped him off, grabbed your coffee, and left to go into your room, leaving Sam chuckling.

You did not want to go to school today. You thought that school was a waste of time, and if you ever really needed anything, you could just ask Sam, I mean, he went through school and part of college. As you did your makeup and sipped your coffee, you made a plan so you wouldn’t have to go through school.

“COME ON SLOW POKE!” You heard Dean say by the door, “IF YOU’RE LATE THATS ON YOUR ASS!” You got your bag and smirked. You went out and into Baby.

“Do you know what you are doing in school Y/N?” Dean asked. You shook your head honestly. “Okay. Sam and I found a case so we won’t be picking you up after school,” He informed you. “Just take the bus or walk or something.” You looked out the window and smiled, that just made your plan a little easier.

The car came to a halt as you pulled into the school. “If you need anything, call Cas. He will be there before we could.”

“Okay.” You said.

“So she does speak.” He joked. You laughed and shut the door, heading toward the school. You turned around to see if the car was gone. After that you ran to the back of the school. You dialed the schools number.

“This is the attendance office number for (NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL). Please leave the students name, your relation, and a call back number.”

“Hi,” You started, “This is for Y/N Winchester, I am her mother, the call back number is 576-857-8697.” Then you hung up. You decided that if you were going to play hookie, you may as well do it right. You knew that if you called Cas that he would just lecture you about how wrong it is that you’re doing this and tell your brothers, so you thought of other options. The first name that came to mind was Crowley. He was fun, and if you threatened him right, he wouldn’t tell your brothers.

You began the spell, by now, you knew it by heart. After the flames died down, you looked around. No sign of him. You sighed and started back to the school.

“Hello, love.” You heard behind you. “Shouldn’t you be in school?” You turned to Crowley.

“Yeah, but school is just another form of hell, right?” You replied quickly.

“Touche. What do you need me for darling?” Crowley said smiling.

“I don’t want to be bored when I play hookie,” You stated, “If I’m doing it, I may as well do it right.”

“What makes you think I won’t tell Squirrel or Moose?” He said with a questioning look.

“Because you wouldn’t want to be in the line of fire if they found out about this.” You said.

“You’re right,” He said with a devilish smile, “Where do we start?”

You spent the whole day anywhere but America. You went to Europe, Asia, and China. Crowley helped you make trouble, but not too much. You actually had fun when you were suppose to be in school. If the boys could see you now, they would probably kill you on sight. But, you were having so much fun that you didn’t even care if they found you. When you finally got a look at the time, you turned pale.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Crowley asked.

“It’s 6 pm. I needed to be home at 3.” You muttered. “I’m fucked.” You said simply. Before you could get anything else out, you were outside of the bunker.

“Good luck in their kiddo.” Crowley said, leaving you with a snap of his fingers. You looked around to the garage door to see in the boy’s car was there. Sure enough, it was. You immediately began to panic. What was your story going to be? Who were you with? Why?

You opened the door with a shaky arm. You carefully walked down the steps and looked over to the library. Your brothers were there with Cas, looking at you with the most serious look you think you have ever seen. You looked to the floor as you walked up to them, like a scolded puppy. You were surprised to find 3 pairs of arms wrapped around you.

“Y/N, don’t ever do that to us again.” Dean whispered. “Do you know what we thought? We thought you were dead or kidnapped. Where were you?” He said as he pulled away.

“I-I uh,” You stuttered, trying to get an excuse out. “I played hookie,” You finally got out. “I played hookie and went to the library to look up about more lore and stuff.” Okay, maybe that part was a lie, but if they found out about you hanging out with Crowley, you were for sure dead. “I hate school. Why can’t Sam just teach me stuff? The teachers teach for the other kids, not me!” I started to tear up. “It’s so frustrating, because they teach either too slow or too fast, and when I ask questions, they look at me like I’m some idiot.” You were sobbing now. “I never want to go back! They just don’t get what I need to know for the real world.”

Sam picked you chin up so you could look at him. “Y/N, I can teach you.” He said, you knew that he understood what the pressure of school could do to someone. “Isn’t that right Dean?” He said looking at him.

“Sure, why not?” Dean said smiling. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell us this before?”

“Because, I didn’t think that you guys would understand. you dropped out, and Sam was naturally a good student. I just can’t take it.”

“Y/N, if you told us, we would have taken you out ASAP. Just let’s end the chick flick moment with if you ever feel any way uncomfortable with anything, just tell us, it would be a hell of a lot easier.” Dean said. “Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving.”

You laughed and grabbed your coat, heading to the diner. School may have been hell, but you could finally sleep at night knowing that you never had to go again.


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7Part 8. Part 9.  Part 10. Part 11. snip.

Summary: Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century might have been uncommon, but not unheard of. “You’re mommy’s special little snowflake, aren’t you?”


i) Inspired by Goong, 1% of Anything, Incomplete by the terrorist, and the Pakistani drama; Ume Kulsoom.

ii) The only workings of the hospital system I am aware of are from watching a LOT of grey’s anatomy, house and the sporadic case studies of the local hospitals for architectural puposes.


“Checkmate!” she smiled broadly.

Disarmed by that last move, the King fell for her.


The first thing Mikoto noticed about her was the pink hair, then the delicate, lean frame, and those eyes—beneath the arch of her brows, long curly lashes fringed eyes that were a startling, luminous shade of the greenest of jades—she wanted grand babies with those eyes. So as she lay down, and let the doctor do her annual test’s, she decided that this young woman, if she turned out to be the princess Mikoto knew in her heart that she was, was going to marry her Sasuke, and Mikoto’s indomitable Uchiha will would prevail surely as the sun would set.

“May I ask your name, young lady?”

It took her a moment to be not distracted enough by her scans. Then she looked up right in Mikoto’s eyes, and her eyes crinkled in a smile. “Haruno Sakura.”


It didn’t take much effort after that. Turns out, if you’re a person of means, there is very little in this world you can’t accomplish. Mikoto had never in her life abused that kind of power, but she had her heart set on something—someone—and this time, no one was going to stand in her way.


There was very little Uchiha Sasuke was not willing to do for his mother. And it wasn’t exactly a closely guarded secret. He loved his family, and he wasn’t afraid to admit it. He had never exactly made a production of his feelings, but those who mattered knew, and that was more than enough.

For her part, his mother had never asked him for much. Just trivial, inconsequential things; things that could be bought with money, time that would be willingly offered, love that was readily doled out without even asking.

So when she sat him down one afternoon, face completely void of expression, but eyes glittering with hope, Sasuke knew that his mother wanted something. He was completely unaware of the extent of that wish.

“Hello, darling,” Uchiha Mikoto stood on the very tips of her toes to deliver his cheek a kiss. He leaned down to receive it graciously.

“Mother,” he nodded with a slight smile.

She beamed at him, noted his slightly awkward posture and admonished him for working too hard, all in a single breath. Then she sat down across from him and her expression flickered off. That was his first clue.

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” she started.

“Oh,” he said, settling down beside her, a little wary, but not too concerned. “How can I help you?”

She was silent for a few moments, staring off behind his shoulders, mouth turned into a contemplative frown. “I would never,” she started, “put you into a situation that would make you unhappy, Sasuke-kun.”

He sat up a little straighter. “I’m aware, mother.”

“So what I’m about to ask of you…might come off as selfish, and very…backward. But know that I have your best interest at heart, darling.”

“What is it, mother?”

“It’s…” she started, frowned, and fidgeted a little. “It’s this girl, Sasuke-kun,” she said, finally.

His brow furrowed into a frown. “A girl?”

“Yes,” she said, and the smile on her lips made her eyes sparkle. “A beautiful, kind hearted, amazing girl.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I want you to marry her, Sasuke-kun.”


The silence that followed that exchange was brittle as thin ice. Sasuke leaned back into the high end sofa, and stared unblinkingly at his mother. It took him a few minutes to comprehend the severity of the situation, and another few to finally form words to express his discontent.

“I…don’t understand, mother?” The tail end of his sentence turned into a query.

Mikoto sighed, feeling apprehensive. “Do you have anyone you like, already?”


She let out a relieved breath. “Okay,” she continued, eyes bright and steady, “Then I know it’s a lot to ask of you, but would you please do your mother the incredible favor of meeting this girl?”

Sasuke prided himself for being a rational being. And rationality told him that whoever this girl was, whatever spell she’d put on his mother, was not to be trusted. The Uchiha name came with its own heavy burdens. It was not only a name with pedigree and prestige, but also hundreds of years of history, of blood and violence and treachery. It had taken a lot of sacrifice and surrender before his family had claimed the peace it so deserved. So the Uchiha not being the trusting lot might have been an understatement.

As his slowly functioning brain began to creak, he figured that this girl might have been able to dupe his mother, but she was never getting to him.

There was very little Uchiha Sasuke wouldn’t do for his mother. And as he nodded his reluctant accent, he vowed to put this person in their place.


It was during her second year of residency that Uchiha Mikoto visited their house. She never knew how, with her unpredictable schedule, she had been able to figure out exactly how to time her visit so as to run into Sakura.

All she knew was that her life would never be the same again.

There was a clinking of fine china and the sound of muffled conversation as she entered the house. As she threw her keys in the bowl by the door and went into the living room to investigate, her eyes widened with surprise.


Sitting languidly on their couch was the lovely lady she had examined a few days ago. As she turned to look at her, her eyes shone with smile, and Sakura felt an uneasy pinch in her gut.

Her parents on the other hand were frozen in alarm, their eyes wide and varying degrees of trepidation in their expressions. There was an atmosphere of panic in the room, an air of confusion not at all alleviated in the least as Mebuki and Kizashi started speaking simultaneously, cutting and talking over each other so that she couldn’t understand but a few words.

“You should go to your room—“

“WHY would you send her to—“

“We will handle—“

“This is her LIFE and she should—“

“Of course it’s her—“

As Sakura stood in the doorway looking back and forth between her parents, there was a small, dainty cough. That small noise was enough to distract the Haruno’s. All eyes on her, Mikoto smiled beatifically and said, “Why don’t I explain the situation to Sakura-chan?”

“Yes, why don’t you,” said Mebuki, an allegation in her tone Sakura couldn’t quite understand. At the same time, her already blaring suspicion radar began to detonate in her brain. Red lights were practically flashing in front of her eyes, screaming that this woman was up to something.

“Would you mind giving us a minute, please?” she asked politely.

Sakura gave her parents a reassuring look and nodded. They left and she sat down opposite Mikoto. “How can I help you?”

“My dear,” she said in turn, “You are exquisite.”

“Um,” she moved back a little, “Thanks?”

When she laughed, Sakura felt an uneasy pressure build in her chest.

“I am Uchiha Mikoto,” she said, flashing a brilliant grin, “and I’m here to ask for your hand in marriage for my son.”

The ensuing pause was tangible with Sakura’s astonishment, until it was thick enough to cut with a knife.

“Yooou’re kidding, right?” Sakura said, finally.

“I’m afraid not.” Mikoto’s smile was good natured.

“Are you crazy?”

“No, dear.”

The frown lines on Sakura’s forehead could’ve rivaled the Grand Canyon for depth. “I think you should leave.”

“That’s incredibly rude, but given the situation I understand your…less then accommodating behavior.”

“Less then—what—hand in marriage!” Sakura sputtered incredulously. “What century do you live in? I don’t even know you!”

Mikoto’s eyes softened compassionately, and as she stood up and sat herself down next to her, Sakura scooted away, and resisted the hand Mikoto reached out for her’s. “I know this may seem like a bolt out of the blue,” she said in a warm tone, “but please, would you consider just meeting my son once?”


“I swear,” she promised, “If you do not take to him even a little, I would never bother you again. Ever.”

“Is this a joke?”

“I assure you it’s not.”

“Is your son—” a psycho, she wanted to say, but stopped herself. What person in their right mind would go to another person’s house and ask for their hand in marriage, she wondered. On the other end of the couch, Mikoto was looking at her hopefully. “Is your son,” Sakura started again carefully, so as not to offend “in any, way or shape, you know—indisposed?”

“Oh, no dear,” Mikoto smiled. “He might be a little prickly, to be honest but he’s not in any way, indisposed, as you put it.” Her eyes lit up as she continued. “In fact, he’s quite handsome, if I say so myself. Also,” her grin was conspirational, “his financial backing might surprise you.”

Sakura felt a sudden stab of fury, and she took a deep breath to reign it in. “Do you think I’ll be swayed by money?” she said slowly, deliberately, through clenched teeth.

“I’m counting on you to not be,” was the cheery reply.

Sakura let out an angry breath, and rubbed a hand on her forehead, suddenly feeling very tired. “You’re crazy.”

“Now that’s just plain rude, young lady.”

“Please go away?”

“Not until you agree to meet him.”

Sakura gave her an incredulous look. “You do know that this is actual harassment, right? I can file a report against you. I can file for a restraining order against you!”

That made Mikoto back up a little. “I—apologize,” she said, shoulders slumping. “I realize that I might have come off a bit strong, but—“

“A bit?” Sakura’s laugh was hysterical.

“But,” Mikoto continued, “I would be very, very grateful if you would meet my son for lunch tomorrow. Please?”

Sakura gave her a contemplative look. “Will you go away if I say yes?”

“Only if you mean it.”

“You’re crazy.”

“So you’ve said.”

“Look,” said Sakura, holding on to the last tether’s of her patience, “I’m sure your son is a wonderful person, but this is not the middle ages. You don’t just go to someone’s house and ask them to marry your son, okay?”

“I admit that I might have—jumped the gun, I guess,” Mikoto admitted, “But now that I’m here, I can do nothing but ask you to give him a chance.”

“Are you for real?!” She let out a frustrated breath, then rubbed her face angrily. “Okay,” she said, having no intention on following through on her word, “Fine, I’ll meet your son!”

“Great!” Mikoto’s smile was a bright, beaming super nova. “He’ll be at The Arcadian, at 1 o’ clock on the dot, tomorrow!” then she snatched Sakura’s hands and held them to her chest, “I promise you won’t regret it.”

If only she knew.


Standing on the brilliantly polished steps of The Arcadian, Sakura stared unblinkingly at the sophisticated calligraphy of the minimalist billboard. Then she took out her pager, and willed for it to beep with an emergency.

She had never intended to come. Just that her brain had imaginative ways of conjuring exactly the kind of psycho Mikoto’s son was going to be, and she’d wanted to see in person.

She looked one last time at her pager, and when the screen still didn’t light up, she heaved a breath. Filled with dread she walked inside.

A blast of air conditioning hit her as she entered and when she gave the maître d the name, she was led to a secluded table in a private alcove, where the most beautiful man she’d ever seem was waiting for her. His face was all sharp lines and angles, his lips full, with just the right amount of a pout. His shoulders were stiff and his posture was perfection. His eyes were the blackest she had ever seen—and considering she peered into people’s eyes for a living that was saying something. Right now, they were looking at her steadily as she walked closer to him.

She almost stumbled out of the chair as the maître d pushed it in, felt an embarrassed heat crawl all the way up her neck to her cheeks and cleared her throat awkwardly.

For his part, the man sitting opposite her looked just as uncomfortable.

They squirmed in perfect hemorrhoidal harmony. A moment of pain, and then he said, “Sakura?”

The way he called out her name made her bristle—like she was his own personal servant, one he was particularly fond of tormenting. He smiled, and she saw the Evil. It was coated with class, pampered with elegance, but very real. She knew in that moment that her decision to come, had been the right one. Her smile was almost a snarl.


Sasuke sat at the table, his spine ram-rod straight and his eyes burning with intensity. She was late. It bothered him that this person, who’d so flawlessly spun a magical web around his mother, was so assured, so confident of her hold, that she was willing to test it out on him. He grit his teeth in frustrated anger, then exhaled slowly to calm his churning mind.

Then he saw someone being led towards him.

She was in her mid twenties, with an intelligent face, a full sensuous mouth, sparkling eyes—that he would later find out, could change from a soft moss to a dark jade in moments—a trim athletic figure. But what made his hair stand on end was the color of her hair—a soft, corral pink that was perfectly in tune with her creamy complexion. She looked, almost like spring personified.

And as she stumbled into her chair, and he called her name, the look she gave him could’ve made a grown man cower. To him, it was mildly irritating. His mother had been clever. She’d only ever given him one name—and a generic one at that. Sakura. Just how many Sakura’s were there in Konoha? Too many to filter on the internet. All he knew about this woman was all his mother had told him. A beautiful, kind hearted, amazing girl.

He rolled his eyes grandly, and made a show of sipping his wine. He’d learned that the more imposing one’s façade was, the more malleable the subject became. “I suppose,” he drawled, voice menacing, “that you think you’ve won a prize here.”

“Oh,” her smile was sharp like a knife.

He frowned, set down his wine glass, and said, “I think we should get on with business.” He pulled out his check book and a confidentiality contract from his briefcase. “I give you money, and you disappear. Never show your face to my mother.”

He said it with such conviction that she had to blink once, slowly, to understand the direction of this conversation. Then her eye brows shot up and she let out an unbidden tinkle of laughter.

He looked up at her, baffled and a little miffed. “Is something funny?” His voice was deadpan, as were his eyes.

Her smile was disdainful and her eyes were flinty. “You’re mommy’s special little snowflake, aren’t you?”

He had to grind his teeth to keep from snapping back at her. He felt his patience wearing thin. “If you think,” he ground out, “that just because you’ve tricked my mother into believing you’re some kind of saint,” he spit out, “that you have an automatic in, with my family, then I can assure you, you are sadly mistaken.”

Her fury was a palpable thing. “I didn’t ‘trick’ your mother into believing anything!” she snapped. “I was just checking out her MRI and the next thing I know, she’s at my house asking for my ‘hand in marriage’!” She was breathing hard now, her face contorted in rage, her eyes alive with it. Her narrowed eyes reminded him of steel sharpened to killing point.

“So you’re saying,” he said in an uncanny juxtaposition of incredulous and frigid calm, “that it was my mother who approached you?”


“That is absurd.”

“Your face is absurd!”

For the first time, a glint of humor touched his finely sculpted mouth and arrogant dark eyes.

She let out a breath. “Listen,” she started, “the only reason I showed up today was because I wanted to see in person just what kind of a fuck up needs his mother to set up a date with a perfect stranger.” She flashed him a sweet, fake smile, telepathically telling him to eat shit and die. “Now that I’ve met you, I want you to know that I completely understand.”

Over the course of her tirade, his expression had closed off. Now, he was burning holes into her face with rage-fuelled acid rays from his eyes, and she could swear he was on the verge of scraping his hoof across the ground before charging at her like a wounded bull and tossing her out the window to the streets below like a rag-doll.

“And I suppose,” he grit out, “that now that you’ve seen the full extent of…funding, behind this impromptu set up, you might be regretting your decision.”

Sakura bristled. She understood now, that this man was a study in ego, and didn’t take humiliation well. “Does it sound like I’m regretting my decision? And is that your roundabout way of calling me a gold-digger?”

“I suppose it is.” His tone was frigidly polite and pompous.

The look she gave him could’ve sunk the titanic. He was stuffed with so much pride she was surprised he hadn’t actually burst at the seams. And it wasn’t the good kind of pride either. It was the kind that made you look like an ass. “I think we’re done here,” she said, then got up, grabbed her purse, and turned around to leave.

“Please,” Sasuke called out behind her. His voice was impossibly condescending, and against her better judgment, she stopped. She heard a soft rip of paper, a scrape of chair and his footsteps stopping right behind her. “Why don’t I reimburse you for your time?”

She whirled around, the fury in her eyes as dangerous as a cocked gun.

“You arrogant, conceited, cold blooded, son of a bitch!”

It was admiration, pure and simple that burst through him as he was forced to catch her fist before it smashed into his face.

He wasn’t expecting a foot to ram into his instep. As he staggered back, grimacing in pain, she spun around and stomped out of the restaurant.

He shut his eyes against the pain, and sat back in his chair. For a five foot nothing stick figure with no soul, she certainly had the strength of a hundred linebackers.


“What did you do, mother?” Sasuke rounded on Mikoto as soon as he entered the Library.

The Uchiha Estate was vast; an enormous sprawl of land on the very periphery of Konoha, a quarter of it used as a ranch, and a small chunk housing the abode Sasuke had grown in. It was, had always been, in a perpetual state of preservation; grass clipped to within a millimeter of uniformity, semi-ancient Mahogany door polished to perfection, the buffed porcelain floors and the humongous gables inspiring a sense of home. And as he stormed up the grand stair case, past the portrait of great grandfather Madara and down the hall to the Library, where his mother sat in perfect mid-afternoon serenity, his mind churned with impossible aggravation.

“Sasuke-kun!” Mikoto smiled, surprise rendering her tone soft. “I didn’t expect you to be here so soon.” She shut her book close and stood up to put it back on the shelf. “Regardless, how did it go?”

Suddenly losing all his steam, Sasuke went and flopped down onto the golden chaise lounge. He could never stay mad at Mikoto.

“By the look on your face, I’d say it went badly.” Mikoto’s voice was slightly resentful, and it made Sasuke bristle.

“Of course it went bad!” he snapped, and promptly regretted it at the hurt that flashed in Mikoto’s face. His face softened. “Mother,” he started again, calmly, patiently, “you went to her home and demanded for her hand in marriage?”

Mikoto had the decency to blush. “I’ll admit, that might have been a bit bold of me, but—“

“A bit?”

“That’s what she said—“

“You didn’t tell me about it. I thought—“ he stopped, sighed impatiently, “I thought she conned you. Or something.”

“Oh Sasuke-kun!” Mikoto cried. “You didn’t say that to her, did you?”

“…I might have.”

“That’s horrible!”

Sasuke felt a stab of guilt, and his cheeks colored in embarrassment. “Who is she, anyway?” he mumbled.

Mikoto sighed, her shoulders slumped in discomfiture. “I’ll tell you who she’s not,” she muttered. “My daughter-in-law.”

“Well, I’m sorry, okay?” he snapped, testy and disgruntled. His mother had a way of burying him in mounds of guilt he didn’t deserve.

Mikoto flipped her hair, then leaned back into the chaise, her shoulder’s slouched impossibly low. “She’s a Surgical Resident at Konoha Memorial. Second year. Brilliant, bright and amazing. She will go a long way.”

Sasuke observed the starry eyed admiration in his mother’s face, and felt his pride give a little. “Why would you set her up with me?”

“I don’t know. I had a feeling,” she explained, waving her hands about helplessly.

“You had a feeling,” he repeated, voice dry as the desert.


“You do realize you sound ridiculous, right?”


He laughed, a soft breathy sound that made Mikoto’s heart light up.

“Does Father know?” he asked.

Mikoto hesitated, then shrugged. “A little,” she mumbled guiltily.

Sasuke sighed, shifted, then put his arm around her shoulders. She leaned into his embrace. “Does Itachi know?” he asked, resting his cheek on a shock of raven hair so much like his own.

“Of course!”

“And he approved?” Sasuke asked, disbelieving.

A guilt-ridden pause.

“He’s coming around.”

“Oh, Mother.” He shook his head.

“You should at least apologize to Sakura.”

He knew this was only the beginning of the relentless prodding his mother would subject him to if he didn’t agree. And if he were to be honest with himself, he felt a slight twinge of regret in his chest every time he thought of the last of their exchange. Offering the check had been petty of him. And he was nothing if not honorable.


“Complete and total prick,” Sakura stated, popping a cherry into her mouth.

Naruto laughed. He had a happy laugh—contagious. It made his eyes sparkle and crinkle at the corners. Sakura determined he was going to have crow’s feet by the time he was thirty. Across the table Hinata took his hand, and the two of them smiled each other, disgustingly in love. They were sitting at Ichiraku’s, the best Ramen place in Konoha and Naruto’s daily lunch haunt.

“Ahem.” Sakura cleared her throat, deliberately. “Making me feel like a third wheel, guys.”

“Sorry, Sakura-chan!” Naruto grinned, rubbing a hand at the back of his head.

“’s okay,” she said. “Anyway, what did I expect, right?” she asked rhetorically, “The mom was a complete crazy. Why should the son be any better?”

“Eh, I don’t know, Sakura-chan,” Naruto drawled. “I’ve seen these people a couple times. They don’t seem so bad.” Hinata slurped her Ramen in a non committal way.

“Where did you see them?”

“This charity thing.” Naruto’s father was the ex-mayor, and a mentor to the one next in running. All his life, he’d been running around in elite circles, and his dream, was to one day, lead the City himself. They’d met in their second year of College, in a Food and Nutrition minor, which she’d taken as a hobby, and he’d taken because there were no more vacancies in any other classes and he’d desperately needed the credit hours. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. In their third year, they’d met Hinata at a party at one of the frat houses. She’d been terrified and tripping. They’d delivered her home. Somewhere along the way, numbers had been exchanged and well—the rest was history.

Now Naruto and Hinata were engaged to be married, hopelessly in love, and the three of them were an inseparable team.

“Well, looks can be deceiving,” she declared, closing the lid of her lunch box and slipping it into her bag.

Naruto made a face. “Augh, when will you stop eating that crap?”

“It’s called a salad. And it’s healthy!” she snapped, leaning across the table and bopping him on the head. “Hinata, would you please make him eat healthy for me?”

Hinata smiled, unsure, and pink. “Um…”

“Don’t bring Hinata-chan into this!”

“Then don’t mess with me!”


They all smiled at each other, then Naruto burst out laughing again and Hinata’s eyes got all soft. Sakura beamed at them with pride. It was a good lunch.


What Sasuke knew of hospitals, he knew from his annual check up’s, and those, he avoided as best as he could. As if apologizing was not excruciating enough, there was the added agony of figuring out where, when and how to find her.

The receptionist was busy fielding calls all over the station, and his boot was tapping impatiently on the floor. After what felt like an hour, but was only a few minutes, the lady behind the desk finally turned to him. “What can I do for you?”

“I’d like make an appointment with Dr. Haruno Sakura,” he stated.

The woman raised her eye brows, then consulted a digital tablet propped up on the side. She was a stern faced lady, probably in her fourties, and the way she held herself demanded respect. “Are you sure, she’s the one, honey?”


“Then you’ll have to wait a while. You can’t make appointments with residents and they don’t get a break until their Attending’s say so. And this one will be in the OR for a while.”

“Oh.” He didn’t know what to do. He definitely wasn’t going to wait on her. Aside from the fact that his pride would take a considerable bruise, he had a company meeting to attend in an hour. This tête–à–tête was supposed to be nothing but a bland apology anyway; he might as well have a fruit basket sent in his stead. He decided to do just that. “Would she be able to receive a delivery here?”


“Thank you.”


Sakura stared at the gorgeous fruit basket waiting for her at the Nursing Station. Behind her, Ino let out an impressed whistle. Sakura rubbed at her eyes tiredly. “Who sent it, your Grandma?”

“My grandma is dead.”

“Oh. Sorry,” she said, not sounding sorry at all. Sakura had met Ino, her first day at KM. Ino had promptly declared them rivals. And over the years, from their rivalry had blossomed something akin to friendship. Ino was flippant, fierce and incredibly beautiful, with eyes the color of mountain mist and hair like the winter sun. Sakura loved her like the sister she’d never had.

“Who’s it from?”

“No one.”

“Come on!” Ino whined.

She was also incredibly nosy.

“It was misdelivered, probably,” she shrugged. “Who would send out a fruit basket. No one in my family died.”

Ino looked dubious.

“I’ll send it back to the return address. Wanna come?”

“No way. Got a hot date.” Ino grinned, then looked at the clock behind the Station. “Which, I’ll be fashionably late to,” she winked. “See you later.” She gave Sakura a slap on the back, and ran off.

As soon as her footsteps died, Sakura fished out the note she’d crumpled up into her Scrubs. One word, written in a neat cursive that made her want to punch a crater in the floor.

Apologies, it read, signed U.S. Uchiha Sasuke. Apologies, along with a fruit basket. All she saw was a fat check and a figurative slap on the face.

She sent it back to the return address.


Itachi was there, when the basket got delivered to his apartment. The once magnificent fruit it carried was wilted and sad looking. The note he’d so meticulously attached was crumpled up and carelessly tossed inside. He picked it up, smoothed it out and frowned.

Fuck you, it said in an untidy scrawl.

Itachi, who’d been reading behind his shoulder, chuckled softly. “Who?”

“The girl mother set me up with.”




“Obviously not,” he snapped. “Spit it out Itachi.”

“How did it go?”


“Then why did you send her…that?”

Sasuke closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath. “I may have—unintentionally—offended her.”

Itachi didn’t ask how, and Sasuke was grateful. The two of them moved to the living room. “Mother told me about this girl,” said Itachi.

Sasuke threw him a wounded look. “And you let her?”

Itachi gave him half a smile. They were both silent for a while, Itachi looking intently at the TV screen and Sasuke at the note.

After a lengthy pause, Itachi said, “Sasuke?”


“Do you—have you—thought about who you would marry?”

Sasuke gave him a strange look. Itachi had come out to their parents during his last year of high school. Things had not at all turned out as he’d thought they would. Itachi was the kind of person who planned ahead—he had contingency plans for contingency plans, so when Mikoto only giggled and Fugaku patted him on the back awkwardly, to say he was a tiny bit blindsided and a little shell shocked would’ve been an understatement. He’d only ever planned, keeping in mind the conservative side of the Uchiha.

Now, years later, he was working at the Uchiha Corp, and living downtown with his boyfriend, Deidara. Things had been strained between them.

“No,” he replied. “I haven’t.”

“Then, please do,” Itachi said courteously. He had always been impossibly polite.


“I—Sasuke,” he sat a little straighter, “I think, that soon, Father might give you—a choice.”

Sasuke raised his brow. “For?”

“A marriage.”


“And I believe,” he continued, “that if you have as little choice as you do in the matter, you should consider Mother’s option.”


Sasuke thought about what Itachi had told him.

On one hand it didn’t matter, because no matter what happened, the bottom line was that he didn’t have a choice. On the other hand, his mother’s alternative wasn’t exactly attractive. But he knew that if—when—Fugaku gave him a choice, it would be for a marriage of convenience; where convenience was the betterment of the company.

What it came down to was, whose judgment he trusted most. Mother or Father. While he counted on his father to understand what life was, he knew his mother understood what love was. 

He’d always been more of a mama’s boy.


Part 2

Schools in rural China suck

So I teach English at a high-school in Zhongwei, Ning Xia, China. I lived in Shanghai as a kid (expat family) so Ive seen all the big cities and all the tourist spots. So I jumped at the chance to move somewhere off the beaten track. Zhongwei is an ancient city, its history goes back to the Tang dynasty and was founded on the old Silk Road and more recently has had some serious development because of the mineral wealth of the surrounding lands.

Anyway you aren’t here for a history lesson. So Ive been teaching here for just under a year now. I teach Gao 2 (final year before uni). One thing I’m not used to is the huge classes. The biggest is 92 students cramped into a room that barely fits 60 (“normal class size”). The fucked up thing is they separate them into classes based on their skill level. Basically the brightest ones get a small class of 44, then we have the middle of the road classes, kids move around these every semester, going up or down based on their performance but with 4 classes of around 60 students each they are all pretty much the same. Then you have the low class of 92 of the “stupids” as the head master calls them behind their back. When ever a kid gets moved from to or from of the top or bottom classes they make a big deal of it in assembly in front of the whole school (upwards of 1000 students). Its fucking heart breaking to see the kids faces when they get moved in to the lower class, no one stops the stadium full of their peers from laughing and talking while the headmaster reads out their report card in front of them all, the teachers join in. OFC everyone claps when a kid gets moved up. In the time I’ve been here we have had 8 suicides. Most of them were just faceless. Chinese schools are not great at developing individuality. One kid in the high class stayed in my mind. Really bright, really hard worker and that is a whole different ballgame in China. He had asked me for some extra English lessons weeks before it happened. He had always been the best of the best and he was becoming just one of the best. I wish now that I had said yes but at the time I was just to busy (still am but now I’m teaching extra classes in my lunch breaks) and so was he. All the students are fucking hard workers and TBH the difference between the top and the bottom classes is absolutely nothing.

Anyway, after 6 months I had started getting to know one or two of the kids by face if not by name. When you teach more than 600 kids a week it can be hard. There was one kid that really got to me. I was diagnosed as Dyspraxic when I was young (you can thank spellcheck that this is legible) so when I saw the signs in a kid in the bottom class I was fairly sure I could help. I took it to the head of English (my boss) and he didn’t quite understand. I told him about the problems the kid was having and suggested some stuff that helped me in the past. He just brushed it off saying the kid was just dumb so I went online and found some literature on the subject to show him. He looked very concerned after reading the translation I wrote and just responded that “We can notice him” (his english is atrocious). So, happy that I did a good thing, I went back to preparing lessons. I looked for the kid in class next time I had them, hoping to see him with a laptop (the school just bought a bunch of laptops for the teachers and we had hundreds lying about) but I didn’t see him. Next week was the same. I went back to my boss and asked him about the child. He told me that the kid had been moved. I assumed he meant to a special school.

Life went back to normal, I had a spring in my step at helping overcome a students difficulties (that I lost 2 months later when a kid in the bottom class killed herself by throwing herself off the top of one of the school buildings). The worst thing was that I could not remember her face or anything about her, students here spend most of their time head in books. One of the girls friends had taken the loss about as hard as anyone would take the practically ignored suicide of a classmate, so I tried to talk to her but got nothing. I talked to her friends but all I could gather was that her parents moved often for business so she lived at school. Her grades were slipping badly, she was disrupting class and I think she was getting drunk before school (not uncommon among the older students and teachers). I went to my boss to bring it up, she lived on campus so if she was getting drunk it was certain other kids were as well. I told him that I thought the kid needed help and he responded that he would look into it. I looked out for her in class the next week but didn’t see her. I went back to my boss and asked him if everything was alright. I’ll never forget what he said next “she has been dealt with”. That was all he would or could give me. At first I wasn’t sure what he meant and I’m not even sure he was. There were no other schools for miles, some of our kids had a 3 hour drive into school. We were the end, we occasionally took in “troublesome” kids from the high-school in the main town but the only way kids left our school is if their parents moved away.

In china the students stay in their classroom and the teachers come to them so I never took register or even counted them as it would take most of the lesson. After then I made a point of trying to remember each of the kids I taught. I never had to do any marking; that was handled by other teachers, so I never had a good idea of who was in my classes (I was the only person in the city who had ever spoken english outside of the classroom so my time was precious to the school). In classes of that size we would always have sick kids or kids who were absent but looking at the lowest class of students I recalled the first few months with them, cramped into a freezing room with 2 or 3 kids to a desk. I looked at the class, all staring at me intently and noticed something I hadn’t before. Several of the desks were one to a child. This was the norm for most of my classes where there was enough desks for each child but the bottom class had always been so crowded. I was teaching the passed tense to that group for the umpteenth time when I decided to do a headcount. 75. 75 students. Down from the 92 I had at the start of the year. We had had 2 suicides in that class and 7 had moved up but 92 to 75 was strange. The school had just recovered from flu season so I put it down to that. I continued my headcount for each class. The top group had gone up by 5 since the start of the year. The troubled kid in their group still was with us at that point and we had only had 2 students move down, both of which I can happily say are settled into their new class and doing better without the pressure. That brought us to a total of 47. I confirmed the number with a headcount. The top group didn’t take many sick days. I kept a log of each class and how many students in each. The middle group had lost some students to moving up or down to the “special” groups. But each class was more or less the same as when they had began. The only difference was in the bottom group. I asked off hand to the head master what happened if we needed to expel someone (we never did, you cant imagine how tame kids are here). We were literally the only school around so we couldn’t. We got other schools undesirables.

Schools in China get funded based on how many students they have but more importantly, how well they do at their end of year exams. We were the run off school for the province yet we had one of the best pass rates. One of the main reasons I took the job was because of the great pay, better than anywhere else in the province. Well I have kept up the head counts for the bottom class (everyone else’s stayed the same). We are going into exam time now and even though we have had 8 new students join us we are down to 67. I ask the other teachers but they just say the students moved if they reply with anything at all. Ive been to the police here, but they do nothing. Sitting here in my office, looking out across the mountainous reaches I think I may have solved it. Every day at 5am truckloads of people go out to work in the mines that make this little town so wealthy. At 8pm they come back. After counting the kids in the class of “stupids” I cant bring myself to count the trucks for fear of seeing a familiar face.

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Description: Dean x reader. Angsty fluff. The reader has an argument with Dean and decides to go hunting on her own.
Words: 2,504
Warnings: blood? Is that a warning anymore?
Author’s Note: Okay, so apologies for dotting about with requests lately, I’ve had a few things going on so I’m picking some that flow without thinking too much for a little while :) also, this is named by this fabulous song by The Darkness. You don’t want to know my play count of that album.

Request: Hey, sweetie;) I m from Russia) and I really admire you and your blog)) can I make a request?) dean x reader where they got a huge argument and she went hunting alone, but she got attacked by a vampire and closely dying, when Dean find her he told that he love her and if she will die he would go out of his mind. And at the end everything is okay and they are happy, reader says sorry for worrying him. I would be such happy if you’ll write it) greetings from Russia, and sorry for my English) xoxo

Apparently the human eye can see a candle flame from 10 miles away on a clear night. Now, that seems an awfully high value but now you were screwing up your eyes in the dark looking for the signal light from the cabin, you were suddenly glad that the unrelealistic number was in fact real. It was icy cold, but it was a cloudless sky so you should be able to see it… so why couldn’t you?

Squinting against the brisk air, you scanned the hillside ahead for the tiny glint you were looking for. You were starting to feel a little disheartened when a speck caught your eye, you knew they’d been subtle but you’d not expected full black out shutters on the windows. With a triumphant smirk, you headed towards the cabin.

You’d dealt with the one vampire you’d needed to quickly and quietly already, so now it was just a case of finding the rest. It was a small coven and from what you could tell, consisted of one leader male and three newbie females… it was only two now, anyway.

You winced as you heard a sound up ahead, you strained your ears but the sound of wings flapping soon put your mind at ease, luckily this was real life and not Dracula you were dealing with. This would be simple. All you had to do now was lure one more away on their own leaving you with only the leader and his newest pet to deal with. Easy as pie, just like you told Dean it’d be.

You swallowed hard, trying not to think of the terms you’d left on. No matter how much you told yourself it wasn’t important, it kept playing on your mind. He had not approved of your idea to take them on alone to say the least and it had taken a lot of insisting, then shouting and then a few words neither of you had meant, followed by you driving off quite literally into the sunset. It had started simply enough, you’d gotten wind of the case through an old friend who was worried and you said you would deal with it. Dean, however, had a different case in mind one state over and was adamant it was more important, so you’d come up with the diplomatic solution of splitting off and you would both reconvene in a couple of days. It hadn’t seemed like a groundbreaking plan, but yet he refused to let you go. Now, you weren’t usually one for conflict if it could be avoided, Dean was your best friend and had been for the past decade but there was no way you’d stand back and let your promise go. And if Dean was thinking further than the end of his nose, he’d have known that too.

He’d snapped a few comments about you not being able to hunt alone to which you politely corrected him, but when he’d implied you were incompetent, you lost it. In hindsight, he was just trying to look out for you but he’d been smothering you a lot lately and you were sick of him treating you like the china doll you quite clearly weren’t. He didn’t like it, so you said you’d see him in a few days, grabbed your keys and left, the door slamming with a resounding crash behind you. He’d called after you a few times but your music soon drowned him out and that was that. You’d had a missed call but only the one and you half hoped he was feeling a little guilty, plus it’d make you completing this hunt all the more satisfying.

Machete in hand, you walked as quietly as possible towards the coordinates you’d been given. A light sprinkling of frost on the ground made leaves and twigs snap painfully loud as you moved but you placed your feet as strategically as possible, keeping your eyes on the speck of light ahead. It felt like an eternity of slow advancing before you got close enough to pick out loose features of the wooden cabin in the moonlight.

Eyes darting around, you looked for somewhere to set your diversion, normally fire or noise was your best option but you’d been a little more sly this time. Carefully, you pulled the blood pack out of your jacket pocket and threw it with all your might against the cabin wall. You ducked down quickly behind a large rock and strained your ears to listen for movement. You were starting to worry they hadn’t smelt it when a slither of light from the open door contrasted the dark ground. The door closed and you heard two pairs of footsteps and some hushed voices, which could only belong to the two remaining female vamps. Preferably you’d only wanted one to investigate but as your mother had anyways said, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’.

On the count of three you vaulted over the rock and sprinted the last couple steps to the two vamps, one was dead before she could even put up a fight but the other caused a few more problems. She tackled you to the ground before you had chance to readjust your footing and her teeth just skimmed your cheek before you gained the upper hand. You rolled quickly to a side and jumped to your feet in one swift motion like Dean had shown you, before swinging your arm around and with a fatal slice. Your arm jarred as you made contact, sending a painful throb up your arm but the outcome was positive as the vampire crumbled to the floor.

“Sucker,” you muttered to yourself with a dry smirk. Normally at that point, Dean would throw you a sarcastic look at your bad joke but you knew he loved it, it was the closest you’d ever get to your movie moment.

Running your hand over your face, you brought you mind back onto the hunt, wincing when your fingers touched the cut on your cheek. Superficial wound, no more than an inch long by the feel of it, but on the plus side you onoy had the leader left. You heard movement from inside the building and without thinking, you pressed yourself flat against the wall just in time as the man opened the shutters to look out the window. You held your breath and hoped to God that he couldn’t hear, or worse yet, smell you.

“I know you’re there,” he snarled, “come in, face me like an even foe, no more sneaking.”

You didn’t move a muscle but you could feel your lungs screaming out for breath. As quietly as possible, you let out the air and inhaled as controlled as possible which was easier said than done after the exertion of the two vamps.

“You have to the count of 10 before I come and find you,” he said in a voice so cheery it made your stomach churn.

Gulping down another breath, you shifted your weight and started moving towards the door, he may be expecting it but you weren’t going to sit back and let him follow you. Gathering your breath back as much as you could, you placed a hand on the door and opened it in one quick motion ducking as you did. Your hunch paid off as a fist went flying over your head. Using your low profile, you lashed out with the blade and nicked his calf before darting past him. It wasn’t enough to incapacitate him, but it was enough to make him angry and anger meant he’d hopefully make mistakes.

“Little wretch,” he hummed, spinning around to face you, closing the distance in one stride.

You felt teeth rip into your skin and you stifled a yell, lashing out with your blade, which was feeling heavier and heavier you tried to make contact, only to miss as he stepped away. The vamp let out a low chuckle and with vision blurring slightly from pain, you watched his moves carefully for any sign of him pouncing. He feigned a left jab but against your training you fell for it, leaning to block him you left your right wide open for a second assalt, this time, you felt a terrifying warm trickle seep down your skin. Clenching your jaw, you swung your arm with all your might and you felt an overwhelming wave of relief as your machete struck true. The vamp’s head came clean off, sending a shock wave up your arm as his body and head fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

You stared blankly for a second, panting and holding back tears as you felt the throbbing from the bite.

“Y/N?” You heard a voice somewhere outside, it took a few seconds for you to place it but when he spoke again you felt the relief wash over you. “Y/N, where are you?”

“In here!” You yelled back with all the force you could muster.

You heard heavy boots approach the door and it swung inwards to reveal a flustered looking Dean

“I’m good,” you tried to smile but it came as more of a grimace, the exertion was making you head spin a little but you ignored it.

“Are they dead?” He said quickly, he stepped further in and his eyes went wide as he saw your wound, “what the- are you okay?”

“Great-,” something caught in your throat as you spoke and panicked as your breath restricted into a coughing fit. You held a shaky hand up and looked down in horror to see the blood coming out of your mouth, “D-Dean?”

“Son of a bitch,” Dean bounded across the room just as your legs threatened to give way, throwing an arm around your shoulders to support your weight, “don’t talk, shit, you’re gonna be alright, you hear me?”

You nodded quickly and let Dean support your weight

“Sweetheart, you shouldn’t have gone alone and I’m so sorry I shouldn’t of said- I should’ve just gone with you,” his voice cracked and he shifted your weight slightly as he spoke. “Y/N come on, stay with me, you’re still with me, right?”

You tried to speak but your head was swimming and things were blurring more than before.

“Y/N? Come on, we’re nearly there,” Dean half whimpered, “I can’t lose you, never you.”

“I’m… good,” you spluttered with a halfhearted smile before you let your eyes drift shut.

“No, no, NO!” Dean groaned, fumbling with his jacket. You guessed you must be at the impala by about now but you were more busy trying to focus on the deep breaths that were becoming harder and harder. A clicking sound rang out in the night air and you felt Dean throw open the side door, only to lay you down as gently as possible on the back seat. He leaned over you for a moment and tucked a stray piece of hair out of your eyes, “we’re 5 minutes from town, sweetheart, just hold on.”

You felt him press a hurried kiss on your forehead before hopping out and tearing into the front seat. He scrabbled to get the keys in the ignition before putting his foot down and screeched out of the car park.

“Dean?” You said quietly, barely audible over the roar of the engine.

“Right here, sweetheart, I’m right here, just keep talking,” he said, glancing back in the rear view mirror, “hey remember that time you made me go for a walk in the snow?” He glanced back again, seeing you were at least semi-concious. “You told me to wrap up warm but I didn’t and I nearly got hypothermia yet you still looked after me for a few days straight, I never said thanks for that,” he let out a dry laugh, eyes flicking backwards to you again.

“Idiot,” you coughed, blood staining your teeth a little as you smiled.

“Your idiot, though,” he muttered, “you’re my idiot too you know, you’re not leaving me, right?”

He looked back again to see your eyes had drifted shut and you weren’t replying. Your chest was just about rising and falling, but it was laboured, far from a peaceful sleep.

“Y/N?!” He said louder, but on not hearing any reaction he slammed his foot down even harder on the pedal. When he kept talking, it was no louder than a whisper and though he forever told himself he was speaking to you, and fool could see otherwise.

It was a dull pain when you woke up, not the searing fire that had taken over your senses like before. Still, you didn’t really feel like moving any time soon and your head was swimming enough to put the worst drunkard to shame.

“Hey, are you awake?” Dean’s low voice ebbed through your senses.
“Mmhm,” was about all you managed as your eyes fluttered open, taking in Dean, who was sat on the edge of the bed. As your vision came in to focus, you realised you were in a motel and by the looks of it, it was dawn now.

“Thank God,” he said with a smile, “you were out for a whole day and-”

“Thanks,” you muttered.

“For what?”

“Coming and finding me. If you hadn’t got there when you did, then…” you trailed off, shaking your head.

“Don’t think like that.”

You pursed your lips and shuffled slightly, pulling yourself upright on the pillows. Every muscle felt like lead but you were alive. Dean must have stitched you up fast after all that blood though… he was right, it wasn’t worth thinking about now, but it was pretty hard not to. You’d been terrified you wouldn’t make it, as everything had faded to black in the car, your hearing had been the last thing to go and it scared you that you were so weak you couldn’t even respond. You bit your lip and ran a hand over your face.

“So you’re my idiot, huh?” You said with a smirk.

“You remember that bit?” Dean grimaced, a blush flaring om his cheeks, “to be fair you had me pretty worried there, Y/N.”

“So you went all chick flick on me?” you laughed still wincing slightly, “that could’ve been the last thing I ever heard you know, a cheesy chick flick moment.”

Dean grinned sheepishly, hanging his head to hide his blush. It was a sight you loved more than you cared admit, although you were pretty certain he knew it.

“Look, I’m sorry for being reckless, but-” you started.

“I should’ve come with you in the first place, seeing you like that I…” he shook his head and took a deep breath, “I meant it, every word, I can’t lose you.”

You nodded in understanding and stretched a hand out to place on his. You said nothing for a few long seconds, simply running your thumb over the back of his hand before you gave it a small squeeze and whispered, “I know.”

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may 20th, 2014


i’m real glad that appa’s selling this house. all these places, all the growing pains of my past selves, these walls that have seen me through me and my family’s depressions and small healing, our almost-growths, our “look pa, we’ve made it"s, all of the places that i have sat on mossy places and kissed the first boy i loved, all of the me i was before i realized that everything meant something, that all of my actions have consequences, that i can’t just keep throwing balls up in the air without expecting them to fall and knock my teeth out — all of it is still here. these overlapping memories. part of me wants to run immediately. part of me wants to stay here for good and deal with whatever i need to deal with before i truly move on and leave. there are loose ends i need to tie up before i leave, but i don’t even know where to start. how does one symbolically leave a place? how does one symbolically break free from their home? how can i marina abramovic these forests, meet at a middle and walk away along the great wall of china from all of my memories? "disremember,” says arabelle, but i don’t know how to. tell me, how do you do it? how did you do it? 

i hoard memories, and i know that one day, in my far distant future, i’ll be grateful for all of the pains i went through to document myself at this magnificently ridiculous time of my life. i’ll be grateful for so carefully underlining and annotating my books, for so fervently writing in journals as an adolescent, for keeping all of my clothes, all the little flat pebbles that i used to carry in my pocket because i thought they were lucky, all the little trinkets and this-and-thats that people have given me that i have kept because i loved them, because everything means something important. one day i’ll be grateful for letting myself feel all of this, because one day i’ll be brave enough to return and understand. one day i’ll be able to look back on this place, on me at nineteen sitting here wearing the charm, the bag of spice and shells, that nell had gotten me from ghana — and i will smile softly and warmly and remember that all of this was worth it in the end. there is always hope, isn’t there? there is always the hope that everything will turn out exactly the way it should for all of us, that all this loom work we’re doing will come together to create the most beautiful fabric, something we can pass on for generations and generations. all this will come in handy, no? all of this, every single thing. we can only ever hope. 

but for now i’m just gonna sit here and eat edamame and scatter the little green shells out the side of my window. maybe they’ll grow for the next family who moves in. maybe a small little kid with short little fingers will find a small edamame plant at the side of his new home, will squat and lean his elbows on his banged-up knees, will pluck a small green pod between his fingers and put it in his mouth, and maybe he’ll taste that green, that green, that endless green — a small gift from a small girl who has so much hope for everything that’s so much larger than she can even fathom. and maybe he’ll feel all of these memories in these walls, will feel the healing, the love that has taken over since the baby was born. and the forest will bloom lush. and the sky will pour like a wringing sponge. and the little boy will dance with his hands in the air, laughing with his bare feet, his blue shorts, his black hair. and these trees will hold up over him as they had done for me, and he will feel the way i had felt as a child growing up here. all this green. the water running through the river. the sky streaming down endlessly into our open mouths. every memory, all of this, overlapping and blurring into a stream of little light. yes. 

The One Where Felicity’s Services Are For Hire, 1124 words, rated PG. After being hired by a mysterious stranger, Felicity meets her new team for the first time.

Felicity was the first to arrive at the meeting location. She wished it had been by design, but really, she’d overestimated the amount of traffic and sitting in her car outside of an abandoned warehouse had felt foolish. Why did they always pick places like this? Sure, they had a chance of being overheard in a coffee shop, but coffee shops also had the advantage of having, you know, coffee. And free wifi, usually.

Inside, the team leader had set up a little area for the team to meet, ringed in plastic picnic tables. I take it back about not having coffee, she thought, staring at a very fancy espresso machine. An array of pastries had been laid out very fastidiously, a white board had been set up, and a table in the middle held seven blue folders. The entire thing combined the cold atmosphere of abandoned property with the efficient feeling of a board room.

“Miss Smoak, I presume,” said a voice, and a man slipped out of the shadows. She didn’t shriek, though it was a near thing. “I apologize if I startled you.”

“No, no, it’s okay, I’m used to men coming out of dark, creepy corners like that. Happens all the time.”

The man gave her a reserved smile and held out a hand. “I’m sure. Walter Steele, at your service. I’m pleased you could join us today.”

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