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Love That Counts

“You can’t just sit there and put everybody’s lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love.” The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Also known as: Hamliet compares and contrasts Touka and Kaneki’s relationship to the relationships Kaneki has with three other characters who love Kaneki: namely, Tsukiyama, Mutsuki, and Hinami.

PSA: This is not specifically about romantic love and is therefore not about ships, as I think Tsukiyama’s and Hinami’s feelings are too complicated to be classified as strictly romantic (Hinami’s I feel is more like hero worship with maybe a tiny crush mixed in, and Tsukiyama’s while it started as romantic affection has moved beyond that as shown in how he planned Touken’s wedding), and also while Mutsuki’s love for Kaneki has a blatant romantic aspect, it’s complicated too. (I’m not discussing other characters who love Kaneki like Hide or Saiko because their arcs in :re are just beginning.)

Let’s first examine how the characters have responded to Kaneki leaving them/appearing to die on them. Touka sets up her own business and hopes for his return, but never presses.

Hinami, on the other hand, joins a terrorist organization to become stronger.

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anonymous asked:

you mentioned that you know a good amount about ancient greece and i would love to hear you elaborate more on that!!! capri is kind of a weird blend of multiple time periods and cultural influences and i was wondering what you thought akielon society/culture/religion/economy/political structure would really look like? feel free to ramble i need my historical accuracy fix for this fandom 😅

Oh wow, you want to hear me rant about this? That is, like, a huge gift because I rant about this constantly and I will take any excuse. :D 

Note: Before I start, this is mostly conjecture and headcanon. This also may not shed any light on what you’re interested in, dear Anon, because it’s mostly a load of waffle. I’m sorry if I didn’t explain any of the details about ancient Greece in enough detail, but this is really fucking long already. Google is your friend on any classical subjects you’re confused about.

Okay, the first thing I’m going to say is that, as a classicist, there are tons of things you can pick out as being different about Akielos. Akielos is a fantasy country, so it’s not identical to Greece or Rome (it’s sort of Reece sometimes?) and there is nothing wrong with it not fitting directly, even if it is inspired by those cultures. It’s made up and so I won’t try to nitpick.

Next thing about Capri’s universe in general is that Vere is probably 15th century France. I think this is really interesting to remember when thinking about relations between Vere and Akielos. When I met Pacat I talked to her about Veretian technology, and she explained that rather than scaling up Akielon/ancient world technology, she scaled down Veretian tech. In 15th century France they had gunpowder and really advanced ships etc. etc. so if Vere was that technologically advanced, and Akielos still had ancient Greek weapons and tech then obviously Vere would wipe the floor with Akielos in war. She toned down the Veretian technology but not the culture.

Note: Vask is, as far as I can see, complete fantasy. I imagine the language as Scandinavian but I think there might some inspiration from mythological Amazons.

Okay I’m trying to go through this more logically now. 

Akielon Society/Politics -

Akielos does have more of an honour culture than ancient Greece. Remember when Damen is uncomfortable with taking a fort through trickery? Yeah, ancient Greeks would have been fine with that, even commended it. I imagine the society as more like Macedonian society and less like Athenian culture (which obviously in the glory days was a democracy rather than a monarchy). The strongest do best, it’s a warrior culture, but there is also an informal relationship with the king. The Macedonians, for example, could call their king by his first name, and they elected their kings. Although Damen is referred to as ‘Exalted’, there is a sense of informality in his relations with the kyroi. He also needs the approval of the kyroi in ruling the country.

I just said I don’t see Akielos as similar at all to Athens, but there is one thing they have in common. I think the relationship between the king in Ios and the kyroi is a bit like the Delian League or the Peloponnesian League. I mean, obviously Athens exacted money and tribute from the city states in the Delian League (and they weren’t very happy about it), but it is clear that the kyroi retain more independent rule than, for example, the nobles in Vere, so one might describe them as more like tributary states and less like part of one country.

Akielos also bears some similarities to Sparta, as it clearly has more of a sport/hunting/land fighting culture than Athens, which was more interested in drama/philosophy/sailing. However, the Akielon slave culture is slightly more similar to Athens again. Spartans had the closest thing in the ancient world to an American slave culture, because the helots were a race of people they had enslaved. Athenians simply had slaves from all over. Akielon slaves don’t seem to be slaves because of their race (this is never ever mentioned), so in that respect it is less like Sparta.

Language Fact: Kyroi is the plural form of the ancient Greek noun κυρος, which means supreme power or authority. This further emphasises my idea that the kyroi have a lot of individual power. κυρος is also where we get the name Kyros (Cyrus) for Kyros the Great, the famous Persian king (the Persian names are very different to the Greek versions that we are familiar with).

Akielon Economy - 

I am guessing the Akielons use something like drachmas. If Akielos is like Greece geographically then they would not have had a lot of forests or woods and would need to trade something (such as silver, which Athens had a lot of) for wood. This may be why Akielos does not seem to have a great navy (as Athens is famous for - I repeat what I said about how Akielos is more like Macedon/Sparta than Athens). If Akielos’ main source of wood is Vere (Patras would be similar geographically and Vask would not provide easy trade, as it has no borders with Akielos) then they would not be able to build ships during wartime.

.Akielon Religion - 

This was another thing I asked Pacat about when I met her. She said she had originally wanted to create a universe where religion was very much in the background, barely there at all, so that it could reflect her own beliefs. However, she did mention in gods in the poem (probably inspired by Homer) in Kings Rising. I think religion is probably the area where the Capri universe differs most from its inspiration. If Akielos were Greece, Damen would constantly be praying to the gods he particularly worshipped, or making sacrifices before setting out for battle. There would also be a religious conflict between Vere, which if it is 15th century France would be monotheistic, and Akielos, which would be polytheistic. Since none of these are mentioned or explored in the books, we must assume that religion has faded in both countries. The gods mentioned in the poem might be specific to the island of Isthima which the poet came from or may be relics of a previous age. 

A helpful resource for those interested in the world of Captive Prince is this interactive map. There is a lot of information here on Akielon and Veretian culture that you don’t get explicitly in the books.  

Shameless self promotion: I also explore how Akielons might see Veretians the way that the Greeks saw Persians in my fanfic, Quiet Breaths.

Fic: Imaginary Friends (Chapter 1)

Title: Imaginary Friends
Summary: Nothing’s AU … except that Dan and Phil have been appearing in each other’s dreams since childhood without realizing it because they’re soulmates. Everything on the outside looks like the reality we’re used to irl.
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1040 (this chapter)
Tags: Soulmates, AU, But Kind of Not AU, Except That There’s Magic, Certainly Not a Typical Soulmates AU, Dreams, Getting Together, Friends to Lovers
Author’s Note: Months ago, an anon requested that I write “a soulmates AU.” I’ve never read any soulmate AUs, but the prompt got me thinking … so this is sort of an AU, and it’s sort of about soulmates, but it’s not what most people would probably call “a soulmates AU,” because it’s my own weird take on the concept. It jumps around in time, and also between waking and dreaming, but I hope things will be clear.

Chapter 1: The Shadow Boy

Phil woke slowly, his brain still fogged by sleep, still half in the dream with the shadow.

He used to call his recurring dream friend “the shadow boy,” but that had been long ago, back when it had all started, back when he’d been only a boy himself. Now he just thought of his dream friend as “the shadow.” And this was the first shadow dream he’d had in a few months, so he found himself reluctant to wake, wanting to cling to those last lingering moments of the dream that were quickly fading away. The shadow dreams were always his favorites.

He pulled the duvet up to his chin and snuggled into it, thinking back on what he could remember of the dream. The shadow had seemed sad, Phil thought, and he wondered what that meant about his own psyche. Why would his subconscious make his shadow friend sad tonight, when Phil himself had gone to bed fairly happy? Why had he dreamt about the shadow at all, instead of dreaming about the cute girl who’d been flirting with him at Louise’s party last night?

Strangely, it wasn’t the girl’s face he imagined as he closed his eyes and pressed his head into the pillow, wrapping the duvet more tightly around himself against the morning chill. Instead, he imagined the familiar presence of his dream friend, and he wished he could comfort the shadow. He hoped that in the dream he had, at least a little bit.

By the time he shuffled toward the kitchen in search of a bowl of cereal, he’d left imaginary childhood friends behind in the quiet corners of his mind and the warm folds of the bedclothes. Dan looked up from the sofa, laptop on his lap, dark circles under his eyes.

“Did you go to bed at all?” Phil asked with a worried, knowing sigh.

Dan shrugged. “I slept a couple hours, I think.”

Phil sat on the arm of the sofa in his pajamas and rested a hand on Dan’s shoulder, making him look up. “We don’t have anything we really have to do today, so maybe you can catch a nap or something.”

Dan nodded absently, turning back to his laptop screen, and Phil went in search of breakfast, trying not to worry about his brooding flatmate. He wondered if maybe some Miyazaki might cheer Dan up a bit. They hadn’t watched Totoro in a while. The thought of Totoro’s magical forest made him think of the shadow again, just a hint of a whisper of a thought, but then it flickered away under the bright lights of the kitchen, and the real world intruded again, and his shadow was gone.

Phil couldn’t remember when the shadow boy first appeared in his dreams. It sort of seemed like he’d always been there, but the first time Phil remembered telling his mum about it was when he was in Year 3, so he must have been about 7 then.

The boy wasn’t a real shadow, of course—that’s just what Phil called him, because he didn’t have a real name. He didn’t always look the same, either, but Phil could always recognize him anyway. Sometimes he looked just like Phil, like looking in a mirror and seeing his own school uniform and his own pale face grinning back at him with the same freckles and everything. Other times, the shadow boy looked like a squirrel running through a forest, and Phil chased him until the shadow boy ran up a tree and laughed at him as Phil jumped and jumped but couldn’t reach him up there until he decided to grow claws and climb up the trunk and the shadow boy squirrel would change into a butterfly and fly away, laughing at him even more.

Sometimes, he was just a speck of light, swirling around Phil’s head or leading him off to show him beautiful things, like the time Phil followed him to an entire field of cornflowers, and he lay flat on the ground and gazed up at the sky, and the shadow boy had transformed from the speck of light into a bright orange fox and had curled up by Phil’s side among the blue flowers and had lay there with him for ages, watching him with warm brown eyes and letting Phil stroke his soft fur.

Phil didn’t always look like himself in the dreams, either—he could look however he wanted. Sometimes he made himself into a bird covered in a whole rainbow of feathers, or even a boy covered in a rainbow of feathers! He could do anything he wanted, but he just usually preferred to look like himself, because then he wouldn’t get lost. He would always be able to find himself again.

The shadow boy didn’t seem to be afraid of getting lost. When Phil asked him why, the shadow boy said it was because he knew Phil would always find him.

The shadow boy didn’t call him “Phil” in the dreams, though, just like Phil didn’t know the shadow boy’s name. They didn’t need names in the dreams, because they just knew each other, knew each other’s souls or hearts or something. They knew each other better than words or names can express, in that way you just sometimes know things in dreams. Phil was just “me,” and the shadow boy was just “you,” and they were just “us” … and it didn’t have to be more complicated than that. No matter what they looked like, no matter what they were called, it was still them, and nobody knew Phil as well as the shadow boy did.

Sometimes he wished the shadow boy was real. He even pretended sometimes, talking to his own shadow on the playground, pretending that it was the boy from his dreams, but he was old enough to know it was all just his own imagination. He understood about dreams, that they weren’t real. And he understood also, even in Year 3, that nobody would ever know him as well as the shadow boy did. He’d never feel that connected to anyone else. Not in the real world. Only in his dreams.

And that’s why the shadow dreams were always his favorites.

Author’s End Note: Let me know what you think, because I know this isn’t my typical kind of story, or even similar to any other stories I’ve read. But maybe this kind of thing is already a trope and I just don’t know about it? At any rate, let me know if you like it! I’ll probably be updating twice a week.

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Ok so, I saw this theory basically saying that Marty, Greg’s former manager, is actually his cousin, comparing Marty and Andy Demayo, Greg’s cousin (can’t find the link at the moment, will update as soon as I find it).

Note similar hairstyle, wrinkles. It was said that the Crewniverse probably did it on purpose so we notice.

SO. I noticed an error: this one theory said that that would make Steven a distant family member of Sour Cream and Onion. But Onion’s dad isn’t Marty, as he’s Yellowtail’s son. Onion is Sour Cream’s half brother.

But that would mean that Greg is Sour Cream’s uncle. And he knows that. So I remember than in Greg, The Babysitter, he does call himself “uncle Greg”. The thing goes kinda like this:

Greg: “So, how about it, Sour Cream? You ready to spend the day with your rad uncle Greg?”

Baby Sour Cream: “Meh”

Greg: “You really are Vidalia’s son, aren’t you?”

I always thought that was because they were pretty close at that time, like Vidalia and Ametheyst confirmed in Onion Friend. But when you think about it, it does make sense that they are blood-related. That could be interesting, not only Steven suddenly finding out about new human family that he never knew about, but now Sour Cream is his cousin too! Imagine Buck and Kiki finding out!

UPDATE: THIS IS THE THEORY I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT! http://reneewar33.tumblr.com/post/153327261196/uncle-andy-theory credits to @reneewar33 


At the end of Greg, The Babysitter, he says that he doesn’t actually know how’s Sour Cream nowdays. That could be because he stopped hanging with Vidalia (until lately, that them and Barb are hanging again, as confirmed in Last One Out of Beach City). Greg hasn’t seen Sour Cream since he was little and it is clear that he doesn’t recognize him now. That may be the reason he never told Steven about him.

The List - ACOWAS vs. ACOWAR

So, many folks in the fandom know that last year, right after ACOMAF came out, I wrote a 76-chapter, 13-one-shot fan fiction of what my version of Book 3 would look like, titled “A Court of War and Starlight.” Ever since, people have asked me what would happen if things were similar in A Court of Wings and Ruin, to which I responded that it would be fun to see what I guessed right, but that I highly doubted there would be too much similarity. 

Well, as I was reading ACOWAR, I kept a list of things that I guessed or were similar. There are some things that aren’t 1-for-1 similar, but that I included anyway because it was close enough. I didn’t give myself credit for super obvious things, like “Feyre and Rhys will have sex.” lol. I tried to keep it to things that really could have gone either or any way. I also have a column for “explanation.” Some things I am not surprised I guessed because I know my folklore really damn well and did my research writing ACOWAS. Knowing SJM would stick to some of these stories made some guesses definitely educated. That said, there are a couple of things where I have no idea how I guessed them or why they’re similar. 

This is all for FUN. It is not a judgment on the quality of ACOWAS vs. ACOWAR. Also, be warned that there are SPOILERS below the cut!

With that, let us begin!

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final* notes

OK, first of all: thanks to everybody who stuck with this experiment.

Thanks to everybody who liked or reblogged or messaged me or sent something to my askbox; thanks to everybody followed me; thanks to everyone who passed the story along to their friends and followers; thanks to everybody who read it at all, because I realize you were taking a lot on faith, this was a super weird thing.

I’d meant to do something like this for a long time, but I was always sort of worried about it because (as you’ve maybe figured out!) I struggle with plot and long scenes and structuring longer pieces. What I feel more confident about is my ability to write short things that maybe link up…so I leaned in and just did that, ha. I also wanted the individual chapters to stand on their own, and I think for the most part they do. ( @need-not is doing a similar thing and she’s great, so pop over there next!)

A lot of folks have asked if this is going to be on AO3: the answer is probably? I would like to put it there, because I know this format isn’t that easy to read, but I’m also not totally sure how it would work. If you have any ideas for how to make it work, please let me know! In the short term, it IS possible to read the chapters in order. The link is https://all-these-ghosts.tumblr.com/tagged/then-the-bomb/chrono and I believe the in-order part only works in a browser (like literally copy and paste the url into a browser window), not the app, because tumblr is weird like that.

* ok you guys obviously there is a second part, I am mean but I am not THAT mean. bear with me: this story followed pretty closely what happens in that song I kept linking to, so this story is done :) the second part is also in a more uh normal format.

Part two of this post about omega!cas going into labor and meeting alpha!dean, his handsome doctor

Dean doesn’t take any more blockers for the day, just as Cas requested. 

He picks Cas up at the time they agreed on and the first thing Cas does when he slides into the passenger seat is take a deep breath. Watching the way the omega shivers as he pulls the air into his lungs, the little smile that curves his perfect lips as he settles against the leather of the seat, makes Dean want to roar and whimper at the same time.

Instead, he bites his tongue, shifts around to relieve the growing pressure in his pants, and smiles. 

They eat at a diner, a simple little place in town that they’re both familiar with. It’s common ground, somewhere they’re both comfortable as they grin at each other from across the table, trying to make small talk while they wait for their food.

Cas will say for years to come that it was a perfect first date, that he had never known someone as friendly and attentive as Dean, someone who could make Cas’s entire body tremble because of their laugh and who still looked effortlessly gorgeous as they wiped chocolate milkshake from their lap.

Dean will say it was a disaster, that he couldn’t believe someone as smart and beautiful as Cas would put up with his awkward attempts at conversation, creepy staring, and all around clumsiness. That it had nearly broken his heart that night to drop Cas off and walk away without even daring to lean in for a kiss because he just knew that he’d never get another call from this amazing man. 

But he does. The very next day. 

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High School Band AU: Ch. 9

Hope you like this! ^^

In your defense, you were really trying to pay attention. You really want to learn everything about Isaac Newton and the three laws of motion. Well, not everything, just… enough to pass the test tomorrow. You’re really trying, but the crumbled paper balls falling in your desk in the studying room aren’t letting you focus.

You didn’t unwrinkle any of them, if the sender notices you’re not having it, they’ll stop. Or that’s what you thought before the sixth or seventh little ball fell in your book. What the hell?

You look over your shoulder, there’s only one person sitting diagonally from your desk, but you can’t see who it is, because they are hiding their faces with a book. Well, trying, a few strands of hair at the top of their heads aren’t being covered. Red strands of hair.

So… Saeran or Saeyoung? Even though Saeran was becoming way less unbearable in the last few days - and it was about him, you’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with you trying to be more patient since he basically prevented a rape from happening with you – you two aren’t that close to the point of him trying to get your attention like this. Well, you’re not that close to Saeyoung either, you just forgot he doesn’t know that.

But it is Saeyoung, of course it’s him. And knowing the little you know about him, you better read one of these little balls or he won’t stop being a third wheel between you and Isaac Newton.

“Watchu reading?”  or… something like this, his handwriting can be a little hard to decode sometimes.

“Isaac Newton and the laws of motion.” You throw one of the balls behind you , nobody notices. Because, can you imagine, some people use the studying room to study.

“Spoiler alert: he dies in the end. Would there be more laws of motion if he hasn’t died? It’s open to interpretation.” You muffle a giggle and look at him, still using the book as a disguise.

“I know it’s u behind me and u r not really reading ‘Basic Principles of Genetics’”

“How dare u accusing me so unfairly? :O” did he really draw an emoji? Oh God…

“The book is upside down, Saeyoung.”

You look over your shoulder to see him turning the book to the right position and adjusting himself in his seat. Rolling your eyes lightly, you muffle another laugh.

“See? I’m learning EVERYTHING about Mendel and peas. In your face, MC!”

“Good, so go back to studying the peas and I’ll go back to Newton.”

You avoid looking behind you, you know it would just encourage him on keep exchanging notes. And though it’s fun, you really need to study right now!

And he apparently gets it, as the balls stop flying. You’re relieved! And… bored. Seriously, so bored… your eyelids are almost getting heavy. Where’s Saeyoung and the paper balls attack to keep you awake?

“Ok, tell me more about the peas.” You see him smirking when your paper plane lands on his desk.

“I know shit about the peas. Can I kidnap u in 15 minutes?”

“Such an improvement from when u used to kidnap me without asking me first.” Now he is the one holding his laugh, but he’s less discreet and some other students glare at him.

“I’ll be waiting for u next to the exit.” He lets the last note when passing next to your desk before leaving the room.

Well, you’ll apologize for ditching Isaac Newton. See, it’s not you, it’s him. It’s just not working and you think you should see other people. Saeyoung, in that case. He might be a handful sometimes, but he’s definitely not boring.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“I really shouldn’t, to be honest. But this book is almost making me sleep. Especially now that you told me the end.” You stick your tongue out and he laughs softly. “So, where are we going, mr. kidnapper?”

“What kind of kidnapper would I be if I told you that? It’s a secret! Come on!”

You two take the bus. And you were worried about not having much to talk to him, but Saeyoung lets almost no blanks. He always has something to say about some place you’re passing by. And that is pretty comforting, actually.

“That’s our stop.”

“Usually it’s mine, indeed.” Yes, your uncle’s record store is just a few streets ahead. You noticed between all his blabbering that the way was being very familiar.

“Mine too.”

“Really? You live nearby?”

“No, I work nearby.”

“How come I never saw you before if we take the same bus?”

“Because you usually sit right there with your headphones and a resting bitch face that make people think you don’t want them sitting beside you.” Well, you really do use your phones and the… resting bitch face in order not to be bothered, especially by boys. But Saeyoung is a boy and he never bothered you. How long have you two been taking the same bus? How long has he been observing you? “And here we are.”

He stops in front of a store. A little bigger than the record store you work, the glass window and the light tones of yellow and white in the front gives even more depth illusion, but it’s an old building, for sure. And judging from the movie posters in the window, it looks old on purpose. It’s a video rental store.

You heard about this place before, actually. You passed by in your way to the record store and couldn’t help but thinking there is another shop lost in time very close to yours. You would imagine if the people who worked here were aware that the owner looks for nostalgia rather than profit, or would they really hope having a lot of customers.

“You’re not the only one in the band dealing with obsolete medias, MC.” Ah, so Saeyoung knows, just like you. “Come in.”

“Wait, it’s closed. Won’t your boss get mad?”

“It’s fine. He gave me those keys so I can come whenever I want. He doesn’t want to lose his only employee, after all.”

“And what do you do here?”

“Look at all these movies! What do you think I do?” you look around, yes, there are a lot of movies… how many of them did he watch? “I mean, I watch them, but there is another thing, come with me.”

He guides you to the back of the store, where the poster of a semi-naked lady is doing the shush gesture in a sexy way, and the warning “Do not enter if you’re under 18 years old.

“Come in, MC.”

“Ugh, the sign…”

“It’s a sign, not a cop. Come in.” he grabs your hand and brings you inside.

You look around and most of the movies are piled in the corner. Oh, thank God, you were so sure it was going to be walls stuffed by VHSs and DVDs covers of women being filled in holes you’re not sure they should be filled… instead, there is a pair of DJ pickups, a sewing machine, two mannequins, and records. Lots of records.

“Recognize some of them?”

“You got them at my uncle’s store?”

“Most of them I bought online. I must say the hip-hop’s selection at your uncle’s store is not that vast. I even wrote a note and put it in the suggestions box you have there.”

“My uncle neverreads it, sorry. So… you’ve been there before I joined the band?”

He smiles while turning on his equipment. “I was looking for Tupak and you told me there wasn’t much hip-hop, but I could look it up.”

“Then you asked me for help, but I didn’t know where the hip-hop albums were, because… it was my first day.” He nods, putting his headphones. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“We’re not that close.” Oh, so he knows that. “And I don’t want you to think I’m a yandere stalker or something like this.”

“Well, this room is very yandere-ish. The mannequins, the pink light, I mean… I think the phantom of the opera would have something like this if he lived in the90s.” he laughs loudly.

“You know what’s funnier than your joke? Saeran said exactly the same thing.”

“He did?”

“Yes, you two have a very similar sense of humor. Too bad you don’t really like each other, you would have fun together.”

“I… I don’t really hate your brother, Saeyoung.”

“I know, and he probably doesn’t hate you either. He’s just… he doesn’t know how to express his feelings too well, I… think he meant something completely different when you told us that Rika wanted to kiss you.” And you know that by now. You could tell him you do, but… you don’t really want to remember that night…

“Gosh, when you put it like that, it makes me feel really ridiculous for even considering that.”

“It’s not ridiculous. Maybe you and Rika has that… hot rivalry tension like Crystal Connors and Nomi Malone in Showgirls, you know?”

“I can’t believe you’re saying something in my life resembles such an awful movie, Saeyoung.”

“Hey! It’s a great movie! Great quotes, great dancing moves, great, uhm… breasts.”

“Of course you liked the boobs.” Even under the pink light, you can see him blushing. “But it has a pretty cool sex in the pool scene… I guess.”

“MC, you’re 15! You can’t watch things like that, young lady!” and you know he’s teasing, since he basically dragged you to the porn section of the store.

“Tell that to my uncle. I swear he has no idea how to deal with a teenage girl.”

“Especially one like you, I suppose.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“I mean, you’re very… well, you’re very unique, MC. You know a lot about culture from past decades, and… you’re a salty little smug, and… stupid people can’t really hold a conversation with you for too long.”

“You know you could easily be describing yourself right now too, right?” another blush under the pink light, from both of you now. “So, uhm… the pickups, huh? So vintage, do you remix?”

“I try, but it isn’t as easy as doing in the computer. Here, listen to this.” He hands you one of his headphones, and you immediately shake your head according to the rhythm.

“Public Enemy.”


“That’s so cool, Saeyoung.”

“Thank you! My stuff in the laptop are better, to be honest.” He grabs his laptop in his backpack and sits on the floor, you lean your hands on your kness and bend down when he connets the headphones in the laptop. “See? I asked Yoosung to play the piano for me and I basically recreated the base in No Diggity by Blackstreet.”

“And the waves here are you singing?”

“Yeah. It’s me trying to… rap, actually.”

“Oh my God! Let me hear this!” you press the play before he can protest.

“It’s going down fade to Blackstreet. The homeys got abby collab creations, funk like acne.
No doubt I put it down never slouch, as long as my credit could vouch, a dog couldn’t catch me straight out. Tell me who could stop with Dre makin’ moves. Attracting honeys like a magnet. Giving them ig-asms with my mellow accent. Still moving his flavor with the homeys Blackstreet & Teddy: the original rump shakers”

And you could laugh and make fun of him, but all you do is:

“Shorty get down, good Lord. Baby got ‘em open all over town. Strickly biz she don’t play around, cover much grounds. Got game by the pound, gettin paid is her forte. Each and every day true player way”

He joins you in singing: “I can’t get her outta my mind.I think about the girl all the time”

And he moves to the second part of the song: “She’s got class and style. Street knowledge, by the pound. Baby never act wild, very low key on the profile. Catching villians is a no, let me tell you how it goes. Curve’s the word, spin’s the verb. Lovers it curves so freak what you heard.”He’s… he’s looking straight at you, like… he’s singing to you, like he means it.

Who knew he actually knows how to sing? You remember Saeran teasing him for not playing any instrument, but the thing is he doesn’t even need it. Look at what he has here, he sews the outfits for the band, reproduces beats for famous songs in modern and traditional equipment, he… knew you almost since your first day in this town. And yes, you weren’t close, and that’s a shame.

“So, uhm… pretty lame, huh?” he asks, taking you aback.

“Well, I don’t know if it is ‘ig-asms’ material… yet.” He laughs, and you chuckle from his laugh.

It’s just in that moment you realize how close you are, you can almost fell his breathing against your nose, his… exhilarating breathing, actually. Your eyes lock with his, and you’re so glad those guys couldn’t do anything to you at that party, because, if they did… this wouldn’t be your first kiss…

And it isn’t, because Saeyoung lowers his head and looks back at the computer.

“Don’t let yourself be carried by where we are, MC.”


“You’re sorry, I know.” Oh… not really what you were going to say. “Don’t worry. I… I won’t tell anybody about this.”

“Saeyoung, I…”

“It’s fine, MC, really. Oh, it’s late, I… should walk you home, you have a physics test tomorrow, right?” what is he doing? Why isn’t even looking at you?

Of course he’s embarrassed, you would be too if someone tried to kiss you and you didn’t really want to, but… if he says it’s fine, why doesn’t he even act like it’s fine? Again, why doesn’t he even look at you? Like you’re not worthy of it?

“I can go home by myself.”

“Are you sure? It’s getting dark and…”

“I can take the bus, I’ve done this before a lot of times, you know?” he does.

“MC, you don’t…”

“Goodbye, Saeyoung.” You gather your stuff on the floor and walk out of there.

What happened? You could swear he wanted this to happen as much as you did, it’s like… it’s almost like… he was waiting for you to make a move just so he could push you away, why?

You were so close to him, but, then again… you and him weren’t really close.And he knows that.

Chapter 8 | Chapter 10  

Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook has a recipe in it from Leonard of Quirm for a cheese sandwich that involves designing a new bread baking pan and several war machines and then ordering out for pizza.  The recipe is pretty funny and I was in the midst of typing out the whole thing to post it when I realized that there is something much more important I need to bring to everyone’s attention:

How did Nanny Ogg get a recipe from Leonard of Quirm????????

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hey, i follow u on twitter, i noticed u sometimes comment on bts' posts in korean and have been wondering abt how u learned ur korean? I've been learning for a almost an year now thru private tutoring and I understand most of what they say, but I'm never confident to say even basic things like "sleep well". I have a hard time formulating answers in general both orally or in writing... did u do any kind of specific exercise/practice to feel comfortable with it? (btw i think ur rl cool)

Thank you so much for thinking i’m cool, if you ever feel like practicing korean, we can even help each other, i would love!! you can dm me on twitter <3

So, i’m still on the process of learning korean, which it’s not easy, you probably know this too since you’re learning too. It’s a completely different language, many words have similar meanings, or one word can have multiple meanings, it’s also a context oriented language and the list goes on. I’m also not as confident as it seems, i still struggle with some things, but the method that works for me is repetition and also surrounding myself with the language as much as i can, korean friends, following korean people on twitter (like fansites too, it works) and keeping ur eyes open to every single korean sentence u see, try to absorb that, write it down. For me the practice is actually replying to bts’ posts on twitter, studying with some of my close friends that know the language and help me learn too. What i do to feel comfortable with is use the language as much as i can, i probably have said some wrong things here and there, but what matters is the experience. So yes, try to surround yourself with the language as much as you can. As for the pronunciation, korean shows really help, like return of the superman, hello counselor, weekly idol, after school club, those are really simple and nice to watch to understand how formulating phrases, pronunciation and such works!

I’m far from being fluent, but everyday i study and keep korean everywhere near me, post its on my board, korean websites to read, simple articles and news, twitter which is a nice place bc its mostly informal and easy to pick up, i even get some posts to translate for myself, reading everyday is the key! If you know the sentence structure and important grammar you’ll formulate phrases so easily, this post covered the basic and most important korean grammar needed for you to kick start your korean fluency and this pdf of beginner grammar in use is also awesome!

So as far as i can express some of my wishes or even talk about my day in korean, just simple things, i do it, i always try to use the korean i pick up, always, it a never ending learning and practicing with korean, don’t feel embarassed or scared of doing it, maybe you can make a private twitter account for practice?? that’s what i do btw asdfjadf

A website that has been helping me so much because of the amount of free content and how they teach everything, it has rly been helpful for me and i hope it will be for you too, is www.sejonghakdang.org , there you can find the sejong korean books, so far they have 8 posted if im not mistaken, and also extra material like books to help you read, write, understand more the language, videos, classes, all free, a life saver, honestly, my korean is getting so much better because of this site! 

This is another website with free resources and this youtube video has really helped me with their tips for learning

I hope this helps you somehow and that the path to fluency will be easier for you, since you have extra help with private tutoring (which i don’t have unfortunately, and i have to do it all by myself) so kick ass!!! 

Back to the Past (Alternate Ending)

A/N: Okay, so here’s the thing. The ending is changed, and the beginning is changed, and the middle is changed. And basically, everything is changed. But some things are similar, so you’d probably notice! Okay bye!

“Y/N, are you okay? Did they do anything to you?” He touched your face, concern in his eyes. You were speechless.

He didn’t look like he hated you. He was worried, scanning your body. He looked at the cut on your face, and sighed, shaking his head. Tears gathered in his eyes, and he pulled you close to him. Your back still ached, so you groaned, and he let you go quickly.

“I’m so sorry, I should have never left you there alone. This would have never happened if I thought of a better plan. It took all of me not to go back there and kill the other two. I really wanted to, but I had to make sure you’re okay. Y/N, are you okay? You haven’t said anything. I need to know that you are fine.” He looked at you, the tears finally falling. You laughed, staring up at him. He was puzzled, his eyes searching yours. You wiped the tears from his cheek, a smile on your face.

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I got 3,000 followers on my art blog, and I had no idea what to do. I decided I’d finally get Bendy & India to get together. Cat’s out of the bag!

That… doesn’t mean that it was an ultimatum to get that many followers or anything, more like I just realize that it’s probably time. And I know I got this far like my last milestone because of my BatIM people.

I did a similar thing with Ann & Dean at a milestone in the past, I thought getting India and Bendy together finally at the time I got around 3,000 followers would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks everyone! And sorry to everyone who doesn’t like canonxoc shipping, but you knew what you were signing up for.

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10 years later and i still see 'prO fAnS' (who never even read the books) calling snape an abuser. yeah he must have been an abuser because he kept giving poor harry low grades and taught him how to shield his mind lol. people, please 1) get familiar with this definition 2) get a life 3) let it go

Let’s call it a bully if it makes you feel better.

Now, I actually I liked him when he was in the movies, even tho I didn’t approve he hit his students with books (was this a movie thing only?). ANYWAY I’ve read some anti snape things on tumblr so I wanted to know why was this and so they started to quote some books parts and I was like ‘why did harry named his child after him?’. 

The problem is not that people like snape, I still find him as a good character the way he’s written but I don’t like his persona and the thing that bothers me is people gloryfying him like some kind of hero and stuff and that we should pity him cuz the girl he liked sent him to the friendzone and some 16 years old boys was a dick towards him, so you’ll hold a grudge and bully his son and his friends.

He was an adult, a teacher, yet he bullied students and people justify him with ‘he was bullied when he was a teenager’. 

1. He used any excuse to take points from Gryffindor: if one of them didn’t know the answer he would take points, and if not one but hermione knew the right answer and she’d answer (and the question was directed to the entire class) he’d make some rude comment and take points anyway.

2. humiliates harry, a first year, in front of the entire class because he reminds him of james.

3. When hermione showed the large teeth she got from draco, snape looked at her and said “I see not difference” making her cry and run away. 

4.  He threatened to poison Neville’s pet and constantly humiliated him and traumatized to the point where Nev’s boggart was Snape

Also isn’t the fandom a bit hypocrite that the most hated character on HP is umbridge (more than voldemort or bellatrix) and people say this is because she’s a villain that you can find in real life; a teacher who’s a bitch and you’re basically defenseless but you don’t find snape as something similar to real life? You never had a teacher who showed preference towards certain group of students to the point he/she would overlook their mistakes but give you detention or smth similar if you make the same mistake that group did? Who made you feel like shit because you didn’t know something or gave the wrong answer? Who insulted you, whether it was your personality or physical appearance, pushing you to the verge of tears? Cause I had one, so I can assure you is not nice and it’s bullying. So probably this is even more of a personal thing, me being against a bully teacher, but I’m sure I wouldn’t say he’s a hero or  that he deserved lily or anything like that even if I never experienced being bullied by a teacher.

Also YOU get a life, cause this is my blog and I can post as much hate as I want, but I won’t go the snape supportives blogs to contradic them. It’s their opinion, their blog and I might not agree with them but I won’t go to their asks just to fight them.

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Wanna one + mxm, who do you think will hurt his gf if his gf cheating (Hurt like by word or do something)

A/N: Before I write this I just want to say that I don’t think any of the boys would ever hurt their girlfriend psyhically. 

This is purely verbal as in yelling at each other or say hurtful things during arguments, which is still not right, but it happens to all of us whenever we are mad. 


  • Guan Lin
  • Seongwoo
  • Jihoon 
  • Jisung
  • Daehwi
  • Jaehwan
  • Sungwoon
  • Daniel
  • Youngmin
  • Minhyun
  • Woojin
  • Jinyoung
  • Donghyun


Guan Lin, Seongwoo, Jihoon and Jisung are the ones that would speak whatever is on their mind without any filter and probably be the most angry; so naturally some nastier things would come up as well. They won’t realize it at first and I actually feel like they won’t apologize for it because they would be just as hurt cause you cheated on them.

Daehwi, Jaehwan, Sungwoon would most likely blabber something without even noticing about how bad you are and just enumerate all the things they did for you to make you feel guilty.. They will probably throw a fit which turns into shock when they find out you’ve been cheating on them.

Daniel, Youngmin, Minhyun would be very similar to the ones before, they will be hurt and probably question you why you did that. I feel that they won’t really hurt you, but rather make you feel guilty about what you did. Something along these lines probably: “after all the things I’ve done for you, this is how you repay me.”

Woojin, Jinyoung, Donghyun are still young and they will probably be way too shocked to even say anything when they first find out. They would be too hurt to tell you anything other than to leave and not come back. Would turn their back to you and just go because they don’t want you to see how much you’ve hurt them.

ID #84275

Name: Terra
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi! I’m a first year college student majoring in Biology and Public Health Science. I want a penpal because I’m not the best at making friends and would love to have someone else to talk to about whatever. As a college student myself, any students wishing to commiserate about classes are welcome.
I can only speak english unless you count whatever knowledge is left from my 3 years of latin or knowing the numbers in Spanish up to 39 (I can never remember 40). So english speakers are probably best for all involved.
I’m a complete nerd. I love science, animals, reading (yes, that includes fanfiction), movies (basically any genre), contemplating the meaning of life, and coming up with various what-if scenarios. I’m a INFP and listen to almost every type of music music. I’m slightly obsessed with Harry Potter, Sherlock, Marvel, and a lot of other similar things. I’m open to trying any suggested books/TV/shows/movies/whatever. Thanks for reading.
P.S. If you’re doing what I did and are pages deep in old penpals and are interested, but feel like it would be weird to contact me now please resist the urge and do so anyway :)

Preferences: I don’t really have any preferences. If you read my self description and are still interested then I would be happy to have you as a penpal (either over email, snail mail, or almost anything that serves as a form of communication). 

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Urgent!? sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but as I was doing my testosterone shot in my thigh, the needle was almost all the way in and then my leg jumped/jolted. I'm not sure if it hit something? What was it and do I need to be worried? I still did the shot without taking the needle out or anything.

Jay says:

You probably didn’t hit anything, I think you would have felt that. It was probably a just muscle twitch, and doing your shot anyways would be ok. Injecting into a tight muscle is uncomfortable (as you probably noticed) and a little harder, but the T will likely still be absorbed fine. My leg muscles are always tight due to a medical condition and I still do my shots IM just fine, other than some extra soreness. 

If it was just a weird one-time thing I wouldn’t sweat it. If it keeps happening I’d mention it to the doc that oversees your T. 

I did answer an ask similar to this a couple of weeks ago. And I know several people on IM shots who have mentioned a similar issue, so I’d imagine it’s not uncommon to have a twitch during a shot.

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lise, I'm curious about the matriarchal aspects to the wheel of time series. Most fictional matriarchies are usually awkward and poorly done 'patriarchy flips', and they're boring. Would you say those in this series are original and well thought-out? any similarity to The Black Jewels trilogy, or is it a fresh take compared to.... any others?

Oh, this is a great question. 

There’s a post I reblogged a bit ago that did a better job of talking about this than I probably can. It describes Wheel of Time as a world where there’s a range of “extreme matriarchy to extreme patriarchy” and that rings true to me. I feel like for all the things that you can criticize about Jordan’s writing when it comes to gender (and there are certainly no shortage of things), he genuinely does put a lot of thought into the world building and the range and variation across cultures and regions in how men and women relate to each other.

The more matriarchal societies, too, are not seen as…utopian bastions, which I think is often a weird thing that can happen (and I honestly don’t like, because it falls into the weird pedestal shit where women are More Morally Pure than men). It’s not just a role reversal where men do what women do - it also has to do with what is valued, who gets treated how, and moral standards and expectations. 

But the more I try to write this answer the more I just keep rereading that post I linked to and being like “okay so all of this already got said there and much better” so like - go read that post. It’s a good one. 

I’d say, personally, that Wheel of Time does the power swap in roles better than Black Jewels Trilogy does, though it’s also just a very different approach to world building. 

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sorry if you've gotten this question before but do you think davepeta and dave would get along, and how would davepeta really feel about dirk?

Davepeta would fucking adore Dave and try their best to help him grow and be chill and relax. I feel like Dave would be really weirded out by Davepeta though and maybe a little tiny bit jealous because Jade is with them at first and Dave doesn’t know how to let go of crushes but he’d get over it pretty fast and even if he didn’t Jade would make sure he did because. Davepeta is her datefriend and Dave isn’t allowed to be a jerk about it.

I don’t really think he would be though? It would be mostly just residual weirdness about Davesprite mingled with feeling slightly insecure that there’s now an even CHILLER MORE lax about masculinity version of him running around and what if Karkat likes them better they’re so chill and they just tell Jade about their feelings and flirt with John and oh god. Dave, Rose and Dirk might briefly bond over feeling uncomfortable with their sprite selves. 

But Dave would get over it and eventually become pretty good bros with Davepeta I think and they’re probably have really good jams about Time travel and the nature of identity since they both get what it’s like and why it sucks but Davepeta would have a lot to offer there. Eventually I think Dave and Davepeta are literally just bros and Dave thinks of Davepeta less as a splinter and more as a bizzare sort of twin. Not even his weirdest twin sibling because Dirk exists.

Speaking of Dirk Davepeta adores him too??? Davepeta is over the Bro stuff, and they already hugged and made up with AR, who…actually did any of the kind of stuff that is similar to what Bro did, which Dirk did not do. So if that’s what you meant, I don’t see why Davepeta would have any reservations about Dirk. If anything they’re probably the best positioned character other than Dave and Jake to help Dirk like, work out his relationship to himself vs. his splinters and help him be happier with himself, and that’s likely what they’d try to do.

Dirk wouldn’t know how to handle Davepeta especially when Dave doesn’t like them but they’d work things out and also be chill bros I think. 

Past Lives

Every so often, Yufuin could be persuaded to walk to school with Kinshirou in the mornings. Yufuin would generally complain about it, especially since Kinshirou was one who liked to be at school early and Yufuin was…not. But Atsushi and the rest of the Defense Club had somehow convinced him that it would be a nice, romantic gesture, and so he had agreed. This did not make him any more pleasant in the mornings, however, and Kinshirou was used to walking next to a rumpled and half-awake Yufuin in questionably comfortable silence.

And if anybody asked why he decided to indulge Yufuin that morning, he would claim shock that Yufuin had started talking in the first place.

“Hey President,” Yufuin said suddenly, “do you think we were enemies in all of our past lives?”

Kinshirou blinked. “Are you talking?”

“About past lives.”

“Do you know what time it is?”

“Too early. Answer the question.”

“Is it already time for you to wax philosophical about life? This is a bit early in the day for you. Usually you wait until lunchtime at the least.”

“President, it’s too early for this. Stop messing around.”

“Could you please elaborate on the question?”

Yufuin sighed. “Well, we have pretty opposite personalities. I don’t think base personality changes that much between lives, so, in theory, we’d have had similar personalities throughout all of our incarnations. On a good day, we fight like cats and dogs, so our past selves were probably the same way, right?

“You’re assuming that we would have known each other in previous lives,” Kinshirou replied, pulling Yufuin to the side of the sidewalk in order to avoid an oncoming cyclist. “What makes you so sure we did?”

“I think Atsushi is definitely an anchor point.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmmm.” Yufuin tilted his head up to stare at the sky in thought. “Well, I figure in every life there are some things that are different, and some that stay exactly the same. So pretend our life is a galaxy.”

“A galaxy?”

“Yeah, humor me. In this metaphor, we’re random planets. Now, not every planet belongs to the same galaxy. These would be the people you never meet. Then, there are meteors and stars and things in your galaxy that you have a possibility of meeting, but it isn’t a sure thing. And then there are planets that orbit around the same sun as you, so you’ve got to meet up with them at some point. Atsushi’s our sun.”

“I think I understand your theory, although your understanding of space is questionable-” Kinshirou paused to yank on Yufuin’s arm and stop him from walking into a pole. “Please pay attention to where you’re walking!”

“If you’re gonna watch out for me, I don’t need to worry,” Yufuin replied. “Anyway, the metaphor’s not exactly solid. There are bound to be multiple anchor points in someone’s life, so there would have to be multiple suns. But for our purposes, Atsushi is our overlapping sun.”

Kinshirou scowled at Yufuin’s flippant attitude towards pedestrian safety, but continued the conversation nonetheless. “Theoretically, then, in all of our past lives we’ve been mutual friends of Atsushi, but enemies to each other?”

“Not exactly. It’s not a given that we were friends with him, just that we both knew him. But the situations were probably different.”

“So, for instance, we were all daimyo in a past life, but while both of our houses had amicable relations with Atsushi’s, we were rivals?”

Yufuin chuckled. “Who says we were Japanese? Maybe we were American, and we were on opposite sides of the Civil War, and Atsushi was Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe we were Angolans during World War II, and you were UNITA, and I was MPLA, and Atsushi was Che Guevara.”

Kinshirou looked at Yufuin in astonishment. “Do you actually pay attention to your history lessons?”

Yufuin made a face.

“At any rate,” Kinshirou continued, “do you have any idea how old the world is? We would’ve had countless reincarnations, so it’s feasible that we’ve been Japanese before. All of those scenarios are plausible. In theory.”

Yufuin grinned. “But that doesn’t take into account the increasing population of the world. There are more people here today than there were even 200 years ago, so the newer people would’ve only lived a few cycles.”

“By your logic, we might be people who’ve only lived a few cycles. Maybe we’ve never been reincarnated at all, and this is our first time.”

“Nah, we’ve definitely been around for a while. How else could there have been so much animosity between us over a stupid curry incident? Clearly, that had been building up for centuries.”

“Hmph.” Kinshirou crossed his arms. “Perhaps I’ve just always hated curry, and not everything in my life boils down to petty arguments with, about, or surrounding you.”

“Impossible, curry’s delicious. You accrued bad karma in the past, and that’s why you were born with defective taste buds this time around.”

“Excuse me? I am not defective!”

“You know, you still haven’t answered my question.”

“About being enemies? Yes, I imagine that we always have been. Even when we get along, we fight.”

“Exactly. Which makes this life extra special, doesn’t it?”

“How so?”

Yufuin wrapped both of his arms around Kinshirou’s waist, resting his chin on the shorter boy’s shoulder. “Well, how many times do you think we’ve overcome our differences like this? And so early in life, too.”

Kinshirou flushed. “Get off, we’re in public!”

“I bet my past selves are so jealous,” Yufuin continued as if Kinshirou hadn’t spoken.

“You keep making all of these assumptions about our past lives with absolutely no evidence to back it up. There’s no reason to believe that we’ve never…been together in past lives.” Kinshirou pulled at Yufuin’s hands, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Fair enough. It’s just the feeling I get. Like, every time before this, you’ve been the Tybalt to my Romeo, but now you’re Juliet. Or, I guess you’re still Tybalt, but now Romeo is in love with Tybalt and not Juliet.”

“In the future, please put more effort into your metaphors.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll work on it. The point is, I just get the feeling that this is the first life where we’ve gone from being enemies to being close. So maybe the next life will be the same. Or maybe we’ll get over being enemies faster and faster.”

“And then what, Yufuin? What’s the point of all this? Honestly, let go, we’re standing where anyone can see!”

Yufuin swerved suddenly and pulled Kinshirou off of the sidewalk behind a small cluster of trees. “The point,” he said, pressing Kinshirou back into one of the trees, “is that the sooner we get over hating each other, the sooner we can do this.” He leaned down and brushed his lips over Kinshirou’s, and Kinshirou shuddered.

“We don’t have time for this,” Kinshirou said faintly. “Besides, you’re talking as if we’re supposed to be together in future lives too. Are we switching from reincarnation theory to soul mate theory?”

“I didn’t say that,” Yufuin said, kissing Kinshirou on the neck. “But since you suggested it, what do you think?”

“I didn’t suggest it,” Kinshirou replied, sliding a hand into Yufuin’s hair. “I don’t even believe in reincarnation.”

Yufuin kissed the corner of his mouth. “But if you did?”

“If I did, I think it would be implausible that we’ve never been together before. After all, some things are different, but some stay exactly the same.”

Yufuin smiled. “You know, if our chemistry in past lives was half as good as it is now, you’re right, there’s no way we haven’t been together before.” He slid a hand underneath Kinshirou’s jacket.

“Hold on a second, Yufuin, we don’t have time for this. We need to get to class.” In spite of his words, Kinshirou felt himself leaning in to Yufuin’s touch.

“We left early, it’ll be fine,” Yufuin said, sliding his hand around to Kinshirou’s back. Kinshirou reflexively pulled Yufuin closer.

“Besides,” Yufuin continued, “we’ve been deprived for centuries. We need to take advantage of the moment.”

“Yufuin, be serious,” Kinshirou said. “Everyone will be able to tell-” Yufuin silenced him with another kiss.

“I promise I won’t leave any marks unless you ask,” Yufuin whispered, and Kinshirou had a hard time remembering specifics after that.

Incidentally, that was the first and last time Kusatsu Kinshirou was late to class, in any of his incarnations.